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A couple of day-after observations

The sun came up this morning and we're all still here. The Dolphins haven't bagged the remainder of their season. And as I write in my column today, Miami did show a good amount of fight Monday night.

The running game came to life. Jake Long answered the call against Dwight Freeney. Wildcat is back.

So it wasn't a complete disaster, as so many of you are portraying on my flooded e-mail box.

But in answering issues positively, the Dolphins also provided answers to issues going the other direction. Simply, Ted Ginn is not a premier wide receiver and probably will never be. Secondly, Gibril Wilson is playing terrible right now, just terrible.

Here's the thing on Ginn: If he makes one play, just one more play at the game's most important moment, the Dolphins are winners today. He had a desperation pass into the end zone in his hands. He had the game-winning catch in his grasp. He had a signature career moment on his finger tips.

And he dropped it.

“I got both hands on it…," Ginn said. "Guy came through and made a good play. That’s what this league is about. Everybody’s going to make plays, you know, it’s who comes down with it.”

Look, I'm not asking for miracles here. I'm asking for Miami's alleged best receiver to make a play very good NFL receivers routinely make. I would estimate 80 percent of the NFL's premier receivers make that catch.

And so I'm forced to conclude Ginn simply is not premier. He's just getting by at average.

“I should have came down with it, I should have made that play," Ginn said. "That’s why I got the sad face, you know, that’s why I’m over here thinking about it nonstop and the only thing you can do is go back and see what you did wrong, and try to work at it.”

I'm not throwing in the towel on Ginn. But let's face it, he is a good complementary player. He is not now a star and isn't likely to be a star. This isn't based on one failure last night. This is based on watching him since 2007.

He's improved a good deal since being drafted No. 9 overall that year. But he will never be elite. Randy Mueller used to say he could turn out to be like a Joey Galloway. That's not going to happen. It's not that Ginn doesn't have the hands or the speed or the desire. He has those tools.

But he lacks something. He lacks "it," to be a difference-maker in the NFL.

And the Dolphins, short on playmakers, are kidding themselves if they think otherwise. This team has done a wonderful job telling us how it's good not to have a No. 1 receiver, how having tons of good-not-great options is a positive.


What we saw last night on that play is Miami's inability to add a premier receiver to the roster the past few years costing a victory. Mueller tried but didn't do it and failed. The current regime has tried some, but has failed to recognize that in not bringing in a receiver ready to make that play in either of the last two seasons, they exposed themselves to losses ... like last night.

Yes, Patrick Turner or Brian Hartline may some day be ready to make that play. But not now. And the Dolphins happen to need it now, as in last night.

The Dolphins did go out and sign a new free safety in Gibril Wilson this offseason. They paid him $27.5 million over five years with $8 million in guaranteed money. They should try to get a refund.

Wilson, you see, is Miami's free safety and so he's the last line of defense. That means he has to be quick to the ball. That means he has to be a sure-tackler. That means he has to have good hands to pluck interceptions from the air.

I'm not asking for Ed Reed, here. But at least give me a step up from Renaldo Hill for that price.

Wilson is playing like he's a step back from Hil, although coach Tony Sparano today defended his player.

“One of the things I think that’s very good right now back there is the mental part of it," Sparano said. "I think mentally, Gibril’s been super back there, and you know, has made a bunch of tackles in the first couple games, just obviously missed a couple tackles out there yesterday. I think sometimes when those things happen, when they happen is the thing that gets magnified.”

Magnified because they cost games.

Last night Wilson had a chance to tackle Dallas Clark at the Dolphins 40 yard line on the first play of the game. Clark shook him off like dust and just kept chugging toward the end zone. Understand that Wilson was not responsible for covering Clark. But after Akin Ayodele peeked into the backfield on the play-action and was soundly beaten in coverage, it was Wilson's responsibility to mitigate the mistake with a tackle.

He failed.

Wilson has been a step slow a lot since he's been with the Dolphins. Throughout the preseason, we saw a lot of mediocre receivers and quarterbacks attack the deep middle of the Miami defense with little problem. That's an issue Wilson needs to address.

By the way, on Pierre Garcon's breakaway 48 yard TD with 3:18 to play, Wilson was the last man chasing the receiver into the end zone. How does the free safety allow a receiver screen to get behind him and into the end zone?

Well, Wilson couldn't get off a block. That's how.

