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A couple of day-after observations

The sun came up this morning and we're all still here. The Dolphins haven't bagged the remainder of their season. And as I write in my column today, Miami did show a good amount of fight Monday night.

The running game came to life. Jake Long answered the call against Dwight Freeney. Wildcat is back.

So it wasn't a complete disaster, as so many of you are portraying on my flooded e-mail box.

But in answering issues positively, the Dolphins also provided answers to issues going the other direction. Simply, Ted Ginn is not a premier wide receiver and probably will never be. Secondly, Gibril Wilson is playing terrible right now, just terrible.

Here's the thing on Ginn: If he makes one play, just one more play at the game's most important moment, the Dolphins are winners today. He had a desperation pass into the end zone in his hands. He had the game-winning catch in his grasp. He had a signature career moment on his finger tips.

And he dropped it.

“I got both hands on it…," Ginn said. "Guy came through and made a good play. That’s what this league is about. Everybody’s going to make plays, you know, it’s who comes down with it.”

Look, I'm not asking for miracles here. I'm asking for Miami's alleged best receiver to make a play very good NFL receivers routinely make. I would estimate 80 percent of the NFL's premier receivers make that catch.

And so I'm forced to conclude Ginn simply is not premier. He's just getting by at average.

“I should have came down with it, I should have made that play," Ginn said. "That’s why I got the sad face, you know, that’s why I’m over here thinking about it nonstop and the only thing you can do is go back and see what you did wrong, and try to work at it.”

I'm not throwing in the towel on Ginn. But let's face it, he is a good complementary player. He is not now a star and isn't likely to be a star. This isn't based on one failure last night. This is based on watching him since 2007.

He's improved a good deal since being drafted No. 9 overall that year. But he will never be elite. Randy Mueller used to say he could turn out to be like a Joey Galloway. That's not going to happen. It's not that Ginn doesn't have the hands or the speed or the desire. He has those tools.

But he lacks something. He lacks "it," to be a difference-maker in the NFL.

And the Dolphins, short on playmakers, are kidding themselves if they think otherwise. This team has done a wonderful job telling us how it's good not to have a No. 1 receiver, how having tons of good-not-great options is a positive.


What we saw last night on that play is Miami's inability to add a premier receiver to the roster the past few years costing a victory. Mueller tried but didn't do it and failed. The current regime has tried some, but has failed to recognize that in not bringing in a receiver ready to make that play in either of the last two seasons, they exposed themselves to losses ... like last night.

Yes, Patrick Turner or Brian Hartline may some day be ready to make that play. But not now. And the Dolphins happen to need it now, as in last night.

The Dolphins did go out and sign a new free safety in Gibril Wilson this offseason. They paid him $27.5 million over five years with $8 million in guaranteed money. They should try to get a refund.

Wilson, you see, is Miami's free safety and so he's the last line of defense. That means he has to be quick to the ball. That means he has to be a sure-tackler. That means he has to have good hands to pluck interceptions from the air.

I'm not asking for Ed Reed, here. But at least give me a step up from Renaldo Hill for that price.

Wilson is playing like he's a step back from Hil, although coach Tony Sparano today defended his player.

“One of the things I think that’s very good right now back there is the mental part of it," Sparano said. "I think mentally, Gibril’s been super back there, and you know, has made a bunch of tackles in the first couple games, just obviously missed a couple tackles out there yesterday. I think sometimes when those things happen, when they happen is the thing that gets magnified.”

Magnified because they cost games.

Last night Wilson had a chance to tackle Dallas Clark at the Dolphins 40 yard line on the first play of the game. Clark shook him off like dust and just kept chugging toward the end zone. Understand that Wilson was not responsible for covering Clark. But after Akin Ayodele peeked into the backfield on the play-action and was soundly beaten in coverage, it was Wilson's responsibility to mitigate the mistake with a tackle.

He failed.

Wilson has been a step slow a lot since he's been with the Dolphins. Throughout the preseason, we saw a lot of mediocre receivers and quarterbacks attack the deep middle of the Miami defense with little problem. That's an issue Wilson needs to address.

By the way, on Pierre Garcon's breakaway 48 yard TD with 3:18 to play, Wilson was the last man chasing the receiver into the end zone. How does the free safety allow a receiver screen to get behind him and into the end zone?

