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Chad Pennington: We'll get things fixed

It can be argued the Dolphins were broken on offense Sunday because they had more turnovers than touchdowns.

But a new practice week has dawned as the team prepares for Monday night's matchup with Indianapolis and quarterback Chad Pennington, most prominently, is thinking things are about to get better. In fact, he's sure things like fumbles and turnovers and interceptions that plagued the Dolphins last week are going to be addressed.

"We're going to get it fixed," Pennington said during his weekly press conference. "We're focused on getting it fixed. We're focused on eliminating those minus plays and eliminating those errors we can control. And the errors we made on Sunday, we can control those. Now, that doesn't guarantee you a win all the time, but at least you know you've done what you need to do to fix the things you can control. We're going to get that fixed. I'm very confident in that."

Pennington is not only sure his team's turnover problems will get solved, he's also quite confident the offensive line's problems will also be addressed. The Dolphins yielded four sacks against Atlanta.

"'I'm not worried about our offensive line," Pennington said. "Our offensive line plays extremely hard and prepares very well. When you have guys like I have in front of me with the attitude and approach they take, I don't think you need to worry. I know they'll get it fixed, I know they're working just as hard as I am to make sure they play well. They have a lot of pride in that room. They'll do what they need to do to come ready to play. And it's my job to come ready to play and match their intensity and focus and match their play as well.

"They'll be fine. I believe in them. I believe in all our guys on the offensive side. We're feeling eager to fix it this week in practice and go into Monday feeling confident about what we're doing."

Are you sold? Do you believe it? Discuss ...


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Of course I believe it, these guys have lots of pride and have proven they can win games...I really believe we will see a great game Monday night

All I know is, when the cameras panned to the Dolphins offense at some point in the middle of the second half, they were all sitting there dejected, and Pennington was right there with them. Wish he could have been a bit more fired up cause at that point in the game they weren't down by too many points. I thought it was emblematic of the day for them, no fire. Usually Pennington goes up and down the seats slapping hands and keeping guys' spirits up, but not Sunday. Very odd.

If the o-line plays better and Chad Pennington still doesn't perform, I think it will be time to see how Henne can perform. I would also like to see Henne as the #2 qb so he can play if needed.

How about minimize turnovers and score some tds.

We WILL get it done, I believe in pennington more so I believe in our coaching staff.

I'll believe it when Jake Long and Vernon Carey stop being served more pancakes than IHOP.

the ? is when can we see a play out of a normal
offensive set that goes for 20 plus yards down field? Seems only big plays come from the wildcat.. Might as well bench Pennington and go
100 percent wildcat, why not?

Acknowledging it is a beginning. Addressing it is essential. Correcting it is yet to be seen.

I think from what I witnessed on the TV they all got beat. We will see after Monday's game all questions will be answered.

I want to believe chad but after what we saw last sunday is hard to trust that one week will turn the o line, receivers, tight ends, and qb play around to be able to compete at the level we need for monday night. The only two things i am glad about is camarillo being back and ricky running like he is 25 again... Go fins

I think NJ(The plumber)PHIN FAN is over in tenn. to purchace a new house...

I do believe Pennington's comments We will be a better team as a result of our defeat in Atlanta.

If I didn't believe it, I wouldn't watch. I watched everyone of the 1-15 games and most of last years games. I believe that they can win and believe it until that last play of the game.

The one thing that is causing the problems for everything else is not being addressed, by the media or players. Pennington either can't, won't or isn't allowed to look mid-range or deep for receivers. He seems to automatically look for the checkdown receiver. when he is pressured there is no thought of finding his receivers, he throws it into the ground or out of bounds.

PLEASE look downfield, throw a 15 yard slant, hook, out, something. maybe 2 or 3 times a game throw it deep, roll out if you have to. But to continue to not attack mid-range and deep with your looks and passes, is going to continue to cause problems with the running game, O line and wide receivers...

looks for the checkdown RUNNING BACK, not receiver.

Didn't anybody read that our Head Coach told the offensive line to fall back and block for the great Pennington? It even made imitating Baltimore's lopsided playoff victory easier for our last opponent (8 men on the line of scrimmage)! I'm glad General Patten in WWII did not retreat to go forward! We would have lost then too! Don't blame our offensive line for doing what they were told to do by the head coach!

