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Which Dolphin steps up as a playmaker

It is pretty simply, really. The NFL team that scores more and yields the fewest points is usually the best team at the end of four quarters.

So it stands to reason the team with the most dynamic players that can score points and the most outstanding players that can prevent scores and turn in plays that can go in the other direction has the best chance of winning.

The guys that turn in those plays are playmakers.

And the Dolphins have not had enough of them in recent years. So, as I wrote in my column in today's Miami Herald, I believe the chief assignment of the Miami coaching staff during training camp is finding playmakers.

I give you a list of guys in the column who might step forward and become playmakers. None have as of yet. I'm hoping in the comments section you can tell me which player you have the most "trust and confidence in" (Nick Saban term) to step forward this season.

One more thing not mentioned in the column: The Dolphins have allowed themselves a rainy day fund of sorts, salary cap space and money set aside through training camp, in case a player they like comes available unexpectedly.

Do any of you know of a playmaker that might come available as Chad Pennington did last year? Anquan Boldin, under a new agent after firing Drew Rosenhaus, is now much less likely to be traded than he was last season, so that has fizzled.

I know the Broncos will attempt to trade Brandon Marshall by the October trade deadline, but I have serious doubts the Dolphins will be the most interested team based on his history, Denver's asking price, and the demand from other teams.

Guard Brian Waters, unhappy in Kansas City, is not a playmaker. Good lineman, but not a playmaker.

So who might come available? I trust you guys have a name ... or two. Also kindly provide a reason that playmaker might come available.


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numero uno

dos.........good post 'mando, but beyond the usual suspects I can't think of a potential playmaker except to say clemons or s smith....and is this the year they work Rob Konrad into the offense?

I think we're all in trouble if da list you had in your column is the only list of players we get to pick from.

I know this is an obvious choice but I think with this coaching staff, Pat White plays a huge role- particularly once Miami starts playing division opponents and start rolling out the new wrinkles. We might see a legitimate spread offense in the NFL- not as the full time offense, but more than 5 plays a game for sure.

I'd look for Ronnie Brown to breakout as well- this O-line is built for a guy like him.

Can't say who will shake loose from the tree just yet...

Has to be Michael Vick ... oops, never mind. Darlington says he's definitely IN New England and going to New England.

Ernest Wilford. No, really.

we should make a run at Vick just to head off New England's intentions of running the wildcat at us. he's clearly at the top of the list of available playmakers.

Im think this year wil be better than last year, look for our defense to be what it wasin years past. i look for channing and the backers to do whats needs to be done , we must not sleep on the recievers, pat turner looked great at usc and look for in the wild cat to see ginn show us what made him a star at usc , this coaching staff knows what they are doing they are building football players not pre madonnas and crybabies

AFC Champs
SuperBowl Champs 2009- 2010!!!

Go Phins!!!!!

Read seattle released 2x pro-bowl guard, whats up with him? We have playmaker mostly on the offense though. Im looking at ronnie brown to be the table setter for the O. I think ginn will be the one who shines the most. He need 30 kickoff return and i will give him 3 td's and some big return out of his chances. Add white to the wildcat and more big plays for ginn to make and if ronnie and o-line mesh the play-action will hurt defense. Im taking ginn with white close 2nd but it could be anybody having a career year not named rickie

i mean @ ohio state

whats up with white and clemmons? are they going to sign before tomorrow

Dont fret about vick going to whom ever no team runs the formation like us. It funny how the wildcat pats going crazy be careful what you ask for. I be more worried if vick actually ran the set b4 but he hasn't

On defense i got high hopes for channing. We need 3 picks and no less than 175 tackles, 4 forced fumbles and 5 sacks and all db's to catch the balls they are suppose to

Channing also need 16 tackles for a loss at least. That's 1 per game shouldn't be to hard

Rodrick Wright is my pick to become the playmaker on def. this year. Whay can't he get a chance to show what he can do. When he did get a chance to play his second year(first year playing), he had better stats than Merlin and Lankford's first year. He did it in less games, he only played 9 games that year.

Ronnie Brown is overdue for a big breakout. I would like to see Merling and Langford rise to the next level. I hope does not go to the pats.

I think ted ginn and brown will be the play makers for this team

I don't think we will go "fishing" for a playmaker like last year. The competitions at each position I think are quite appropriate. The trifecta knows that there will be emerging talent showing themselves with the people THEY have selected. This was not the case last year. So let's just sit back and enjoy the show in anticipation of another hope-filled year.

