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The target should be on Ted Ginn Jr.' back

Thursday night is big for Ted Ginn Jr.

Yes, we'll still be watching a preseason game that will fade in our memory about two seconds after it ends. But the third preseason game is supposed to be something of a dress rehearsal for what we're likely to see from the Dolphins in the regular-season.

And as it pertains to Ginn, I hope the Dolphins find a way to feature him during the game. Because, so far this season, I'm not thrilled with what I've seen -- not necessarily from him, but with the use of him.

The Dolphins have thrown Ginn the football four times so far in the preseason, which means in about one full game's worth of work he's had four opportunities to make a play. Ginn caught two of those passes, was interfered with on another for a long gain, and dropped the fourth pass.

My problem? Three of the passes were thrown to him the first game. Only one was thrown to him versus Carolina.

And that worries me.

It worries me because, Ginn is not an established receiver. It worries me because the Dolphins coaches want to establish Ginn. It worries me because those same coaches aren't doing enough to establish Ginn and give him the opportunity to become, well, established.

While it was pleasing to see the Dolphins come out in the preseason-opener and try to establish Ginn, look for Ginn, throw to Ginn as the primary target, they simply forgot about him in the second game. What's that about?

The coaching staff that demands consistency has to show some consistency of their own and call plays for Ginn, look to feed Ginn, so he can have enough opportunities to provide some big plays.

I can hear the whining now: "Oh, Mando, it's only preseason. They'll throw to him plenty in the regular season."


Then that would be a change from last year. The bottom line is Ginn led the team in receptions all by himself only three times in 16 games last year. He tied for the team lead one other game. But he led the team in being targetted only once last year -- that in the Oct. 26 game versus Buffalo.

Throughout the season, targetting Ginn was a hit and miss proposition. The Dolphins barely threw to him the first couple of games, found him there for a stretch, then lost him again in three of the final four weeks of the season.

So how does Ginn become consistent if he's not consistently targetted?

The Dolphins might say, "Well, we feature all of our receivers so we target them all to spread the ball around and not be so predictable."


You think if Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or someone of that ilk was on the team coaches would be trying to spread the wealth?

Spreading the wealth is a euphimism for, "We don't have a No. 1 receiver."

But you can't have a No. 1 receiver until you decide somebody is going to get most of the passes thrown his way and then throw him the ball. The Dolphins haven't done that. Ginn bears some responsibility for that. But Miami quarterbacks and coaches also must answer for that.

We are all hoping for Ginn to have a breakout year. Miami's coaches and quarterbacks would love nothing better. But those same coaches have to give Ginn enough chances to accomplish the feat. Those same quarterback have to feed Ginn the football.

Throwing to him three times in one half of play and then forgetting about him in the next half simply isn't consistent enough. It simply isn't good enough. It toys with the young player's confidence. It leads to inconsistent performance.

Of course, it's on Ginn to get open every play regardless of whether the pass is supposed to come to him or not. But deferring to him in the preseason to build up that confidence and his expectations seems like a smart thing to do.

If the Dolphins keep talking about wanting  a No. 1 receiver but aren't going to go out and get one, they should at least give the most likely in-house candidate the chance to become that No.1 guy.

That guy is Ted Ginn Jr.

And the Dolphins should be throwing him the football more than they throw it to anyone else.


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If Ted Ginn were on the Cards and Larry Fitzgerald on the Phins then we would be saying that '...Fitzgerald is no Ted Ginn...'. Chad Henne put 4 receivers into the NFL as the 4 year starter at Michigan.
I'm sure he'll have no problem getting 1000 yard+ seasons from Ginn, Turner, Bess, Hartline, Camarillo, White whoever.

Ginn was not thrown the ball for the same reason Camillero was not thrown the ball. It is preseason and everyone needs an opportunity to play. Wasn't this your article from yesterday.

I am not a big Ginn fan but he is more than likely better than the other guys. He will also come through this year in a lot of games. The Cammmorron season does not count as a season.

