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All not lost, but changes need to be made

One year ago the Dolphins had an 0-2 record following a depressing loss to Arizona and prospects were dim. Today, the Dolphins have an 0-2 record following a depressing (for different reasons) loss to Indianapolis and prospects are dim.

All was not lost to that 2008 team.

All is not lost to this 2009 team.

The Dolphins made some significant changes following the Arizona game a year ago. They benched safety Chris Crocker because he couldn't communicate well in the deep secondary and it was costing the Dolphins.

I'm sorry, but the Dolphins need to bench Gibril Wilson. His enormous contract lined with $8 million in guaranteed money notwithstanding, Wilson is a liability in the deep secondary. He does not tackle well. He always seems a step slow. And he never makes an important play.

The Dolphins could turn to veteran Renaldo Hill last year. Perhaps it's time to turn to youngster Tyrone Culver this year. Culver covers well and hasn't missed a lot of tackles that I can remember in the last year. He knows the calls. He knows the defense.

[By the way, I said in the last post that Wilson missed the tackle on Dallas Clark to start the game. He did, getting run over at the 50-yard line, costing the Dolphins 50 yards in hidden yardage. But he also got plowed by Donald Brown on that rookie's fourth-quarter TD. Brown just lowered his shoulder and ran right through Wilson at the 5 yard line.]

Make the change.

As for everything else, the parallels to 2008 don't exactly fall into place, but the Dolphins are not without possibilities.

It was on that ride home that coach Tony Sparano ordered his assistants to hatch Wildcat. It was good enough that it surprised the Patriots in the next game and the confidence built from that win carried over to a victory against San Diego.

Well, the Dolphins need another victory over San Diego this week but Wildcat is not available as a surprise.

Here's an idea. Come up with something on defense to tilt the game in Miami's favor. I keep hearing how the Dolphins can get after the passer as well as any team. I haven't seen that yet. I've seen Peyton Manning run into a Joey Porter sack and Jason Taylor have one good game, one invisible game.

Can you say Cameron Wake? Don't tell me the Dolphins can't put Charlie Anderson on the inactive list and substitute Wake. Yes, special teams may suffer a tad. But the Dolphins need to get after Phillip Rivers somehow. Why not unleash a guy that shows pass-rush promise?

Also, the use of Akin Ayodele when he was clearly slowed by that back issue last week cost the Dolphins. Play Reggie Torbor! The guy didn't come cheap. Let him earn his money rather than putting a hobbled player on the field.

The defense needs to do something different because whatever they did Monday night didn't work. Understand that the offense gave Miami the lead four times against the Colts. And the defense gave up that lead all four times.

The Colts had the ball only eight times in the game. But they scored on five of those possessions, including two touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

Last season the Dolphins pulled even with a 2-2 record after consecutive upsets of New England and San Diego. I see no reason this team cannot win the next three games. The Chargers are good but not great. Then Miami gets Buffalo and the Jets at home on back-to-back weeks.

With all due respect to the Bills and Jets, they're both beatable. They're not that much more talented than the Dolphins. And they're not coached any better.

I'm not saying the Dolphins will beat those three teams coming up. But neither am I saying it's impossible.

And these next three games before the bye will go a long way in defining this season. The Dolphins must win at least two of those games to hold out any playoff hopes. Lose two and the playoffs hopes disappear. Lose all three and the season is toast.

We'll see what happens.

But this is sure: If the Dolphins don't make changes, it's illogical for them to believe the results will change.


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Agree with you...bench Wilson!!!

I've been telling everybody wilson sucks for over a month. Bench Him. Also , time to unleash Q . MOSES !.

-Trade Ginn and his family to Baltimore and CaMORON for a draft pick next year.

-If Wake is such a sack machine, play him in so he can drive opposing QB's to the turf!!!

-If the dolphins go 0-3, time to put Henne in.

-I don't care what anyone says, the 'Phins ROCK !!!!!!!

