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Thursday morning doings at Dolphins camp

Three outside linebackers did not practice today as the Dolphins practiced in front of fans for the final time this season.

Yes, Matt Roth missed again so his agent Drew Rosenhaus's stated hopes Roth would return to practice this week seem dashed. Yes, I know, the Dolphins practice again this afternoon but I just don't see him strapping it up for that work if he missed work only hours earlier. A groin, Roth's mysterious injury, does not heal that quickly. Anyway, more on him in a moment.

Joey Porter missed practice today. He rode the bike most of practice because of what coach Tony Sparano called a sore toe. "He's really fine," Sparano said. "It's just sore."

Sparano would not predict if Porter would return to work this afternoon. "We'll see what he does this afternoon," the coach said.

Jason Taylor was excused from the morning workout for personal reasons related to a family illness. Sparano said he didn't know if Taylor would be back this afternoon or tomorrow or what. He said he believed Taylor would be available for the Carolina preseason game. A text message to Taylor's agent Gary Wichard has not been returned.

So that left Cameron Wake and Quentin Moses and Charlie Anderson getting a ton of snaps in practice today. Anderson and Moses got the first-team snaps. Wake worked with the second team. It's good. They need the work.

Left guard Justin Smiley missed practice Wednesday with what Sparano said was a sore ankle on his surgically repaired leg from last season. But he was back today and was none the worse for wear.

Sparano addressed the decision to terminate CB Eric Green's contract. He said there simply was "not enough separation between the veteran player and the young players. To me, let's see the young players. Let the young players play."

That is a good philosophy, but the fact also is Green's problems involved too much separation. Too much separation between him and wide receivers he was supposed to be covering.

Sparano pretty much dismissed the idea of bringing in a replacement for Green to fill the roster spot. Instead he said, the void will allow younger players such as Vontae Davis and Will Billingsley and Joey Thomas and Jason Allen to get more practice repetitions.

Speaking of playing time, Sparano said Will Allen will be scheduled to play much more Saturday versus Carolina than he did in the preseason-opener versus Jacksonville. Jason Allen, who played almost exclusively as a nickel cornerback versus Jacksonville, is expected to get more work in practice and perhaps in the game as a corner in the base defense.

Back to Roth for a moment. It is increasingly clear that the Dolphins are approaching the drop dead moment when they are moving on without him. In other words, it seems unlikely that even if Roth came back next week, he could wrestle the starting strong side outside linebacker job back from Taylor.

That job belonged to Roth when training camp opened. It clearly does not belong to him now. And, as I'm telling you, it is fast-approaching the moment when Roth will not be able to make up for the time he's lost.

"I have to be honest, in my mind mentally, right now when I'm out here, I mean 27, 28 practices have gone by," Sparano said. "Obviously, you're hoping on one hand. But from the other standpoint, I have to keep going on. I don't know when this thing is going to get right, so I have to go on like it ain't going to get right at this time and try to prepare the team accordingly.

"Whenever this things gets right, then I'll adjust. But right now, I can't."


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More work for the young guys. Go Phins

So what's the over/under before they release Roth?


Good point. You wonder how long he(Roth) can keep at this

Armando.....Another report says Wake was 3rd team today, please confirm or deny ?

Roth is not going to be released. Unlike Green Roth has proven to be a good player and can play multiple positions. They may put on the IR list but I doubt they will release him.

Vontae will be ok, I just think he needs more work and polish. Probably by the 3rd pre season game we should see in difference in this kid. So Wake got a lot of reps today, cant hurt it will only make him better.

guys, I've updated again since you posted your comments. Feel free to check the new stuff out.

Wake was on second team. Anderson and Moses on first team.

Okay....The phins have a known quantity in Roth who proved last year that he can be a starting caliber LB in te league. The idea that the organization is going to cut him while they have him under contract is completely stupid. The more likely scenario is that Roth goes on PUP and they cut a lesser player in week 8 or 9 of the season to make room for him when he gets right.

