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A couple of day-after observations

The sun came up this morning and we're all still here. The Dolphins haven't bagged the remainder of their season. And as I write in my column today, Miami did show a good amount of fight Monday night.

The running game came to life. Jake Long answered the call against Dwight Freeney. Wildcat is back.

So it wasn't a complete disaster, as so many of you are portraying on my flooded e-mail box.

But in answering issues positively, the Dolphins also provided answers to issues going the other direction. Simply, Ted Ginn is not a premier wide receiver and probably will never be. Secondly, Gibril Wilson is playing terrible right now, just terrible.

Here's the thing on Ginn: If he makes one play, just one more play at the game's most important moment, the Dolphins are winners today. He had a desperation pass into the end zone in his hands. He had the game-winning catch in his grasp. He had a signature career moment on his finger tips.

And he dropped it.

“I got both hands on it…," Ginn said. "Guy came through and made a good play. That’s what this league is about. Everybody’s going to make plays, you know, it’s who comes down with it.”

Look, I'm not asking for miracles here. I'm asking for Miami's alleged best receiver to make a play very good NFL receivers routinely make. I would estimate 80 percent of the NFL's premier receivers make that catch.

And so I'm forced to conclude Ginn simply is not premier. He's just getting by at average.

“I should have came down with it, I should have made that play," Ginn said. "That’s why I got the sad face, you know, that’s why I’m over here thinking about it nonstop and the only thing you can do is go back and see what you did wrong, and try to work at it.”

I'm not throwing in the towel on Ginn. But let's face it, he is a good complementary player. He is not now a star and isn't likely to be a star. This isn't based on one failure last night. This is based on watching him since 2007.

He's improved a good deal since being drafted No. 9 overall that year. But he will never be elite. Randy Mueller used to say he could turn out to be like a Joey Galloway. That's not going to happen. It's not that Ginn doesn't have the hands or the speed or the desire. He has those tools.

But he lacks something. He lacks "it," to be a difference-maker in the NFL.

And the Dolphins, short on playmakers, are kidding themselves if they think otherwise. This team has done a wonderful job telling us how it's good not to have a No. 1 receiver, how having tons of good-not-great options is a positive.


What we saw last night on that play is Miami's inability to add a premier receiver to the roster the past few years costing a victory. Mueller tried but didn't do it and failed. The current regime has tried some, but has failed to recognize that in not bringing in a receiver ready to make that play in either of the last two seasons, they exposed themselves to losses ... like last night.

Yes, Patrick Turner or Brian Hartline may some day be ready to make that play. But not now. And the Dolphins happen to need it now, as in last night.

The Dolphins did go out and sign a new free safety in Gibril Wilson this offseason. They paid him $27.5 million over five years with $8 million in guaranteed money. They should try to get a refund.

Wilson, you see, is Miami's free safety and so he's the last line of defense. That means he has to be quick to the ball. That means he has to be a sure-tackler. That means he has to have good hands to pluck interceptions from the air.

I'm not asking for Ed Reed, here. But at least give me a step up from Renaldo Hill for that price.

Wilson is playing like he's a step back from Hil, although coach Tony Sparano today defended his player.

“One of the things I think that’s very good right now back there is the mental part of it," Sparano said. "I think mentally, Gibril’s been super back there, and you know, has made a bunch of tackles in the first couple games, just obviously missed a couple tackles out there yesterday. I think sometimes when those things happen, when they happen is the thing that gets magnified.”

Magnified because they cost games.

Last night Wilson had a chance to tackle Dallas Clark at the Dolphins 40 yard line on the first play of the game. Clark shook him off like dust and just kept chugging toward the end zone. Understand that Wilson was not responsible for covering Clark. But after Akin Ayodele peeked into the backfield on the play-action and was soundly beaten in coverage, it was Wilson's responsibility to mitigate the mistake with a tackle.

He failed.