Look for Brown,Bess, and Taylor to make a significant contribution to turn the tide in 5 to 6 games this year.

Davone Bess is going to impress. R.Brown will have a breakout year. P.White will be a pleasant surprise. J.Taylor will be on a mission, he'll be the comeback player of the year. S.Smith will be the one I'm expecting to rise to the top in the secondary.

i think ronnie will have a big year. ricky will make plays whenever ronnie needs a rest. i want to see cobbs get involved more. the kid can run no doubt but it's his receiving ability which excites me. also i think he could dominate as miami's kick returner. let ginn or bess fight for the punt returner spot.

If jt is comeback player of year, we playing for title for sure! Not gonna happen,jt cb-poy that is,the nfl is set-up now for qb to have great years, that's why brady's already on pace for hugh year,you can't touch em. Its funny how he's returning as first major knee injury player to not miss a beat! I think brady will be very timid in the pocket and wes will break rec record for catches in a year! Here's to GET IT OUT OF YO PALM TOM!!

Ted Ginn,,just sayin.

WTF is going on with Clemons??

White, apparently, is hung up on incentives and how he will be used. That is to say that the proposed contract incentives are based on what would be expected from a back-up QB and not a guy who will be running the Wildcat. Should be easy enough to hammer something out. Why Clemons is still unsigned is a complete mystery but it is quite unseemly in terms of impressing a new boss.

why Clemons must impress his new boss, may be the boss should impress the player for a change

Clemons has a bad agent! You can't squeeze blood from a turnip! He's getting bad advice with no leverage, the bar is set

how yo know that mr know every thing ?give us all a break and let the young men make money fair and ....

O.K I'll take it somewhere else.

He will be this years biggest surprise. It was said that he was working on arm strentgh. Putting more ZIP on it. If he can do this it will allow the WR's to run after the catch instead of having to slow down because the ball isn't in front of you.

With the ball in front of him and TED catching the ball in stride have fun trying to catch him from behind

Will hit 2000 yards 15 touchdowns MVP

950 yards

Look for a BIG year from Tednisha(all the way) Ginn (teds lil sister) to have a great year.....M.V.H (most valuable ho) and a nod to daddy ginn, mvc(most valuable clip board holder) and cousin Rufus, m.v.b.d(most val. blocking dummy)also honorable mention to NJ PHIN FAN m.v.p(most valuable plumber)also jason (twinkle toes)Taylor m.v.d(most val.dancer) bill(the tuna) parcells M.V.B.E(most val. buffet eater) and these are the menaces other M.V.Ps, the menace is on the blog, shoot a Q at the menace..

justin, are you a hand reader in a dream world ?

I still believe we made a huge mistake in passing up Hakeem Nicks from North Carolina.Insteaad we went with Vontae Davis & Pat White.Pat White is not our quarterback, he's not our wr.So...... I guess he's a special player.How is he going to contribute is unknown.In my opinion we burned a pick, instead of solidifying the WR position with a playmaker.Pat White is an outstanding role model and player, he just doesn't fit with the Dolphins.I don't want to hear about the wildcat stuff, thats all just speculation.You could bet your a$$ that every team in the NFL in training camp will study how to read wild cat formation ande abolish them.The wildcat is a trick formation, Football is about talent and stragedy.How long do you think the Wildcat will survive.Didn't seem to work very well against the Ravens last season in the playoffs.The Dolphins have talented players, but no Playmakers, in a new division that features Tom Brady, Randy Moss, & T.O just to name a few.Anquan Boldin would not hurt us, he comes with a price tag, but so does every playmaker.Theres a reason why the Patriots always have a contending team.They take risks on players.They take an attitude of professionlism and winning.Nobody wanted Randy Moss because of his attitude, look at them now.I think Parcells is being too reserved, while our division is picking up players with character issues but playmaker talent.Thoughts anyone?

Ginn will improve, because he'll get open before he gets 50 yards down field so Chad will be able to lead him instead of trying to make the ball catch up to him - by the way, Elway couldn't catch up to Ginn when he gets open that far down field.

Brown depends on how they use him. 15 touches a game isn't going to get him huge numbers.

S Smith will be a playmaker. Having a 6' 3" converted wide receiver back there is going to make a lot of good things happen for us.

Since we aren't willing to give up much in the way of trades, I don't see us getting a playmaker from another team at this point.

Did anybody mention a defensive player? 'Cause Jason Taylor is going for 15 sacks, a couple forced fumbles, a TD, and maybe a pick.

