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A couple of day-after observations

The sun came up this morning and we're all still here. The Dolphins haven't bagged the remainder of their season. And as I write in my column today, Miami did show a good amount of fight Monday night.

The running game came to life. Jake Long answered the call against Dwight Freeney. Wildcat is back.

So it wasn't a complete disaster, as so many of you are portraying on my flooded e-mail box.

But in answering issues positively, the Dolphins also provided answers to issues going the other direction. Simply, Ted Ginn is not a premier wide receiver and probably will never be. Secondly, Gibril Wilson is playing terrible right now, just terrible.

Here's the thing on Ginn: If he makes one play, just one more play at the game's most important moment, the Dolphins are winners today. He had a desperation pass into the end zone in his hands. He had the game-winning catch in his grasp. He had a signature career moment on his finger tips.

And he dropped it.

“I got both hands on it…," Ginn said. "Guy came through and made a good play. That’s what this league is about. Everybody’s going to make plays, you know, it’s who comes down with it.”

Look, I'm not asking for miracles here. I'm asking for Miami's alleged best receiver to make a play very good NFL receivers routinely make. I would estimate 80 percent of the NFL's premier receivers make that catch.

And so I'm forced to conclude Ginn simply is not premier. He's just getting by at average.

“I should have came down with it, I should have made that play," Ginn said. "That’s why I got the sad face, you know, that’s why I’m over here thinking about it nonstop and the only thing you can do is go back and see what you did wrong, and try to work at it.”

I'm not throwing in the towel on Ginn. But let's face it, he is a good complementary player. He is not now a star and isn't likely to be a star. This isn't based on one failure last night. This is based on watching him since 2007.

He's improved a good deal since being drafted No. 9 overall that year. But he will never be elite. Randy Mueller used to say he could turn out to be like a Joey Galloway. That's not going to happen. It's not that Ginn doesn't have the hands or the speed or the desire. He has those tools.

But he lacks something. He lacks "it," to be a difference-maker in the NFL.

And the Dolphins, short on playmakers, are kidding themselves if they think otherwise. This team has done a wonderful job telling us how it's good not to have a No. 1 receiver, how having tons of good-not-great options is a positive.


What we saw last night on that play is Miami's inability to add a premier receiver to the roster the past few years costing a victory. Mueller tried but didn't do it and failed. The current regime has tried some, but has failed to recognize that in not bringing in a receiver ready to make that play in either of the last two seasons, they exposed themselves to losses ... like last night.

Yes, Patrick Turner or Brian Hartline may some day be ready to make that play. But not now. And the Dolphins happen to need it now, as in last night.

The Dolphins did go out and sign a new free safety in Gibril Wilson this offseason. They paid him $27.5 million over five years with $8 million in guaranteed money. They should try to get a refund.

Wilson, you see, is Miami's free safety and so he's the last line of defense. That means he has to be quick to the ball. That means he has to be a sure-tackler. That means he has to have good hands to pluck interceptions from the air.

I'm not asking for Ed Reed, here. But at least give me a step up from Renaldo Hill for that price.

Wilson is playing like he's a step back from Hil, although coach Tony Sparano today defended his player.

“One of the things I think that’s very good right now back there is the mental part of it," Sparano said. "I think mentally, Gibril’s been super back there, and you know, has made a bunch of tackles in the first couple games, just obviously missed a couple tackles out there yesterday. I think sometimes when those things happen, when they happen is the thing that gets magnified.”

Magnified because they cost games.

Last night Wilson had a chance to tackle Dallas Clark at the Dolphins 40 yard line on the first play of the game. Clark shook him off like dust and just kept chugging toward the end zone. Understand that Wilson was not responsible for covering Clark. But after Akin Ayodele peeked into the backfield on the play-action and was soundly beaten in coverage, it was Wilson's responsibility to mitigate the mistake with a tackle.

He failed.