Finally, Wilson looked to have made one timely play just before halftime when he snatched a tipped ball out of the air for an interception. Except that a review of the play showed Wilson didn't hold on to the interception even though no one touched him until after he caught it.

The interception-turned-incompletion hurt. Given new life, the Colts were able to move into range and salvage a 48-yard FG as time elapsed in the half. If Wilson holds on to the ball, the Colts go into halftime trailing 13-10.

Such is the value of a solid free safety. 


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1 - Wilson looked like a tackling dummy
2 - Defense overall looked slow
3 - Offense lacks a big play guy (35+ yd plays - i.e. see Dallas Clark on highlights over and over again...oh yeah Monsieur Garcon also)
4 - Wildcat (Power style) was brilliant
5 - Pennington was efficient but those last 3+ minutes were classic poor clock mgmt...shame on coaching staff
5 - great game plan and execution, but a grand slam still beats a single, stolen base , wild pitch and sac fly. Great hustle and effort but you still fall short.
Bottom line for loss Manning picked us apart with mostly youngsters like a snake plays with its tiny prey until...you know the ending

Armando, you're opinion is fine, but your prediction that Ginn will never be a premier receiver without first seeing him with a premier QB is baseless and oozes of the bitterness of the Cameron draft debacle. That is of course unless you can show me wr who is productive getting deep with a Qb who throws short.


What can I say, the Dolphins had everything they wanted and still could not come up with a victory, and 9 times out of 10 when you control the clock and have the opposing Defense out there that long the Dolphins win.

But it showed what the Dolphins lack on Defense and on Offense.

First and foremost we need better play calling on Defense. We blitzed at all the wrong times. we should have disguised our man to man blitz and had more zone blitzs which would have prevented the bubble screen that Manning threw to Garcon for a TD. Wilson as you called it played terrible both our inside linebackers take poor angles and where beat when the Colts had the ball. Dolphins could not generate a pash rush and when you give Manning that type of protection hes gonna make you pay. So overall our D played poorly.

On offense, we played well enough to win this game and we didn't. That was our staple run, run and run some moreand we controled the clock to the tune of about 45 min to their just short of 15 min, I mean how many teams lose that game when the time of possesion is 3-1?

It showed that we need a playmaker at the wideout and QB, Ginn is not a #1 WR and Penny just isn't a QB that will lead the team to a deep run into the playoffs. One player or one play does'nt make the game. But we sure did need that catch from Teddy.

Still it really shows how much work the dolphins need and how much more we need to fill the roster with key players at key positions. We ran the ball well and stood by that style of running, now we need more parts to the machine. Both on offense and defense. Manning had way to much time and was only hurried 3 or 4 times and one sack is not gonna get it done. And it was a missed assignment that lead to the sack. We again blitzed at the wrong time and I put alot of onus on the coaching staff. Our D cordinator has to know who we are playing-Manning, and how he has eaten up man coverage blitz time and time again the poor angles Wilson, Crowder and Akin A take, this can't happen during the reg season, espescially when you play Manning.

Listen on Defense our inside LB's have been exposed against tight ends, and wheel routes from the RB's.

So last week it was the Offense and O-line, this week the defense.

Truth is we need more weapons on both side of the ball: We need players on offense that can get us TD with out having to have 10-15 play drives. On defense we need playmakers that can hang on to a Manning interception. And can cover Tight ends.

The way we played on offense should have been good against most teams and against most quaterbacks except Manning and that is when you have to have play makers on both side of the ball. Players on D to SLOW down Manning. And maybe make a play. Players on Offense to match a great QB like Manning, so that if we need a game winning drive for a touch down or FG then we have the player(s) to get that done, then and only then will we have a championship team.

Season is not over and we started 0-2 last year, the only difference is we have the toughest schedule in the league. A repeat of 11-5 is very unlikely! We held the ball 45 min and still lost the game this is disheartening! That was our brand of ball and we still lost the game.

Alex, you are correct. This is a failure of coaching and front office.

Most of you want to point a finger at an individual or unit. But who selected (draft, trade, cuts) the players? Who does the game plans? Who calls the O and D plays? Who is responsible for time mgmt. or making sure you don't have 14 players on the field?

In any business, you can blame the employees for only so long. In the end, management is always held accountable.

Time for that donut eating fat a$$ Parcells to get involved.

Dolphins4life , can we keep the war and peace like novel posts to a minimum ? LMAO !

