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Chad Pennington: We'll get things fixed

It can be argued the Dolphins were broken on offense Sunday because they had more turnovers than touchdowns.

But a new practice week has dawned as the team prepares for Monday night's matchup with Indianapolis and quarterback Chad Pennington, most prominently, is thinking things are about to get better. In fact, he's sure things like fumbles and turnovers and interceptions that plagued the Dolphins last week are going to be addressed.

"We're going to get it fixed," Pennington said during his weekly press conference. "We're focused on getting it fixed. We're focused on eliminating those minus plays and eliminating those errors we can control. And the errors we made on Sunday, we can control those. Now, that doesn't guarantee you a win all the time, but at least you know you've done what you need to do to fix the things you can control. We're going to get that fixed. I'm very confident in that."

Pennington is not only sure his team's turnover problems will get solved, he's also quite confident the offensive line's problems will also be addressed. The Dolphins yielded four sacks against Atlanta.

"'I'm not worried about our offensive line," Pennington said. "Our offensive line plays extremely hard and prepares very well. When you have guys like I have in front of me with the attitude and approach they take, I don't think you need to worry. I know they'll get it fixed, I know they're working just as hard as I am to make sure they play well. They have a lot of pride in that room. They'll do what they need to do to come ready to play. And it's my job to come ready to play and match their intensity and focus and match their play as well.

"They'll be fine. I believe in them. I believe in all our guys on the offensive side. We're feeling eager to fix it this week in practice and go into Monday feeling confident about what we're doing."

Are you sold? Do you believe it? Discuss ...


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Please ask these two questions of Stephen Ross after Monday nights game against the Colts:
1. How do you feel after watching the first game of your team in Landshark Stadium with all of your new business partners?
2. Who do you hold responsible?

Stephen Ross's response of 9/22/09: The stadium was perfect. ESPN filmed it perfectly. All of the fans were really enjoying it; it was such a rocking time.
Gamewise we'll fix what's wrong.
Enormous change has taken place here the past couple years.
More changes have to take place to get us where we all want to be: the Super Bowl!
And when we talk about change that means personnel changes.
I let Bill Parcells take care of all of that. He has com[plete control of all player decisions and coaching decisions, I've always said, ' you put the best people in charge and stay out of thier way:.

Jake Long...BUST! Jake Grove...BUST! Chad Pennington...Jets reject! Anthony Fasano...Broken!
Damn, people...when the Jests get rid of you for an old man...it's gotta make you wonder.

Dear William Wallace,
Finally someone that makes sense!
I'm breathless1

6.75 x 3.25

Long & Regular my man.
Not too thick. But Looong!

William Wallace do u call yourself a Dolphin fan? Don't be an idiot. U obviously know nothing about football if u are calling Jake Long a bust. Even after last weeks game against ATL I would still draft Long over Matt Ryan. Look back at all the great dynasties in NFL history. One thing they all have in common is a solid, talented and big o-line. With out a solid core made up of talented individuals like Long you've got nothing.

PriceMaster if u agree with William Wallace u must not be a true fan either. I m a phins fan for life and let me tell you our coaching staff is as good as it's been since Shula. Last year was not a fluke and u will see the phins will be competative for years to come.

Mike and Dolfan 21083 I couldn't agree with u more. I live in Alaska and I have probably been to more dolphins games than most of these jokers that r making all these ridiculous comments. I was there last year in New York when we won the division cheering my team on even though i had jets fans all around me talking trash, throwing food and beer. I wish I could be there this Monday to watch us prove on National TV the phins are for real.

The Fasano fumbles were a freak happening. That has not ever happened in his career before and will not happen again. Sometimes stuff happens and there is no reason to it.

didn't fasano fumble when he was hit right when he caught the ball both times? ACE sorry i was out with friends. my funny posts are you reffering to my boxing post? just call me little mac. those old enough remember punchout right?

Hombres de poca fé. El año pasado los delfines iban 0-2 y lograron reponerse en el partido que uno menos se imaginaba... El resto es historia. Yo creo que si lograrán recuperarse contra los potros de Indianapolis.
Vamos Delfines!

I really hope the Dolphins figure out this o-line situation. It has taken years to get the o-line to the level they are at now to be under achieving. Line does better, Dolphins offense does better.

The Fasano fumbles occured after a catch and football move. Mike Peterson was hitting Fasano hard that day. Made Peterson look like a Pro Bowler.

This whole wildcat thing is a waste of time and draft picks. Yea, it worked last year because other teams weren't ready for it but they are now. Don't think for a minute that Chad Henne is the answer to Marino...not by a long shot. The Dolphins answer to Marino was Drew Brees and our wonderful team doctors let him go because his arm was never going to get better....Yea, right!!! And the Tuna, he passes on Mat Ryan in favor of Jake Long...The same guy that was on his backside all day last week while John Abrams ran over him.

So this is where we are and will have to play the cards we dealt ourselves.

Was that Chad Pennington talking or Creflo Dollar - preach on Chad, preach on.

That was such an uncharacteristic game for Miami. There is no way, they are that bad. The defense looked pretty decent and I'm sure the offense won't repeat that performance. They just tried to do too much. The O-line had a horrible day and just need to get back to the basics and get away from the constant trickery. The backs have to pound it in there, FIRST, then go to play action, As I remember it, the teams philosophy was to establish the lines, FIRST. That's what they were preaching last year. Between Ronnie, Ricky, Patrick, and Lex, they can wear a defense down... Come on guys

Get back to basics. Blocking and tackling.Everything else good will happen when you have control of these fundementals.

I think Chad P is a decent talent with a huge heart and great head for football. I'm very happy he is here. His talent is a limitation, though. And it isn't helped by the fact that the Dolphs don't have a big-time receiver. Their passing game is horrible. They have to throw so many screens that nobody on the other team is ever surprised.

PLEASE GET A BIG and/or fast receiver. Couldn't we have traded for TJ Housh or Anquan Boldin? SOMEONE!!!!!

It will be fixed. You fair weather fans feel free to jump off the band wagon. Every team has a bad day. We had a bad day against Atlanta, and we'll have another at some point I'm sure. If you only like us when we win go find another team. Losers!

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