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Sparano press conference update right here

Tony Sparano just announced no one quit the team in the last 12 hours!

"No Knight Rider last night," he said, employing his dry sense of humor.


Cooler is this statistical nuggett for all the know-it-alls that continue say Chad Henne is having a poor training camp. According to Sparano, Miami's No. 2 quarterback is completing 66 percent of his passes this training camp. Furthermore, his third-down conversion percentage is 61 percent.

I asked where that puts Henne relationally to Chad Pennington and Pat White and Sparano said that which we all should expect.

"Chad Pennington is higher," he said, "and Pat is below that."

So it makes sense Pennington is Miami's starter, Henne is the backup and White is the No. 3. It's good when statistics prove what we think we know.

The passing percentage and conversion rate was drawn from every team period but not the 7 on 7 drills.

I asked Sparano about my new adopted son focus player Chris Clemons. He always seems to be around the ball and the coach confirmed what my eyes have seen.

"The ball seems to find him," Sparano said. "In scimmages situations and even in offseason work, that was the case a lot. He's starting to figure things out from a fundamental standpoint. That's a hard position from a mental standpoint. He's got to stay in his notebook. But he is around the ball. I'm curious to see if that translates to games."

Sparano explained the reason the team brought in kicker Connor Barth to compete with Dan Carpenter is because, "nothing is written in stone out here," meaning no one's job is totally secure and no one can assume anything.

Translation: If you're renting, don't buy until you are officially on the roster.

But perhaps the more salient reason young Carpenter now has competition after not having any most the offseason and the first week of camp is that he's better when he's got someone pushing him.

"He likes competion," Sparano said. "So we brought competion in to fuel the fire a little bit."

On the subject of Donald Thomas, the coach said he has "no plan" for using the player beyond today. Who believes that? Who believes Sparano, who knows how many repetitions every player gets -- Thomas got 18 in Monday's morning practice and 24 in the afternoon -- doesn't have a plan for the foreseeable future?

Anyway, Thomas is being brought along slowly as he recovers from the injuries that has kept him mostly sidelined the past year. The Dolphins continue to be quite cautious, as they should be. But he did get some extended second-team work on Monday with no ill effects.

"Yesterday was a good day," Sparano said.

Good news.

Speaking of news, the Dolphins have signed FB Joe Kowalewski, who played 13 games with the Jets in 2006.