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All not lost, but changes need to be made

One year ago the Dolphins had an 0-2 record following a depressing loss to Arizona and prospects were dim. Today, the Dolphins have an 0-2 record following a depressing (for different reasons) loss to Indianapolis and prospects are dim.

All was not lost to that 2008 team.

All is not lost to this 2009 team.

The Dolphins made some significant changes following the Arizona game a year ago. They benched safety Chris Crocker because he couldn't communicate well in the deep secondary and it was costing the Dolphins.

I'm sorry, but the Dolphins need to bench Gibril Wilson. His enormous contract lined with $8 million in guaranteed money notwithstanding, Wilson is a liability in the deep secondary. He does not tackle well. He always seems a step slow. And he never makes an important play.

The Dolphins could turn to veteran Renaldo Hill last year. Perhaps it's time to turn to youngster Tyrone Culver this year. Culver covers well and hasn't missed a lot of tackles that I can remember in the last year. He knows the calls. He knows the defense.

[By the way, I said in the last post that Wilson missed the tackle on Dallas Clark to start the game. He did, getting run over at the 50-yard line, costing the Dolphins 50 yards in hidden yardage. But he also got plowed by Donald Brown on that rookie's fourth-quarter TD. Brown just lowered his shoulder and ran right through Wilson at the 5 yard line.]

Make the change.

As for everything else, the parallels to 2008 don't exactly fall into place, but the Dolphins are not without possibilities.

It was on that ride home that coach Tony Sparano ordered his assistants to hatch Wildcat. It was good enough that it surprised the Patriots in the next game and the confidence built from that win carried over to a victory against San Diego.

Well, the Dolphins need another victory over San Diego this week but Wildcat is not available as a surprise.

Here's an idea. Come up with something on defense to tilt the game in Miami's favor. I keep hearing how the Dolphins can get after the passer as well as any team. I haven't seen that yet. I've seen Peyton Manning run into a Joey Porter sack and Jason Taylor have one good game, one invisible game.

Can you say Cameron Wake? Don't tell me the Dolphins can't put Charlie Anderson on the inactive list and substitute Wake. Yes, special teams may suffer a tad. But the Dolphins need to get after Phillip Rivers somehow. Why not unleash a guy that shows pass-rush promise?

Also, the use of Akin Ayodele when he was clearly slowed by that back issue last week cost the Dolphins. Play Reggie Torbor! The guy didn't come cheap. Let him earn his money rather than putting a hobbled player on the field.

The defense needs to do something different because whatever they did Monday night didn't work. Understand that the offense gave Miami the lead four times against the Colts. And the defense gave up that lead all four times.

The Colts had the ball only eight times in the game. But they scored on five of those possessions, including two touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

Last season the Dolphins pulled even with a 2-2 record after consecutive upsets of New England and San Diego. I see no reason this team cannot win the next three games. The Chargers are good but not great. Then Miami gets Buffalo and the Jets at home on back-to-back weeks.

With all due respect to the Bills and Jets, they're both beatable. They're not that much more talented than the Dolphins. And they're not coached any better.

I'm not saying the Dolphins will beat those three teams coming up. But neither am I saying it's impossible.

And these next three games before the bye will go a long way in defining this season. The Dolphins must win at least two of those games to hold out any playoff hopes. Lose two and the playoffs hopes disappear. Lose all three and the season is toast.

We'll see what happens.

But this is sure: If the Dolphins don't make changes, it's illogical for them to believe the results will change.


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Couldn't have said it better myself, Armando. Wilson has been a HUGE disappointment.

KEEP UP WITH DUMB Lines like gibril missed another ONe stupid, stop and go home

On that last td pass Manning and tv commentators all saw the blitz formation and he changed the play at the line. He threw the screen to Garcon and most of the D were all bunched up to his left. If you telegraph you're scheme to Manning he will burn you every time and thats what happened. On all of the big plays the DB's did'nt keep the play in front of them.

I was thinking about Culver too. He is athletic and at least a FS.

Remember last year when they signed Wilson, we thought that Bell was gone since Wilson was a STRONG SAFETY? Yet 24 hours later, Bell was re-signed. I do not get playing those two guys simultaneously.

The defense needs to get back to:
1. Tackling
2. Finding ways to pressure the QB
3. Taking the ball away multiple times in a game

8 quarters and counting boys...no turnovers.

1.) Play Wake, and Tulver replaces Wilson

2.) Platoon QB's with PW or Henne as starter on 1st and 2nd downs for deep threat. Penny in for efficiency on 3rd's

3.) Move defenders around constantly pre-snap to disguise blitz packages (dare I say: like Ravens and Jets!)

