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The Dolphins evening doings -- with '99 moment

The news first: The Dolphins dumped Eric Green after Wednesday's morning practice. If you are surprised he's gone, you haven't been paying attention because he struggled in the Jacksonville preseason game, struggled in training camp practices before that, and struggled in offseason work before that.

Green's short Dolphins career can best be described as a struggle. He starts a new career with San Francisco on Thursday because he has agreed to terms with that team on a new contract.

I have also confirmed that Venus and Serena Williams will be two of the three new minority owners announced by the Dolphins next Tuesday. That's all I got to say about that.

Now let me give you some perspective.

The Dolphins didn't get rid of a cornerback to simply keep an open roster spot. They probably looked at the landscape and identified a player, likely another corner, who they believe will be an upgrade. I do not currently know the identity of that player.

But the list of available cornerbacks is fairly large. There is Mike McKenzie, Ty Law, Lewis Sanders, Daven Holly, David Irons, Aaron Glenn, David Macklin, and of course, Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison for the nostalgic Dolfans among you.

So Green becomes a free agent now. And Nathan Jones is now running with the second team at right cornerback. This Green termination improves Jones' chances of making the team, although he seemed fairly assured of that already as he's starting in the dime package. The move also helps Jason Allen move closer to making the team, assuming he doesn't play awful the next few weeks.

Allen did get beat by Davone Bess out of the slot in 7 on 7 drills in the afternoon practice. Allen whiffed at the line of scrimmage while playing press coverage and then never caught up as Bess ran a post. This is disappointing because one would expect Allen to try and show out in a practice after the door for him to make the roster is opened by the cutting of another player.

On the more news front, left guard Justin Smiley is hurting with some undisclosed injury-discomfort. It doesn't look serious, whatever it is because Smiley dressed out for practice today and was then held out when the team went into team periods.

Andy Alleman took one repetition at left guard in the team run period and then Brandon Frye took over every snap of every period after that. Smiley declined to discuss why he rode the bike for most of practice, but again, it doesn't seem serious.

He actually asked back into drills during the team period and was waved off by offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo.

It was a tough practice for Brandon London. He dropped two passes on consecutive plays, one when he clearly lost concentration on a post pattern because the safety was coming at him.

This Classic Training Camp moment is to celebrate the fact yahoosports.com's Jason Cole was at camp today. Cole and I worked with and against each other for many years and although that isn't true anymore, we are still friends.

In August of 1999, that friendship was tested a little because I somehow got caught in a swirling vortex of curse words, threats and anger that Jimmy Johnson directed at Cole.

On the day The Miami Herald's annual football section came out that year, I got a call very early in the morning from a Dolphins official demanding I be at camp that day. "Of course, I'll be there," I said. "That's my job."

"Well," the official responded, "be ready for what's coming because Jimmy Johnson is [peeved] -- not at you, but at Jason Cole. And he wants to talk to both of you when you come out."

I called Cole and told him to be ready for a lecture. New to the Herald that year after covering the team for the Sun-Sentinel for many years, Cole was advised to simply say nothing if Johnson got angry or yelled at him. We didn't need Johnson hitting Cole or anything like that.

Anyway, I arrived at the Dolphins' facility to find the team in the middle of a morning practice. I was there maybe one minute -- no exaggeration -- when I saw Johnson jogging toward me from the far practice field.

He was there in an instant and Dolphins PR man Harvey Greene summoned Cole and myself into the player lounge that used to look out onto the practice field. Once inside, Johnson pulled out a Cole article that was crumpled in the back pocket of his shorts, one that appeared in the football section and he had highlighted and written notes on.

And then he began to viciously lambaste Cole.

By lambaste, I mean it sounded something like this: "What the [bleep] are you doing writing this piece of [crap] you [bleeperbleeper]," Johnson said to Cole.