I'm tired of people talking about Pennington's arm. The fact of the matter is, he has the power to get the ball exactly where it needs to be and I'll take that any day!

Pennington was never the one to blame, maybe Ginn could catch more balls if he held onto them more often.

the people who hate chad.p your savoir of 11-5 should remember the 1-15 w/ QB's who didn't have arm strength, fast feet , brain , good movement in the box and nick bubble saban

Not saying that Pennington doesn't deserve to be the starter, he won 11 games last year.
After all of the surgeries to his throwing shoulder he's not going to complete a lot of throws to the outside speed recievers.
We need to accept that and try and enjoy the season.

Pricemaster, your no Master(like your brother) saying that proves that you've already been drinking and drinking a lot,apperently you work the same shift i work..(9pm to 5 am)

Okay, they play Carolina, a 12-4 team last year, during the regular season... and receiver's routes are supposed to be less optional than run plays, for the quarterback's sake... why not keep them on the dl? And Pennington's game is not forcing the ball, it's reading the defense, and that does not require a beast like Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson. But as for those who think that Henne throws short or even medium outs as strongly as Pennington or White, they're delusional, even though Henne definitely has more zip down the middle. And Armando, try extrapolating Ginn's first quarter production against Jacksonville over the course of playing a whole game, before telling us the sky is falling again.

Definition of "fiddling while Rome burns":

Discussing John Bosa & Chad P's arm while Gabril Wilson's unexplained absence from practice remains unaddressed.


P.M, why the flip flop on chad P.????

You Cuban! Master doesn't care about us anymore. All he cares about is making money, lifting weights, taking Cialis and banging his wife, his fiance and his girlfriend.

Who cares about having a "#1 WR"? Seriously. Why must one WR have an inordinate number of balls thrown his way? The distribution of passes going overwhelmingly to one particular guy has nothing to do with the success of an offense.

OK apparently every one has been on the grave yard shift..

I'm not flip-flopping. I'm saying that early in his career he used his fastball now he relies on off-speed stuff and grinding down the clock stuff like that. Randy johnson doesn't throw many fastballs now either but he can win if the rest of the team is strong. The Phins have one of the best offensive lines so we'll be in every game.

The one instance where Ginn cost them a game last year was against the Jets in September, and Pennington's come a long way since then in understanding how to use what he's got, plus he's got more suitable receivers to fight Reeves for a ball in the end zone in Turner and Hartline, and, it seems, Ginn himself would have a better chance at that ball these days.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Did Tuna draft Ginn to be our #1 WR ? - No

Would Tuna have drafted Ginn to be our #1 WR ? - No

Do I think I'm smarter then Tuna ? - No

Wow Football talk

Soiled :)

Nice retort price master, you brother/cousin or who ever he is to you sounds like a busy guy....Wife, girlfriend, fiance... Damn...the man is busy...LOL...


You are so hooked on # 1 receivers hahahah. Let me give you some examples of so-called great # 1 receivers in the NFL: Chad Johnson, T.O, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Larry fitzgerald, boldin(which you have wet dreams about)

Mando you know what all those great # 1 receivers have in common: 000000 rings to there names. GET OVER IT ALREADY MANDO!!!!

In the NFL you will with great defence. Can you name the recievers parcells had when the giants won the Super Bowl??? Of course you cant.

You write a article about Ginn and the fins recivers once every month GET OVER IT. Miami was 11-5 last year with the same guys including Ginn.

Great point FINSFAN, which means the air breathing mammals are capable of winning a super bowl with Ted (feet of clay)Ginn as a wide out.... I Agree....