How about this. Move Sean Smith to free safety and Vontae can be the full time corner. I like Vontae after having watched him play live. He's extremely fast to the ball and he tackles with destructive force. He's going to get beat and have misreads but he's very capable and Sean Smith is a star. He's a little lanky, but he can move and he's tall enough to disrupt. He might have been taken for a ride by Clark, but he would have brought him down and I don't think Garcon would have been a factor in his quick td. However, I think that the Colts score on that last drive either way and scoring quickly actually gave us time to score ourselves. Unfortunately Sparano played the whole game not to lose instead of to win and you will lose games you shouldn't when you play that way.

Ginn isn't even a number 2 on most teams in the league. Most number 2's make those catches, certainly the end zone catch in which he didn't know where he was. I expected Fasano to make the fingertip grab for the td because I've read such great things about him from more than one source. Right now I don't see it happening, he's been in the league long enough that he should be snatching catches and hanging onto the ball.

I think Pennington is simply incredible. Imagine if Deion was still playing? Every pass Pennington threw would be an int. because Deion could get there before those lobbing balls get there. That's the true testament to Chad's success. He's smart enough and good enough at the game to have compensated for no arm strength. If I had to guess, I'd say most high school qb's have more arm strength than he does.

I'm tired of Pat White already. I don't believe he will ever amount to much. I don't understand how Parcells could fall in love with the kid and I think it's absolutely ridiculous to bring him in to see how the defense lines up, learn that they play the run and then run the ball the second time he comes in and everyone knows they are playing the run. Stop having him as our #2. In a strong draft, I felt it was a huge mistake to take him when we did. I haven't looked, but I'm willing to bet there are about 10 impact players that went later than he did.

I don't believe that Henne would have performed any worse in the 2 minute drill than Pennington did. He was simply awful. Instead of coming up from the sack calling the timeout he waited a good 15 seconds and it was still called before the injured player. Henne can fit the pass into a tight window and get it there before defenders can react. It might help wimpy Ginn to know that he'd have at least a second before any defender was on him because the ball gets there so quickly.

What are we competing for at this point? We know we won't be able to beat elite teams in the NFL even if we get a top flight receiver by some lucky occurrence. If Henne isn't the answer, then we need a QB more than we need a WR and if I'm not mistaken the next Brett Favre is going to be in the draft next year. I thought we'd be lucky to go 8-8 this year with our schedule and realistically was thinking 6-10. I'm still there, so what's the difference if we lose a few more while seeing what Henne's got? Detroit is still going to be awful and it looks like the Jaguars will as well. It's a prime opportunity to be able to move up in the draft and get the QB that could be our main guy for the next 10 years.

NJ PHIN FAN, I am surprised all your young players you love and screamed all pre season are SUCKED BIG TIME .looks like all of them if you a value on them that would be 25 bucs .less than a plumber 5 minutes work .

put a value on them

You guys are way to hard on Ginn! Fist off all that second to last pass should have been called pass interference the defender was pulling on his arm and his left hip BEFORE the ball got there. Look at the replay again. Ginn is being underutilized becasue he is being throw out patterns with not room for run after catch. Ginn is not our probem. Our problem was weak play by the defense and conservative play calling when in the red zone period!

if Dplohins4life was the coach he would have DONE a better job w/ this team than our coach and nj phin would be a good hot air screamer water boy .

Ginn is a average WR, a good #2 WR. Dolphins need a playmaker, the problem is the new and young Parcel policy, C Wake is another E.Willford? why the Dolphins use a injured LB?

We started 0-2 last year and looked horrible in week 2. The reality is we are still 1-2 years away. How about that offensive line play? The offense overall did what it took. It was Liffort Hobley's fault, wait I meant Gibril Wilson.

Why does everyone forget about Dan Carpenter? If he makes all his field goals, we would already have been in field goal range on the last drive. Make your field goals and the upset is complete.


Differnce between good throws and Penny's is like 3 seconds. Manning and other GOOD QB's throw the ball 20-30 yards in like 2-3 seconds and Penny throws the same throws and they are in the air for like 5 seconds. That's a big difference as far as giving the defense time to react.

Get ready for next week..... the Chargers are going to light up the Dolphin defense..... if we can not stop the Colts missing 2 receivers and with no running game just imagine the a@# kicking we are going to get from the Chargers + Historically the Phins do not play well on the west coast..... so get ready for next week..... Chargers 38 Miami 10.....

