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The target should be on Ted Ginn Jr.' back

Thursday night is big for Ted Ginn Jr.

Yes, we'll still be watching a preseason game that will fade in our memory about two seconds after it ends. But the third preseason game is supposed to be something of a dress rehearsal for what we're likely to see from the Dolphins in the regular-season.

And as it pertains to Ginn, I hope the Dolphins find a way to feature him during the game. Because, so far this season, I'm not thrilled with what I've seen -- not necessarily from him, but with the use of him.

The Dolphins have thrown Ginn the football four times so far in the preseason, which means in about one full game's worth of work he's had four opportunities to make a play. Ginn caught two of those passes, was interfered with on another for a long gain, and dropped the fourth pass.

My problem? Three of the passes were thrown to him the first game. Only one was thrown to him versus Carolina.

And that worries me.

It worries me because, Ginn is not an established receiver. It worries me because the Dolphins coaches want to establish Ginn. It worries me because those same coaches aren't doing enough to establish Ginn and give him the opportunity to become, well, established.

While it was pleasing to see the Dolphins come out in the preseason-opener and try to establish Ginn, look for Ginn, throw to Ginn as the primary target, they simply forgot about him in the second game. What's that about?

The coaching staff that demands consistency has to show some consistency of their own and call plays for Ginn, look to feed Ginn, so he can have enough opportunities to provide some big plays.

I can hear the whining now: "Oh, Mando, it's only preseason. They'll throw to him plenty in the regular season."


Then that would be a change from last year. The bottom line is Ginn led the team in receptions all by himself only three times in 16 games last year. He tied for the team lead one other game. But he led the team in being targetted only once last year -- that in the Oct. 26 game versus Buffalo.

Throughout the season, targetting Ginn was a hit and miss proposition. The Dolphins barely threw to him the first couple of games, found him there for a stretch, then lost him again in three of the final four weeks of the season.

So how does Ginn become consistent if he's not consistently targetted?

The Dolphins might say, "Well, we feature all of our receivers so we target them all to spread the ball around and not be so predictable."


You think if Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or someone of that ilk was on the team coaches would be trying to spread the wealth?

Spreading the wealth is a euphimism for, "We don't have a No. 1 receiver."

But you can't have a No. 1 receiver until you decide somebody is going to get most of the passes thrown his way and then throw him the ball. The Dolphins haven't done that. Ginn bears some responsibility for that. But Miami quarterbacks and coaches also must answer for that.

We are all hoping for Ginn to have a breakout year. Miami's coaches and quarterbacks would love nothing better. But those same coaches have to give Ginn enough chances to accomplish the feat. Those same quarterback have to feed Ginn the football.

Throwing to him three times in one half of play and then forgetting about him in the next half simply isn't consistent enough. It simply isn't good enough. It toys with the young player's confidence. It leads to inconsistent performance.

Of course, it's on Ginn to get open every play regardless of whether the pass is supposed to come to him or not. But deferring to him in the preseason to build up that confidence and his expectations seems like a smart thing to do.

If the Dolphins keep talking about wanting  a No. 1 receiver but aren't going to go out and get one, they should at least give the most likely in-house candidate the chance to become that No.1 guy.

That guy is Ted Ginn Jr.

And the Dolphins should be throwing him the football more than they throw it to anyone else.


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Ginn is really kind of limited with Pennington's arm strength. He is not able to get separation from defenders because he always has to slow down or even come back for the deep passes. Until Henne gets extended playing time with Ginn, we won't see what he can really do in the down field passing game.

You're right, they should throw to Ginn 500 times a game. That makes sense.

Tony Sparano already said there won't be as much game planning and dress rehearsal in this game as they normally would because of the short preparation time. So I wouldn't put too much stock into what we see and how many balls get thrown Ginn's way.

I think everyone feels the same way. Too much coverage last season limited him, but did open up Camarillo for some good catches.

I really hope to see Ginn making some good plays like the TD catch last year in Seattle.

Spread the wealth because Ginn is not much better than the other receivers on the field. But Armando, you missed your calling. You should have been an offensive coordinator and Henning should be the reporter. Just think. We could have been undefeated last year and possibly this year.