Well, Wilson couldn't get off a block. That's how.

Finally, Wilson looked to have made one timely play just before halftime when he snatched a tipped ball out of the air for an interception. Except that a review of the play showed Wilson didn't hold on to the interception even though no one touched him until after he caught it.

The interception-turned-incompletion hurt. Given new life, the Colts were able to move into range and salvage a 48-yard FG as time elapsed in the half. If Wilson holds on to the ball, the Colts go into halftime trailing 13-10.

Such is the value of a solid free safety. 


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Good article Armando, you hit this one on the head. Ginn is a #2 at best. He had a chance with a defining moment last night and it passed right by him.

Wilson is turning into this years Wilford. Maybe we should avoid players whose last name starts with WIL. Just saying.

oh by the way everybody who is saying Ginn gotta make that catch.

go to ESPN and read the comment from the DB who made the play on Ginn.

"the ball kinda hang up there and sailed, that gave me time to adjust to the ball and make a play"

gotta make some noodles for dinner tonight

Ray , get a clue buddy. Penny became available right before the 1st preseason game . It months AFTER the draft. Parcells could've drafted ryan if he wanted to, jeez!

It looked like Ginn batted at that ball. it wasn't even an athletic attempt. That L was crushing... How bad are crowder and akin?

Lol y'alls pass D sucks...I hung 426 on the Ravens, so I guess I'll put up about 600 on y'all. Whoever the safties are, please keep them in there for me.


The denfeder on ginn can say what ever he likes. Yea maybe he had enough time to readjust to the ball because it floated for a bit ! But none the less ginn was in position to catch that ball, he towered over the defender in the air. And had two hands on the ball ! Let's face it he's not our go to guy he showed he didn't have those qualities last year n he's showing the same this year !

No one's saying, but CHRIS CHAMBERS would've caught any of the three major drops in the endzone. Watch him light it up in San Diego on Sunday.

Gibril Wilson also got shaken off by Donald Brown on the Colts' second TD. His failure to make tackles led to all of the Colts' TDs.

Okay, i blame this game on Miami's defense, come on, i mean Dallas clark tore us up, we need defenders to make some plays. I mean they looked too comfortable back there. We lost this game because of DEFENSE. We did not get to peyton manning.

Ted Ginn is afraid of contact...period. He is not a #1 receiver. FETAL POSITION...I'd love to know his YAC...It could be in the negatives..

Jason Taylor has lost a step...He does not have the burst off the line that he used to have. Think he's just average at best anymore...

Clemons needs to replace Wilson...Wilson is TERRIBLE...

There were several receivers open downfield last night that Penny didn't see and hit the checked downs instead. Haynos was WIDE OPEN...

The O-Line redeemed itself and played great...

Clock management was terrible on the last drive...Are you kidding me Coaches?? 3+ minutes and 1 time out and we could only get to the 30...Penningtons arm is a problem when we get behind...

Crowder was out of position on several plays last night...

Keep Pat White on the BENCH until he has lost that "DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS" look....He doesn't scare anyone!!!!

Should have gone for the 1st on 4th and 1)instead of kicking the field goal at 44 secs of the 2nd quarter...O-Line was running the ball down their throats...Field Goals will not beat the COLTS!!!

How about 0-5 or 1-4 for a start! Can't wait for the 2010 draft because this season will be over unless they can win 2 out of the next 3.

Ginn wouldn't have made that catch even if he were wearing metal lined gloves and the ball had magnets in it.

No it wasn't all bad last night, but there are too many problems to think this team has any kind of a chance to compete for the division. Once again thank you Cam-Moron & Co. for Ginn. What a terrible draft choice given where he was selected.

Huge props to the Oline and backfield.

Crowder, Wilson, Bell were terrible last night. At least they don't face a prolific O next week.

After watching Peyton last night who didn't think about the Marino era?

defense, grade f- as a whole, no rush, no pass defense, big holes to run thru. ted ginn, grade f- no yards after catch. no heart. will not take a hit. cannot catch. chad p. dead arm. cannot stretch the field with any accuracy. you run like that and cannot complete a deep pass. what a joke. i can see this at any friday night high school fball game.