He looks as though he is beginning to trust his hands more. I think he has learned alot from Pennington and will be a better reciever because of it. He definitely has the speed for the deep ball but there is still something to be said for a receiver that can create separation in tight spaces. If he can do this, it will only help better set up the deep ball when the opportunity presents itself. I admit that I too would like to see the deep ball but that will come eventually. I would rather see him do what he is not naturally gifted at doing so that he is a more well rounded receiver. Micheal Vick overly relied upon his natural talents (scrambling) instead of breaking down coverages and efficiently delivering the ball and has hurt him in the long run. But as far as Ginn and the Dolphins are concerned, this is a blessing in disguise.

Illrenaline also works the midnight shift too....

You guys, I watched ginn from my home in columbus when he was a buckeye till now, and I'll tell u this: ginn will never be the player he should be until 1. We have a qb in there that can throw the ball hard and long and get it to him early, and 2. He loses his fear of getting hit. Don't get me wrong, I liked the pick. And the first thing will take care of itself soon, but the second...who knows.
The dolphins aren't the problem. Ginn needs to stop being a coward against agressive cornerbacks. Remember the Arizona game, anyone?

OK kids the menace is going to watch the phins game on the NFL channel seeing how I live in the northeast and havent seen the game yet I,ll be commenting on it after the game...

Stacey Robinson, Phil McKonckey, Odessa Turner, Mark bavaro



How long did it take you to find it on google lolol

Ah.... Mr. Salguero ,
Your words expose your knowledge !

Armando, you are showing your true colors as an observer that doesn't really understand the game. While I enjoy reading some of your informative stories and blogs, this particular one we could do without. First of all, you are asking Miami to feature Ginn like Houston does Andre Johnson. Do you really think Ginn is the type of player that Johnson is? He is not the kind of guy you throw dump passes to and let him try to make something out of it. He is not the kind of guy you put the ball in the air whether he is covered or not and know that he has a much better chance than the defender of going up and getting it. Ginn is a pure speed player with decent hands. He is getting to the point that I think he can be very good at what he does, especially if a stronger armed QB was in the game, but he will never and should never be targeted more often than every other player on the team in every game. The other guys take the underneath routes while he runs off the defenders. Then, just when you have dumped the ball off 5 different times you launch one on a skinny post to Ginn. He can lead the team in yards, but he really never should in receptions.

The other thing you are forgeting is that Henne likes to take what the other team is giving you. Last week we played a team that was very weak on the interior defensive line. We used that to our advantage and ran it more as well as ran the Wildcat. Do you think the trick play to Cobbs would have been that open if Ginn was streaking down the field? Henning is a master at using what he has and what the defenses give you. I really wouldn't spend much time question his play calling.


I appreciate all the varying opinions you guys have offered today.

It's ok to disagree.

One thing I would remind all the people saying you don't need a No.1 receiver: The Steelers won the SB last year. Hines Ward is a borderline HOFer.

The Giants won the SB the year before: Plax Burress was very good.

The Colts won the SB the year before that: Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

The Steelers won it before that: Ward was the SB MVP.

Yes, Bill Parcells won with guys named McConkey and Turner and Ingram but can you guys talk about things that are happening THIS CENTURY! The NFL has changed a lot since 1990.

Why are you talking about john(who's he) Bosa any way, he's a relic of the 90s can you guys talk about something from this decade???

Posted by: cuban menace | August 25, 2009 at 12:18 PM
If only Bosa's career had been productive enough to last into the 90s :)

Thank you mando, evan with a # 1 recieverlike tad (catch asnd drop)Ginn on the field i see the fish winning at least 9 games this year..

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Jaguars have re-signed Ernest Wilford, giving him a chance to make the roster as a tight end.

Wilford, a fourth-round draft pick by the Jaguars in 2004, left Jacksonville after four seasons and signed a lucrative deal with Miami.

The Dolphins, who gave him $6 million guaranteed, terminated his contract Monday, Miami's biggest free-agent bust in the Bill Parcells regime.

Wilford caught just three passes for 25 yards last season. He moved from receiver to tight end this year and had a 33-yard touchdown reception against Jacksonville's reserves in the preseason opener. He had no catches in the second preseason game.