I still believe!!!

"We're going to get it fixed". "We're focused on getting it fixed".

The time for "getting it fixed" was during camp and preseason. Or am I missing something?


did you fix your cats yet ? go get them fixed.make sure they fixed .they must get fixed .HOW MANY TIMES YOU HAVE TO WRITE FIXED ?

smiley is getting back to game speed with a new center and a right guard who oh yeah has virtually no game exp. at the nfl level. they will get better. give pennington a chance fellas. if we are 0-4 or 1-3 then yeah give henne a shot. ronnie had a decent game on only 10 carries. ricky did great . rillo made a great behind the legs while on the ground catch. i think smith will match up with wayne quite well i think. dallas clark could be a problem tho.

I'll believe it when Pennington starts making rushers pay for missing tackles.

Armando said:

fumbles and turnovers and interceptions

Which four words are unnecessary?

Ronnie Brown + 20 carries = WIN

Pound 'em into the dirt see how Freeney and Mathis handle that.


Trade for Crabtree already!


i need to see these 4 things to forget fogive the last week meat ball game ;
1/henne back as number 2 qb qnd play fourth Q .

2/ serena williams on the side line

3/ ronnie play some elite

4/ OL act with no fear

5/ it's been long since played a good game

6/ please start ricky .

7/ fire the ol coach

Do you believes in life after loves?


Carlito.when you come to the blog my heart runs fast,my eyes closes and my legs goes to sleep.

I was very sad and confuse after Dolphins game. Why they look like still preseason? Dolphins look confuse and lost too. I hope this fix this week, and I believes. I will be there to cheer and hopeful to see 75 thousands other people there too who believes. This was very bad, but only was the first game.

Crabtree is a bum! another T.O. but without the speed, explosiveness off the line and run blocking ability.

I have no been to this blog in many days because I could not stand to talk Dolphin football after sunday. I read the article, but don't say nothing. Now, finally I am better and ready to believes for other week!

Crabtree should be sweeping floor at NFL headquarter for $6.25/hr

only if he'll throw the ball longer than 20 yards

you know sammo, the good thing about having a bum in your team is that some how he puts fire under all the players asssssssss.

did you see the bills last monday ? what a TEAM .
the dolphins have nice guys like TED GINN but the team played very lazy game .

Exactly carlito. the guy is a top 10 pick and wants to hold out for more money? what was he afraid 49ers would be bad? they looked ok to me sunday.

can the fins trick the other team on monday and start HENNE wearing C.PENNE'S face mask.so he can deliver long balls while the other team's DL not expecting it .

and what exactly has T.O. or ochocinco fired their teams up to do lately?

why you attack CRABTREE ? he should get the most money.it's the fans money after all plus they will sign him very soon since his shrit selling the best in the nfl .

ps...wilford got load of money for doing nothing .

sammo, what happened to you ? didn't you see the bills DL AND OL LINES playing like champs on monday ?

i think watching the fins last sundy lowered your IQ and standards .

the bills always play good at the beginining of the season. look in the mirror before you question another's IQ.


fin fans so dumb .they always find a reason to diminish other teams great games. same time they ignore their own wast land of a team who's for three years is debating HENNE OR PENNE .

PS...bills last monday played a classic game even your daddy BRADY said that we were lucky to win that game .

Ah GOpats ALoco whatever moniker your going by so good to see you on miami's site. goes to show how much loyalty you REALLY have for your own team. sad really that you chose to interact with fan's on their team's site. what's wrong get kicked off your's? REJECTION is hard huh? it will be ok just grab yourself a clean sock and rub your troubles away. i'm sure brady won t mind you thinking of him while you do.

And now i take my leave because i have a life.

i am not the menace .....now have good time dreaming .

Are we not yet tired of being called traitors for calling the dolphins what they are. BUMS!

Animal Structure, good call, I noticed the dejected offense on the sideline and Pennington being unusually as dejected looking as the rest of the team. Maybe Penny knew there were some things that just weren't going to get worked out until some more practice time.