Why is nobody talking about the missed feild goal or the offsides on mcdaniel before halftime that kick was no good a yard longer and proved to be the differnce along with that fn raider we got at saftey were just snake bitten really for the last decade

I'll pay any WR in the league that feels like breaking Penny's leg during the wildcat...Thanks in advance

"Ginn is being underutilized becasue he is being throw out patterns with not room for run after catch."

Seriously, Khalid. I can;t believe people (including the coaches) still make excuses for this guy! He immediately runs out of bounds or falls over with each catch. He had 10 catches in this game. Any normal receiver would have found a way to break at least one for an additional ten yards. Not Ginn! A gentle fart would make him fall over. Yet, he is in the NFL.

Seriously, someone please tell me what he has done that neither Bess or Camarillo could do? At least they try to work for additional yards.

Of course, the game cannot be placed solely on the shoulders of Ginn. Nevertheless, WRs throughout the NFL make that catch and the other that he missed in the endzone every week! Take Ginn out of the position to win the game he can;t nor will he ever be able to make the play for Miami that wins the game.

It wasn't just the two potential touchdown catches he let go through his hands. To me, the moment I realized he was destined to never be a #1 was when he alligator-armed that ball over the middle in the first half.

The Ted Ginn bashing is ridiculous! The problem right now is that the weakness of our QB is taking away from the strengths of Ginn. Ginn is a burner and is suited for deep outs, go routes, quick slants, post patterns (routes that hit him on the move or at least 20 yards downfield). CP's weakness is his inability to complete these types of throws due to arm strength. This is why you won't see Ginn's potential until you get a guy that can suit his strengths as a receiver. You put him on the Colts with Manning and he'd be killing teams...



Observations from the game.

Gibril Wilson is exactly as advertised, a liability in coverage. He was largely responsible for Dallas Clark's signature career game.

Channing Crowder is horrible in coverage. His hips are about as stiff as a 90 year old woman with osteoporosis. He had some contract issues this summer and couldn't understand why the team didn't want to pay him star linebacker money. The question's answer should be loud and clear, he simply isn't a playmaker in all phases. He's a solid (not spectacular) run stopper, nothing more. He has few natural instincts and doesn't study his film often enough or closely enough.

The rookie corners played very well given that they had to contain All-World WR Reggie Wayne. He only nicked us for a few catches and a few first downs.

The wildcat may be fad, it may be a rebirth of the old single and double wing legacy for a long time, either way, like any other system, when executed with the proper players, it is extremely effective. Indy had NO answers for it all night long.

The O-Line bludgeoned and battered an Indy D that just wasn't up to the task.

The coaches and offensive staff in particular were horrible in clock management. We wasted more time on the clock trying to get the right personnel in the game than it took Indy to score on their last drive, the WHOLE DRIVE!!

And finally, Tedd Ginn, you are closer to bust than breakout. With all that had happened tonight, all the close moments, all the domination by our run game and all the domination by the Indy pass game, with our team in the hole, you had a chance to save everything and finally live up to your draft status billing. And what did you do? You nutted up and dropped a sure fire touchdown. Sure, it was in the air, sure you had to jump, sure there was a defender all over you, but you dropped it. Real #1 wide receivers make that catch every time. Real #1's come through in the clutch when no one else can. Real #1's....well that's just it. You aren't a real #1. At this point, in year three, I doubt you ever will be.

If the Dolphins can't swing a mid-season trade for a legit #1 guy, this team is doomed to go about 7-9 or 8-8. A true #1 could lift this team to or near the top of the division.

Ginn is NEVER going to be a premier receiver that we need, Last night just proved it. When are you Ginn supporters going to wake up?!. If not for Camerons stupid draft choices we wouldnt have this issue right now. What i dont understand is WHY parcells didnt get a legit #1 receiver in the off season? And now our TE fasano is playing bad. The Wildcat is the Dolphins way out of a bad offense PERIOD!

It's a shame Pennington never had a Randy Moss or Jerry Rice to trow to , yesterday was a typical Jets loss

I say put Chad Henne in with the rookie wide receivers and let them develop..... lets face it Pennington will not be around next year and this team looks like is going no where at the moment except back down!! The Dolphins have not had a convincing win since last year at the Patriots... thats a long time ago if you want to be a playoff team.