How can you be a wide reciever making millions/year and not be able to catch? how?

I put a lot of the blame on Pennington himself. This guy is suppose to manage games. How do you run out of time in a hurry up offense when you start with over 3 minutes?!?!?!?!? He audible to the QB sneak with 50 seconds left. That was terrible, 3rd and 1 and you don't try to pick up 15-20 yards? I think we need to see if Henne could move the ball. Miami rushed for over 200 yds, that means the play action bomb should have been available 2-3 times last night. I'm sooo freakin mad.

I will say that Ginn is not the fault of this regime. They were stuck with him and an entire roster of rejects. They weren't going to fix it in one year. You can't replace all the duds with studs overnight. Yea Ginn SUCKS given his draft status, but we can only blame those who are no longer here for that.

Not to say our new regime has been perfect, but it is a hell of a lot better than anything else we have experienced this decade or post Shula for that matter.

Off subject, it was GREAT to see a full Stadium with Dolphin fans so TOTALLY outnumbering the opposing team...that was the way Dolphins stadium should be...the fans gave 100% last night..

Ginn is horrible...not only did he fail to come up with the most important catch(es), but the guy lacks field presence. Ginn chose to slide to his knees attempting to catch a ball in the back of the endzone when any other good receiver would have stayed on his feet, while attempting the catch as he dragged his toes prior to going out of bounds. The end result was the ball being out of Ginn's reach. In addition, he plays scared...running out of bounds, falling prior to getting hit, and basically avoiding any and all contact with the opposing team, rather than fighting for the extra yard(s). The man is our #1 wide receiver by default...I've said it before...on any other team, he's a #2 at best...maybe even a #3. The Fins failed to put any pressure on Manning last night and the clock management on the last drive was atrocious...that was something out the Cameron/Cleo Lemon playbook.

who just said, "atleast we don't face a prolific offense next week?" lol aren't we playing the chargers?

Renaldo Hill is MUCH better than Gibril Wilson. Renaldo Hill never had a game that bad in all the games he played for the Dolphins.

Its a moving target ... last week it was the O line, this week the LBs and S. Its going to be like that. We have a tough schedule. We can still make some noise but we are behind.

On the bright side - if you have to lose - do it out of conference (Atlanta) or at least out of division (Indy) and do it early.
Bottom line, it doesnt matter until you start playing your own division. Ace your division and you are probably in the playofs...thats all that matters..anything can happen then. Thats a tall order and six very tough games, but it is what it is.

Forget the offense and # 1 receiver talk, those are a hell of a lot easier to find than D linemen. No pass rush = no pass defense.
Hint- You all saw how to beat Brady and NE courtesy of both NY teams.
Granted, Peyton gets it out quick, but he had all day to wait for those crossing routes.
Yes our lbs and safeties aren't very good and Gates is already drooling. But to the point, our defensive front 7 are getting handled. We don't scare anybody. Next draft, Parcells knows he needs the big 2 gap NT to make his 3-4 work. As it is now teams can block our edges and leave their center or guard 1 on 1 w/ impunity.

I hate to talk draft after week 2, but in
yr 1 Bill went O line, year 2 CB /WR, now in year 3 I think Parcells starts building the D up the middle, from NT through ILB to Safety.

Major Props: Sean Smith was VERY good for a rookie cb on Reggie Wayne even if he got some help. Sometimes he was late gettting his head around, but g damn he sure has his body in the right place. Once he gets his head on a swivel, look out. He didnt bite on fakes. This was Peyton and Reggie against a rook in his first major assignment.

Look, its a 16 round prizefight and we got punched in the mouth in rounds 1 & 2. Whatta ya gonna do?

Wow!! You agreed with my serviceable comment from last night. With all the comments about catching and ducking, look at the guys frame!! he is a lean receiver. I seem to remember Randy Moss was a sideline sprinter with Daunte in his prime chucking bombs to him. Occasionally, he would run deep posts. After six or seven yrs in the league he got the idea that you have to run slants and crossing patterns and fight for yards to be a true receiver. Someone needs to feed Ginn day and night until he puts on at least another 20 lbs which would take away from his speed.