4.) Stunt defenders for inside blitz up the middle for flushing the QB from pocket. Make them throw on the run..... or make them run into Porter or Taylor

5.) Blitz in general more, as the teams we're facing, pass more!

Plain and simple, PASS RUSH with 4 or 5. That's what the great defenses do. Look at the Ravens and Steelers secondaries great safety (Reed & Pol.....) and a great pass rush from 4 or 5. There corners are average at best.

Plan on seeing Rivers laying on the ground more on Sunday. Porter looked pissed on the side lines, he'll bring it (just like he did last year against the Pats).

Phin Up!

Ted Ginn SUCKS!!! He NEEDS to CATCH balls. What about Pat White??? WHY THE HELL DID THEY PUT THAT GUY IN??

Defense.. WHY DID THE BLITZ Manning??? It's like Blitzing Dan Marino and teams played a hefty price when Dan picked it up and scored thousands of times.

Bottom line is that we DO NOT have ANY Play makers on the team. WE SUCK!!!

As much as I like Penny, we NEED a BIGGGGGGGG ARM QB that IS a Play maker.

Watching this game showed way to much conservatism. WHY are we running the ball down in the red zone or on 3rd Downs??????????

PLEASE... Someone tell me WHY!!

Simple answer folks.. Penny cant make the big plays when needed.

We are going to have another waste of a season until Parcells brings in play makers starting with the QB and wide outs and defense.

We need it all and I look forward to 2014 before we can compete and win.



Typical revisionists.

Ginn sucks, he is a posession number 3 at best. The first ball he alligator armed in the back of the end zone. The second was him jumping and the ball hitting both hands, and he dropped it. He sucks.

Do me a favor Armando....start a survey to see who wants which QB in the game. Pennington, Henne or White. I hate to think I'm alone out here on wanting to get Hene in there to see what we have...we need an arm in the game. Lets bench Ginn...put him on special teams running back returns...and bring in Marvin Harrison for the rest of the season so Henne will have someone to pass too...

No one has mentioned the lack of Matt Roth perhaps hurting the Dolphins ability to handle tight ends. Not that he can cover Dallas Clark down the field. He likely could do a better job redirecting/slowing routes at the line of scrimmage than Jason Taylor, who would rather whiff by the tight end and go straight for the quarterback. Roth lacks pass rushing skills, but appered last year to be a good stay at home/assignment player, which is enough to contain a tight end.

Great post. I agree with everything you said. Wilson does NOT look like the same guy I saw beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl.


Can't believe what I'm reading. This guy sucks or the other guy sucks. How about trying to focus on who is responsible for selecting and evaluating the players. Focus on who is supposed to be managing the assistants.

Pretty simple, huh?

It pains me to say it..but the JETS are already coached better on defense. I wish we played defense like them. They blitz from all over and put pressure on the QB. They look a lot like the Ravens already. Our defense is so predictable. Bend, don't break. How about breaking the offense?

Chargers just scored 26 points on the Raven's defense.
(By the way espn.com has the Ravens #1 in power rankings today).
Can Culver and Wake play offense?

Forget about Ginn's stats. After every catch he falls to the ground or heads to the sideline. Instead of grabbing the first down in the final series, he steps out before the marker. Say what you will, he could not make any other teams roster. I'm suprised Parcells hasn't sent the word down that "she " needs to get in the game. Cash for clunkers is the only hope for Ginn. Worthless. Maybe he could beat Gabril, thats about it.

I'm for a shakeup. The difference between winning and losing is making plays. The two TD's by the Colt receivers were a result of Gibril Wilson's shoddy tackling. Shoddy tackling just pisses me off. Give Tyrone Culver the shot to take his job. Ted Ginn had a lot of catches. Nice stats for the fantasy league. He's also on my all-soft team. I could care less. The drops in the end zone outweigh the many catches. He had two. Fasano had one.

How about we get Dan Henning to coach the defense?
The he can install some kind of back door trick defense to correspond to the offense.

Henne is not the answer---

We don't have a strong inside linebacker (sorry channing, get your loud vocal sorry ass back to the swamp). yes gabril needs to kicked in the teeth (culver is an upgrade), and the lack of a receiver playmaker downfield really is limiting.