It's a shame Pennington never had a randy Moss or Jerry Rice to throw to , last night was a typical Jets loss , you think Parcels would see that.

OK!!!! I read all youze rhetoric 'bout this and that! So-o-o-o-o> !
What 'Bout Pat White?
Duz he get mo' playz or is just in there to "to get a read on the opposition's Dee"?
What the.......?


I had alot to say and share with my fellow Dolphin Fans, instead of asking for Berry from Tennessee focus on this year first. I'm not a one liner comment on other peoples comments.

im living in ny and have worked with the dolphins doing nfl draft work at the tables in nyc for 6 yrs in the early 90s, and still have contacts on the team for what its worth heres my assessment. first gibril wilson is a strong safety playing free safety because y bells inability to get INTS. wilsons lack of deep and makeup speed is being exploited and will continue to be until the coaching staff swallows their pride and admitt hes not working out. promote clemons. the best fundamentally sound teams write off mistakes i personnel in an effort to get better. second, ginn does go down to esily note the crossing pattern in the 3rd Q that he could of ran around the defense yet went down. but as for being a bust thats wrong. he consistantly draws double teams and his speed will never be urilized as long as pennington is at QB. speaking of which, his lack of deep arm allows pass defenses to defend a short feild and harder for these wrs to get seperation and smaller zone openings. and why didnt anyone mention the NT who wnet offsides 10inches from the ball to give the colts 5 free yards and a FG that hits the uprights? channing crowder is a bust, he has never been a "presence" and never will be. he makes all his plays downfeild, can he make any at the point of attack? and finally they need to throw out of the wildcat to keep the safetys honest. and finally did it occur to anyone to put vontae davis on clark? knowing manning would go to his only trusted weapon w wayne doubled all night as jaws stated time and again? let me know what you guys think

Is this Cam's defense, or does it just look that way because JT is back? Indy's offense was on the field for 15 minutes, which is equivalent to a half of football. If Miami's offense does not dominate, then Indy may have scored 54 instead of 27. So, let's not blame the offense. Yes, they had some bad plays, but the D blew it, big time. I'd take Tom Olividotti's defense over what I saw last night!!

well I can assume we are clammering to trade ted ginn,but this is what will happen miami trades ted ginn and he will flourish with a qb that has ...what was that they said ted dont have oh "it"
he will flourish with a qb that has that"it"and then guess what then he will have that "it"...all i am saying even the greats didnt always come through in the clutch ...it was not just teds fault...if the defense held up there end... the game was in the bag jus my opinion

Talk about showing your weakness 1.WR-Ted Ginn he should stay at kick returns and punt returns full time it's the only thing he is good at.
2.The whole D we can tackle we can't cover we can't even sack or pressure the QB more than a couple of times.
3. Jake long was on his ASS most of the game vs a guy that he out wieghts by 50lbs Long is soft let's face the facts he can't pass block anyone of calliber he needs to get stronger and quicker
4. At this point the coaching has to come in to question
- wrong personal starting
- bad play calling mostly the D
- bad clock management
- and not seeking a vet at WR that can run and Catch.

blame Ginn no! blame the coaches give up in the first half for a feild goal same in the second half play for field goals against Peyton and cry in your beer I'm sick of the play calling waste 200 plus yards on the ground and blame a reciever yes it would have been nice but never should have neede it we should have had 30 or more pionts on the board give Peyton 200 yards rushing and what do you get 48 to 0

By the way vontae davis on clark would have been a good idea to try Clark toasted everyone else

Gin plays scared he's not that good at WR at least not the number one guy he's not worth the draft pick we gave for him, this guy drops to the floor in the fetus postion every time he does catch a pass