The truth can often be painful. The Dolphins, on most levels, are just average at best. They can be coached up for sure, but they have no breakaway talent on either side of the ball. Ronnie Brown comes closest to this type of player. And with the right mix of plays on offense, as the fins displayed for much of Monday night's game, they have the ability to move the ball. But even with all of the time the Fins posessed the ball, they still came up short.
Frankly, the last drive of the game was mishandled. It was embarassing to watch. That being said, they had a chance. Ginn blew it and it crystalized his short career.
Devone Bess has to be cosidered the Fins only reliable receiver. He has saved Pennington many times. That beig said he's too small and too slow to create the big plays. In my opinion, it's time to try out the rooks.

The whole defense sucked last night.... all those guys should refund all the dolphin fans who attended the game it was the worst defense that I've ever seen... it looked like a high school football game with guys wide open running down the field on almost every drive..... to allow the colts to score 27 points in 15 of possession after you have plowed them with your running game and the defense was resting for 45 minutes.... WHEN ARE THE DOLPHINS GOING TO HAVE A FULL GAME WHEN ALL PLAY WELL, OFENSE, DEFENSE AND SPECIAL TEAMS?? Its amazing when its not one its the other.......

ps. GINN SHOULD BE FIRED, NO EXCUSES.... put in the rookie WR so they can get some playing time......

Ginn wasn't trying to catch tight spirals. And he had to change speed and direction. It's more that Ginn needs a real Qb where he can run routes at full speed and have it hit him in stride. He is vertical and until we have a new QB Ginn will not be used properly. He can be great.

You say the new recievers arn't ready?
Edwards, Manningham, Breaston & Arrington are the WR's that Henne put into the NFL from Michigan; how is it that they are ready and he's not.
Patrick Turner was Mark Sanchez' reciever at USC, how is it that Sanchez is ready but Turner's not?
They're not ready for what?

Davone Bess was an undrafted rookie out of Hawaii last year.
What qualified him to be ready but Turner not ready?


Anyone who won't reconize ginn is a average w/out n continuose to blame CP is a MORON!!!!!!!!

Indy always has a poor run defense. The year they won the super bowl they had a poor run defense.
San Diego does not have a poor run defense.
When the Chargers are up by 14 in the first quarter and we go 3 and out on the first 3 series because they are not fooled by the wildcat what is our plan B?

That guy , wow ! your last post was a complete turnaround from last nights doom and gloom. What happened ? are you hitting the bottle today ? LMAO !

Everything is lost, bleak, depressing. The season is over. If Henne does not pan out, the pick of Long over Ryan becomes a colossal mistake. This franchise is cursed.

They say no one person loses a game but the problem on this team seems to be NO ONE PERSON steps up to win the game. Fasano had a chance. Ginn had 2. Wilson had at least 2. The defensive line had several. The inside linebackers had more than 2. Even Chad and more chances even though he did make a couple of plays that should have worked. If any ONE of them steps up we are talking about a win on this blog today.

Some fans are a joke. Let's all gang up on the guy who kept us in the game. It's not his fault we have no linebackers or safeties. To Parcells, please start Chris Clemons on Sunday!


Marc hit the nail on the head with:

"I thought it was amazing that they made a big deal about how smart Penny was going for the short 6 yd completion to Bess on third down, yet Fasano is 20 yards downfield in the background with 3 steps on the LB WAVING!"

I saw this too and it's so clear from the replay. Penny settles for the underneath stuff and misses wide open shots downfield. A strong armed QB doesn't flinch and makes that throw. With Ginn...yes, he could have had that catch BUT it would have been a great catch and the defender was right there with him. I mean C'mon, WRs don't grab everything. He did have a lot of catches and yards. I'm more concerned about the fact he seems to go down as soon as he makes a catch. They need to get him routes where he catches the ball going North and not on come-backers or over the middle. He has shown improvement.

ON TEDDY,... lets not forget that ball was late and under thrown...

LATE & UNDER THROWN, this is the theme of the Dolphins QB since Dan Marino,...

and they wonder why they don't get resigned
"Late & Under Thrown"

on that note,... we will never realize what Ted Ginn is or could have been.

although I must admit even though that last throw was "Late & Under Thrown" he still dropped it!