Jacksonville's fifth-round draft pick, tight end Zach Miller, missed practice last week with a knee injury.

So what you are saying Mando is that the Dolphins should be showing the league what their plays and plans are for Ted Ginn IN THE PRESEASON, so that teams can scheme against it in the regular season when the games count. And that they shouldn't be challenging some of these other guys and expecting them to step up? Ginn will be fine this season. It's only his third season and he is still young. Besides I read reports that Pennington and Ginn worked hard together in the offseason, developing rapport.

I've never met a media and fans that push the panic button as often as Miami's.

my god ur missing the point mando,

Like coach Sparano said, " there's too many guys on the bus".

they're trying to get guys like Turner, Armstrong, Hartline, London etc. as many reps as they can and throws to to get them game exp. They need it more than Ginn, i believe ( with Nat Moore helping him too), Ginn will hold his own this yr. It's not about Ginn, it's about the six or seven other guys they're trying to bring along!


I hate to use the patys' as an example but they won super bowls without number 1 wide out. That happend earlier this decade. Belicheks' system is from the Parcells family tree that goes back to the 80's and 90's.

So when they have the pudding (rings)their's your proof. Just need good consistent play from the wr position.

patriots won a super bowl w/o #1 WR
Buccaneers won a super bowl w/o #1 WR
Ravens won a super bowl w/o #1 WR

u were saying mando.....?

patrick turner is the exact same size as plaxico burress ( 10 lbs. or so bigger), let him mature and grow. he's our future red zone threat

Hartline is our scrappy over the middle Ed McCaffery/brandon stokley type

Ginn is our Lee Evans type deep threat

Bess is good/ camarillo plays hard....

we r fine at WR

Armando, I wonder whether you're really concerned about Ginn or whether you were jonesing for a post that would get a ton of comments, as this one has. I'm a Fins loyalist so I love Teddy Ginn, but even I think that while he can be a good receiver, he'll never be on the level of a Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson (physical studs) or Steve Smith (extraordinary gamer+skills). He can be, and he will be, I believe, a nice receiver. 70 balls a season? Definitely possible. 80-90? I doubt it but I'm willing to be surprised. I'm not a coach and I don't know, but it seems to me that him getting a lot of attention in a preseason game doesn't really make or break anything. I don't see them ever game-planning for Teddy to take over a game, so I wouldn't want to divert too much attention from the other parts of the offense that need work.

L.a FINSFAN also works the grave yard shift apparently..

this ted ginn saga is starting to get really old, really quick. let's me know you have very little creative imagination to keep musing about the same thing.


Ronnie Brown MVP and Dolphins4life, once again you are going back 10 years to prove a point while talking about a league that has changed drastically in the last five years.

And, by the way, the Patriots won a Super Bowl without a No. 1 receiver? But their best player in SB XXXIX was Deion Branch who had 11 receptions for 133 yards.

After failing to get into the Super Bowl for a couple of years in 2005 and 2006, Belichick (of the Parcells coaching tree) went out and got Randy Moss and Wes Welker. And then this year he went out and drafted another WR and signed Joey Galloway. I think Belichick understands about today's NFL. It has changed, fellas. It's about throwing the ball.

And it's great that you are comparing Patrick Turner with Plax Burress and Ginn to Lee Evans. Guess what? Burress and Evans would get the ball thrown to them A LOT. And that was my point about this blog post.

You can't be a productive WR while not getting the ball thrown your way.

And Craig M: What I am saying is what I said. Don't try to change what I'm saying with your post. I said what I meant.

By the way, I love it when you guys challenge and disagree with me. I can defend my points of view. I like it when you guys can.

So what's your response to my response?

Bob, you posted that the Dolphins should keep Ted Ginn on the dl because they play Carolina again later this year.

