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Tony Sparano: Thomas likely to play vs. Jags

Tony Sparano just ended his daily meet with the media -- both in English and Spanish -- and here are some nuggets from those 20 minutes of exchange:

The coach said while it's not absolutely certain how much time Donald Thomas would get in the preseason-opener against Jacksonville Monday night, he added, "I don't see any reason why I would hold him [out] right now."

So that's good news for a player that is being brought along slowly but surely since the opening of camp. It's also good news for a right guard competition that begs an alternative to current starter Shawn Murphy.

If Thomas plays -- and that decision will be finalized Sunday -- coaches will have a game-speed contrast they can draw between Thomas and Murphy.

Speaking of contrast, quarterback Pat White is getting better of late. That's a contrast to the obvious struggles he had in the offseason and the first week or so of training camp.

"Pat's been getting better and better," Sparano said. "I think he's been doing some really nice things. Last night we were talking about this as a staff. He threw some really nice balls the past couple of days. I think he's starting to become a little more familiar with what it is we're asking him to do and a little more comfortable."

Sparano is seeing growth in White's management of third-down situation. He also appreciates White's  ability to "create yards on his own," which is code for running and using his feet to move the chains.

By the way, as to the Dolphins desire to win preseason games and what they mean as the coaches continue trying to change the culture they inherited from Cam Cameron:

"Everytime they keep score and every time you get a chance to compete out there we want to win," Sparano said. "That''s all part of changing the culture. We're not there. Regardless of what happened a year ago, we're not where we want to be from a full cultural change [standpoint]."

Finally, you should know that miamidolphins.com will premiere Saturday. Part of the new redesign of the website include Spanish-language content. And Sparano is doing his bit to help provide that content.

After he did his English-language press conference, el tecnico, did an interview in Spanish in which the team's Spanish broadcasting crew of Roly Martin and Raul Striker, asked him questions in Spanish and Sparano answered them in English.

The biggest nugget out of that exchange is that Sparano is pleased with the fact he's got more linebackers and defensive backs on the roster this year so he expects Miami's special teams to be better and more effective.

No, Sparano doesn't speak Spanish. But it seems that way on the website. It's pretty seamless the way he took the questions in Spanish, looked at the cue card with the translation, and answered in English. Check it out Saturday. 

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