Dear Yann,
I stand by my comment that the Trifecta is not overrated. Going from 1-15 to 11-5 in one year, especially since the previous regimes sucked eggs, points to a front office that knows what they're doing. I'm not saying that they are all-knowing and don't make errors, but they are turning this ship around. We can certainly pick apart every single decision that goes wrong...clock management was horrendous at the end of the game last night. TS will learn from that and I don't expect it to happen like that again. Don't forget, TS is also only in his second year as a head coach. As far as "starters" from their two drafts......you can only get so many players from a single draft that are going to start as rookies. Many of the other picks are going to be for depth. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Merling and Langford played alot last night. I believe Langford started, but I'm not positive about that. From their two drafts they have Long, Merling, Langford, and Thomas either starting or SIGNIFICANT playing time from last year's draft. Smith, Davis, and Hartline have the same situation from this year's draft. That's 7 players from two drafts. The jury is still out on Henne and Clemons, but they both "appear" to be headed to startsville. That would be 9! Not to mention White(who I'm not thrilled about BTW), Turner, Nalbone, Murphy, Hilliard, and Dotson are backups still on the roster. Pretty good drafting record at this point out of 18 total picks. After next season, a couple of them may not be on the roster, but who knows. They also brought in Bess and Smiley as FAs. Grove and Fasano are still being evaluated IMO. We may just have to agree to disagree, but I think they did pretty well. Thanks for the discussion! We're all here because we love the FISH baby!!!

Any #1 pick receiver should make that catch.... yes there was pass interference and blah blah blah but I guarantee you the TRUE elite receivers in the NFL would have come down with a TD. Yes the coaches are to blame also, I think way too conservative when Payton is on the other sideline.... and even more blame should be placed on 10 out of the 11 defensive players...... (leaving out CB Smith who played well against an elite WR) they where just awful, a high school team would cover and run with more intensity than what we saw last night!!

NJ PHIN FAN...........I'm holding out faith that Clemons will be the man!!! If not, I agree with you 100% about needing another safety.

Impersonater dolphins4life . you forgot to sign in. What a DUMBASS ! LMAO ! Nice try idiot ( you know who you are )

Randy Shannon talked with Evan Cohen on ESPN 760 about Jacory Harris and the Hurricanes 2-0 start to the season.


I wish I had been shot in the head instead of watching that game. I was up til 730 am and couldnt sleep. 35 years of season tickets and this was one of the worst. That game was so fun and everyone including the players were laughing and carrying on on the sidelines all game. Wildcat was wild. Things are going our way. And don't know how, but we lost.

Dolfdan13 said Ginn plays like a 10 year old girl
I'm a 48 year old girl and I can tell ya I would have broken that defensive back's arm to get that last touchdown pass. And I would catch the darn ball cause I am actually really good at catching passes. I certainly guarantee I wouldn't step out of bounds a yard short. I wouldn't step out of bounds every time. I wouldn't catch the ball and fall down when I am not even being tackled. Actually, you are quite insulting to the girls.

You go finfan23....

Let's review some obvious or Given things: (and I submit this looking for scrutiny.. good or bad)

1.) Pennington is no threat to throw deep over the safeties. Therefore they don't bother playing deep halves or thirds and make their reads on the fly while playing the run or breaking on passes in front of them.

2.) Pennington is the most accurate QB in the history of the game but can't throw deep.

3.) The wildcat when fully implemented works. And is best run on first and second down as a change of pace or until the defense shows signs of being able to stop it.

4.) Pat White's skill set adds a potential to the wildcat that Pennington or Henne do not.

5.) 3rd and greater than 2 yds. Teams rarely try to throw deep, but instead throw to make the first.

6.) Pat white is gravely inaccurate, but will not develop unless given the opportunities.

7.) Our offensive strength is in our running game, and therefore we are a team who should "use the run to set up the pass'.

8.) The 'Phins are not adverse to platooning their QB's.

9.) The 'Phins want their best play makers on the field.

10.) The best playmakers can vary for the task at hand. (i.e. Camarillo, Bess and Hartline may be better 3rd down or possession receivers than Ginn.)

1.) Start Pat White to run the offense on first and second downs. After all any QB should be able to hand it off. Run the Wild cat on occasion with PW in place of the receiver, and mix in the 3 set backfield. And 6-8 times a game allow PW to pass on 1st or second down to develop his abilities to read a defense. This will allow us to carry the over-the-top threat on the deep passing downs while giving us an athlete at QB who can run or pass out of the various positions (including the receiver set). The safeties should by necessity play back and perhaps open the running game up even further..... We should also look forward to PW taking advantage of the safeties cheating up on occasion if they automatically assume the run!

2.) Platoon Pennington in on all Third downs and especially greater than 2 yards. This will put the most accurate QB in the history of the game in to throw to his strength (the short routes). And on occasion to mix it up and run draws etc. It certainly will have the defenses paying attention to the personnel changes! PW struggles with touch and CP is at his best in these routes.