Wilson has been a step slow a lot since he's been with the Dolphins. Throughout the preseason, we saw a lot of mediocre receivers and quarterbacks attack the deep middle of the Miami defense with little problem. That's an issue Wilson needs to address.

By the way, on Pierre Garcon's breakaway 48 yard TD with 3:18 to play, Wilson was the last man chasing the receiver into the end zone. How does the free safety allow a receiver screen to get behind him and into the end zone?

Well, Wilson couldn't get off a block. That's how.

Finally, Wilson looked to have made one timely play just before halftime when he snatched a tipped ball out of the air for an interception. Except that a review of the play showed Wilson didn't hold on to the interception even though no one touched him until after he caught it.

The interception-turned-incompletion hurt. Given new life, the Colts were able to move into range and salvage a 48-yard FG as time elapsed in the half. If Wilson holds on to the ball, the Colts go into halftime trailing 13-10.

Such is the value of a solid free safety. 


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... also, Akin Ayodele and Channing Crowder played poorly.

This guy gerbil wilson is worse player than we is reportas. who signed him?

Let's not forget our kicker, missing that field goal would had made a difference as well!

Little tough on Teddy. Yes, he dropped a couple. Yes, he dropped one he should have caught, but, it was no easy catch. Fasano and him both dropped overthrows in the first half. What's the common theme here? Do I need to say it. I thought it was amazing that they made a big deal about how smart Penny was going for the short 6 yd completion to Bess on third down, yet Fasano is 20 yards downfield in the background with 3 steps on the LB WAVING! Pennington is HORRIBLE and it won't matter who's catching the ball until there's someone who can get it to the receivers IN STRIDE! Ginn had an outstanding game otherwise. Wilson is HORRIBLE, HORRENDOUS. Bench his sorry @s$ for Jason Allen...At least he's quick and can tackle

Trade Ginn for Crabtree!!!

Finally aggreed w/ you on most points. Next up: Time for a QB CHANGE.

Trade the Ginn Family for a safety!!!

Hey Armando,

I completely agree with you on Ginn. He should have made that catch--- no excuses!!! Moss would have caught it, Fitzgerald and Boldin would have caught it,and Ward would have caught it! Unless something major happens, Ginn will always be a good-not-great reciever.

Of course the offense should never have been in that position had the defense been able to play decent pass coverage. Yes, I know it was Peyton Manning, but the defense could still have played much better than they did. They allowed too many holes in the secondary and there was too many missed tackles out there.

With all that said, I'm not giving up on the Fins season. I would have perfered they were 2-0 or at least 1-1 right now, but they can overcome this.

Couldn't agree more about Ginn and Wilson. I'll also add that it must be acknowledged that Chad P's lack of arm strength is becoming a bigger factor in the schemes defenders use against the Dolphins. His long throws last night were after he left the pocket as he was running toward the line of scrimmage. The last hail mary pass was odd also as Brian Hartline was the only receiver in the TV replay surrounded by 4-5 Colts. Usually you see a few receivers over-loaded in the area but not with our hail mary.

I think the thing that hurt the most about last night's loss is that this was a missed opportunity on so many levels.

Fasano and Ginn (x2) missed an opportunity to make clutch grabs. The defense missed every opportunity to stop the Colts when we needed a stop. On our only turnover opportunities, Wilson dropped the ball, and Jones (I think it was Jones) just let it hit him.

As someone pointed out, the camera angle from behind the QB showed several opportunities that Pennington missed to go down field. I remember one play in particular where Fasana was wide open for what would have been a huge play, but Miami checked down.

And while our defense should be ashamed of itself, I can't help but being ashamed at the way Ginn catches and turtles. I can fully understand how he would never and should never run downfield into a safety head on, but the guy literally catches and falls. I think they could leave him alone and he would catch and turtle or catch and dive out of bounds. He catch a ball yesterday with several yards of seperation and hurried out of bounds - a yard short of the first down! The fact that Polite got the first is irrelevent. Ginn needs to fight for some yards. Fight in a smart way, pick your battles, but stop giving up!