Wilson has been a step slow a lot since he's been with the Dolphins. Throughout the preseason, we saw a lot of mediocre receivers and quarterbacks attack the deep middle of the Miami defense with little problem. That's an issue Wilson needs to address.

By the way, on Pierre Garcon's breakaway 48 yard TD with 3:18 to play, Wilson was the last man chasing the receiver into the end zone. How does the free safety allow a receiver screen to get behind him and into the end zone?

Well, Wilson couldn't get off a block. That's how.

Finally, Wilson looked to have made one timely play just before halftime when he snatched a tipped ball out of the air for an interception. Except that a review of the play showed Wilson didn't hold on to the interception even though no one touched him until after he caught it.

The interception-turned-incompletion hurt. Given new life, the Colts were able to move into range and salvage a 48-yard FG as time elapsed in the half. If Wilson holds on to the ball, the Colts go into halftime trailing 13-10.

Such is the value of a solid free safety. 


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NJ Phin Fan......can't say that you're wrong with your opinion at. Only time will tell for sure.

NJ Phin Fan......can't say that you're wrong with your opinion at ALL. Only time will tell for sure.

Yann.......your points are well taken!!

How about someone mentioning that all of those end zone potential catched were over throws. The last one, Tedd Ginn actually had to wait for it. We need a QB who can actually hit a reciever in stride. Penington sometimes gets a free ride and he's what's holding the offense back. Also, the coached need to stop treating Ricky and Ronnie as equals. Ronnie is and needs to be the workhorse. Once again he shows what he can do when he gets 20+ carries.

Okay so does everyone see the picture on top of the page? Ginn is in the air and the db is holding his waste and has his hand shoved under his shoulder pad. Does everyone see this? Well that happened well before the ball arrived and continued throughout the play. Notice how the defenders feet are barely leaving the ground if at all? That's because the defender never left his feet to make a play on the ball but instead figured he would just interfere. AND THAT MY FRIENDS IS CALLED PASS INTERFERENCE!!! How about we stick up for OUR players once and a while? Not only did Teddy get open at least 16 times in the game that I counted, he made great cuts in his routes in order to preserve drives that would've stalled. I'M NOT SAYING TEDDY IS A NUMBER ONE WR! He also has never said that and he did not pick himself 9th overall. He is what he is, a nice complimentary receiver who could be a number 2 or 3 on most any other team. What he doesn't deserve is to be called names by a bunch of wanna be football critics who never even played the game. Give him a qb with an arm and a realistic expectation of being a number 2 and then judge him. DON'T put an entire offenses inability to score on his shoulders because quite simply it is unfair.

Crowder played terrible as well. Never thought Fins would do a back slide from last year .. should've kept Hill and moved forward with him. The defense looked like college football ... maybe worse. Colts could've stepped on the field 5 x's last night and still won the game with poor defense like we saw last nite. I feel bad for the offense that made positive adjustment from game 1.
Brown shined last nite! For for gosh sakes, what's up with Ginn catching the ball and almost immediately falling down .. or scurrying out of bounds?!?!?
Gotta hope for a 'W' in game 3! Let's Go Fins!

BTW, everyone's talking about how great Jake Long played and I saw him on his butt at least three times. He just happened to luck out cause penington got rid of the ball. And what's up with those inept blitzes where everyone's spread out across the line, all coming at the same time so the Colts offensive line just picks them up easy. show some creativity on the blitzes or overload on one side like Rex Ryan's defenses.

The Ginn bashers (including Armando) will be the first to jump on the bandwagon once he starts making big plays like he is capable. Yeah...he was drafted #9 and probably a little too high...but I'm sure you bashers were the same fans calling for Brady Quinn who is doing great with the Browns (sarcasm) and would have booed him out of town too if he played the way he's been playing for us. Ginn was on the receiving end of numerous 3rd down conversions last night...he moved the chains and we probably wouldn't have been in the position to win the game without him. Love him or hate him he's a Dolphin so just support the damn team!