Are we sold? Do we believe it?

What the hell is going on here?!

Did you forget last year? The Dolphins started 0-2 and what happended? They got it straighten out like they said they would. Funny thing about having a little success in the NFL...fans want more instant gratification and are willing to sell everything for a chance at a winning season and maybe a playoffs. Inspite of having played one game on the sixteen game schedule.

Case in point: this nuckle head named Shawn insist Chad Pennington is to blame for everthing bad about the Dolphins. The O-line play gave up 4 sacks and a dozen hurries...Must be Penningtons fault. The running backs cant find holes to run through and the O-line isnt creating any...ohh wait its Penningtons fault. Because he holds on to the ball to long or he cant throw past 20 yards. Fumbles must be Penningtons fault.

Then he goes on to say that Henne is not gonna be a starter or if he is won;t be agood QB. LMAO

Armando I hope you don't share the same sentiments and I hope both of you realize that in Parcells yuou should trust, because he knows what the hell he's doing.

So what the hell is going on here?
Don't forget the Dolphins O-line has been playing together one game and a season. Now they have two new starters or upgrades if you will at center and guard. I had hoped that the cohesion from the O-line play would have been ironed out during training camp and pre-season, but lets give it a little more time.

After all we where 0-2 last year with that new line minus Thomas and Grove. Now back to basics and ramming the ball down Indy's throat. Just plain smash mouth football, O-line will play better this game and carry it through out the season.

Regarding Pennington; someone posted Parcells ten commandments for QB's I suggest you and Shawn get together and read them.

Fire Dan Henning

I think it's legit. Really, what I have been reading on the Herald, especially in this blog this past week, has hit the nail on the head. Stop calling questionable plays like gimmicks right after the base offense is gaining some momentum will help things out. Tightening up the O-line will help protect Pennington and in turn minimize turnovers. Fasano can fix his turnovers or he'll be benched. Really, the only thing that hinders the Dolphins is that Martin is on IR. Now, when you got Fasano helping out one of the OT's double team a DE, you're missing out on Fasano as an offensive threat and have to depend on an inconsistent WR corps, the dump pass to the RB or an unproven TE on double TE sets. Defenses are going to learn how to cover Miami quickly. So, another TE has to step up. With that aside, I still think Miami can win a majority of defenses by working out those kinks in the offense and by smart play-calling, calling gimmicks and the Wildcat when it's appropriate. I think they'll do well. They may not make it to the playoffs or even win if they got there, but they won't be as poor on offense as they were this past week, which is an improvement. I want a win in the playoffs.

Playoff win my azzzz.I want a Super Bowl win. What else matters?

Anyone who watched that game will tell u that we beat ourselves! I'm sure fasano and long beat themselves up about it pretty good. I believe that we will fix our problems and that Indy is gonna see that. Once our team gels we will be a force to be reckoned with!

I BELIEVE!! I'm excited about our front line jelling.

Akarojo you are right. Anytime time you give away fumbles to the other team is like beating yourself. Man that dont sound right. I get your point. ATL would not have scored the points they did if we did not help them.
Sammo whats up up bro?

the devil is back

Gubano yes, yes, you are right my friend , the devil is alive and well.

Man there is way too many wanna be coaches on this board. Let the season play out. Only one team wins the Super Bowl each year. It is a long season. The Fins lost to a playoff team on the road in that teams home opener. Get a grip. It was one game. The loss had nothing to do with Pennington's arm strength, or Long being a bust. It also was not due to the lack of a "star" WR or poor play calling. The better team on that day won. Plain and simple.

I fully expect a better showing Monday night. Hard to believe they'd put two poor games back to back. I do not however expect such a young team not to have bumps along the road. If you do I think you need to consider rooting for some team with better odds of winning the Super Bowl this year.

How about instead of spending your time bashing your team you show up Monday night and support them. My guess is 90% of you have never attended a game.

Mike you butt wipe. How mnay games you go to idiot

Mike I will be there in row one endzone with 3 colts fans making fun of them when no one will think Miami will win and they will pull it off and get the victory. Have faith people it was one freaking game. Not every teams plays well in every game. GO FINS

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