Anyhow, I was happy to see our o-line respond. Hopefully they are beginning to gel and this running game will be a sign of things to come. Our defense can hardly play worse, but we will be up against some pretty good QBs this year, and not many will be as short handed as Manning was (although, Garcon didn't look like a rookie on that TD).

It seems like the same story every year..we fight and struggle for every game.. if lucky, we win enough to make the playoffs.. but once we play the elite teams, we can't compete.

Sadly, I don't see that coming to an end anytime soon..

Gebril Wilson was a horrible pickup. They should have just re-signed Renaldo Hill. After the Arizona game, Hill and Jeremiah played well last year. If they wanted to upgrade, they should have gone after Brian Dawkins. Akin Ayodele and Channing Crowder are the poor ILBs. The 3-4 defense needs players like James Farrior to be effective.

I identified atleast 4 missed tackles by wilson that resulted in points, big yardage or drive sustaining plays. whomever is his backup can not be much worse. maybe we should give the backup the chance to start and improve on wilson's pathetic attempts. maybe the replacement can tackle better than 7 or 8 year olds playing in the back yard.

did u see the punk Ginn short the pass in the first quarter. Even my wife called ginn a **ssy. this dude needs to go away. Pack up channing and wilson's back too. Bring in boldin.

If Wilson continues to struggle,Miami should promote Chris Clemons to the starting lineup cus for what i understand,this kid has alot of talent.How much longer do we all have to wait for Miami to draft/sign a free agent elite WR?? It's actually getting beyond a joke now. As for the Dolphins starting Henne.....i only want him starting if he's given some weapons,which at the moment he wont have.

If Wilson continues to struggle,Miami should promote Chris Clemons to the starting lineup cus for what i understand,this kid has alot of talent.How much longer do we all have to wait for Miami to draft/sign a free agent elite WR?? It's actually getting beyond a joke now. As for the Dolphins starting Henne.....i only want him starting if he's given some weapons,which at the moment he wont have.

I 100% agree Armando. I've supported Ginn since draft day 07, and still like the guy on the team. But last night my hopes are officially gone for him ever being an elite receiver. That is what we are missing fiercely. I looked at where Chad's last heave was headed, and there was no one in the end zone I'm comfortable with as a No. 1.
He did make some plays, but don't forget his 1st half TD drop either. An elite WR in year 3 holds on to that one too.

I'll tell you what's wrong with Ginn. It's fear. Too many times we see him catch a pass and scoot out of bounds or liferally throw himself to the ground to avoid a hit. Speed and hands are not relevant if there is a fundamental aversion to contact. I know he is not as big and strong as some other receivers. However I'll take a guy like Wes Welker who is willing to throw his body in harms way on any play over Ginn any day. To NFL players being called out as frightened is the vilest insult. Ginn will have to live with the label until he proves otherwise.

After a pretty good pre-season and training camp, Chris Clemons has not been active for the first two games -- why??? Clemons is a rookie and will likely make mistakes, but has some upside. Wilson has made mistakes and is a veteran with not much upside. Sparano said in the pre-season that Clemons seems to always be around the ball -- he also is a big hitter. Hummmmm ... sounds like something we could use right about now. I say bench Wilson and give the rookie a chance -- he surely cannot do any worse. Or, put Davis or Smith (or even Jason Allen for heavens sake) back at safety. We need to do something.

BTW, I think that it should be noted that the GREAT Reggie Wayne did not do much last night. I guess the rookies (Smith and Davis) must have done a pretty good job.

You hit the nail on the head with this article! I am so glad somebody finally said this! Wilson and ginn are both terrible!!! I couldn't have explained it any better! Those plays both had the opportunity to make, win the game!

Ginn is afraid - pure and simple. Watch him next time he catches a 10 yard out or slant. He either scoots out of bounds or literally throws himself on the ground to avoid contact. Until he conquers his fear and wills himself to put his body in harms way (Wes welker anyone?) his speed and hands will be irrelevant

Forget about just singling out wilson. Our Pass D is terrible as a whole. All of them.