I meant vs Seattle

I agree lolphins... Ginn's game just doesn't match up well with Pennington. Until we get someone in there (Henne) that can throw the deep ball, I think Ginn will continue to be an average receiver. He just doesn't have the short to intermediate skills that a Davone Bess or Camarillo has - with his speed, he is a deep ball threat. I don't know how many times I have seen him 2 or more steps behind a defender - only to have to stop and come back to an underthrown ball. I cannot remember one instance where he has been hit in stride on a deep pass. Until we get Henne in there, they need to call more crossing route plays where Pennington's accuracy can hit him in stride and allow him to use his speed to run away from the defenders.

I'll take 11 wins with no #1 receiver over 9 wins and three #1's any day.

I can see a method to the maddness Mando... The first game, they fed forced Ginn... To see if what they were seeing in the offseason was actually true... And I think the team liked what they saw.... This past game was all about the running game... They wanted to feature the O-line and the running backs to get them on film and get them some confidence... This game, I expect to see someone who hasn't really been seen or featured, get an opportunity to sink or swim... I don't know if you noticed but there were not many deep balls thrown in the second game. There were a couple receiver screens, alot of passes to the backs and short passes...

Ginn is not Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald. He is not built like them and will not be featured like them... Ever... Even he played for the Patriots or Colts... Ginn is a burner... 5 or 6 touches a game are good for him. He is going to average 15 yds a catch and one of those catches should be for 40 or more yards. That is how you use him... He puts a fear factor in the defense to make them back up so everyone else can work underneath. I think you will see more big plays from Ginn this year but he will not catch 80 balls. That is just how this team is built.

Sparano wants to pound the football... Henning and Pennington love spreading the ball around especially when you have good talent at all of the skill positions. And the defense is going to be good, keeping the game close and not forcing the team to pass more than they have to.

Lastly, Mando I think you just like stirring the pot... If Ginn comes out and catches 8 balls for 150 yards and a td, Friday you will have a post saying the Dolphins need to get Anthony Fasano more involved in the passing game.

You wrote posts about how badly we needed to find a RG... Looks like Donald Thomas is the answer and I don't believe I read any posts about the Dolphins answering one of your concerns for the season.

Stirring the pot....

Im not so sure not having a number one receiver is a bad thing...

The following commenters have shown themselves to be retards:

Paul K

You guys need to find yourselves a nice comfortable coffin because you are already brain dead.

I do agree if Henne was the QB, Ginn would be more effective. We could stetch the field with those two.

Never seen Ginn hit n stride huh? well what about the TD DOUCHBAG? I'm so sick of Pennington cant hit him in stride! Its a time issue, where Penny throws it 35 yards, and ginn is at 40 yards, penn needs to throw earlier while Ginn creats seperation eariler. Look when Pat White comes in on the spread Ginn will get the deep ball aloT MORE. he will be utilized to the fullist with Pat White.

Marcus, I've read four or five posts that talked about Donald Thomas in the past two weeks. Where you been?

Need to leave the Scum Sentinel site and get a dose of real insight.

I'm no coach, and admittedly, most of my Dolphin information comes from you, Omar, or Edgar.

That being said, by judging Ginn's effectiveness in the preseason, I would think that:

a)He was targeted in the first game and he responded extremely well.

b)The big worry coming out of the first and into the second game was the "push" of the offensive line and being effective in the run. Methinks it would be logical to assume that the coaching staff practiced for and planned the game against Carolina specifically that way, as well as to give Hartline a chance to see what he is made of. I mean, heck, Ginn was targeted the previous week and responded well. Why focus there again?

I suppose you are right- I am saying "relax, its just preseason." Because, intuitively, now is the time to work on your shortcomings and get a feel for new players.

The fact that Ginn passed his first test with flying colors to me means that another player is squad is up on deck.


i would like to see ginn move around more---line up in the slot because it seems that pettington can throw the long ball if the target is in the middle of the field. the one long pass to ginn last year was in the slot and it seems pettington really likes thrown to his tight ends-Deep outs to the sidelines and 9 routes on the outside are going to be his weakness with his arm strength---Chad is a quarterback that i think we can win a super bowl with, but he also will defintly limit the progression of Ted gin----

I think Ginn can be exactly like santonio Holmes, but holmes has a big arm quarterback that can buy time to let him work downfield---its all bout the system and players your with---its not as easy as just saying ohhh ginn cant be a #1.........lot of teams dont have a huge fresk Wideout and they have efficient dangerous passing games---packers, steelers, saints, eagles, colts,.....