For perspective you must remember that I wrote a story after the 1998 season about Johnson quitting as Miami's coach for 36 hours, going so far as to pack his belongings in a moving box and celebrating with friends over beers that his days in coaching were done.

Johnson was feeling burned out and emotionally spent and that led to his decision.

I also wrote that owner Wayne Huizenga was not going to accept Johnson simply quitting and would try to change his mind. And yes, incredibly, I later found out Huizenga offered to let Johnson coach only home games and let Dave Wannstedt coach the team on the road, if that meant Johnson would stay.

Anyway, following that offseason episode, Cole wrote a story for the football section saying that Johnson was taking things easier for the start of 1999. He wasn't making certain trips -- such as the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. -- and he was generally not driven as hard as he had been previously.

And that made Johnson livid.

"You [bleeperbleeper] you've made it seem like I don't give a [crap] anymore," Johnson told Cole. "You've made it seem like I've quit on my [bleeperbleeping] team. What kind of [bleeperbleeping] position do you think that puts me in with my [bleeperbleeping] team you [bleeperbleeper]?

This excoration went on for about two solid minutes. During that time, Johnson referred to the highlighted portions of the article, categorically denying what was written was true or accurate. I stopped counting the times Johnson called Cole a word that begins with "mother" and ends with "ucker" at 13. There were more, but after the 13th, Johnson turned to me and threatened me.

"You talk to this [bleeperbleeper] and set him straight or I'm going to stop talking to you," Johnson told me. "I'll go to your publisher and get you both fired, you hear me. I'm not having this [bleeperbleeping] year ruined by you two [bleepers]."

Well, the year was not ruined by Cole or me. Johnson and the Dolphins did that all by themselves. Johnson and Dan Marino feuded all year long. And it ended with a 62-7 playoff debacle in Jacksonville that sent both men into retirement.

It was, shall we say, interesting.


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Bring back surtain and Madison!!! Can they still play?

Venus, Serena, Emilio, Gloria, JLo, what next....I got a couple bucks can I be a minority owner?

Thank god Eric Green is gone. He had no business even dawning the dolphins uniform. More PT for the rooks.

If by a couple of bucks you mean $10Million for a 1% interest, sure (Ross paid a Billion, so that's the math). I actually like the Venus/Serena thing more than the others (fwiw). They are serious dolphinfans, esp. Serena.

Mando--nice take on the fact that the Brass has their 'radar' up for CBs not on the roster.

London must be hearing Chris Williams's footsteps for that 'last' receiver/special teams slot----London's skills on special teams (coverage esp.), while important, pale next to field position / big play ability of Williams---IF he continues to shine (or flash, in Sparano-speak) & learn.

mr742 STOP IT.

JLO and SERENA WOW now those are some big @sses.Throw them in some cheering outfits and just watch them walk.

For some reason I got a picture of Justin doing his Sir mix alot rap about big butts.


BIG A........... wouldn't you say OLINE is a bigger need right now than CB..

and how is it a fan like ME knew GREEN was a waste when they signed him, I wanted McFadden..

I mean these coaches put in 16 hours a day and watch all the tapes, and I never even heard of Eric Green

BREAKING NEW..........the FINS have announced their 3rd OWNER.............


new fight song: Mekalekahigh Meka Hynie Ho!

They have to represent drug smuggler culture of Miami to get full population in owners. My guess is Griselda Blanco, maybe Escobar son, or Trick Daddy, maybe Don Johnson from Miamis Vice

I agree the sisters are way better than the others, I just hope Bon Jovi doesnt get in, but this ownership thing is getting a lil crazay. Makes me nervous.

Anybody @ game mon? Does that new song suck or what? BRING BACK THE BANJO!

McKenzie would be nice upgrade at cb


I like how Armando say Eric Green was dumped by the Dolphins.

Ace, you can tell us short story about last time your were dumperd?


More @ss than a little bit in Dolphins owners. This truly represent Miami. I know you don live heres, but girls in Miami have nicest culos I ever see.