What is so sickening about Roth's injury is, he has had groin problems affecting him since the 2007 season. Will he ever be able to be 100%???

Too many people have love for roth because sparano said he could set an edge in training camp last year. That is only one element of his postition, he isnt a long defender who is good at rushing the passer or covering anyone, aand also lets not make him out to be michael strahan vs. the rush. They ran at his side last year if you watch the tape.
The main problem is he is a 4-3 end trying to play rush linebacker and he is limiting what our defense can do when he is out there. Release him and let some of our talent youngsters get reps, we should all be rooting for Moses and Wake to take the next steps in preseason. Moses has the length and size and speed you are looking for in a pass rusher. He is from the SEC "Georgia" and has a lot of talent, im rooting for this kid. Deucessssss

Armando...can you find out what roster move Miami would have to make with Roth on cutdown day ? Since he's on the non-football injury list, does he go on PUP, stay on it ect. How would he count ? Still 3 weeks to go, I'd imagine he'll be healthy by then but just wondering if he'll have to count on the 53 if he's not ?

Just to add please don't look at roth"s 5 or 6 sacks and say he is a good pass rusher, too many people focus on sacks. What you should focus on is consistent pressure on every down, and he can go quarters without flashn anything off the edge. Put him on IR, cut him....he probably has no trade value because frankly he isn't that good, but maybe a 4-3 team would like him. I dont like guys who limit ur defensive scheme he does that, wheather you agree with me or not. He wasn't a parcells pick and he was selected for a 4-3 defense...GET him out------next Ayodele---but our depth behind him is questionable would like to see torbor grab that starting spot, because he has a lot more speed...

"it seems unlikely that even if Roth came back next week, he could wrestle the starting strong side outside linebacker job back from Taylor."

Are you kidding me it was Jason Taylors from the day one. "Seems unlikely", the moment Roth knew Taylor was coming back, deflated Roth and he now seems to be in a tailspin. Even if Roth was better today, there is no way he would take over Taylors spot, no way in hell.

But we still need Roth to get better and help the team win. Because your only one play away from starting, Roth needs to begin to prepare himself and his ailing groin for the season. That means practice reps and pre season reps, so hopefully he gets better quick and has a warrior mentality to want to get back and do those things.


they won't release roth. Maybe that's what he wants. A fat new contract after he gets released.

I say call Drew Rosenhaus and make an injury settlement and cut Roth outright.

Better yet, call Roth, reach an injury settlement with him, then cut Rosenhaus' head off.

Not a whole lot of exciting happenings going on..we pretty much know our team this year. We are just ready for the season to begin. I know I got tickets to a majority if the games at http://comparesupreme.com I'm ready to watch some footbal..

I'm happy about quentin Moses's play amd i'm hoping he's starting to live up to his great talent that at 1 time had him as a potential top 10 pick after his junior year. 6-5 260 with good pass rush potential could help the future at olb ( along with wake ) for the dolphins.

If roth goes on the PUP , he misses the first 6 weeks and won't count on 53 man roster. Any body who just wants to cut him is nuts and anybody who thinks you can't get anything for him is just as nuts. He has value both in trade or for depth.

Has anyone seen that fithy pig coach Rex Ryan? He stole a pair of my underwear and one of my bras last night! If you see him tell him I want them returned. And I want my beard trimmer back also.

Um, Rosanne, I took the beard trimmer.

I thought Roth did real well last year. JP got a lot of sacks. The other side must have been providing some pressure to get Joey in because he is great but he need teammates. He also played well in games.

I would hate to see him cut without competing. A groin injury isn't easy to overcome and it could take a month or a year to heal.

Rex Ryan drove by on a tricycle today. He was pedalling fast ringing his bell trying to pass someone here on the way to the beach. Was that your underwear. Wow that is some skinny green g string. And the pink wonderbra has to go.