Inside wide receiver won't be addressed until next year, however hartline and turner should immediately be given more responsibilities now to see if they rise to the occasion. What we have now is horrid. Time to see if the puppies bite---Ginn has a permanent muzzle over his mouth. Camarillo must be utilized more downfield instead of the short behind the line of scrimmage screen passes ending up in him getting obliterated. Ginn should be relegated to punt returns and that's it!!!!

Inside linebacker won't be addressed until next year. It would be nice to see someone's number that is in on every important inside play--ala zack. It's just not happening.

I believe we will see that change at safety and wide receiver the next game or two, God, it was frustrating seeing the offense play it's arse off, dominate like they did, and come up short. Sparano is watching tapes like he never watched them before I am sure. Go ahead, big guy, and do what's right for the team.

STOP talking about last year, have you seen this years schedule compared to last year!!! Let's just take one game at a time becuase we all know there is no 9 game winning streak coming with this schedule.

ive been reading this blog for some time now and this is my first time posting, only because that 80 yrd opening drive catch made me choke on my beer, and the final 5 minutes made me smoke the fattest just to forget what just happend. that being said
no one in the offense is to blame for this lost..yes ted ginn has tiny t-rex arms and couldnt come up with the big play, but it was all on the secondary, no ifs and buts about it..

The kid drops one pass for a TD and the worlds going to end. You fake fans make me sick to my stomache. It is the defense and the defenses fault only that we lost. We SCORED 23 points and held the ball OVER 45 minutes and lost. The defense should all get fined $15,000 and the money should go to all of yall that paid to see that poor performance.

Great article!!...I agree. Wilson needs to be fixed or removed. Now we know why the Raiders released him after one season after he got all that guaranteed $$. Someone didn't do their due dillegence and dig into why Oakland dumped him only after one season.

I didnt realize Ayodele had a bad back. That could explain why he looked slow and bad against Indy as he was very quiet but VERY solid last season. Well hopefully this injury will be remedied by the San Diego game. Afterall, it was like the defense only played about half a game against the Colts so they should be pretty fresh and not too banged up.

I like the idea of Cameron Wake being activated. He certainly appears to be a weapon we can use when it comes to the pass rush. Also, I thought his run defense in preseason was fine too!

I like how Pennington was more aggressive last game throwing more down field in the 15 yard range as opposed to his 3 yard dump offs. Hope to see more of that.

Armando, what do you think of a trade for Dwayne Bowe? I see reports he is available for the right price(second round pick)? and Pioli and Parcells are family. Bowe is a local product and would fill Miami's need for a number 1 reciever. Maybe a package of a second round pick and Patrick Turner would be enough?? Ginn would be a heckuva number 2 reciever with Bowe on the other side. Thoughts fellow DOLFANS????????? Armando, put this in the TRIFECTA'S ears!!!! We want BOWE!!!!!!!

Honestly a disappointing night on a game that we should have won.
I agree with trading Ginn btw. Despite his nice statline of 11 for 108yds, if you watched the game there was nothing brilliant about his receiving skills. 11 for 108 is less than 10 yds per catch. Those are pedestrian numbers. Also, just about every catch he made he fell down, or went out of bounds right away. While there may be some blame to lay on Pennington's weak arm for not getting him the deep ball, each time he was targeted deep he failed to haul it in (not entirely Chad's fault).
By comparison, for the moment look at Mario Manningham in his second season. He makes good catches, he makes the first defender miss and he gets great yards after the catch. This is the kind of #1 we need. I like Ted Ginn, but he is NOT a #1...he is a complementary slot receiver and only successful if we got a qb who can chuck it to him down the field.

Ayodele, Wilson and Crowder were the main reasons we lost the game though. There needs to be a shack up with those guys either drop them to 2nd on the depth chart and make them earn the first spot back or give them that as an ultimatum. These guys are talented, and we have seen them play better. But they need to pick up their game or else we are going to look worse on offense than last year.

I would have also liked to see more pressure throughout the game from the front seven, but that goes back to two LB's who did not play well. When you have a couple guys not doing their job well it can cause the rest of that group to suffer.

this game at least left me with brighter hope for the season than the first one did, but they need to play with more determination, and a little less conservative...especially against teams that have premier QB's like Manning.

I HATE FAKE FANS . Right On the money ! It's because some of them don't know football or what the " F " they're talking about.