I think Ross is a Kayne fan...
"My psychic told me she have an *** like Serena
Trina, Jennifer Lopez, four kids
An I gotta take all they bad *** to show-biz"

We just need a Trina now.

I say bring in a vet CB that could help tutor the young DB's. Law, Surtain, Madison or McKenzie could fit the bill.

Carlito, I was never dumped but did alot of dumping. How about you?

Ace, don't try to change the subject. We're talking about you being dumped by first love like Eric Green.

Who you think is the next owner?

Carrot Top???
Bob Sagget???
Mr. T??

Armando, how is it that you are so sure that the Fins will look to bring in a veteran CB? Perhaps the plan right now is to start Sean Smith.

Maybe Mr. T.. I pity the fool who dont think so

Dolphins still suck

You called it on Green. Dueces.

Bob Sagget is the most annoying and not funny man on plant earth.

Ace , tell us please how were you dumped ?

i notice that all partners so far are great people and media savvy .

the two sisters are a good role models for girls every where and you never hear bad stuff about them plus they make money like a machine from tennis, line of clothing and jewlery and they don't like rap music.

Eric Green - Tight End - signed in 1995 - major failure

Eric Green - Cornerback - signed in 2009 - major failure

Hugh Green - Linebacker - traded from Tampa Bay in 1985- not a major failure, but didn't live up to expectations.

Yatil Green - Wide Receiver - drafted in 1997 - major failure, often injured.

Andrew Greene - Offensive Guard - drafted in 1995 - major failure

Chris Green - Defensive back - drafted in 1991 - nothing particular stands out.

I'm seeing a trend.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Is there any chance of Mr. Larry Flynt(Creater of Hustler magazine) becoming a part owner and run the cheer leader operations for the Dolphins ?

Just wondering

Soiled :)

why soiled trying to be funny w/ cheap shots at the owner .try to learn how to be funny from carlito and odinseye .it's free .

Dear Mr. Gopats

"why soiled trying to be funny w/ cheap shots at the owner"

There are no ill remarks about any of our owners in my previous post.

"try to learn how to be funny from carlito and odinseye .it's free ."

How much money is the "its free" really gonna cost ?

Soiled :)

soiled, tell us real funny story when you were dumped for the first time by either one a woman or man .

ARMANDO, please get the classic moment before i go to sleep .

49'ers just sign Eric Green. I predict this will no last long. Rebound relationships never do.

dln265, It isnt easy being "green"

Maybe we can get a veteran cornerback to help these young ones out. Maybe Ty Law? He's got a little juice left in him...

'99 Classic Moment----good times----NOT! Looking back, that whole begging JJ to stay, and anointing Wannstedt the heir apparent, was a debacle----and don't even get me started on how JJ misused & abused Marino toward the end. What a difference the current regime makes!

Armando, we noticed you called out Eric Green in your column after Monday night's game and then said he was destined to be cut on your twitter and blog the next day. Good call.

We also noticed you talked up Randy Starks and today Tony S. talked up Randy Starks.

Just want to let you know that we notice the excellence.

Jason Cole is a punk -- didn't know football then, doesn't know the NFL now.

FINHEAVEN you are the punk,

why Ty Law? Wasn't he the one that decided to play for the JEts and not us, because he wanted to play for a winner?

The fins better not sign that loser!!!

Finheaven why do you have to insult people. You are a sad little tool

finheavenblows is a stugots ! a pasta fazul ! a finochio ! and a tool .

finheavenblows bleep you! Don't bleeperbleeping come around here like you own the bleeping place you bleeping bleep. How can you bleeping say someone else doesn't know bleeping bleep about football when you are such a bleeping tool.