How bout Cutler...2 TD's 0 INTs.

Couldn't agree more Armando. Same stuff different year. Put Henne in and stretch the field instead of relying on chance!

Stop saying Ginn is a good (average) receiver. He does not catch the ball with his hands, like all good (not even great) receivers do. In fact, he falls into a fetal position with each catch. That is, of course, unless he is on the sideline, to which he darts to. Yes he had 100 yards, so too would have Camarillo or Bess if they were targeted for the catches Ginn made. Put simply, he is little sissy. I'm embarrassed to have him on my team. At least Hartline is trying to catch the ball with his hands.

Fasano is having a bad year too. No big payoff for him at the end of the year.

Disgusting. Ginn needs to go. I can't believe they still want to target him for a big play. Just disgusting. Done making excuses for this team. Ginn is not the only one to blame. However, the play was there for him to make it, more than once. We must not forget his other pathetic attempt in the endzone the nicked his his fingertips.

Sorry gang, but it is going to be a looong season.

The new owner Ross must feel like an A$$ trying to spice up the team from the outside. Should be a lot of fun in the coming months when no one is in the stands and a few celebs are sitting in the box. Pathetic.

We gotta get a #1 reciever bottom line!!!! Pick up a Brandon Marshall or Andre Johnson caliber reciever. We play against Moss Owens Welker and a few others that are good clutch recievers where is ours? Ginn, Bess, Camarillo, Not quite lets get one before the trade deadline or kiss the season bye bye.

Jesus, why the hate?
First of all i was pissed after the falcons game as it was a very poor performance.
Armando are you not supposed to cover the dolphins? Fact is two seasons a go our qbs were john beck and cleo lemon.
Defense was aging so was the whole roster.

If someone tells me its a 3 yr plan i ll give em the time specially after the surprising last season. Get it we overarchived and had momentum.
I love where we are heading. This season i see one problem!!! This is chad penningtons team but its not built for him, its built for Henne already.
What we lack is flashing playmakers true. But howq do you wanna use em? Get another 4.2 guy who is open deep down the field 3 times and wont get a pass?

As good Pennington is and to me he was the perfect Mentor for Henne.
We wont be able to have success you need to stretch the field! Brown will thank it to you too.

As for the delicat GINN case, i see progress. Give this kid some time.
He is open a lot. All Ginn haters incl. Armando will look foolish next season when he breaks the century and get his 8-10 tds.

And everybody who said Fitzgerald, Calvin or Andre Johnson would have made that catch??? Umm compare the same kind of receivers.
Deshaun jackson wouldnt have made that catxh. Eddie royal woudlnt have made that catch.

I expect a recoord between 6-10 and 10-6 and as long we fight hard and play with effort i dont care cause i know time is not now its next year and talking super bowl 2-3 yrs.

Channing crowder needs to replaced by Cameron wake...they guy doesn't make any plays AT ALL he is all talk, too slow to run with tightends and too dumb to find the hole and stuff the run...he is horrible

By the way I feel the sane about gibril Wilson...

Yikes, pretty harsh on Ginn. I hope he reads the blogs and the papers and responds. Good players tend to do that. ...then they never give you the time of day ever again.

But maybe it was good that you called him out.

As for Wilson....everything: warranted.

Season isn't over! Next three games: San Diego, Buffalo, New York. All really good teams, but I could easily see Miami with a 3-2 record after that slate heading into the bye.

all you need to know about ted ginn is that he played for jim tressel at ohio state--LOSER

Get off Ginn put this one belongs to the coaching and defense. WHERE WAS JT ALL NIGHT LONG???

If they could have gotten their act together and been able to run more than 2 plays and call a time out in a minute and a half before the 2 minute warning maybe that 90 seconds wasted would have eliminated the need for Ginn to make a great catch.

Where would the Fins have been if Ginn doesn't go for 11 catches and 100+ yards, how many 3rd down conversions did he make?