"No one's saying, but CHRIS CHAMBERS would've caught any of the three major drops in the endzone. Watch him light it up in San Diego on Sunday."

RIGHT ON, Dolfan in LA! I just said the same thing in the comments on Mando's previous blog.

What happened to Chris? Oh, yea. He was traded. So was Welker.


But I insist Chambers, Ginn & Welker would be a damn good trio. But it will never be. And it wasn't Ginn or Pennington who traded Chris & Wes.

The curse of Joe Robbie presides over this franchise...

The day they changed the name from Joe Robbie Stadium to Pro Player, is the day this franchise was cursed...

This will preside over the franchise for decades, like the curse of the Bambino with the Red Sox...

I am 27 years old and will probably never see Miami win a Super Bowl in my life! Sad, but true...

On a more positive note, hopefully we beat SD this week...

I see alot of very good opinions in this blog today. Some I completely agree with:
1. Pennington is good but not good enough to get us very far. He checks down WAY TOO MUCH! The TV cameras showed guys open downfield yet he continually checked down. That's why we don't have big plays people. I appreciate everything he did for us last year, but it's time to put Henne in there and see what he has. If he can't do it, we need to draft a quarterback next year.
2. Our ILBs SUCK!! Channing is a decent ILB, but we need a freaking stud in there with him.
3. No pass rush!! WTF? The only pressure on Manning was when Addai missed his block. Looks like we need a stud OLB to complement JT and JP.
4. Wilson doesn't look very good so far. I pray that he'll get better, but if not, hopefully Clemons will turn out to be as good as everyone says.
5. Jake Long is excellent. He proved it last night....end of story!

Other comments I completely disagree with:
1. Ted Ginn sucks!! Get over it people! Is he elite.......no. The dude caught what, 10 balls for over 100 yards and he sucks??? Get your heads out of your backsides. Yes, an elite receiver would have caught the two that he dropped, I agree. He isn't elite, but he's very good and a real threat....once we get a FN quarterback that has the testes to throw the ball downfield. No disrespect to CP, but come on!!! Ted proved that he can get open and catch "most" everything. We still need a true #1 WR though without a doubt. Not his fault he was picked too high!
2. Our OL is finally coming together. Not so fast my friends. The Colts defense SUCKS against the run. They are small and quick. We should have dominated them and did thankfully. If we can do that to some degree against San Diego next week, then I agree that they are coming together.
3. Trifecta is overrated. WTF??? Do you all forget that we are only a year and a half away from 1-15? Reality check time!! Rome wasn’t built in a day and the Dolphins dynasty won't be built in two years. Last year was exciting but it was also misleading. Another offseason and we should be very good, as long as Henne is decent.

Here's my wish list for next year's draft when we pick 8th overall:
1. ILB
2. OLB
3. WR
4. NT
5-7. An acorn somewhere

Northern Illinois,

U say the bad personnel moves cannot be rectified in 2 years? Well, they are still making them with this supposedly great regime...

Look at our free agent moves in the last 2 years, lack of bringing in playmakers, overpaying guys, lower draft picks outperforming higher draft picks... The problem still exists, we are just blind to it, because it's the Tuna, blah,blah,blah

By the way, Sparano was outcoached last night in the 4th quarter...

We also supposedly have big hitting, run stuffing safeties who cannot tackle, # 1 receivers who cannot catch, 3-4 linebackers who never get to the QB, no return man on either punts or kickoffs, a TE who never makes a play, but loves to fumble and drop passes in the redzone, etc... Need I elaborate further...

We are light years from being a good team... 6-10, or 7-9 is where I see this team....

Before you yell off with the king's head you might want to find another one to replace it with.
Ginn is fine. You guys are getting a little bent out of shape.
If he makes the one catch it is he suddenly your hero tomorrow? You can say no but it doen't matter. Ginn made some catches we needed. He made good catches throughout the game on third downs on some really nice timing routes. He dropped two catchable balls. It was a desparation heave that was 50/50.

