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Sparano press conference update right here

Tony Sparano just announced no one quit the team in the last 12 hours!

"No Knight Rider last night," he said, employing his dry sense of humor.


Cooler is this statistical nuggett for all the know-it-alls that continue say Chad Henne is having a poor training camp. According to Sparano, Miami's No. 2 quarterback is completing 66 percent of his passes this training camp. Furthermore, his third-down conversion percentage is 61 percent.

I asked where that puts Henne relationally to Chad Pennington and Pat White and Sparano said that which we all should expect.

"Chad Pennington is higher," he said, "and Pat is below that."

So it makes sense Pennington is Miami's starter, Henne is the backup and White is the No. 3. It's good when statistics prove what we think we know.

The passing percentage and conversion rate was drawn from every team period but not the 7 on 7 drills.

I asked Sparano about my new adopted son focus player Chris Clemons. He always seems to be around the ball and the coach confirmed what my eyes have seen.

"The ball seems to find him," Sparano said. "In scimmages situations and even in offseason work, that was the case a lot. He's starting to figure things out from a fundamental standpoint. That's a hard position from a mental standpoint. He's got to stay in his notebook. But he is around the ball. I'm curious to see if that translates to games."

Sparano explained the reason the team brought in kicker Connor Barth to compete with Dan Carpenter is because, "nothing is written in stone out here," meaning no one's job is totally secure and no one can assume anything.

Translation: If you're renting, don't buy until you are officially on the roster.

But perhaps the more salient reason young Carpenter now has competition after not having any most the offseason and the first week of camp is that he's better when he's got someone pushing him.

"He likes competion," Sparano said. "So we brought competion in to fuel the fire a little bit."

On the subject of Donald Thomas, the coach said he has "no plan" for using the player beyond today. Who believes that? Who believes Sparano, who knows how many repetitions every player gets -- Thomas got 18 in Monday's morning practice and 24 in the afternoon -- doesn't have a plan for the foreseeable future?

Anyway, Thomas is being brought along slowly as he recovers from the injuries that has kept him mostly sidelined the past year. The Dolphins continue to be quite cautious, as they should be. But he did get some extended second-team work on Monday with no ill effects.

"Yesterday was a good day," Sparano said.

Good news.

Speaking of news, the Dolphins have signed FB Joe Kowalewski, who played 13 games with the Jets in 2006.


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This is the most ridiculous story I've ever read, talk about master of the obvious. Maybe we should look at Vick?

Mando - Thanks for the update. It sounds like Henne is doing better then what is being reported.

JOE. Speaking of ridiculous. Vick ? Miami doesn't need him and he shoudn't be anywhere near this team.

That's breaking news!


I know Clemons hasn't made the Pro-Bowl *YET*. I posted here in April that he would be the "steal" of the draft. I also posted he will be the rookie that makes the biggest impact. So far so good.
If you think he looks good now, wait until the hitting really starts. I hope he doesn't hurt any of our own players.

PS-Armando tell us about the memorable moment when Shula's watch was stolen. That will be way better than any John Bock story.

About Henne: Glad to hear it but from everything I've read, it hasn't sounded quite that positive.


Couple questions for you. Who had the largest offensive line last year, and what was their average? I read that no matter who we start at right guard we will be no smaller than 6'4 1/2" and 314 lbs. Im wondering where we stack up agianst the biggest.


I like your take on Clemons, but I think Smith might make as many or more plays this year. This secondary is going to surprise. This might be a bit of a stretch, but this group reminds me a bit of the 49er draft in the early 80's that brought in Lott, Carlton Williamson and a third db whose name escapes me for the moment, but who played pretty well for them. They started all three rooks that year and turned the corner as an orginazation.


I read Vick was in Atlanta last week speaking to school kids about animal cruelity.
To me this sounds retarded! If I wouldn't let this guy around my dog, you think I would want him around my kids?
I understand commubnity service, but WTF! School Kids? Let him serve free soup to the homeless or help out at the Salvation Army. I don't care about the blatant PR move, just keep that CONVICTED FELON away from the CHILDREN!