Oh, Mando, it's only preaseason. They'll throw to him plenty in the regular season!!

We still thinks Jason Allen is gonna be cut. We still think Jason Taylor is AWOL. We still believe the Dolphins are negotiating with Vern Gholston. Will Allen is injured dang it!

Still think Earnest Wilford has a chance at HBack. Still think Erik Green will start.

Also, David Martin is AWOL. And David Martin is injured. It be a hernia we's told.

Chris Williams will make this team.

Vontae Davis is a bust. Ya'll heard it heer first cause we's played the game at the pwe wee leval.

In view of the Michael Beasley situation, is this really the time to ask that fans & media apply special scrutiny to Ginn? Ginn has been reviled in the media, the blogs & in Dolfandom since he was drafted. He seems to have handled the hatred of Mando & the rest better than Beasley, but let's show a little patience & stop denigrating his every move.
Target on his back? No. The target should be on all the haters who want to destroy a young man's life. Shame.

ur right Ginn is not like a Randy Moss or Fitzgerald, but he is built like a Marvin Harrisson. The problem is we dont have a PEYTON MANNING on our team. So Ginn, has to work on short game to find the ball and make break away plays, because he has the speed to do so. Look at Marvin, he never took big hits either, he would catch the ball and run out of bounds or fall to the ground.

Anyways, Ginn has shown a little promise in the first preseason game, i would like to see more production

It's only preseason.

Sorry... I missed the blog that said Donald Thomas is the answer at RG. My worries are gone....

That's because there was none. If he said anything, it was at the bottom of recap blog in one or two sentences... Where during the offseason, we got a whole blog talking about the need for a RG and how we needed to make a trade for Brian Waters... Then KC comes to us look for lineman... How ironic is that!

Chad P is great at throwing underneath to the TE's and backs. Armando, please acknowledge that Chad P is a nightmare when it comes to throwing the out, and downfield. And this is where Ginn thrives, so why are yo so confused about this? Until the fins install Henne, Ginn will be under utilized, and that's just the way it is my friend.

Vic Damoan,
I don't think it's fair for u to say Mando hates Ginn. He just holds it against him that he's not built & is as physical as boldin, jumps & is as tall as Fitzgerald and he also can't catch balls 50yds down the field like Moss or Andre Johnson.. He also avoids too many hits like those other busts Marvin Harrison & Duper.. Other than that, he just wants Ginn to have opportunities!!!

With all due respect,Mando,I have to also disagree with your position on Ginn.First,in my mind he has already showed us what he is capable of- and it's not good enough to rate as #1 receiver;second, the Pattsieswon three Lombardies without a true #1; and third,how many Super Bowl rings does Fitgerald and Johnson have between them? Still enjoying your work,however!

Mando, I see your point. However, let me share this with you.

Living in New England, I get a constant stream of Patriots data. One of the funniest things that came out of last year's preseason was a drone about how bad Matt Cassel was. After the first two preseason games, the general consensus was that the guy was a bum -- couldn't move the team down the field because he couldn't complete his passes.

A little research showed me that an overwhelming number of his passes (something like 66%) were thrown with Chad Jackson as the intended target. This showed me that the fans were wrong, the Pats knew what they had in Cassel, they were testing Jackson. As such, I wasn't the slightest bit surprised when the Pats cut Jackson before the season.

In Miami's case, I think that the coaches are trying to figure out what they have in other places (Smiley's ankle, Grove's knee, Thomas' foot, Henne in general) and that's keeping them from force-feeding Ginn to see what he can do.

The O line is the key to this team, open holes and force the D-backs to to play closer to the line for fear of the run and Ginn will be open sooner and with in C.P.s arm range!!