This from Peter King on his MOnday Morning QB column, seems to support my reference to CP strengths:

"Think of the previous third-and-five-yards-or-longer snaps for the Dolphins. In inverse order, here are the five in the second half that preceded this playcall: Third-and-seven, 21-yard pass to Ted Ginn; first down. Third-and-five, 15-yard pass to Ginn; first down. Third-and-six, seven-yard pass to Ginn; first down. Third-and-seven, incomplete pass to Ronnie Brown. Third-and-five, 10-yard pass to Ginn; first down. All five were passes. Pennington completed four of them, all first-down conversions."

Now, most likely PW would not have hit those same throws. But our game plan called on Chad to throw only when needed as the 'Cat was working and again our strengths are our running game, our QB's efficiency and our flexibility to vary the offensive set.

I believe that is putting our best athletes or playmakers in not only to get them on the field but also to play to their strengths.....

Randy S , even if clemons comes through , miami will still another saftey ( for now and the future. saftey is a need for 2010.

NJ Phin Fan, not as bad as ILB, OLB, NT, WR..........IMO

Ginn is officaly a bust. I hope he proves me wrong the rest of the season.

Yeah. Ginn is a really more of possession (maybe I misspelled this word) receiver who will be great at picking up first downs but not deep passes (i.e. 35 yards downfield). We should put him back to return kicks and punts too!!! This is where he can be a weapon and playmaker for us.

Wilson needs to step up soon or else we will have to make some changes back there at safety.

Hartline made some plays downfield when provided the opportunity in pre-season. Given our performance (or lack there of) of our receivers and TE's the past two games, he deserves a shot at making some plays STAT!!!

Good point Randy S

Langford is in deed a starter. That means 4 starters (and a few contributors) from 2 drafts. I concede you that.
I didn't say the Trifecta did it all wrong; I did say that they are overrated.
Parcells is supposed to be one of the best talent evaluators in the game.
But in 2 drafts he has not been able to find a late round gem or a true game changer (except perhaps S.Smith, we'll see).
The FA's you mention (Bess, Grove, Fasano, Smiley) are not bad players, but they are hardly dominant players at their position either.
In conclusion: we had 2 drafts & 2 free agencies but 0 game changer from the Trifecta. That's why I say it is overrated. Also see the results Parcells has had in his last two stops (Jets & Cowboys)...Average.
I wish we could sign Mike Shanahan as a coach/GM: he's by far the best talent finder/developer of the last 15 years, and he's looking for a job. He kind of flamed out after so many years in Denver, but offer him a fresh start in Miami and he will produce right away.
Go Fish!

Randy s , at least you have young guys in wake and moses at olb , soliai at nt , ginn , hartline , turner and bess at wr. Who the hell do we have at s besides clemons ? Culver ! . S and ilb are crying needs, as far a wr goes miami can't afford to wait for a wr draft pick to develop. They need to upgrade through free agency there.

The problem with the offense is a lack of playmakers. Obvious. But that's been Tuna's M.O. since he's been in the league. His ego will not allow drafting players that can out-media him. That will get more attention than him.

Take at all his former teams combined, can you actually name five star offensive playmakers? Seriously, try it. I bet you can't do it. Drew Bledsoe, c'mon. Terry Glenn, he didn't even want him. Phil Simms, average at best. Keep trying, you might find one. T.O., Tuna didn't sign him, didn't want him.

While Thomas Dimitrof was drafting Matt Ryan, a stud franchise QB, and Ozzie Newsome took Flacco, Tuna took Jake Long. Granted a stud L.T. But think for a minute, can you name 7 left tackles in all of the NFL. Hell, can you name 12 offensive lineman period. But I bet you can name at least twenty starting QB's, if not every starting QB in the league.

If Richmond Webb and Dan Marino were both on the board and the 'phins were on the clock, who would you rather draft? That's essentially what happened last year, we could have had a franchise QB for the next 15 yrs, or a franchise LT.

Take the last five super bowl winners, Steelers, Giants, Colts, Steelers, Patriots. Can you name their starting LT's? I guarantee you can name their starting QB's.
And that is what is wrong with the dolphins. TUNA himself. As long as he is running the show, we will never have a dynamic offense, because his gigantic ego will not allow a player or a head coach to be a bigger star than himself. He has to be the show. Seriously, why haven't we gotten a decent WR, or decent TE? Because they get attention, attention that would be taken away from TUNA.

Here's hoping Chad Henne becomes a franchise QB, because I know Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are.