I get it ... really.. I do - people are bitter because he was picked # 9 over BQ. Cameron is gone - get over it. We know he's not a #1 receiver... he is small framed/quick - those guys dont last going over the middle in this league for a whole season. So you criticize him for that. But you know what- he doesn't complain and he has steadily improved his routes and is clearly getting better each time you see him. He is not a typical head case receiver or a prima donna. Ted Ginn gets open in space... and look out if we ever have a qb who can hit him on the run... Who was to blame when he behind the Atlanta defense and was overthrown by 5 yards? Pat White? Was Pat drafted to high? I don't hear that, because Pat White can do no wrong being the media darling... John Gruden just praised him up and down, so he must be good right? It doesn't matter. They're on the roster.
Just let em play ... and if you got someone better put em in. better yet, why not just ask Bill Belichick if he would take Ginn off your hands ...anyway... freakin idiots. Hell, don't take my word for it... just think what everyone else thinks ... be mainstream ... you know like the pinhead corporate suits on ESPN.

If Ginn makes that catch then Pennington gets at least 4 more starts. So I'm glad he missed it.
This bs has to end.
After this weeks game, when the wildcard is ineffective and the Charges are piling up points and we have no chance to compete it will be clear to everyone that the king has no clothes.

Randy s . Where's saftey on your wish list ? How about the next ed reed in Eric berry ?

LOL@ that guys earlier post , very funny. I agree with your last post 100%.

There is only one That Guy - accept no substitute. (Hint: he is a little more optimistic than "that [other] guy" from NY.)

Ginn played awright. His effort was great. Sometimes you don't catch those passes. I saw Moss plenty of times fail. This was Ginn's first big stage after last year's Jet's game. He played well again. He has not had many opportunities in this system, but when his number has been called as #1, he has delivered. Sometimes the defense makes plans. Last year, Gin made a play on Jet's corner. Last night, the corner made a play.

This loss was a bitter pill to swallow, but thinking back on where we were 2 years ago helps take away some of the pain. We're fielding a competitive team now and were beat by one of the elite QB's of all time.

Things we need to improve on to go from competitive to elite:

1) QB - Pennington's dazzling completion % is very misleading. He's getting it by throwing 5 yd hand-offs. Until we can get someone back there with big play ability, we'll be mired in mediocrity.
2) S(reason 1)- Missed tackles....too many missed tackles. Manning is going to get his completions, but those YAC were killers. 2 weeks in a row we've been scorched by TE's, and next up is Gates.
3) S (reason 2) - Safeties should be playmakers, esp. free safeties. Ints, forced fumbles, safety blitzes. We're getting none of that from Wilson or Bell.
4) LB's - They were non-existent last night, except when you saw their backs chasing Colts down the field. Running plays for negative yardage, sacks, jarring hits to knock the ball out....all absent in the first 2 games.

The positives....

1) Ginn - there, I said it. All the blame is being placed on him for not making 1 catch, yet the guy all night got great separation and caught almost every other ball thrown to him. He's not Fitzgerald, etc. but he's more than serviceable.
2) OL - good protection, good run blocking albeit against a below average D. Need to continue to develop and show consistency no matter who's on the other side of the ball.
3) RB's - the Wildcat may be a fad for every other team, but its perfect for the Dolphins because we can put Ronnie, Ricky and Patrick on the field at the same time. We don't need Pat White for the threat of the pass (another 2 wasted plays last night - and the guy looked completely lost out there). The threat of not knowing who's going to get it and having extra blocking is more than enough for the defense to contend with.

Hang in there y'all. We're light years better than where we were 2 years ago and we pumped ourselves up on that weak schedule last year.

how is it that nobody sems to mention the awful play call ing especially on the next to last drive of the game. how do we run the ball up the middle on a 3rd and 6. we killed that defense all night on 3rd down, and then we call a run on 3rd and 6, that was the game. we were playing for a field goal instead of a touchdown. was wandstadt on the sideline. changed the game....

I feel that Ginn pulled up on the first drop instead of catching the ball and running into the crowd. The draft next year we need a playmaker wide receiver, a defensive tackle an inside linebacker and safety.