If the ball hits both your Hands ( in the end zone twice ) and you drop it how can you expect to catch the deep ball? Now let address his YAC ( yards after catch ) the man drops to the floor everytime he's in the center and steps out of bounds when close to sidelines he is scared of getting hit and chokes under pressure and if you admit he is not a number one let not treat him like he is let's not throw the ball to him when the game is on the line.

Ok just to get a little of my frustration out I´m going to give me thoughts from Spain...

1. Guys you gotta be a little more humble, in a way that we all know what we have and know what we can expect from this team. To win a game against colts/steelers/chargers... we have to play 110% in every line, and for instance colts played 75%... you get my drift?

2. O-line looked pretty well, they seem to start to gel, although Freeney did not get any sack at some points of the game because of a miracle...just watch replays as Long it beat to the floor.

3. I agree with the general feeling of Ginn(catch and dive), but also giving a mental review of what he did i have a feeling the guy looked a little sharper than before... He might not be any moss,bold etc but i´m sure he will be better earlier than we think.

4. Wilson is a total DISASTER! Man i thought we improved over hill but as for the moment it is dissapointment one play after another.

5. Ayodele and crowder looked soooo AVERAGE, right now i really would have went over for Laurinaitis instead of White.

6. Sean Smith is doing a good job, although as Long he had a little of divine help and at some points looked lost.

7. Its was almost 6 AM here in spain last 3 min of the game, that was totally frustrating , it was embarrassing the way they lost time and did not control the game clock,a little odd because they were doing great all game and messed it up totally.

8.Last week defense "holded" the game some what, this game was the offense... cant we get a little of everybody folks??????

9. Las but not least , where were JT and Merling??????

Alot of points huh guys? xDD

I´ll be next sunday like a kid waiting for an ice cream to watch the game, thats what happen to a true fan.

Tough on Teddy? His paycheck is quite tough;Davon Jackson, Wes Welker,even no hands Owens would caught that pass,both pass. No # 1 receiver, killer! Chad not at fault for that.
No Pressure, no sacks
Miss tackles,Touchdown
Will I ever see a Dominant Dolphin team in my life time?

Great post. I'll take your advice. Let's move forward.


I have to disagree with you on Ginn, although I still have reservations about his ability to be a true number one you can't make that judgement on one play. Santonio Holmes in Pittsburgh is considered now a premier WR but in the Super Bowl if you recall had a similar situation and he let the ball go right through his hands and he didn't have a defender draped all over him. On his second opportunity he took advantage of it and made one of the best catches I have ever seen. My point is that I want to see if Ginn can similarly capitalize once he gets another chance, if he can't then I would agree with you. In saying all this he is not my type of WR, he lacks the physicality that top notch receivers posses, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he can't improve and be the go to guy, Marvin Harrison spent a decade ducking tackles in Indianapolis so it's doable. I also think that he is hurt by the fact that Chad Pennington is the QB, Ginn's main asset is his speed and ability to stretch the defense vertically and because of Pennington's lack of arm strength he cannot show that side of his game. In the long run he will be better served if Henne was under center.

All the folks calling for Pennington's head here need a reality check. The guy was outstanding last night, reading the defense, finding the open man, calling audibles when the play looked dead...and even threw several perfect passses DEEP down the middle. So what's your gripe? You're just calling for a change at QB because you have nothing better to do. "Put Henne in, put Henne in." What the hell is Henne going to do that Chad P didn't do?! You can't win games if the receivers drop the ball - it doesn't matter who's throwing. Seriously, get off the 'I love Chad Henne' PR bus and start talking some sense. Support the team and the players on the field instead of bashing what was a superb effort by the Fins, against a quality side.


Good to have you back. I am bummed about the game, man. I really thought Ginn was going to come up with that TD. Lot of ifs int this game. If Gibril does a better job in tackling or holds on to the int. If we dont go for the long field goal to give them great field position after we miss. I believe Fasano had a chance to grab a pass in the game. This sucks.