Bench Wilson and put Clemons in!!!

Agree with you. Bench Wilson and Crowder. No wait Akin. Ah you pick. Put Torbor in. Isn't he the 20 million dollar man?

And where is the pass rush? At least put in Wake. He can't do any worse.

Speaking of worse, the worst part is driving 3 hours home that late at night. If we lose to the Jets in the next MNF game, I just don't know.

Armando and all dolphins fans,

I am slowly recovering from my sickness caused by the final five minutes of last nights game. I can hold food down again, and I am starting to be capable of rational thought again...

If you asked my last night I would have told you the season is over and offered to sell you my tickets for the rest of the year.... The season is not over, but the dolphins ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO WIN IN SAN DIEGO to save the season! If the dolphins could win their next 3 games and go into the bye week at 3-2, I couldn't be happier... we'll see about that...

I am in %100 agreement with Mando about Wilson. I thought he would be an upgrade when he was brought in, but man does this guy suck!

This season is over. Unfortunately, their schedule this year is brutal compared to last year. Don't forget, despite only turning the ball over 7 times last year, the Dolphins were JUST BARELY beating some really bad football teams. The Raiders, San Fran, KC, etc. all had chances to beat the Dolphins on their last drive.

If they lose to San Diego and go 0-3, here's what they do:

Trade JT for 4th or 5th rounder
Trade Ginn for whatever you can get
Trade Porter if a team will give you a 2nd

Start Wake and Moses at LB
Start Clemons over Wilson at safety
Start Henne at QB
Get Patrick Turner some game experience

It's time to unload the vets and play the young guys. This year IS lost. The schedule is too difficult to overcome an 0-2 start.

Bench Wilson and start the rookie Clemons . Bring Jason Taylor in on third down like how they use Trace Armstrong in the past, and start Cameron Wake .

LOL@soulja. did you throw up in your mouth last night ? I did. LMAO ! also you should be happy miami comes out 2-3 going into the bye week. then go from there.

Cameron wake wouldn't start over taylor. wake is listed as the backup weakside LB. Q,Moses would start over taylor at strongside lb. wake would get destroyed in the run game at strongside lb.


Finally agree with you on all accounts.

Wilson played poorly, and took bad angles as did Akin and Channing. Bet the Colts knew and exploited Akin's bad back. First play from scrimage they tested Ayodele and it whent for a TD.
The offense scored more than enough to win the game. But the defense didn't do a damn thing, coaching staff and players alike should share the burden. Manning like Marino ate Defenses for breakfast when they played man to man against them. I mean the Phins didn't even disguise man to man and with two rookie corners and one starting he made swiss cheese out of them, G Wil and our L backers. Granted your not gonna throw something out there that would have confused Manning but you come up with something that will throw him off from time to time and slow him down. That bubble screen Manning threw to Garcon for a TD was his only catch. We showed blitz, Manning audibled to the bubble, the Dolphins should have audibled out of that to maybe a zone blitz or cover two. Zack Thomas would have read that all day! And I know he's not with the team but coaching staff should have saw that one coming, hell I did!

I said it two years ago...trade Ronnie Brown while he is still worth something. I said it would be five years before the Phins were rebuilt into a championship level team and we still have three more years to go.

honestly. I feel Ginn should be just released.

It was a horrible use of a 9 pick. especially with talent such as Patrick Willis just waiting...

He just does not have the goods and it does not look like he cares.
A PRO wide receiver just does not let a pass hit him in the hands that would won the game.

Just a waste.


I feel your pain, I hosted a party in the Dolphins honor and was sick to my stomach. Hope your better now and we should as Armando put it bench Wilson, who I thought was an upgrade whta the hell I and front office where thinking?

In this game the colt offense had eeringly some of the exact same characteristics as the colts AFC championship victory over the patriots.

Clark was nearly unstoppable and also made a championship defense defense look like jv league too. Pats began with a 21-3 lead looking nearly unstoppable.