Armando, do you know you are the only SFLA sportswriter that deems himself worthy of shoulding the Fins coaches, and from time to time the Trifecta? Maybe you "should" consider tasking a cue from your collegues. Saying you'd like to see more of Ginn is one thing, express your opinion all day long, but proclaiming with all knowing certainty what the coaches should be doing is another. Let's face it, you have no clue why Ginn has only been thrown to 4 times so far, and there could be plenty of reasons, not all about Ginn himself.

Further, does any Fin fan really care if Ginn emerges as the #1 receiver? I don't. Just as long as the receiving corps as a group produces. I think you are beating a dead horse with this.

Ginn doesn't look like a GO TO guy. he's a fine asset to the WR corp but maybe not the answer to the #1 WR problem. he's more like the John Taylor compliment to Jerry Rice.

Regardless of who the quarterback is, they need pass protection. The o-line did a much better job at run blocking vs. Carolina. Henne played a half and may have thrown deep once. Who's fault is this? This is the guy everyone says is the answer for Ginn. Play calling has to come from Henning. I'm guessing they're trying to make Henne more comfortable before asking him to go deep. In a perfect world, seeing Ginn coming across the middle and making the catch in stride and losing his defender is the play that would complement Penningtons accuracy and Ginns' speed. Only Ginn doesn't hit full speed that fast. And he isn't as quick as Bess.

oye armandito..pontes las pilas. llevammos una pila de meses esperando el football y tu sales tirando el numero este??? me cago en dies cabron, carajo!!! todo el mundo sabe que pennington no tiene brazo... consolte deja esa muela pa' otro dia...

The Dolphins are a dink and dunk team they will pick their spots throughout a game and maybe send a couple balls past 30 yds due to CP's arm strength. The Dolphins are going to be as successful as their running game and defense will get them. Ginn's talents unfortunantely are not geared for this quarterback or coaching staff. Devone Bess, Camarillo, and Turner are better suited for this style of offense. 5 - 10 yard outs, ins and slants to get first downs and keep the running game chewing away at the clock.

mando you should be the coach, you know so much more then these guys, how did you get stuck behind a keyboard. you should be out there coaching, teaching technique and barking orders. send me your resume, i will make sure that parcells gives you a shot.....

Oh Snap , my favorite subject TED(OPPS I DROPED ANOTHER ONE)(WHERE'S THE SIDE LINE)(NO TESTECULAR FORTITUDE)GiNN... Thank you mando...Lets not forget his clipboard holding daddy, or his cousin Rufus(The human blocking dummy)Ginn, or his sister Tednisha(All the way ) Ginn too, there' allot here for the cuban to post about, what do the cubans peeps think????


You have been pushing for a top #1 reciever since..well forever. I'm not sure if you just dont get what the coaching staff and how they run a onganization is telling you. The Dolphins don't go after over priced prima donnas. They have said it before and is the reason why the trifecta never drafted a wr in the first round this year. Or traded or will trade future picks just to get one.

I agree with Marcus in that during the off season you have been pushing the panic button for OL Brian Waters or prima donna A Boldin at wr. Dolphins front office don't seem to think so. Is there something you know that they don't...not a chance!

Armando this speaks of your football acumen and when an organization that is headed by Parcells and Ireland and coached by Sparano, you only need to sit back and listen and try to learn from their football knowledge.

Lets not forget that Ginn is starting his third season and had some good moments last year. This from a team that whent 1-15 the year before, Ginn's first year.

Bottom line Ginn still has the potential to become a really nice player for the Dolphins regardless if they feature him and throw alot of balls to him in this 3rd pre season game or not.

Mando, you are the John Bosa of reporting.

I'm not against targeting Ginn, because I think he's a quality WR. But it seems that his strength and the QB's strength don't coincide with each other. Pennington is finesse, Ginn is burner speed. He's not really a shake and bake guy so throwing him the ball short isn't that effective. You want someone like Bess catching the short passes. Ginn is effective on intermediate routes and that's where he needs to be utilized until Henne is ready.

I think the biggest mistake we're making is not letting him return kicks and punts, especially the kicks where he can get to full speed before anyone is near him.