Let's break down your numbers for making that catch...

Say there are 10 "ELITE" WR's in the league, which I think is generous you state 80% would make that catch (which I also think is a little generous-it was good coverage). Then there are 8 players that would "probably" make that play in the NFL. Miami is not the only NFL team without a top 10 receiver.

Don't hang this on Ginn.

This loss is due more to poor defense and coaching/game management.

The D allowing the big play, when was the last time an NFL TE went for 180 yards and averaged over 26 yards a pop.

Poor poor coaching/game management at the end of the game. 3rd and 6 run the ball to set up a shorter FG (way to conservative) especially when you are going against Manning. See above re the 2 minute offense.

Not to mention running the ball a couple times in the hurry up, what were those calls? The Colts D line was gassed they were getting no pressure so why try to keep them hones and burn the clock with runs.

Thanks Armando, I feel better now! GO FINS!!

I am not a Ginn apologist but I do think he will be a good no 2. IF fans are blaming him for the loss it is unfair. Yes he should have caught it but the game came down to more than that. The defense played badly considering how little they were on the field. Fasano dropped one too at the goal line though that pass was a little high too.

We will be ok w/ the line playing like that.


what seperates us from good and great teams is the fact we have an average QB. we have "weapons on offense" Ginn, Ricky, Ronnie, Cobbs, White, Bess and we have a solid to great D, the reason we will lose more often than win is because we have average QB talent.

overal the team played close to perfect. no larger errors (except for the 1st play), no turnovers, managed the hell out of the game, time of possession, no sacks, good D versus a great QB, big time running game yet no win. WHY? because we do not have a QB that can put us over the top. a QB that changes the game, puts the ball in the endzone!

We played for the field goal at the end of the first half and we played for a field goal at the end of the game, even though we were down by 4. we have no confidence to go 4 wide if we need to or score a TD with 3 minutes left and a time out to win the game...

this franchise and the fans have waited for ten years to have an elite QB, until we find a stud QB this team will continue to be just below good enough...

Why has no one pointed out that the Colts should have been flagged for illegal man downfield on the screen pass TD? The center snaps and immediately crosses the line of scrimmage before the pass is thrown. Is that not the definition of the rule? Also, he happens to make the block that springs Garcon free.

Ginn is a punk ! He's definitely not a play maker. And he's scared of getting hit, if you're scared of getting hit get out of the NFL n join a pee wee league. Ginn every catch he made would go straight to the floor not even the slightest attempt to break a tackle n get more yardage. He actually looked like a qb skidding around every where. The game is not totally to blame on him because we had plenty of chances to convert on third downs and actually plenty of chNces to score. Our secondary needs to step it up big time, they need to be taken back to basics on tackling. As a team a great collective performance we dominated in what everyone thought would be a colts blow out. Yet we need our bigger named individuals to step up and make plays. But none the less I still believe in my boys, we're gonna run house against the chargers. Lets go phins ! We all still believe in you guys !

By the way yes LBs looked bad. I feel like ayodele shouldnt have had played.
Pass rush was really bad again. I dont feel the JT + Porter combo. And feel like we lack speed on the edges. Wilson had a bad game but he got the talewnt maybe its a adjustment to the new old role thing.

What i dont get is why did theY not activate clemons if they were aware of the speed issue on the safety positon. I know our special teams suck but wake gotta be activated
So is turner

Ginn missed several catches not just the one in the 4th qtr. He mis-judged and short armed a pass in the back of the end zone where he had plenty of room to catch and get his feet in bounds. He dropped a pass in the middle of the field that would have kept a drive going. And he is sooooo afraid to get hit.

The O-line did a great job this week, they pushed Indy all over the field for the most part. Great to see, keep it going.

Special teams really played well from what we've seen over the past several seasons. Holding Indy for the most part to minimal return yardage.

The secondary and linebacker pass D was awful - looked like some of them were running in quicksand.