BREAKING NEWS : G . wilson just missed another tackle.

lets go one step further then wilson say good bye to the secondary coach! These guys are playing poorly, also when your at it special teams coach pack your bags as well... every return is less the the 20 yard line guaranteed
I get a drink or food on there kick off returns because they never do anything more then the 20 anyway That is a f'in joke! How do the coaches keep their jobs?

im more concerned with the coaching in that game. They decided to put a hobbled Ayodele (inside linebacker) on Dallas Clark the best recieving TE in the game. He gets smoked, so their adj. is to put a safety on him who is still slower? Then they were converting 3rd downs all night with the quick comeback on the sideline to Ginn, so in the most important 3rd down of the game they dont go to Ginn and run a draw to set up the FG on the left hash, we played to not lose, i understand why sparano did totally but i don't agree with it, but i understand the Defense just needed to stop them once and we win but settling for FG's is just delaying the inevitable and keeps the opponent in the game longer.

As for Ginn, I cant believe so many ppl are blind, the corner had his hand on Ginn's right shoulder/bicep and was pushing Ginn's right arm into his left causing Ginn to squeeze his hands together, the play b4 that was just out of Ginn's reach and u could tell he slowed down to stay in the endzone and ended up being of the fingertips. I see ginn wide open and converting 3rd downs, he's a keeper to me, now let's just get a tall physical WR opposite him.
There were chances down the field that Pennington, maybe afraid to turn the ball over especially in the redzone, looked off, fasano and hartline several times were wide open doen the slot in the seams. On one play Fasano was open and the safety had turned his back in the wrong direction and it was if Pennington didn't even see him, Penny needs to keep his head downfield. Also the reverse was there all night and we only ran it once with cobbs, how about a Ginn reverse, better yet how about when u bring Pat White in, have him run the option and flip it to ginn running the reverse in the other direction.
the scary thing about our defense is the colts' offense was on the field for only half the time they normall are on, so if tour o-line and running game was dominating, this could have been a total blowout, think about it, if we couldn't run the ball, then double the colts' offensive numbers that means dallas clark might have ended up with almost 400 yds and they could have put up 50-60 points, yeah the d was that bad!
I will never forget though how dejected and demoralized the colts Defense and dwight freeney looked, they wanted to quit, they had the look of beaten down men, the look in there faces as we were running it down their throats was equal to the joy of watching the Patriots' fair weather fans leaving gillette stadium early in embarrassment after ronnie ran all over them. The defense though needs retooling and tweaking one is an accident, 2 is a trend, 3 is a problem, chargers and gates will be the third test!

c'mon Phins!

AHHHH CHUCK , Finally a man who knows what he's talking about and knows football . Great points ! The same things i've been talking about all along. Good job Chuck.

Agree with you Mando...We need a change at safety. Giants fans warned me about his limitations when we first signed him. Culver looked good against Gonzalez and should get a shot against Bates. Clemons is known to be a remendous hitter and gets picks which is something this team badly needs. It would be nice to get a short field every once in awhile.

I also think V. Davis needs to get on the field more.

In terms of Ginn, the guy has God given talent that you can't teach but has some serious psychological issues about taking hits. It was frustrating to watch him continue to dive out of bounds -- particularly when he dove out a yard short of a 1st down.

Gibril Wilford = Ernest Wilson = the Trifecta's annual overpaid bust.

Although i think Wilson should be benched,i'm not sure Culver is the answer.I'd like Clemons to start.He looked really good in the pre season friendlies.Not only is Akin Ayodele really bad but Crowder is awful also. I'd prefer to see anyone at MLB at the mo cus Ayodele and Crowder just aint good enough.I think the Dolphins should start Hartline at WR cus the kid looks to have huge upside and maybe have Ginn as our no 2/no 3.Pennington should stay in cus he does give us the best chance to win IMO.Agreed though Mando,changes have to be made...

Although i think Wilson should be benched,i'm not sure Culver is the answer.I'd like Clemons to start.He looked really good in the pre season friendlies.Not only is Akin Ayodele really bad but Crowder is awful also. I'd prefer to see anyone at MLB at the mo cus Ayodele and Crowder just aint good enough.I think the Dolphins should start Hartline at WR cus the kid looks to have huge upside and maybe have Ginn as our no 2/no 3.Pennington should stay in cus he does give us the best chance to win IMO.Agreed though Mando,changes have to be made...

Great points! The play calling has to change as well. Go back to playing like there is nothing to loose.

Armando..I absolutely agree with each of your comments. But some of these respondents? Look, last year we were the "sorta good" facing the"not so good". This year we are the good facing the "great". Everyone relax. Enjoy the struggle. We will win six or eight games. miss the playoffs, draft high, get a nose guard, strengthen our defensive backfield and go deep into the playoffs.
Give the process time to work. be a fan,,,not a cry baby.

