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Tony Sparano: Thomas likely to play vs. Jags

Tony Sparano just ended his daily meet with the media -- both in English and Spanish -- and here are some nuggets from those 20 minutes of exchange:

The coach said while it's not absolutely certain how much time Donald Thomas would get in the preseason-opener against Jacksonville Monday night, he added, "I don't see any reason why I would hold him [out] right now."

So that's good news for a player that is being brought along slowly but surely since the opening of camp. It's also good news for a right guard competition that begs an alternative to current starter Shawn Murphy.

If Thomas plays -- and that decision will be finalized Sunday -- coaches will have a game-speed contrast they can draw between Thomas and Murphy.

Speaking of contrast, quarterback Pat White is getting better of late. That's a contrast to the obvious struggles he had in the offseason and the first week or so of training camp.

"Pat's been getting better and better," Sparano said. "I think he's been doing some really nice things. Last night we were talking about this as a staff. He threw some really nice balls the past couple of days. I think he's starting to become a little more familiar with what it is we're asking him to do and a little more comfortable."

Sparano is seeing growth in White's management of third-down situation. He also appreciates White's  ability to "create yards on his own," which is code for running and using his feet to move the chains.

By the way, as to the Dolphins desire to win preseason games and what they mean as the coaches continue trying to change the culture they inherited from Cam Cameron:

"Everytime they keep score and every time you get a chance to compete out there we want to win," Sparano said. "That''s all part of changing the culture. We're not there. Regardless of what happened a year ago, we're not where we want to be from a full cultural change [standpoint]."

Finally, you should know that miamidolphins.com will premiere Saturday. Part of the new redesign of the website include Spanish-language content. And Sparano is doing his bit to help provide that content.

After he did his English-language press conference, el tecnico, did an interview in Spanish in which the team's Spanish broadcasting crew of Roly Martin and Raul Striker, asked him questions in Spanish and Sparano answered them in English.

The biggest nugget out of that exchange is that Sparano is pleased with the fact he's got more linebackers and defensive backs on the roster this year so he expects Miami's special teams to be better and more effective.

No, Sparano doesn't speak Spanish. But it seems that way on the website. It's pretty seamless the way he took the questions in Spanish, looked at the cue card with the translation, and answered in English. Check it out Saturday. 

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Can't wait for Monday

Monday cannot come any quicker for me. Phins need to prove these fools wrong.


You know Spanish? or what

how you say plumber in Spanish ?

Pat White getting better + Donald Thomas getting better = double dose of good news

I must be getting old or something if I am looking forward to preseason football.


Plumber in Spanish is plomero. My spelling might be off. Why do want to know about a plumber?

Cubano assassin. Si , Habla espanol. Also , because i defend this country's freedom and constitution , and also despice the left wing liberals , cubano menace thinks i'm joe the plumber. cubano menace esta loco !

Armando, I will not follow you on twitter... give it up... that site has its own problems anyway, not to mention, I just looked at your twitter page and you don't have any live practice updates from thurs or fri....

Armando is too busy sweating Tom Brady to update twitter

I am in Miami for the weekend and will be catching today's 5 pm practice. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing that matters in the preseason games are 1) nobody gets hurt, and 2) The first team players perform reasonably well when they are on the field. Winning means nothing.

I will be at the 5 pm practice as well... I am hoping they have an outside scrimage today!!

Fake GM , I'm jealous !

Can't wait till monday to enjoy over-priced beers, game day traffic, and most of all THE MIAMI DOLPHINS, LIVE FROM JOE ROBBIE STADIUM!!! (never land shark)

When you say patty white had a better day, you mean he didn't fall down. LOL, Another floater like jason allen that they won't cut.


this is Pat White's first year, give the kid a chance... With his athletic ability I would rather have him as 3rd string qb than most of the other teams 3rd string bums, not to mention he has potential to develop and become a productive player at more than one position....

Jason Allen is going into his 4th year and has proven absolutely nothing! Yes the guy has had different coaches, systems, and positions to learn, but enough already... The only reasons he hasn't been cut are that 1. we would take a salary cap hit and 2. He is a quality special teams player....

Not really fair to compare the 2

I hope Murphy has progressed and Thomas stays healthy so the #1 Rg decision is tough as possible.


You are dead on about the salary cap hit on Allen. I guess the only saving grace is that he is a good special teams player.

NJ Phin Fan,

I will be watching Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, Brian Hartline, and Patrick Turner the most. I'll give you guys my thoughts later. A good weekend to all my homy dolphins fans!

NJ, Please give us your insight on the upcoming game versus the Jags. Seriously.

CUBAN ASSASSIN. We can have sort of a live blog about the game at 11:00 pm on the nfl network. Will you be watching ? If so , we can discuss. I will be watching how henne plays ( halftime adjustments and all ) , the OL play ( grove and the rg battle ) , cameron wake and quentin moses , and all the rookies. You ?

I just want to see Pat White with a blocker in front of him and the ball in his hands 10 times a game.
Everything else will take care of itself.

If i lived in Mexico i would learn spanish.....i think thats just being considerate.


I will do the same. Sounds good to me.

NJ, do u know the name of the site that we can see the game live on?

me....i want to see d-line, secondary, LBs, and the WR position. wanna see what tony Mac looks like as well.

most of all, i want to see the cannon on henne

"....both in English and Spanish". Why? Does the media not speak English?

Is this some more of Ross's crap?

Obviously the Dolphins want more of a spanish audience on game day. They want to increase season tickets to 65,000 from 51,000. They better cater to somebody. It's all in doing business folks. Same deal with the motor coaches being as far north as Jupiter and over in Fort Myers. What it all will mean in actual ticket sales remains to be seen, but I bet channel 4 is thankful for the effort.

Is it Monday yet?

I have to agree with Sparano... They have to try and win every pre-season game. Like he said he's changing the culture... So they're not gonna go into Monday night and say: Oh let's play the starters when JVilles starters are on and then when we take out our starters let's see the score and see who won... I think he's saying he's instilling a winning attitude in Miami. Who cares that its just pre-season? Sparano cares, because losing isn't an option. If the team takes it as "Oh! its just a pre-season game" we are in trouble. I like that "win every game" attitude, that it keeps everyone accountable for their performance on the field, without using the excuse, "It's just a pre-season game." This regime is what we have been needing for a long time and the new culture they are trying to instill on our Team especially. Does it worry me that Brady looked like he didn't loose a step? Sure, I'm a fan, I'm supposed to know what our Division foes look like. And I'm sure Sparano did see Brady last night, but he knows what's going on in Buffalo, New York, and New England. I'm just sure he's not gonna publicly say he's worried. That's what the scouts on his staff are for. To worry and to present the problem to Sparano and Co. and I'm sure they'll find a way to beat them other AFC East Teams as well as the rest of the league... It's up to our players to perform on Sunday....

Go Dolphins.

You fools so worried about Brady. Should be worried about Chad noodle arm or Henne no good

Can't wait for monday! Be there around 6ish with my friends with a filled cooler and a couple o subs! No grilling just yet! But this day couldnt have come fast enough!!


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