And let's not leave out the awful clock management by the coaches at the end of the game. Wasted close to 60 seconds at the start of the last drive that would have prevented the desperation pass on the last play of the game. Parcell's will certainly express himself on that to the coaches.

This is the worst loss for the team since the Monday Night Miracle. 45 mins of possession and a loss. Wilson should be jailed as he robbed the Dolphins of 28 million. He couldnt tackle a senior citizen at walmart trying to make a get away with denture cream. He has been brutal brutal the last couple weeks. Ginn will never ever be a number one in this league. Enough is enough. Pull the trigger on Boldin or Marshall and lets bring in a playmaker. People talk about not having a true playmaker qb but what about wide out ? Cant remeber that last time we had a dominant number one. If we had one, we won that game last nigt easily. It was embarrassing to watch professionals like Ted Ginn and Gibril Wilson not live up to any sort of hype. There are only two days I have been truly embarrassed to be a Dolphins fan. The Monday Night Miracle is one, today is the second. I think this optimism about our 150 million dollar line is mute. We ran the ball against one of the worst run defenses in the league. Big deal. Try to pull those stats against a team that has a formidable run defense and then I will be happy.
Lastly, why is noone talking about all the open receivers down field that Pennington never even attempted to throw to ? I counted six on replays last night. Easy to do from the armchair but my point is plays were there to be made.

"All Ginn haters incl. Armando will look foolish next season when he breaks the century and get his 8-10 tds"

Certainly, current and past evidence would suggest so. Seriously, Ginn will never get 8 tds a season. To continue to believe so only hurts this team. To do the same thing and expect different results is insanity.

For one, Ginn falls to the ground with the slightest break of wind. Receivers (unless you are 6'4") commonly get into the endzone by alluding tacklers. This is when the TDs for a receiver add up. Sorry, but Ginn nor his family will never do this. Trade his @$$

I disagree with you Shawn. What good does having a sick qb under center do for us if our receivers can't go out n finish the plays. When they do catch the ball the scurry out of bounds otlr slides before any initial contact is made. I live Ricky n ronnie why because they're not afraid of getting hit. And their yards after initial contact have to average at least at 5 yards for either of the two. Why cause they not afraid they out there to take every yard the possibly can. Unfortunately ginn doesn't have that drive in him which is why I rather see Camarillo or Beas take that number one wr spot !

They do need to consider making a change... 0-2 with the Pats and Jets in your division... They need another wideout with speed and another Safety to compete with the ones they have now. And seriously, consider trading Gibril Wilson if he has a poor year.

Lawyer Milloy one year deal?
What about Derrick Brooks to push the linebacker core to cover better?
Crabtree... probably too much money? But maybe not? Could he actually be a star? Hard to say.
But somebody with wheels that can can make catches and break tackles may be out there.

With the 1st selection # 10 overall miami selects S ERIC BERRY , Tenneessee.

D Man...You didn't read...I will stand by this. We will NEVER get any better than we are with Penny. Teams do not have to respect the deep ball no matter who is running wide open deep. It's like racing a cripple...We are capped out. Blame whoever you want, but, I am 1000000% confident that we won't get much better unless we have a QB that can throw the ball more than 3 yards! If there's a word stronger than loathe...That's how I feel about Penny

Sigeploofy--you hit it right on the nose. I agree %100. At least Bess and Camerillo (especially) try to get downfield.

I too for the first time in nearly 30 years embarrassed to say I am a Phins fan--seriously.

Why, we played for field goals. We ran the ball to avoid having Manning beat us. Pathetic, disgusting, and worse, embarrassing.

was jason taylor playing last night?i mean i thought i saw him out there.but, i didn't see any offical stats/ no tackles,sacks,pass defended .was he in the stands with the other celebrites.was he showing the cheerleaders a new dance move.welcome back jason your now 0-18 in fins uniform the last 18 games...a differnce maker hmmmmm.