I agree with your emphasis on getting Ginn the ball Armando. I dont think the Carolina game is a good barometer of whether they want to do that b/c they were working on other things that half, namely:

1. The running game was a big focus.
2. They ran three Wildcat plays with the starters.
3. Pat White played in the first half.
4. I think they wanted to get other guys looks (like Brian Hartline).

Bottom line is I dont think a half of pre-season football is enough of a sample size to determine whether the Dolphins want to feature Ginn, especially since in the pre-season the coaches have multiple agendas that dont necessarily include trying to win the game.

Ted(drop and roll) Ginns Y.A.C (Yards after catch) is 3.9 Yards per catch, almost laughable, which means after Ted(hands of stone)Ginn catches the ball(if he does at all)(assuming no defender is bearing down on him)He'll go down immediately, this has been his M.O and he will continue to do so... NO NUTS....

I have to agree, If Pennington can't get him the ball deep and hit him in stride consistently, then we should have him run shallow to mid crossing routes so he can get separation coming across the field instead of trying to hit him on a fly route. But Ginn needs to be ready to get hit going across that middle. He should hit up Jerry Rice and get his work-out routine. Maybe that will make him a lot more consistent in running his routes and learn how to get open from the league's best.

Not true! Until he got hurt, John Bosa was a good player.

our coaches r smarter than u think mando, ginn will get the ball often against the falcons, i promise u.

CAdolfan, Will never happen, the man wont go over the middle(Too many defenders , not enough nutts)


Armando this speaks of your football acumen and when an organization that is headed by Parcells and Ireland and coached by Sparano, you only need to sit back and listen and try to learn from their football knowledge.

Lets not forget that Ginn is starting his "third season and had some good moments last year. This from a team that whent 1-15 the year before, Ginn's first year.

Bottom line Ginn still has the potential to become a really nice player for the Dolphins regardless if they feature him and throw alot of balls to him in this 3rd pre season game or not."


If Ted (feet of clay)Ginn was in a movie , it would be a remake of "the wizard of Oz" he'd play the lion....

th coach can't show his intend how is he going to use Ted Ginn in R.season now b/c that will tell every one how he's going to use both chads and what routes the offense will take .

i know every thing

John Bosa was a good player. I believe he injured both knees and that was the end. I remember Shula once saying in one off season he came into camp in great shape and he felt he was ready to break out and have a great year. Knee injuries have killed a lot of guys' careers. Back then they couldn't do what they do now medically.

Marcus , couldn't have said it any better. Mando is way off base and tirring the pot. Gin was featured in the 1st game. The 3nd game was all about establishing the OL and the running game with thomas finally starting the the 1st team . Miami wanted the ol ( finally in tact ) to jell together thus the extentedplaying time. Miami also wanted more playing time for ronnie brown and the backs getting involved in the passing game. There were also more decisions to be made as far as cuts were concerned. They saw what they wanted in ginn. You'll see alot of ginn thursday.

Cuban, he is too small to play the lion or the scarecrow for that matter.

Are you guys aware that Gabril Wilson was not at the a.m. practice? This smells like trouble.....

Damn typos !. 2nd game , ginn , stirring

Not true! Until he got hurt, John Bosa was a good player.

Posted by: Kent | August 25, 2009 at 11:58 AM

Was he hurt on the way to the platform on draft day? I don't remember Bosa doing anything except join the list of poor first round draft picks in the 80s.

Bosa sucked out loud; steroid freek. Only looked good cause he was a contemporary of Kumerow, and often judged in the same frame as Eric The Dread.

the problem is not ginn. Its pennington. He can't throw far enough

Why are you talking about john(who's he) Bosa any way, he's a relic of the 90s can you guys talk about something from this decade???

why can't we call the bubble what ever the winner among dolphins cheer leaders for beauty only every year . the fans then can buy the bubble beauty calender .

Boulderfin fan, the man (pennington) was more responsible for the team going 11 and 5 then Ted (i fell down) Ginn was...


I believe he was thrown to 5 times. 4 in the first game. The one you missed was a pass to the sideline for no gain. Ginn made the catch with a CB all over him but there was a penalty on the play so the catch didn't count.

the dolphins cheer leader did and still do a lot for fin's fans every where .

Bosa played in the late 80s.

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