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The target should be on Ted Ginn Jr.' back

Thursday night is big for Ted Ginn Jr.

Yes, we'll still be watching a preseason game that will fade in our memory about two seconds after it ends. But the third preseason game is supposed to be something of a dress rehearsal for what we're likely to see from the Dolphins in the regular-season.

And as it pertains to Ginn, I hope the Dolphins find a way to feature him during the game. Because, so far this season, I'm not thrilled with what I've seen -- not necessarily from him, but with the use of him.

The Dolphins have thrown Ginn the football four times so far in the preseason, which means in about one full game's worth of work he's had four opportunities to make a play. Ginn caught two of those passes, was interfered with on another for a long gain, and dropped the fourth pass.

My problem? Three of the passes were thrown to him the first game. Only one was thrown to him versus Carolina.

And that worries me.

It worries me because, Ginn is not an established receiver. It worries me because the Dolphins coaches want to establish Ginn. It worries me because those same coaches aren't doing enough to establish Ginn and give him the opportunity to become, well, established.

While it was pleasing to see the Dolphins come out in the preseason-opener and try to establish Ginn, look for Ginn, throw to Ginn as the primary target, they simply forgot about him in the second game. What's that about?

The coaching staff that demands consistency has to show some consistency of their own and call plays for Ginn, look to feed Ginn, so he can have enough opportunities to provide some big plays.

I can hear the whining now: "Oh, Mando, it's only preseason. They'll throw to him plenty in the regular season."


Then that would be a change from last year. The bottom line is Ginn led the team in receptions all by himself only three times in 16 games last year. He tied for the team lead one other game. But he led the team in being targetted only once last year -- that in the Oct. 26 game versus Buffalo.

Throughout the season, targetting Ginn was a hit and miss proposition. The Dolphins barely threw to him the first couple of games, found him there for a stretch, then lost him again in three of the final four weeks of the season.

So how does Ginn become consistent if he's not consistently targetted?

The Dolphins might say, "Well, we feature all of our receivers so we target them all to spread the ball around and not be so predictable."


You think if Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or someone of that ilk was on the team coaches would be trying to spread the wealth?

Spreading the wealth is a euphimism for, "We don't have a No. 1 receiver."

But you can't have a No. 1 receiver until you decide somebody is going to get most of the passes thrown his way and then throw him the ball. The Dolphins haven't done that. Ginn bears some responsibility for that. But Miami quarterbacks and coaches also must answer for that.

We are all hoping for Ginn to have a breakout year. Miami's coaches and quarterbacks would love nothing better. But those same coaches have to give Ginn enough chances to accomplish the feat. Those same quarterback have to feed Ginn the football.

Throwing to him three times in one half of play and then forgetting about him in the next half simply isn't consistent enough. It simply isn't good enough. It toys with the young player's confidence. It leads to inconsistent performance.

Of course, it's on Ginn to get open every play regardless of whether the pass is supposed to come to him or not. But deferring to him in the preseason to build up that confidence and his expectations seems like a smart thing to do.

If the Dolphins keep talking about wanting  a No. 1 receiver but aren't going to go out and get one, they should at least give the most likely in-house candidate the chance to become that No.1 guy.

That guy is Ted Ginn Jr.

And the Dolphins should be throwing him the football more than they throw it to anyone else.


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NJ,Please, Your a man of stats ,Branch and holmes both have been in the pro-bowl before there super bowl MVPs ,Just admit Ted (SIDE LINE PLEASE) Ginn is a hack...

Robert, did i call you a name???

it's all good mando, u seem testy 2day, lol.

the only prob. i have is Pennington, (who i love as our Qb) always under throws Ginn, he has to come back for everything. I don't think the super bowl argument is about Wr's, it's more about getting in the end zone, i bet all those SB teams had very high red zone efficiancy/conversion rates, if we keep settling for FG's we will never take the next step, i see ur point and Ginn is limited by pennington's arm, but I feel alot comfortable knowing Pennington's back there because he's so smart.
i think the Patriots went out and got Moss and welker because they knew they couldn't videotape anymore and had to put up points being legit, they knew they couldn't pull out all those close wins again w/o the advantage of knowing all the signals(just my opinion).

Did I call you a random name caller?

You guys knew when Mando mentions the Menaces whipping boy(Ginn), he'd be responding....

Cuban Menace:

I don't think Branch or Holmes were ever in a pro-bowl. They have never had a 1000 yard season nor have ever been considered a true #1 WR. On Pitt the #1 was and still is Hines Ward, on New England when Branch was there it was Troy Brown.