Mano is right on about Ginn. In fact I saw at least 3 critical balls hit him in the hands only to be wasted opportunity. If I was Chad Pennington, I'd slap the snot out of him.

Get off Ginn's back. He was open all night. No other Miami receiver can say that. He made the catches that needed to be made to keep the game going. All those other receivers that would have made that catch wouldn't have had the corner on him like Ginn did because the ball would have been there sooner and lower than how Pennington did. Get off his back I'll take 11 catches for 100 plus yards any week. Those catches will come. He made them against KC and Seattle we know he can make them. Its just nice to see the team target him for once. Wake up and realize if it weren't for Ginn's preformance we wouldn't have been in the position to the win the game at the end. You should thank him instead of bashing him.

Ginn surely hears footsteps... Here is the problem. He has too much time to think. The ball is too slow. If anyone has ever played contact sports and you were a wide reciever you would know that standing there waiting for a ball to drop is dangerous especially in the NFL. He already has some fear in him and you all you have to do is throw in "a wait" in traffic. When Pennington throws the ball hard Ginn catches it. If he lofts it, Ginn muffs it.
Gibril Wilson plays too small. Most of the guys that play his position are smaller players but most play like tigers and hit hard. He was partially blocked and almost fell over. He didn't take the right route to catch the receiver. He isn't playing well in tough situations. When a free safety hits you, you are supposed to go down. A free safety doesn't come over and arm tackle?????? Arm tackle like a little girl.

I wonder if the Miami Herald will give me my own column so i can bash ted ginn as well. Since thats all Armando is good at. Maybe if he didnt hate ted ginn so much he'd look at some of the good things he did last night. like consistently get first downs.
But no we have to dwell on the bad. like the 2 TD passes he missed. Well one was thrown out the back of the end zone and the other one was thrown behind him. And did NOBODY ELSE notice that the CB on Ginn was trying to hug him while he went for that catch? His hand was literally under Ginns shoulderpad. Id like to see any wide out make that catch. But no Mando would like to put all the blame on the one player who finally showed he can be a force in the Dolphins attack

I can't believe I actually agree here. But I do.

Ronnie played his heart out only to watch the defense let the game slip right by them and the defense was on the field for less than 15 minutes for the entire game.

That actually upset me and I'm usually pretty chill about close losses. I feel bad for Ronnie after that one but thankful for how hard he played.

He is owed serious respect from the Miami defense who let him down out there last night.

I watched the replay of the Garcon TD and noticed that Wilson tries to block the lineman instead of going for the WR. He should know that no one is in back of him, so he's the last line of defense. Had he cut in front of Garcon, instead of trying to BLOCK on that play, the WR could have possibly tried to bounce inside, where both our MLB's were waiting. And if he would have ran by them, they had Sean Smith closing in and I think Bell up top. Or MAYBE, just maybe, Wilson would have made a tackle. You can clearly see that the lineman runs toward Wilson. Wilson looks at him and then puts his hands out toward him, just as Garcon runs by. The lineman didn't even have to engage in the block. Wilson took it upon himself to try to push the guy out of the way when the WR was running right next to them. Nice play Gibril. Just like how you couldn't hold on to a pick or how you got run over by a rookie. Then again, you got schooled, TWICE, by two rookies in one game. And why wasn't Clemons active for the game? What if the bum (Mr. Wilson) had gotten hurt? Thats why he's a back up. I know we have Culver, but I want to see what Clemons can do. Can't be crappier than Gibril. Oh, and Ted Ginn is a pussy.

We need to do gender tests on the Williams sisters to make sure they really are females because they sure as hell don't look it to me! Ol' Mr. Dumbo Ears (Ross) invites a bunch of B-list celebrities and the only A-lister (Tiger Woods) is cheering on the Colts on national TV on their sideline. I know that wasn't in the plan but there it was on national TV! They howled about it on ESPN all night. We came off looking like idiots all the way around. From our team to this whole celebrity nonsense. How disheartning!

Now we all know what happened last year. We played week teams with bad QBs. Look it up. Now that we're playing against the leagues best we're in trouble. Simple, plain & easy to explain and understand. That not only go's for the players, but the coaching as well. I AM SHOCKED AT HOW THIS GAME WAS COACHED from a time managment and statagy standpoint. Its going to continue for the rest of the year. Im paying DTV to watch it. It hurts!

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