"Davon Jackson, Wes Welker,even no hands Owens would caught that pass,both pass. No # 1 receiver, killer! Chad not at fault for that". Correction
If it were Owens or anyone else there would've been a pass interference called seeing how the db made contact with the receiver before the ball got there. I'm amazed that everyone is choosing to ignore this even as we have video and picture proof all over the place. Secondly, Wes Welker never would've been able to jump that high in the first place. Teddy was a good 3 feet off the ground which begs the question why was the ball thrown that high in the air? Because Penny knows Ginn can jump but when you have someone pushing your shoulder and grabbing your waist it's kind of hard to get two hands on a ball. If the ball was lower he could've used his body to shield the defender but it wasn't and he had to catch it with hands only. Why are we asking our ordinary receivers to make extraordinary plays? We already know we don't have a dynamic receiver in the bunch because that fact has been beaten to death so why is anyone mad that these guys aren't making Clayton and Duper like plays?

Reading some of the comments on here and I cannot believe it.

One comment: It's not Ted's fault we lost the game (Even though he dropped the winning TD pass.)

Another comment: Love him or hate him he's a Dolphin (not for long if he keeps dropping winning TD passes)

Another comment: Mando is putting all the blame on Ginn (actually I reread the post and nowhere does it say Ginn is responsible for the loss. He's just responsible for dropping two key TD passes.)

Hey Joe T...What can Henne do that Pennington can't? How about throw deep for one! Get off Pennington's jock already...He through. Next week in San Diego (got tickets by the way...what a waste of $) will be his last start! One way or the other Henne is gonna start. If both these bozos Parcells & Sparano want to stay employed they'll have to start him. Afters Dumbo's (Ross) super embarressment last night I'm sure he'll take off his kid gloves and start giving orders. If fat Tuna don't like it, let em' hit the road. Get Cowher! It's 2007 all over. WE SUCK !!!!!

Ace , good to be back. I feel your pain bro ! I just took out my frustration in weight room but that loss STILL HURTS !

Again if you can't catch the ball it does matter how deep the ball goes most of manning pass last night were mid rang but his WR and TE know how to catch and get some YAC

the weight room.

NYSCOTT, right on !

This game was lost 2 years ago when the geniuses at Miami failed to draft Mario Mannigham after picking up Henne. He was available for the asking. We were desperate for a receiver then and still nothing has changed. .Didn't the drafters ever watch Henne-Manningham in action for MICHIGAN?. Well it is now too late. The Giants have a young man who will turn out to be a superstar receiver and we are in deep trouble. With Pennington. Miami is settling for MEDIOCRE results. They are NEVER going all the way unless they are willing to gamble on Henne. It may take a season or two,but at least with Henne (assuming they can get a receiver,) they have a shot to win a championship.Otherwise,mediocrity is their future.

I like Pennington he is a very good QB but he is not scaring anyone, nobody in the NFL is scared of Pennington tearing up their defense deep. You ask me and that seriously limits what you can do on offense and gives the defense less to worry about. Look I understand that I am extremely spoiled, I grew up watching Marino tear up the NFL. I don't like weak armed QB's, they are like a soft throwing pitcher, they are great during the regular season but come playoff time when the players pick their game up a notch and they get rocked. You are not going to win a Super Bowl with that kind of QB.

We definitely need to be able to stretch the field...the offense is too constricted right now! If we open it up it will make the running game that much more effective and also open up the mid-range passes. Just look at the Pats a couple years back...Moss would stretch the field vertically and basically clear the mid-range 10 yard patterns for Welker all day. Do you actually think Welker would have had over 100 receptions without Moss??? Not saying that Ginn is Moss by any means, but he does strike the same fear to an opposing defense with his speed, which would open up a lot of stuff for Bess, Camarillo, Hartline, and company underneath.

Keep your head up Ginn. You have some support.