Bob was saying DL against CAROLINA, you dimwit. Having game tape against other teams/corners/defenses is one thing but having actual film of your 1's against their 1's is completely something else. There's a substantial competitive advantage in that.

I love how everyone on this blog is coming around to realize how horrible of a reporter you are, Armando. You take credit for 'reporting here first' stuff that you were never even close on (please don't ask me to show you examples) and - on top of all that - you're a total alarmist. Get a grip, dude, and actually try watching the practices next time you're out there instead of chatting away like the little Cathy you are.

I'm not TESTY!

Just kidding. Like I wrote, I like it when you guys challenge me. It's like sitting around with your buds over a beverage and talking sports. It's not always guys agreeing with each other.

I hope you guys can handle me challenging you back. It's nothing personal, obviously.

The Patriots have been throwing the ball all over the place since Brady became the starting QB. Going back to the Charlie Weiss days. It's not like Belichick just figured it out in 2007.

Gotta go to practice now. Then see Venus and Serena Williams about owning part of the Dolphins. Interesting day.

Mr Cuban menace , in all due respect, You're an idiot LOL ! . Holmes and branch were never in a pro bowl.

For Ginn to become a true #1 WR, he needs a QB that can throw the deep ball. Despite what some want to believe about Pennington, he is not a perfect QB. His biggest weakness is arm strength. If/when Ginn gets a QB that can throw the deep ball, he will become a force. But for now Dolphin brass has decided that we are better off with a game manager at QB. It's hard to argue with their success in turning the team around. I'm happy with the wins.

They could start Henne this year; and with Henne at QB, Ginn would be a lock for 1000 yards. But in my mind, Pennington still gives us the best chance to win now.

So what do you want - more yards for Ginn or more wins? I'll take more wins every time.

I gotta agree with Mando here. We need a receiver who people are going to fear. Ginn never gave us that. Give us Boldin, then we can talk. These mediocre receivers like Bess and Camarillo do nothing to help our cause.

remember , some of Ginn's touches will be on reverses and i bet we'll see a WildGinn here or there, i have confidence that the coaches will go to ginn, the rest is in pennington's hands.

OK kids. lets simmer down a bit,Reading ron.brown mvp post makes me think, what will the anti-christ(Belichek) do this year that the puppet commish will look the other way about so the NFL flagship team can advance and win the super bowl again???Does this make you upset???The pats cheating all the way to win all those Vince Lombardi thorphys???the Cuban wants to hear all your Rants.....

Armando . Exactly ! Well said.

NJ, cant get anything over on you my friend.. kudos to you..

Armando's not a horrible reporter, he's just full of it sometimes. Who isn't? And he doesn't dismiss our reactions out of hand, so it's not as if he cannot get schooled, or make successful comebacks.

NJ, Whats your take on the man/child Matt Roth ????

armando should be around more to make look more like a football blog and if he needs help to days off get this brain nj to cover and help you .
one person can't handle this blog .

cuban can help w/ the tea


I'm not calling random names, OK?

However, after your "DL" statement, I think you should be more concerned with getting yourself some schooling.

I'm just saying....

Cuban Menace

I'm not NJ, but I think Roth needs to man up and be honest.
If he's injured, fine. Face the consequences. If he has a problem with the competition ask to be traded/waived.

AHH Odinseye, my favorite guitar player from deep purple, What do you think about Ted(catch and drop)Ginn????

MR Menace , Matt Roth who ?

Cuban Menace

What's the deal with you and Henne's 96 inch neck?
Are you a Henne hater?
Considering Henne's performance thus far, I think Sporano has to be thinking about starting him this season. Albeit on a very VERY short leash!

NJ, couldnt have said it better........

Cuban Menace

I've always loved Deep Purple.

Ginn will be a good to great No 2 WR....someday.....maybe...I think......I hope.......

I watched every Giants for the 10 seasons previous to that one and following that one. My son is named Phil. I didn't need to Google it.


Any truth to the vicious rumors going around about Gibril Wilson?

Odinseye, No i think Chad (96inch neck) henne will be a good Q.B, and will be a even a greater carnival side show performer , i can see him performing after the bearded lady and before Joe-Joe the dog faced boy...Just saying bro....


I believe you didn't google it. You forgot about Mark Ingram. Wasn't he drafted out of Michigan State?

Cuban Menace

How did you ever notice his neck?
I could never see it because of his big fat head. This guy has bowling ball between his shoulders!