Please I do not want to hear Matt Ryan would be the answer. We dont have the receivers Atlanta does. Matt Ryan missed many open receivers and is just learning too just like Flacco but they are getting experiance. Henne needs to get in and get the same chance. yes he is young just like the other QB's coming in and they all make there mistakes but leaving him on the bench the team will get no futher for the future. We need to get henne in and draft a stud receiver. Ginn is a joke for a big play guy. Heck he dont even take kicks anymore. Pat White looks like a little kid out there and wont be a evey play QB anyway. what a waste of a pick.


of all the talk of Ginn and the poor play of the defense in general, why is the Coaching Staff getting a free pass. The coaching last night was the worst it's been since they got here last year. They were running the ball at will on Indy and don't go for it on 4th an 1 and instead give the ball back to Manning with :45 seconds, they are crazy. Eliminate that field goal from indy at the end of the 1st half and we win with a field goal at the end of the game.

Then on the second to last drive, they are marching down the field and then when they get in field goal range, we run three time up the middle for 5 yards and settle for the field goal. Giving Manning the ball back with 4 minutes ( an eternity for him). This coaching staff lacks the killer instinct when it counts.

And don't get me started on the horrible clock management on the last drive along with more stupid play calling only having one time out and still running the ball. Having the "wrong personnel" in the game when it counts the most.

Please, the Coaching Staff deserves as much if not more of the blame for last nights loss. We wouldn't even be talking about Ginn today if the game had been better handled. Wide Receiver is a HUGE need for this team and Gibril Wilson isn't worth the money he is getting paid but this loss belongs to Sparano and the Coaching Staff.

That guy , that was you last night being doom and gloom. I know because your grammar is better then " that guy from NY '. LOL ! You changed your tune today.

Ginn missed on two TouchDown catches in the end-zone!! Man, what a disappointment. If Ginn would've made those two catches the game would've been out of reach for Indy. Now those catches you have to make if you're a "Premier Receiver." Were those easy catches, no, but should they have been caught?... yes..... It would've been 17-13 going into the half and then the other miss in the fourth quarter would've put us up 27-20 instead of 23-20. After last nights game, I'm beginning to lean 75-25 that Ginn is a bust. I had his back the last 2yrs but after having two balls go right through his hands!!!.... Man that's what he get's paid to do, is catch freaking footballs... It was a Monday night game, a time to shine and make plays, and Ginn and Fasano failed in my book. We need to sign a veteran receiver, Marvin Harrison maybe, because Ginn could not catch the ones that counted. I'm very disappointed in Ginn and now want to get that Vet Receiver in!!! Defensive backs let us down, although the front 7 is still stout. I guess we'll just have to take it out on the Chargers.... "WIN, LOSE, OR TIE, DOLPHINS TIL I DIE!" Although the pride into this year is slowly dwindling after the first two games... GO DOLHINS!!

Are you all that Blind that you can't see? It was that sorry defense that blew the game not Ted Ginn. He was the best dolphin receiver on the field last night. No body on Defense including J.T. made any game changing plays or open tackle for that matter. Plus you should be telling Bill and Sparano to get rid of Gibril Wilson. He missed the interception before halftime and several open field tackles that allowed the big plays all night. The free safety is suppose to be your safety blanket against big plays. He had the worst night I have seen a Dolphin have in a looonnng time. G. Wilson should be benched!!!

How Long do we have to wait for Ginn to catch a ball. when are we going to just get a fricken reciving Corps....
Is there anyway we can send a message to the Dolphin Management that we need to hire someone who can CATCH THE FOOTBALL. this is a game where the Football is thrown and it is caught. Now get a couple RECIEVERS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!! DAM!!


Agree with you on both guys. In Wilson's situation, how long until we see him replaced with Clemons?

Dear Randy S.

You say the Trifecta is not overrated?

Yesterday, we had only 3 starters (Long, Smith, Thomas)from the 2 Trifecta drafts (about 20 picks).

Do you call that a blossoming rebuilding process?

And I don't even mention the blown calls by Sparano and the missed tackles by recently resigned & overpaid average players like Crowder and Wilson.

JRod says it all in his post.

I am not a Ginn fan, but he is a better receiver than Brady Quinn is a quarterback!!! Ginn had 11 receptions for 108 yards, and he did not miss tackles and allow the Colts TE Clark to gain nearly 200 yards!!! Dolphins had NO DEFENSE last night. BTW where was J.T.?

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