REXRYANSUCKS. the third guy was eric wright. Strech? YA THINK ? slow down LOL !

odinseye. Agree. I Also think serving soup to the homeless is the way to go . but i would also include cleaning the bathrooms at the homeless shelters.


Well said. The point you make is exactly what I like about this draft class.
Clemon's is a stud. If Smith "outshines him" it's all good. Win win situations. Proof the F.O. is doing a good job.

PS-to any nay-sayer's- Just because Smith and/or Clemon's transition to the NFL quicker than Davis, don't think for one second that he's not going to be a stud either.

I love the Knight Rider comment. I know its only his second year as head coach but it feels like Sparano has been doing this all his life... maybe he has. Out of all the moves Parcells and Ireland have made, hiring Sparano has been the best. This is the closest thing to Shula we've had since he left. This team is finally in good hands.


Parcell's and Co. reminds me of a construction company I worked for. Their motto was: Grind em in, Grind em out. If they can't hang, they weren't worth keeping.


At the start of last season the Cowboys had the largest offensive line. No suprise that Parcell was largely responsible.
On the other side of the coin Denver has always had one of the smaller lines. They've consitently been one of the better units as well.

what's up odinseye? davis will be just fine . between will allen wilson and bell plus miami's coaching staff he will learn alot and quite quickly at that. i want to see him matched up against welker.

I would assume when you throw mostly short passes your percentage rate for completion would be higher than a Qb that is expected to throw the ball down the field. Henne and Pennington are not asked to do the same kinds of things. The burden of proof is diffinitely on Henne who is asked to complete much more difficult throws then Pennington who does what he does well SHORT STUFF.

I like Clemons but I got Sean Smiths Autograpgh at the second practice (came over from Bonita Springs) and he looks like a fine tuned Spider monkey on wheels.
He is my pick to replace Looouis Oliver
as my favorite intercept king.

I think it's time for S Ross to ask Sparano why so many players have quit, and to instruct Sparano to consider taking it a bit easier on the newer players, especially considering this heat.

I also think Ross should interrogate Parcells about the reasoning behind the Pat White pick, especially since White is now officially a bust. I don't think Parcells should be penalized for this horrible draft - - YET - - but if he cannot explain himself to Ross's satisfasction, some sort of in-house fine should be considered.

Step up to the plate, Mr. Ross! The DolFans will support you all the way.

c. little

NFL means "Not for Long". So some guys can't take it, so what. Miami had probably the fewest injuries in the NFL last season because of the work they are asked to do in OTA & TRAINING camp. Its a JOB for a MAN.

as for white, wait my friend then judge but don't pre-judge unless you have one of those super bowl or HOF rings on your finger.

Ok Guys, here's what I noticed about Chad Henne the couple of times I was at camp. He's got a heck of an arm and is quite accurate. However, he tends to hesitate sometimes and hold on to the ball a little longer than he should. I've seen that result in a couple of sacks, namely by JT.

Vick's community service detail should be working for the county animal services dept. as the guy who has to scrape up the road kill off the streets and dispose of them.
That would put some think in his stink!

IS a HENNE a bust or what ?
M.VICK to the rescue ?

The news about Clemons is nice to hear. It looks like D.Thomas is going to be ready, and Murphy seems to be making nice strides. Seems S.Smith is making it hard for anyone to take the corner spot for granted. All good news. I find it amusing how Sparano is always giving great stats to defend a player who looks weak to the media. It reminds me of when he dances around injury issues with the players. The mouth moves, yet very little is coming out. I am leaning towards the media on Henne, as they have no reason to deceive us. As for the injury issues, only the doctor seems to know for sure.

c little -- you MUST be a jests fan with comments like those!!!!! How many times have you brought a team to one of the biggest turn-arounds in the history of the game? Never? Thought so. Sparano has one more than you (so far).

Horrible draft? Amazing how you can judge talent in a week's time. Geeeeeeeeees.