Armando excellent article I share your thoughts and opinions no excuse for Gibril's pathetic performance last night. Last year it was Wilford now Wilson and possibly Vontae Davis and Jake Long is hanging on I'm having second thoughts about Parcell's, Ireland, Sparano and Co. maybe we have given them too much credit last year after all we had the easiest schedule in the NFL...enough with the mediocrity, bust's and excuses bring us a winner we after all pay the bills

How much better would Ginns all around game be IF he was thrown the ball when hes WIDE OPEN deep ALL throughout the game?Wouldn't DB's have to respect the entire field against him instead of just keeping him underneath where by the time CPs pass FINALLY comes down there are 3 defenders waiting there to crush him?I love CP and all he has done for us but until we have a QB that can get the ball deep to Ginn he has ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of ever being any more than he is and NO ONE,even a Larry Fitz,would look the same with CPs arm and Hennings schemeless schemes!

Good to have you back. I am bummed about the game, man. I really thought Ginn was going to come up with that TD. Lot of ifs int this game. If Gibril does a better job in tackling or holds on to the int. If we dont go for the long field goal to give them great field position after we miss. I believe Fasano had a chance to grab a pass in the game. This sucks.

This just in : Gibril wilson missed another tackle.

There is no meaning, no hope. Only a long string of defeats awaiting us.

anybody notice why nj say he was in weightroom? do we need to know this? sad

NJ Phin Fan

Funny lol!

NY Scott good point, last year, last game of the season, Ginn makes that play and we win the Division against the jets. Ginn goes up leaps for the ball and makes the catch. Your right Ginn is not a number one and its not his fault he was picked 9th overall. But you have to make those catches if you want to be the playmaker for this team or any other team. Was there defender drapped all over him yes, but one play does not make the game nor one player. Our D really let us down there is no way we should have lost the game but we did.

Lets see what the west coast does this year for our team. I live in the west coast and will be at that game against SD, donning my Dan Marino Jersey. Still love my Dolphins no matter what.

What do you think if we go back to the 4 3 defense and put taylor back at defensive end, he can always pull back if need be and send a d back, I just think our defensive plan last night really sucked or our players just suck

Ok let's take a look at our Defense we were supose to have an elite pass rush with Porter and JT and yet they strugle this year if you look at our defensive players their talented but aren't making plays missing tackle's mismatch on coverage like LBs on Clark?someone was smoking crack! when they thought this one up and after our LB got burnt They matched them up again and again all night almost the head defensive coach needs to answer this it a coaching issue on Defense and the FS and SS all I got to say is CHILD PLEASE!!!

LOL@DOLPHINS4LIFE. That's more like it . Bring us some luck while your at the game.


Even the DB on that last ginn play admitted the ball floated in the air long enough for him to Try/make a play on. Penny has to get some blame.

I agree, we need to do what other teams are doing and that is start your QB that we will be your future so we get there faster, I like Chad Pennington, but we all know we can not win a playoff with Chad P. So let's start getting to our future faster so we can make it to the super bowl in 2 to 3 years, what do you guys think????

Can I say I hate ted ginn one last time I wish they would get rid of him he will never be anything here or anywhere


Not a single word on Pennington in your post.
You say that 80% of the elite WRs would have caught the ball that Ginn dropped.
I say that 80% of the elite QBs would have thrown a rope to the receiver's numbers. The DB was behind Ginn and he would have had no chance to break the play.
As NJ PHIN FAN says, CP has to take some blame.

This team has a bad vibe around it this season. We're missing a lot of the magic we had last year. Pennington looks ordinary at best, and many of the coaching calls could be considered questionable. The defence last night couldn't stop a thing and I think that might be setting a dangerous precedence for the season. The spark and energy of last year if missing and it's not going to get any easier.

NJ is the godfather of football

WHAT DID WAKE DO? What did fasano do? You think you know so much. Stand up or shut up. not glad u back youknow who

Daba duba daba duba !

and "he dropped it"?!?!?

There is no such thing as a dropped catch when the catch is contested.