Did anybody see V Davis get interviewed before the game? That guy is a total moron. He might be talented, but at the pro level you need a brain. I'm calling this a bust already.
Math Roth is not suited to play as a 3-4 linebacker. He's not athletic enough. Make him gain 60 and put him inside, we can use his motor and cojones (I mean toughness).
I will say this though, Sean Smith is going to be a star.

roth is a decent player. he is a good tackler a nonstop motor and strong . his cons are he isn't fast , agile . and he has short arms and can get stalled by offensive lineman. he is good for depth yes but a team that runs a 4-3 that has two big DT could trade for him and get production out of him in a system he is comfortable with.

Im on board with NJ Fan. I would like to see Moses spelling Taylor and Wake spelling Porter this year. I have nothing real bad to say re: Roth, other than this groin thing has been persistent and he likely has reached near his full upside given his athletic limitations. Moses and Wake will be starters for this team in the near future and along with Crowder could be mainstays for years. Once we replace Aydole, we will have 4 elite backers for years to come. For the short term, Taylor and Porter will wreak havac this year. Especially Taylor. He will be NFL comeback player of the year, not Tom Bunchen. Mark it down.

I think Roth just wants an extension so he's quietly "holding" out".

NJ Phin Fan and RexRyanSucks are dead right about Roth. He is too valuable to cut.


I don't Roth is "quietly holding out" to get an extension because if that is what he is doing it really is not working that well for him. He is less likely to get a contract if he is percieved as being chronically injured. I think he is injured and tried to lie about it and he is now in a mess. I hope he gets it straightened out because he is a good player to have on the roster even if he has some limitations.

Roth (a 4-3 end at Iowa) was drafted by Saban who ran a 3-4/4-3 hybrid type defense to play 3-4 end, occasional 4-3 tackle. At that time, they wanted him to bulk up, but he never really had success as a 3-4 end either under Saban or Cameron/Capers.

Sparano switched to a true 3-4, moved him to outside linebacker where he's had to lose the weight and get faster. This has brought more success than trying to use him as a 3-4 end, but he's not the second coming of Carl Banks.

I don't think the season hinges on Roth being available. I could however, see him ending up signing with a 4-3 team like Minnesota to add depth. Worst case would be he ends up in New England, who could use more depth and they somehow turn him into the next Mike Vrabel. Kinda like Wes Welker turned into a superstar after we discarded him for a draft choice we no longer possess.

Excuse me but if Roth has a groin injury getting a extension might hurt, Don't you think??

Menace, as long as it does not remain so for more than four hours....you know the rest. I wonder why that would be a bad thing?


assassin, I concur, they say call a doctor after 4 hours but I say call the Guinness people cause Iam shooting for a record...

cuban , is it true , you have more homes than nj phin fan ?

So either Roth is injury prone, or he's a liar, or he's being a baby because JT is back, or he's holding out for a new contract, or it's all or any mix of these things. He also has short arms that don't allow him great leverage on offensive linemen, he's a bit of a liability in pass coverage, and he doesn't get consistent pressure on the QB. But he CAN hold the edge well? What exactly are we holding on to here?

Roth is gone...........just hope we can trade him for at least a 5th.

who has more homes than Odin's honey(NJ)?

Looks like Roth is doing the Rosenhaus shuffle. Problem is, he's doing it with the wrong front office. Can't pay or trade damaged goods.

col ,

why you call ni homes odinseye's hony ?

how is the diesel doing in camp?

Mando, tell us if you got any info on how the workout that OL Peter Fields had for Miami today?

Roth knew win JT came back his spot was all but gone anyway

Another weak @ss man. He knew that there's no way that ROTH could compete so he bowed out. WEAK!!!!!

Not only was I one of a fwe calling for 99 back but I called he would start.

So those who watch me I know you remember.

You remember where I live etc.. etc...

so I know you remember that.

SEAN SMITH ROKKIE of the year.

JUSTIN we know who you are and what you do. we know where you live and will be watching your every move. our eyes are everywhere. and it's rookie,

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