C. Little

Ross interogate Parcell's LMFAO! Your too funny guy, that or SERIOUSLY delusional. Either way, Ross won't try to derail his gravy train.

Did somebody mention roadkill , I mean justin ?

My expectation would be that Pennington has better numbers for a few different reasons. First he's one of the most accurate passers in NFL history so not only does he have better numbers than Henne but he also has better numbers than over 90% of the QBs who have ever played the game. Pennington has started many NFL games for two different teams where as Henne has yet to start one. Penningtons arm isn't as strong therefore his throws are shorter which makes completions easier. Penny seems to be lining up with the first team more than Henne meaning he has the better talent running, catching, and blocking for him. So they're right where you would expect a veteran and a second year player to be. As for the "no plan" for Thomas thing, Mando I don't think anyone believes it but to be fair to coach, lets point out that he's using a motivational technique that has been used since the beginning of football. It's how he tries to get the best out of his players and apparantly he believes that not praising Thomas and declaring him a probable starter will only help to further his development.

Always have to love when someone declares a player a bust after one week of training camp. Man that will NEVER stop being funny.

c little... you sound like chicken little with the stupid comments. Now,,, go play in traffic.

C. Little

There were 4 guys that left. About 80 that didn't. You think Ross should tell Sporano to take it easy on the quitters?
This aint T-Ball home skillet. Ross and Sporano are looking for acorns. You know what acorns grow up to be? Mighty Oaks!

NYScott, agreed with what ya said about Penne and Thomas.

I also think that on Thomas coach Sporano is right. How could you have much planned for a guy who has YET to start and finish his 1st NFL regular season game.
Coach has to think big picture and plan as if Thomas will not be there again. The rest is up to Thomas.
Besides this has been great for developing much needed OL depth, which will pay off bigtime as time goes by.

NY Scott

Excellent observations.
Henne's not only being compared to the most accurate passer in the history of the NFL, he's being tutored by him as well. Win win. You got to love this F.O.
Unlike Beck, Henne's not pushing 30 already. Parcell's and Co. has put us in the position where we can afford some patience and the schooling will pay off in the near future.

henne the bust for eyes only

henne will be a great qb when it is his time to start. you don't just push aside all pennington's exp for the young guy with the big arm. nothing wrong with henne sitting and learning. it worked for aaron rodgers.


Jam's just trolling. He knows Brady's on his way down. Henne's on the way up.

IS a HENNE a bust or what ?
M.VICK to the rescue ?

Posted by: jam | August 11, 2009 at 04:30 PM

Henne is far from a bust.......he's a work in progress with plenty of time to develop. Sammo provided an excellent analogy with Rogers in Green Bay, who waited three years behind Favre. If he has a bad practice, it's cool. I do get a kick out of how Sparano defends him though. Pennington has also been mentioned as having had a bad practice here and there. It's early. No need to worry about Henne until the lights go on.

M.VICK to the rescue ?

Posted by: jam | August 11, 2009 at 04:30 PM

By the way, what is this obsession with Vick? He hasn't played in two years, and wasn't a very good passer when he did play. He may be ok as a running back for a year or so, that's about it.

Philip Rivers also sat 2yrs behind Brees and look at him now.
No alarms should be going off just yet on Henne as long as Pennington is healthy and our QB.
The time to worry about Henne is after he starts at least 5 games and was the primary reason we lost 4 of them...lol

Bring in Vick. Anyone who wouldn't let Vick around there dog is a fool. Vick wasn't just going around killing random dogs he was involved with fighting pitt bulls not poodles.

I don't get the fasination with Vick. He was a bust as a QB in his hayday and he has been away from the field for 2 years. He might be good in the Wildcat but everyone would expect it out of him. I think QB is a position of strength for the Dolphins. Henne will be a Probowler when his time to start rolls around but Penny deserved the probowl spot last year. Penny got cheated in favor of a washed up interception machine.

Kowalewski was a TE with the Jests

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