Let me ask all of you this? Did you see Ginn go over the middle and get crushed by 3 defenders because Chad hung the ball for what seems like an eternity? Do you EVER see any of our receivers get much YAC? Ball floats so long they are tackled as soon as they catch there curl pattern passes...It's disgusting...Would you want to go over the middle waiting on a Penny poopy floater?

If the Dolphins lose to the Chargers and again to the Bills, then I'd like to see them put Henne in for the rest of the season. Pennington played better against Colts, but lets face it, their passing game is more of a glorified run game averaging only 5 yards per pass. I think the Dolphins still have a chance to rally back the rest of the season, but if they can't, then they need to focus on Henne. Let them go 0-16 and get the first draft pick for next year, then we can get that explosive WR we need and move Ginn to the slot where he belongs.

exactly Mark! 150%

Ploofy, not sure what you don't agree with. our QB sucks, can't hit open receivers down the field. the oppossing D schemes to take away short passes and the run game b/c they are not fearful of the deep pass...

don't scapegoat Ginn. he is running around most games wide open and nobody throws the ball to him. our problems are much bigger than Ginn and they have been for a long time. our consistent problem for the last 10+ years is no elite QB. managing the game, dinking and dunking, no mistakes, solid D and running game with NO QB only takes you this far...

This wasn't an embarrassment. If you want embarrassing look at last years playoff loss or how about the J'ville vs. Miami playoff debacle. Those are games to be embarrassed about!!

Must be nice to have a short memory!!

I like pennington he's a smart qb, yea he lacks major arm strength but he a good qb. He can get us down the field, we're not an air assulting team we have a ground assult n wr have to build on that. But we need our wr to make plays n when they make catches we need atleast 5 yards after the catch. I think when we bring out pat white he should throw the ball ! I think Ronnie should throw the ball also I mean I understand he ain't a qb but the defense is most defenitely anticipating the run. And I think Ricky should also take some snaps in the wildcat. Yes everyone is using the wildcat, and teams are defending it bit no other team has a a squad for the wildcat . I truthfully believe they can get even more creative with the cat!


Partially agree with you here. Ginn just simply isnt the reciever we had hoped for, and Wilson just plain didn't make tackles. But to suggest these are the two biggest contributors in the loss is wrong.

The coaching lost this game.

Why, on 4th and 1 in the first half in the red zone, when our offense has imposed our will and Ronnie ran like a demon, do we kick a field goal and not go for it? So far we had played cat and mouse and sure, kept the ball, but hadnt scored any points - but yet go for the kick against one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time? A guy whom is know for late game comebacks and with the way the game was headed, it could go down to a 4th quarter. Thats a play call mistake. A coaching mistake.

To add to that fire, we did it again, on that second to last drive on 3rd and 2 - up the middle for no gain. Why show an obvious run play? A play that was stuffed.

And lastly, why change your whole defense that was clearly working in the pass coverage to play man coverage on that last drive by Indy? Peyton just picked us apart. A strategy that was not used the entire game. Why change?

Again, coaching.

Let's not forget clock management...

I would have rather lose 35-0, than lose the way we did. This is a huge heartbreak. Ginn plays like a 10 year old girl. how many yards after the catch does he have?
His first step after a catch is to out of bounds or drop to the floor.

Oh another thing that bothers me is the bolden talk. look if you like bolden so much, draft him in fantasy football. by the looks of it we are going to need all the draft picks we can get.

I'll agree with Jason on this also not the greatest coaching although I absolutely think sparano is one of the best addition to miami in years!


We lost the game in clutch time (the last 3 minutes of each half), because of terrible play calling, clock management, poor coverage, poor tackling and missed catch/interception.

You have a very good point about Ginn & Wilson, and we surely lack at least one WR playmaker.

I have 3 questions for you

1) next year will probably be uncapped: do you think owner Ross will open his wallet to bring true playmakers to Miami?

2) Do you think there is a chance that one of the good head coaches that will be on the market could land in Miami: Cowher, Shanahan, Gruden or Holmgren? Is one of them "compatible" with Parcells?