Odin, Besides that f@cked up name he's got?? What rumor my Norse Warrior friend??

Odinseye . what rumors ? He took a personal leave and will be back wed.

Someone posted earlier that Wilson is AWOL.

I've checked with my "sources"(close to the team) and cane up empty?

Odin, true he brings terror to any 8 - 9 split that comes his way...I feel bad for any thing (or any one) that looks like a bowling pin when Mr. Henne walks into a room....STRRRREEEEAK...

Maybe he went bowling with Mr. hENNE...


**Breaking News**

This just in, one of my main sources close to the team states:

ArmandoSalguero Gibril Wilson, who missed practice this morning, was back at practice this afternoon.
17 minutes ago from web


Too funny dude.......STRIKE!!!!


Wilson must have come back early.

He knows Bryan and Clemons are breathing down his neck.


A question if I may?

If Henne plays as efficient and productive this week as he has the last two, does Sporano even consider possibly starting him?

oDINSEYE, aLL I'VE got to say is the guy took a 1 and 15 team to a 11 and 5 afc east champ, chad p. will have to go down with a injury before Mr 96 inch neck steps in..but like every one else, thats my opinion

You know I was watching the Panther's game and thinking the same thing? Where is Teddy? I mean, I understand everyone's angle that we needed to work on the o-line cohesion, running game and evaluate other players. But c'mon....

Mando is probably writing this preemptively before the next game at Tampa to foreshadow the obvious. If in the dress rehearsal we don't see TG getting some attention after his supposed improvement then what does that bode for us?

Heck, I don't know, but it is a concern if we fall behind in games and don't have a receiving threat to enable us to score quickly.

Maybe Sparano does not want to show his hand and perhaps some of the plays designed are based out of a WildCat formation that we'll never see in pre-season.


I agree with Cuban Menace. There is no way you can bench Pennington at this point for an unproven QB. I think if we start of bad or if our play off hopes get dashed you will see Henne but not before then. Also Henne has looked okay in pre-season but he has not wowed anyone to the point where we should be thinking of benching the runner up for the MVP. Don't get me wrong I like Henne and I think he will be a good QB but I don't think we should sit Pennington just yet.

Odinseye , you forgot culver. and No , penny is the starter from day one.

Armando, This is probably the best article i have had the pleasure of reading this past few weeks from the herlad sports writers. keep up the preasure. The media has the power to voice our opinion and this article is dead on!!!

Mando you say todays NFL is about throwing the ball I have to say I cannot disagree more.

IMO it is about balanace and defense. Pitt did not have a top ten reciever or rusher last year(according to the stats in this app) shoot there are only a couple names on that list actually in the palyoffs.

It is more Ginns fault than anyones. Would big plays from WRs open up the game, well ofcourse, but we haven't seen anyone step up leadershipwise in that position and until then we won't.

Cuban (douche) menace. Do you think you are somehow funny w/ the lame one liners about Ginn that are over exaggerated and blown out of perportion? You are broken lame record Cuban (moron) menace.

Good analysis Mando. Most of the fans don't live in Fla. and all they can do is repeat what they have seen/heard.

I've heard the Montana comparisons...."Montana didn't throw long, so why do we need a QB/WR blah, blah, blah" until I'm sick of it.

This is not 1980 and the NFL changes...w/o a #1 WR, you're not getting to the SB...got it?

we should just trade pennington 2 the 49ers to get some kinda high compensation for him next year in the draft. hes gonna be a free agent anyways. we have a very hard schedule so i think this years chances are gone anyways at the super bowl. so lets groom henne this year. yrs thoughts......


chris s you said LAME-O CUBANO

Cacajoe , what about the the teams of the 2000's like patriots , bucs , ravens and the steelers of last year . No true # 1's . GOT IT ?

gopats you mean you/he is the family jewels of this blog!

Cocoajoe wrote"This is not 1980 and the NFL changes...w/o a #1 WR, you're not getting to the SB...got it?"

Wow Pittsburg won it in 2008 without a top ten passer, top ten reciever, top ten rusher or top ten TD leader. It takes balance and consistancy on defense IMO.

Some of you are retarded with your insane opinions. Go read a book or something, cross dress, tip a cow, go down on a pig but please STFU!!!!!

Ellie May speaks as a good farmer .he sees the corn from a far .

CUBano sees the corn from his rear.

ELLIE, tip a cow and go down on a pig are two phrases i never came across .thanks to a good farmer who's willing to share the wealth like you patata .

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