On mannings final drive pats led 34-31 with slightly over 2 mins left. He methodically marched them downfield for the game winning score and they would eventually go on to win the SB.

That was only a few short years ago guys. A very strong part of the nucleus of that team is still left and they displayed that same fight which had made them champions last night.

I give more credit to indy and their heart of champions and I discredit our rebuilding team for total ineptness.

Use Ginn. Use Ronnie. Use Cobbs. Use Ricky. We can't expect anything from the defense. We might as well enjoy some offensive football.

Oh my god ! One guy wants to trade brown and another just wants to release ginn out right. LMAO ! Brown rushes for almost 140 yds and ginn catches 11 balls for 108 yds last night. Were the hell would've miami's offense been without them last night. CLUELESS !

Why are you guys saying trade Ronnie Brown and Ted? They both had a outstanding game. It wasnt Teds fault that he dropped that hail mary pass at the end of the game. Its all the teams fault for letting the Colts score a TD on the last drive quickly. Also Chad is pretty good QB but he was HORRIBLE at managing time at the end of the game

@Mrmrjohnson you have no idea what you are talking about. TRADE Joey Porter!!! what are you thinking. Instead of saying the seasons done how about you have some hope like a true Dolphin fan!


I was at the game, and Dolphins Stadium was about as wild as I've ever seen it. Its just a shame they had to lose on a night like that when in reality the game was theirs.

Soulja , I know my man.

that ball that fasano dropped and Ginn dropped were both a tiny bit overthrown, but wow they both woulda been nice... i think Henne needs to start asap if we lose one more... i think its time to get this offense really cooking. I agree that the linebackers need to step it up big time. G. Wilson will hopefully learn from this giant mistake. His mistakes were most costly.

Armando was drawing comparisons between this loss and last years loss to Arizona, obviously because of the 0-2 record and the need to win the next game, but to me this game feels more like last years loss to Houston, another game the Dolphins should have won...

Where's the calls for Henne and his big arm taking over for Penny?

I agree with getting Wake in there and the other ideas Mando proposes but can we all face it that the biggest spark this team can generate is a change at QB.

Penny is gone after this year. Why aren't we getting Henne some reps.

Using Pat White, who has done zero on his snaps, smacks of hubris trying to prove how smart the pick was. I'd rather give Henne a series or two...or a half...to try a different(vertical) attack.

Penny is done.

It's not Ginn who is the problem it's Pennington, Ginn's speed is useless if Pennington can't throw the deep ball. It's the exact opposite of the Marino years, now we have a very good running game with no passing attack whatsoever. Drew Brees... what Miami missed out on. I want to see Henne and his strong arm on the field, look at Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez etc young QBs are being given a chance and they are doing well.

Whats with all the Ginn bashing, he had 11 catches for 108 yards. Thats number 1 receiver type numbers. On his first supposed dropped TD, Pennington overthrew him. He was open and the throw was too late. On the 2nd TD, it was a tough catch that he didnt make. It wasnt an easy catch. To blame him is laughable. I thought it was easily his best game as a Dolphin.

Cameron Wake doesn't play special teams or cover the pass well. The MLBs need to focus on covering the tight end, and the safeties need to tackle!

You guys have to be joking to blame anyone on offense for this loss. The defense was on the field for 14 minutes and gave up 27 points. How is that Ted Ginn's fault. I very much diagree with all the fans and beat writers on this one. 11 catches for 108 yards on a night when the team ran the ball 50 times? Thats pretty damn good to me.

Three reasons they lost,(Cam Cameron for taken Ginn and Family),S Crowder, Wilson!

I forgot about Culver last year, and now the front office whiffs on Gibril WIlson? Throw in Eric Green and this front office is awful at identifying free agent secondary talent. Here's hoping Smith and Davis become really good really fast.

Very, very surprised that Armando blamed Ginn for this one. How about the defense getting one bleeping stop in the 4th Qtr?