3) Speaking of Parcells, What is your assessment of his work? For a guy who's labelled as the Godfather of talent evaluation, I think he badly underachieved:
- thinking that we would be competitive without a true #1 WR
- making dubious business decisions (giving big bucks to average players like Wilson, Bell, Crowder)
- being unable to find a late round gem in the 2 drafts he supervised
- being unable to find immediate contributors in the 2 drafts he supervised (except perhaps D.Thomas and S.Smith)

Thank you for your answers.

PS: Bonus question: next Sunday I see at least 5 screen passes to Sproles and 5 deep shots to Gates. Do you think Pasqualoni will be able to fix a problem that we've had since last year on those kind of plays?

Did anyone notice on the final Hail Mary pass that Fasano was open with his back facing Penny, instead of breaking off his route just a few yards in front of the end zone to provide Penny with a ready target? He would have had to pound it in, but he was in position to make a reception had he been paying attention.

This is all Brett Favre's fault! If he hadn't come out of retirement the Jets would not have cut CP and we wouldn't be in this mess at the QB position. Parcells would have been forced to draft Matt Ryan. End of Story!

I'd like to see Jason taylor back on the d-line ! Putting MAD constant pressure on the qb ! I don't see him making a huge contrbution as a LB ! If the guy has been playing on the d-line for god knows how many years, it's like the saying goes if it broke don't fix it ! I was the first to say holy crap that's sick tAylor n porter LBs that sick ! But I don't think it's where he should be ! Maybe we can get Zach Thomas back ! Then we'd really have some pressure ! Just some random
Thoughts !!

Chad put us in a position to still win the game even after the poor 2 minute drill.Ginn NEEDS to make that catch,that's all there is to it.As poorly as the D played,Chad had us in a position to win.What a tough loss that was.I live in MN,and all my friends are giving me so much grief.Thanks Ted!!!

i swear everybody who brings up stuff like CRAPTREE CRAPTREE just got nooooo idea at ALL!!!

1. of all crabtree is a crybaby
2. huge diva
3. if you call ginn soft what do you think crabtree is
4. he is soooo not parcells/sparano like

free advise: watch a footballgame without getting drunk, thank you.

to the Chargers, we'll be runnning all over them
we have to limit big plays and nutralice Vincent Jackson, for me one of the Top 5 WR this season (thx i have him in all fantasy leagues lol)
Pennington gotta make shots, the Chargers DBs are sooo outta place from time to time.

and what i dont like is if people blame players for the type of player they have always been known for. Ginn was never a monster and never will be. he is a burner and he gets a lot of props from pretty much all DBs he played against, as they fear his speed to death.

and to everybody including Mr. Salguero who still complains about him - how about we trade em to the Patriots and enjoy watching him killing us twice a year. Its not always about the skillset, its about using players by their strength.

you can use a ferrari to move furnitures, he might be able to do it, but he is still better suited on the race track.

stop beying so crybabies and just support your team, see the big picture and enjoy the progress. If not, google for a David Bosten Fins Jersey lol


I couldn't agree with you more on Ted Ginn but I think we've known all along that he's a #2 receiver (at best). I don't think that you have to be a #1 receiver to make that catch in the endzone, if you are an NFL wide receiver then you should be coming down with that ball. I think that's the bottom line.

Gibril Wilson if he keeps it up, probably won't play here past this season. It seems like the Dolphins made a huge mistake on this one. Let's see how it plays out.

I know it's too early to think about the draft but what do you think of Taylor Mays out of USC or Eric Berry out of Tennesee? I think they look like defensive playmakers that could make a huge difference in a ball game. Given their schedule and their play this year, I expect the Dolphins to be drafting top 10-15.

One final question, I know you were smacking your hands on the table for Hakeem Nicks leading up to the draft this past offseason. He's looked impresssive for the Giants. Do you think he'd come up with that catch in the endzone and if so, would the Dolphins have been better served with him as our first round pick?


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