Stephen Ross interview on NFL.com right now.

Ross says Parcells will probably stay because of his age and the weather in Miami.
That story was planted specifically to get Parcells to quit.
Stephen Ross was horrified Monday night in front of all of his new pals.
All that money and time and the best Parcells can throw out there is the wildcard.
After Parcells quits Ross will refuse to pay him the balance of his contract and make him go to court. If Parcells takes Ross to court he won't be able to get another NFL job.

and if Parcells quit and we sign Shanahan we'll all be very happy and finally (truly)competitive

Ginn should have caught that last pass in the end zone. NFL receivers make those catches! He's too easy to knock down...it's almost comical how easy he falls. What makes you guys believe that he'll catch any passes from Henne just because he's out ran the defense.

If SD beats us Sunday, we need to see Henne the rest of the season...End of story...

We need to see what he can do with Ginn, Ronnie,Ricky and crew... If he doesn't show anything, than we move QB up to the top of the priority list ahead of Receiver and LB...

If the front office feels that he is ready to take the helm, than we need to get a receiver in the 1st round... With that being said, I am quickly losing faith in the front office's ability to consistently identify talent... There have been many mistakes on their part over the course of the last 2 years... so... They better right the ship, because the honeymoon is OVER!!

0-3 is not a good spot to be in. If we lose this next game then we need to start Henne. An 0-3 start basically puts us out of the playoffs. Let's see what the kid has. I don't care if we go 4-12 with Henne. At least we will know this year. Also, a 4-12 record could put us in position to snag Tebow.

Offensivly yes...defensivly hmmmmmmm

I understand about he arm strength but Pennington isint loseing the games fasano and his fumbles did in game 1 and the defense in game 2 .. IF penington was throwing interceptions left and right then i would agree with u. Let him lose his job on his own .. He has been protecting the ball and his completions rate is insane.

People keep saying that first pass was overthrown that Ginn should have got. It was not overthrown. Ginn just didn't go for it. He had a good six yards to lay out and catch that ball. Hell, just jump up and he probably had a chance at it.

LMFAO ! The stupidity continues...... Hey I hate fake fans , are you reading some of this ?

Look at the slowmo replay of that first failed catch by Ginn. He could have got that one if he wanted to. He looked like he was scared to lay out.

Chuck...just read your post. That's an A+, accurate and complete.

Price Master...you'r not exactly a Nostradamos, more like a Rasputin.

They need to put Ginn in the bull pen. Let some players knock him around for a few minutes. Maybe he won't be so scared to make plays.

Josh , I'm a newcomer to football. Can you please tell me what the white line in the back of the end zone means ?

Jason Taylor, way too slow, he is not able to play a full game... put Wake in that why they brought him..... WE NEED PASS RUSH THAT HAS BEEN THE PROBLEM FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS!!!

I completly agree with Armando's latest comment. I hope Fins coaches are listening!!

Hey Mando

I feel you on the Wilson issue , but I think everyone is overlooking Akin , and Channing Crowder, these guys are responsible for coverage of the tight ends when Joey and Jason are pass rushing. Both Akin and Channing have cost us alot these last two games, and unless this is fixed we're going to get TORCHED by A.Gates!!!! I think they need to sub Y.Bell for a CB and put him on the tight end cause none of the current starters seem to be able to cover these tight ends!!!!

LOL Pricemaster, your so damn funny...Parcells is gonna quit and Ross wants him to??? Take another hit off that crackpipe brother

There are rumors that bowe may be available in KC. The fins should go after him. Those missed TDs by Ginn show how important a dominant WR is even with such a great run game. Plus, he is still young and fits in with the teams's mindset of mid-20's players. If he can come at the right price, pull the trigger. The offense needs some explosiveness.

Defense is just a mess right now. TE's are just walking all over them.

Can anyone tell me how many YAC yards Teddy "Bear" Ginn had on Monday Night?

Can anyone tell me how many 3rd down catches ginn had to keep drives alive ?

Good point NJ Phins Fan. I guess that makes him a really fast possesion receiver that looks to not get hit.

Hgmelendez, that's exactly what ginn has been reduced until we get a qb that can get him the deep ball. The guy opened all night and did a heck of job. Without ginn , there was no passing game monday night, Where the hell were miami's other wr's ?. I would've liked him catching the td he was interfered with , but i'll take what he gave us monday night every week , until we get a qb ( HENNE ? ) that get him deep. I watched the game again and ginn and fasano were open deep many times.

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