Justins still excited that we were able to rescue mando from al-Queda

mall cop

Potential playmakers are -

Ginn (if he can get open downfield), Ronnie (if the OL blocks for him as expected), Camarillo (keep the chains movin), Porter and Taylor with sacks, Crowder, maybe, Sean Smith, maybe, if he can develop fast and shut down those big receivers.

We will have few if any playmakers. We will be very similar to last year's team putting ourselves in position to win in the 4th quarter. Will win about 7-9 games this year and probably next year until we get elite talent.

MJZ, Besides getting open down field, hopefully Ted (OPPS) ginn grew some balls during the off season.. i hope so...

I think if the fins are saving some money for as Ireland would say an acorn, we should probably be looking at the cleveland browns. Mangini is a terrible coach and alot of thier good players aren't happy with the organization. For example Braylon Edwards isnt happy and hasnt reported to training camp because of some bogus injury. Also thier NT Shaun Rogers isnt happy either, these are two players the fins desperatly need.

11 and 5 or better.
And CHAD P.'s problem is not throwin it deep but not able to do so on a rope. Every pass took time to get to the WR.

The line didn't do bad at all.As a matter of fact it did great.A Rookie,The new guy,The steady center,A rookie then fill ins, and a player out of his normal place.This years O-line has 3 starters from a year ago.Plus the fill ins had some playing time.

That's going to be HENNE's advantage and when the O opens up this pre-season under him it's going to be hard to keep him on the bench. Thereis going to be so many BIG plays. From the set to the wild-cat the FINS can be more dangerous with HENNE.If they have a tie in camp I think they go with HENNE.


Can't wait to see THAT #99 on the field.

Can't wait to see what the rooks can do.

Can't wait to see WILSON and BELL hit someone.

Can't wait to see if last years rooks improve.

Can't wait to see wake play.

Can't wait to see if ROTH's getting better.

Can't wait to see JASON ALLEN turn his career around.

Can't wait to see what this team can do.

I like Channing to break out this year as well, and Devone Bess will be even better, better returner than Ginn, great possesion reciever and he blocks well for a lil guy(now in 2nd year and added bulk will only help carry over success of last year)

I agree we should act like we want Vick So those spygating s.o.b.'s dont get him for nuttin. DAMN I hate cheaters!

I forgot the whole defence will be playmakin on Matt Light's face for that bulls..t he pulled on Crowder.

Man it would suck if the whole world new I cheated and pull hair.....I bet belichik practices that

JUSTIN INCREDIBLE you moron! Chad can strenghten his arm , but not to the extent he can throw with more velocity to make a difference. If that were the case, there would be more major league pitchers throwing 98 mph fastballs. That is plain stupid...moron!!!!

Didn't uncle sam put you in ICU?

the entire team will be the playmakers...team effort will bring us back to the playoffs...

Uncle Sam's coach you can't do shi+ but ride someone else di(k.Who said more velocity?The fact that he can put more zip on his 10 yard passes. (Go to the videos and look at his throws and you see that even the 5 yard passes were soft and catchable instead of hard and catchable).But being a coach of the dumb makes you the MASTER IDIOT.

YO coach keep watching me son. I'll show you how to do this. I'm here all year.

Did any of you catch T.O's show.I like it and I think i can see me hangin with him.

What is zip? Fool, it means velocity.


You are the fool my brotha!!!! Chad will not be able to get more zip on the ball because he finally works his arm out jack. Don't make us put you in ICU again, this time you mouth be shut.

Oh by the way coach there's a difference in throwing a fastball in baseball and a football but being the "smart" IDIOT that you are you knew that.Because why would you say that unless you never saw a pitcher pitch and a QB throw.The difference in the throwing motions are amazing.

I see where SAM gets it from.


WE had enough of your bull. The only thing you be hanging with ...well...you know...

And what does ICU mean?

JUSTIN you low IQ fool, I know the diff between a qb throwing and a pitcher. You have qbs that have slowing throwing balls like slowing throwing pitchers. Bozo

Intensive Care Unit...fool

If you knew the diff then you wouldn't compare apples with oranges.

You leave justin alone, you not classy like him, even though he not smart, he true to the team, not to bright but good


If what you are saying is true, then every QB would have a shot gun arm. Same goes for a runner. You can workout them legs to strenghten them but you will not be any faster. You are blessed with speed or your are slow.


Another example for you to understand. Just because some fool works out his leg, does not give him the ability to dunk a basketball.

case closed

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