Ginn made some positive strides, and I'm rooting for him, but winning players make the catch in that spot. Hell, even David Tyree would have made that catch.

The shame of it all is the poor talent evaluation of prior regimes. We will have to witness first hand the blunder twice during October when Darrelle Revis comes to town with the Jets. He is the type of player that should have been chosen in Ginn's slot (not Brady Quinn as had been suggested). A Ginn-Revis matchup is clearly tilted in the Jets favor at this point.

Had the appropriate choice been made in that draft, it might have opened the door for more consideration of a big, fast WR in Round 1 this year.

If it hits you in the hands and you drop it yes you suck

Ginn is a choke master till he proves other wise

Richard from España, you gotta look also at the YAC, that is not fair. Garçon and clarck got a ton YAC...

Are there any veteran WRs available that we can sign or trade for? Without one the Dolphins won't make the playoffs, its that simple. We should have signed T.O., it would be worth the headaches. Would you rather have a headache from losing each game or from having to deal with a guy who makes plays so you win???

IF THEY DONT BITE AS PUPS THEY PROBABLY WONT BITE 1.Look at GINN on the first TD throw he starts sliding to stay out af the wall. Catch the ball first. 2 The defenders hand gets cought in GINNS jersey the DB didnot eventouch the ball. It hit Ginn in both hands.

I think since we drafted the family, we give old man Ginn a shot at safety and maybe the mom as a pass rusher... I'm not hating on Ginn, he is what he is and needs to make those plays but this loss falls squarely on our Defense - I am p*ssed at our defense for putting in the lamest 15 minutes of work I've seen - I am a proud Phins fan but was very embarrased by that effort at my local Hooter's wearing my jersey... How did the Jets beat Brady? - PRESSURE,,, how could we of beaten Manning? PRESSURE,,, Knock him on his butt a few times...And how can our coaches be so obtuse as to not have a plan for Clark? We had no answer for a weapon we knew was going to be a major factor - great planning Sparano.

Tired of hearing about Pennington's management skill, let the kid in there who can throw the ball down the field. I too saw the open receivers downfield he completely ignored. Our gifted RBs will be the first to benefit when we can expand the field. Don't even get me started about the half-@ss walk-thru in the last 2 minutes of the game...NO URGENCY... AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH

I keep hearing the old bring in Marshal/ Bolden ideas and I wince to think about it. Bolden is a great receiver but he can not stay on the field any more. His problem will not go away, the guy has a hammy issue. Marshal is a premadonna trouble maker who will eventually cause more problems than TO.

I did notice that Penny failed to find the open man down field on many occasions Monday. I think he still had his mind in the game against Atlanta and he was overly concerned about throwing the interception or getting sacked. I hope he regains some confidence after the fine outting by the O line.

As for Ginn. He dropped a tough pass but the great TO and Bralion Edwards are far more prone to drops than Ginn. Steve Smith did not have as many catches by the start of his 3rd year as Ginn does now. I agree that Ginn needs to toughen up but most of the better receivers do try to avoid the big hits. Ginn should be forced to take balls over the middle until he shows one way or the other what he is made of.

Pat White should not be used in the wildcat unless they are going to allow him to throw the ball. If they are going to bring him in to hand it off how is he better taking the snap than Ronnie?

The coaches (who I think are very good), and the D lost this game. You don't play for a fieldgoal on 3rd and 6 when Manning is waiting to get back in the game. You don't waste 1 minute when you are down by 4 with under 3:36 left in the game. You don't bring the same D 3 plays in a row against Manning unless it worked the first 2 (and even then you are playing risky).

Chad vs Chad: Penny has at least shown that he is solid over his career. Penny does not have the arm of Henne but what do we know about Henne? Henne may not be impressing the coaches in practice and he was only OK in the preseason against 2nd streamers. White is a long way from ready so he is not even in the equation. Henne may stretch the field better but Maimi is not a come from behind team so they can not afford poor decisions by the QB. Normally Penny plays a safe game.