I was at the game and thought it was Ginn's coming out party (this is what i believe, i am not trying to be a homer).

I couldnt be more thrilled that Ginn was getting open at will. Thats what a number 1 receiver does, he gets open whenever he wants.

shut up all of ya

Hey fake gm,Ginn HAS to make that catch!c'mon dats wat makes #1 reciever!fuk 108 yards11 catches if u don't win da fkin game.can't b soft wit deez guys takeing $&roster space,o.k?

I know we lost, but man do i love having this offensive line. They just go out there and abuse people. If this is what they are going to be, wow. If the Dolphins win this game, the Miami O-line would have gotten a lot of national pub this week. It's a shame that dominant performance was just a footnote b/c we lost. Really wished they would have gotten the credit they deserved.

I don't know how good our coaching is Mando. They really blew it with the clock and timeout management at the end of Both halves.

If they had done 1 or 2 little things differently on Monday (milking clock at end of first half better or going for 4th and 1 & not wasting TWO timeouts in 4th quarter), the Phins easily could have won.

Unfortunately, I don't ever see Sparano learn from these types of avoidable mistakes. He has done this in many games throughout his tenure.

Since we don't have the type of Defense we had in the early 2000s to hold off good teams on final drives, we can't give teams extra time or burn timeouts when we will need them later.

Can't sleep... Images of Wilson wiffing tackles and ginn dropiing touchdowns are dancing through my head... ugh...

Ginn's soft and can't catch trade him for Marshall or any proven vet that has balls and can catch and if we Loose couple more games then screw it play Henne and give other rookies exp this year

Hey yall Ginn had #1 reciever #s but you got to make dat catch!sht man it's worthless stats if his ass can't win the game like a real#1 w/out should!& fck all deez owner xcept dem fine ass sisters.

Brady Quinn is doing well??? Poor Ginn I mean to bad terrible pennington hit him in both hands and the ball was thrown so accurately that Ginn couldn't bring it in. Give me a break!!! Pennington is not the problem Ginn and Fasano get paid to make those catches bottom line. Dropped passes are not acceptable period. If it hits you in the hands you catch it. Pennington is not the problem he gives us the best chance to win. Trade Ronnie and release ginn trade porter???? Wow I'm sorry but some of you need to take a few steps back and read what you write before you hit submit. Bottom line Ginn should have made all of the catches that were thrown his way bottom line. As for the defense I think they need played like garbage Gibril Wilson should turn in his money and his uniform that was an awful performance.

This just in : G. Wilson just whiffed on another tackle.

Our LB's can't cover Elite TE's there too fast we need to stick them off the line hard with an outside LB and then have Smith or Davis cover him prefer Smith he has the height if not Chargers will lights us up

I'm taking a long-term approach to the Dolphins this season. I love the Dolphins, but I also don't have any illusions of this Dolphins team competing for a Super Bowl. I see some pieces that could help us reach a championship level, but more needs to be done.

Imagine how good Ted Ginn will be when the Dolphins finally draft or sign a true #1 wide receiver. What Ginn showed last night is that he has a knack for finding open spaces in the defense. No, he doesn't give you YAC, but he does move the chains. Again, he would be even better if the defense's focus wasn't all on him. Bring in a #1 receiver and the offense will really start to score some points.

Chad Pennington is a helluva quarterback. Last season's miracle playoff run does not happen without him. That being said, I think the Dolphins offense has reached its peak with Pennington as the starting quarterback. If 9-7, 10-6, 11-5 seasons ending with one and out appearances in the playoffs are ok with you, then Pennington is your man. However, that obviously isn't what us fans want. If the Dolphins drop to 0-3, why not give Henne a chance? Worst case scenario he doesn't cut it, in which case you can plug Pennington back in and start scouting Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Jevan Snead in anticipation of drafting one of them next year. But what if Henne actually starts to produce? You look around the league and you see that more and more teams are starting young quarterbacks who are actually getting the job done. Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, hell even Mark Sanchez has delivered in his first two games. I say give Henne a chance to see what he can do. The time has to come to figure out if he's the future or not.