Brother, they play Carolina Nov. 19. You want Miami to keep Ted Ginn on the down low until Nov. 19? 'Cause otherwise, the Panthers will see EVERYTHING the Dolphins do in every game from Sept. 13 to Nov. 19.


I have no qualms about Pennington's arm, he has amazing trajectory on his throws. But he is not good at throwing the ball 40-50 yards down the field in the air. His arm is not strong enough to do that. When he throws it that far, he has to over-compensate and his accuracy goes down. But he can certainly throw 25 yards down the field with great touch and accuracy. As a team and as a coach, you have to play to your players strengths. Ginn will do better when Henne takes over, but that doesn't mean I think Henne should be the starter now.


it's good to see you answering bloggers like your last post w/ fact and make your point to counter D4 life and nj phin points earlier .it makes the reading more fun .

You think if Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or someone of that ilk was on the team coaches would be trying to spread the wealth?

Fitzgerald. Two games 1 reception for 8 yards. Just sayin like.


All due respect the patsies won how many superbowl with Randy! Randy Moss?

They won 3 with Troy Brown, Dion Branch, David Givens...when? how long ago? 10 years? Wow do the math carry the one...February 6, 2005.

Ok Armando agree to disagree...

In the few plays Ginn has been involved you can see he is better than last year. On that pass the Peny threw short Ginn had real good seperation. On the pass to him in the middle good seperation. On the end around a real good run, seemed even more explosive. Stick to reporting and not trying to run a team, that is what Sparano and company are for.

Perhaps the strength of the offensive line, with Thomas getting a significant amount of reps, was important to see in order to determine how that might improve/elevate the running game. So, learning that from the second game will allow them to focus on Ginn or whatever they feel is most important going forward. You can only do so much in each game. How's that for an explanation?

Guys, pennington will be starting and continue till he gets injured, and with his smarts he'll be playing the whole season..forget about Chad(neck fat)henne playing this year(unless it's mop-up duty)(and with the schedule the air breathers have) it will be less then last year, so,,, do you feel comfortable with ted (side-line)Ginn as your # 1???? i think that's what mando was trying to convey.

Mando . The point is deon branch and santonio holmes , Both who SB THIS century , aren't true # 1's. They emerged on the playoff or super bowls to play well and win mvp's. Why can't ginn or somebody else on the team , also emerge in the playoffs or super bowl . By the way hines ward isn't a # 1 , he's a great # 2 wr.


NJ, trying to compare Ted(Opps i fell down) Ginn with S.Holmes or D. Branch is like compairing a caddilac to a horse and buggy , dont you think??? Or do you???

Dear Mr. Salguero

"can you guys talk about things that are happening THIS CENTURY! The NFL has changed a lot since 1990."

Amen to that.

Why arent people talking about Buddy Ryan being in his third trimester. ?

I could have swarn I saw his water break in the 4th Q. of last nights game.

Soiled :)

Armando, has it occured to you that it makes a considerably more retainable impression on a DB when he gets burned by a particular route or move, even in the preseason, than it does when someone else gets beat on a study film, that he may not be paying the UTMOST attention to?

Think like a player!

And film is a totally different POV than the cornerback's, and can't make the same reactive impression.

this blog article could have been one paragraph long A.mando. you really like repeating yourself over and over don't you?
Also Ginn is and WILL ALWAYS BE an average receiver.H e is left over Cam Cam crap and should be traded for a third rounder ASAP.

BoB WTF are you babbling about??We're talking about the menaces favorite subject Ted(my daddy's a special teams coach)Ginn here, what are you babbling about???


Menace , what the hell did holmes and branch do before their super bowl games. NOTHING ! Just like what you know ( not that there's anything wrong with that ).

CM, at least Armando can figure out that I'm responding coherently to his coherent RESPONSE to something I said earlier. And to his credit, he does seem to try to carefully consider what the non-babblers say, and try to one up them, instead of getting into it with the random name callers.

Mando, they know what they have in Ginn, they're just seeing what they have in the other guys. Chill

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