I will be at San Deigo game for the 1st win on the year. I expect that Penny will be looking deep a little more this week.

I don't want to pile on Mr. Ginn but he has to step up his play. He does seem to have the deer in the headlights look when it comes to crucial plays where the team is depending on him. You are right 80% of the elite receivers would of pulled that pass in. We need a diva receiver who talks trash and is willing to put it on the line with no exceptions. This is twice Mr. Ginn has let me down, the first time if you remember was when he fumbled the end around in last year's playoff against the Raven's when we were mounting some sort of drive. Should of paid the price for Boldin.

"That's not going to happen. It's not that Ginn doesn't have the hands or the speed or the desire. He has those tools.

But he lacks something. He lacks "it," to be a difference-maker in the NFL."

Last time I checked, I think Ginn had 7 receptions on Monday, with many of them securing 1st downs on 3rd down situations. Maybe he's not elite, but that game should have never come down to that play. In fact the offense did everything asked of them to win this game.

The defense (outside of Sean Smith and Merling in the first game)on the other hand has been putrid. Most people called the Jason Taylor aquisition a "steal". I call it a waste of money. He is done! No pass rush, no run stopping ability, and I haven't seen him make a play in coverage. And Joey Porter hasn't been much better (although Porter still seems like he'll come along this season). In fact the only edge rusher I've seen put pressure on the QB came in preseason when Cameron Wake was constantly reaking havoc in the backfield. How is he not in there on obvious passing downs?

Oh, and I totally agree on Gibril Wilson. Awful. The guy looks more like a floor mat than a safety whenever trying to make a tackle. This defense resembles the soft defenses of recent history that could never hold a lead.

Armando, while I agree in general with many of your comments, I am hoping to see a little more prespective "the day after". Wilson and Ginn, isolated, had some bad plays. Wilson may have been responsible in that moment, but a team does not get lit up for 12 catches, 256 yards, by the Tight Ends of their first 2 opponents without a little bit more going on. How about our LB's, who are either built as one dimensional pass rushers, or are built for plodding run stopping. We need an athletic, fast and instinctive LB that can cover a Tight End and not need to be bailed out 12 times over 2 games. That is a 21 yard average for 2 tight ends!!...those are Wide Receiver-like stats....sorry, but the issue not all the Free Safety's fault....our LBs are being exposed.

Regarding Ginn, while he had 100 yards+, he did drop those 2 passes. And I finally got a chance to really watch him, and ouch..he does either step out of bounds, or head to the carpet. Not good, and not a #1. But put that guy on San Diego, or New Orleans, and he is a consistent 1,000 yard per year #2, flying up the sidelines catching 40 yards passes in stride. He just does not seem matched well for our team as built today. We need Yards after Catch, and he is incapable of that. While we are on Receivers, how about a special shout out for Fasano who has stunk up the joint in the first 2 games and could arguably be the real reason for 2 losses, with his fumbles and drops. He seems to be getting a free pass from the Phans, but his play is unacceptable particularly when you look at the TEs we have faced......

Okay Mando,

I'm back on the Mando Reservation. You finally see what I see in Ginn. However, in all fairness to Ginn, he has yet to play with a premeir QB. With that being said, I still don't think he will ever be a Moss or T.O. type WR. He can be useful but not productive IMO.

I can't believe he said that guy made a good play on him. The defender was falling down when Ginn had both hands on the ball. The defender never once touched Ginns arms. Matter of fact, I believe, the defenders helmet was about mid back of Ginn when the ball dink off Ginns two left footed hands.

Ted Ginn is squeamish. He does as much as he can to avoid the hit. He doesn't have the heart to lay it out for his team. The defense was a big disappointment considering the amount of time they were on the field. Poor tacking, no pass rush to speak of and lack of disguising the blitz. Payton was licking his chops and everyone saw that blitz coming. This defense has too much talent to look that bad, maybe its time to look for a different Defensive coordinator

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