I just went 80 yards on our D!oh well if u can't laugh at yo self!but 4 real let's bench ginn n let a young guy come down wit the catch.bench tat "safety".things need to change...

Whoever J.A.T. Is 100% right.I ain't no dk rider but tats maybe the smrtest cmmnt I've herd since I took the time to read others opinions.I rather loose gambling on a wouldbe star no doubt.

this just in: its not gonna be any easier for Wilson with Antonio gates this sunday

But smith on gates or Davis have the outside LB Jack him up of the line and Smith pick him up in coverage

For all those who keep saying "Ginn caught 11 balls for 108 yards"... ANSWER: Yeah, that's great. So what?
Hell, he could have caught 35 passes for 1,5000 yards, but if he doesn't catch the ball in the ENDZONE it doesn't mean squat!!!!

If Wilson ends up playing Sunday,someone should get shot!a pinkslip is just as good.

Ginn is one of the worst things to happen in 305 since hurricane Andrew & jay Fiedler.

Ginn had the softest, most non game changing 100 yards ever...and the pennington over throw? if ginn can't catch up to penny's tosses, how the hell will he catch throws from henne? his 9 yard gain in cruh time where he stepped out and missed the first down marker is inexcusable...as a "#1" reciever you need to know where the line is..he sucks...he should have caught that 1st throw from penny that would have been a td..he misses the 1st down on the final drive, he gets hit in the numbers and drops it and then plays grab ass with the ball in the air when he should have caught that ball as a TD...he sucks..and the defense was a no show as well...stop blaming pennington..fasano and ginn effed them on offense tonight, despite ginn's "coming out party" as an alleged #1 reciever..and you can't trade ginn...you'll get squat for a soft, no hands punt returner, which is all he is..

2 reasons why the dolphins lost the game: 1) conservative play calling in indy´s territory and 2) G. Wilson sucks!! bench him and if sean smith has another game like that, put v davis in!!! go phins, lets make it happen!!

Amen. But I still try and trade his ass

Let's go like Tony Montana!use Rickey,Ronnie,and the little we got,air it out wether it's henne,10,pat,whoever!!and atleast have fun watching our team play.can't depend on the d nomo!let's go out shootin'!let's go fins till I die!!!(remember Marino guys?...)

How can Long practice with JT, Porter, and Wake and not learn how to pass block very good fast pass rushers blows my mind the guy was on his ass all night he is lucky to have Smiley backing him up that dude is tuff glad he's on our side


what are your toughts on Bryan Hartline? The guy is nowhere near as good as Camarillo.... why was he in so much??

this just in...

Miami Dolphins Gibril Wilson beat 7 times last night by William the Refrigerator Perry.

Wilson was quoted as saying. He just ran by me.
I almost caught him.

Coach Sparano defended the player by stating that the fridge has some definite juke and jive in him.

i would have liked to see more Vontae Davis -- I dont think Garcon runs by him on that screen pass for a 48 yard TD -- agreed on the Patrick Turner as well. I don't bench Ginn, he made some good catches Monday, but he's just not big enough to make those crucial end zone grabs. If we could just get Randy Moss in Fins uniform.

and agreed on the Cameron Wake too

Ginn is a Poser Fake gm. Has the tools but not the intestinal fortitude.

Here is an idea, sign Rodney Harrison. The team could use his swagger and hard hitting style. I could see Harrison and Culver playing together because Bell has not played much better than Wilson ether. I also agree with the Wake and Torbor move. I would also like too see Crowder replaced. I said it in the offseason when he was unsigned that he needed to be replaced, they resigned and had a good training camp which made me think maybe I was wrong but here we are seeing him get exposed. Come to think of it I can't think of a ILB who was worse than he is in the entire history of the franchise.

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