REPEAT AFTER US "WE HATE FINHEAVENBLOWS" please fly away you @ss kisser


Thanks for the story, it was amazing. I wonder if Jimmy was mad about the article that Cole wrote because he knew it was true on some level.

why they call it ass kisser and not kiss ass.my english is getting better every day .

halarious. for me, the reader. glad you didn't lose your job over that. thanks for sharing.

So Johnson was saying that he didn't want to do his job for the money he was being paid and would only do half of it because he was tired. And he was mad at you guys reporting it.
they probably lost the Tennessee game because he showed up. I never did like JJ. I don't trust people who play with their hair too much.

I like big butts and I can not lie..

This is really funny! Thanks for sharing Armando. Once again and for the millionth time, this shows the level of ego mania in pro sports. Wow! I had no idea that a coach could have a beat writer fired. Ha! Ha! I wonder how often sports reporters have heard that one from a coach.

Bring back Madison, the Dolphins could use another veteran in the secondary to teach the young guys. He did a good job of teaching the young guys on the Giants before he left there, plus he has played with G.Wilson before.

Let's see what the new jew owner has done. Latinas, the black Williams bro's, oh I mean sister's, there really guy's in drag right. And you have a ass clown of a black rapper change the Dolphins fight song. I have a bad feeling for the Dolphins in the future. I bet the owner wanted Vick too. Just look at what the jew owners did in Tampa, they might not even win a game this year.

Once again, I'm sitting here reading the classic moment and actually laughing out loud. This stuff is priceless. You should charge for this Mando.


Armando is the one with the ego. The story is not 100% true. Funny after I brought this up and half assed story comes out...

Jimmy Johnson was a bully that day. The only reason he wanted to include you in his tirade was to intimidate you.

I remember reading your stuff about how he and Marino were fueding (sp?) and I remember you were on the radio at 1700 The Fan and would rip him for "We have a shot to be special"

I guess he didn't intimidate you. Funny story though.

I think the fins are looking into sam madison because i saw him coming out of landshark stadium on monday night for the jags game and now they cut eric allen. It just seems logical.

We is rooting for camp to be ova so we don't have to be reading about all the great and interesting stuff we missed whiles we be in grade school perfectin our gramma.


"I stopped counting the times Johnson called Cole a word that begins with "mother" and ends with "uker" at 13."

He called Cole "Mother-rebuker" 13 times??? Maybe he was scouting youngins at the time and came across Cory Lekkerkerker and you miss-heard him?

brandon london might follow in the foot steps of green

Hey Bleep, that was bleeping funny you bleeping bleep!

ramsterone, you are an idiot!!

your comments are all stupid and your evaluation of players are just as off the mark!! you are almost as bad as armundo's evaluation of a certain 2nd round pick. notice no mention of pat white even though by all account he did an amazing job in last night's practice. no mention that he took reps with the 1st team in practice. not sure why armundo wouldn't have that in his column? this is the guy who said white threw a couple balls into the dirt in the jags game when there was only 1. i would really like to know what got the wild hair up your rear when it comes to white. you are the only reporter i've read who is passing your completely wrong negative judgement on white. what gives? did he snub you somewhere?

also, enough with the cutting and pasting an old training camp story. stop being lazy! the old story is twice as long as the camp report!! do your job and report the actual sports news!! you seem to have gone from a sports reporter to being andy rooney. are you an editorial writer? way too many opinions and not enough reporting!! get back to being a reporter or go get a job with feakin' TMZ!!!

green got beat by a rookie last year as well, a man from sarasota FL at that !! how much of a cap hit was that?

green, i heard was cut because he failed his cheerleader workout that was an attempt to keep him on the team. he got beat out by a 19 year old hot azz blonde with 36 c's.

as for madison or surtain, loved them in the past but what are their ages? does not seem to fit. cant use wheelchairs on the feild.

"mother" and ends with "uker"

Motherpuker? what begins with mother and ends with uker? i know something that begins with mother and ends with ucker but not so much uker. Glad Green is gone. Chris McCallister healthy enough yet?

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