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B-r-r-r-ing in the double...

Armando's out. You're stuck with David J. for the next few days. Sorry if that upsets you. But if you've got the time, energy and lack of real problems to be upset about it, consider yourself blessed by the Supreme Being (whatever your faith calls it). Like the Dolphins, we'll be vague about Armando's injury until NFL rules make us do otherwise.

Speaking of injuries, the first injury report of the week is out. Cornerback Vontae Davis is listed as participating fully in practice with his gimpy knee. Davis didn't appear in the locker room today after several reporters noticed him doing the Fred Sanford limp out of the locker room Monday.

For Atlanta, defensive end John Abraham had limited participation with a knee problem. Safety William Moore was out of practice with a hamstring injury. Running back Jerious Norwood (knee), center Todd McClure (calf), linebacker Tony Gilbert (hamstring) and defensive end Chauncey Davis (foot) participated in all of practice.

Tight end Davon Drew, whom the Dolphins picked up off waivers from Baltimore, has been waived/injured. Drew was hampered by ankle problems, especially early in the Ravens' training camp. The Dolphins signed offensive lineman Nate Garner, who can play tackle and guard and was a late Dolphins cut last weekend. Sparano said only that Drew was injured and the resigning of Garner gives them another backup lineman who can fill in at a number of spots.

Number changes, for those into that sort of thing: Quentin Moses went from 74 to 93, Vontae Davis went from 24 to 21 and Sean Smith went from 31 to 24.

Captains have been selected. No surprises: Joey Porter, Jason Taylor, Jason Ferguson, Chad Pennington.

"It's a sign that they're all old," Tony Sparano joked.

"All four of these guys arrived here at different times in different ways," Sparano continued. "Joey was really the only guy here when I got here. Jason (Taylor) comes back to us. It says a lot that the team would vote Jason as a captain right now. Joey, coming off the year that he had and being one of the people who have been here through the last couple of years. Ferguson is a guy we bring in that the team has voted captain twice. Pennington, he shows up a week into the preseason and he gets voted captain. These guys have come from different places to group together here. The one thread they all have in common is there's great character in those four peope. There really is. Great character, great leadership skills, all in different ways."

Interesting that Sparano, a detail-oriented guy with a very good memory, says that Porter was "really the only guy here when I got here." Sparano was hired Jan. 16. Jason Taylor wasn't traded until July 20. Not that there was ever any estrangement between Edyta's dance partner and The Dolphins Imperial Triumvirate...

Porter admitted, "It means a lot to go out there and have that captain's badge on your jersey. I remember last year watching the guys who had that on their jersey and I wanted to be one of those guys." It reminded me that inside many pro athletes, there's still a little kid who wants acknowledgement and encouragement beyond just the good grade or big paycheck.

Pennington said the most encouraging thing about Jake Long is how badly he wants to get better and how much he hates making mistakes. He's one of the few offensive linemen Pennington's known who apologizes in the huddle when his guy gets to Pennington or almost gets to Pennington. The obvious outsider response to that setup is you hope he actually improves to where such apologies aren't necessary. Long will get a test Sunday. Either the Dolphins will run the ball well enough to stay out of third and long or Long will find himself playing Sheriff Buford T. Justice against John Abraham's Bandit.

There was another huge media scrum around Sean Smith today, his third in the first two days this week. This isn't his fault at all -- Smith's not shy, but it's not like he's standing on a chair and summoning writers, microphones and cameras -- but I wondered, "Gee, what happens if he plays well in a real game?" Modest as his words can be, they can't hide that this is one cocky cornerback who has the talent to match.

OK, I'm headed back to South Beach to get Pollo Tropical for my daughter's dinner. Further bulletins as events warrant.


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And there was great rejoicing....

Ah another one bites the dust

PLease let this be the beginnng of the end of Shamando...

Nice pick up...

Maybe they can get a safety.

Get well Armando!

Welcome to the pit, David!

sammo thanks for the kind words I guess. Opinionated you say..I guess just borderline opinionated you might say, now NJ that is another story. I dont know what is wrong with justin, on second thought I do know. I guess one gets tired of idiots you know. Where are you going to see the game?

I forgot to tell you this sammo. You are a good diplomat. Do you play one on TV?

i guess its mandos loss and neal's gain...

DNeal---I used to like you hockey coverage, and when I buy hard copy (yes, it still happens that way, albeit occasionally & much less frequently than inthe past) I've enjoyed your football articles. Goodluck during your tenure.

Any truth to the rumor that Mando has been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, and for Brandon Marshall-type petulance in the news room (do they still have those?)?

Did the Dolphins appoint team captains?

Sammynole just mad he team defeated by mighty Hurricanes monday night! Don't be sore loser and take sucker punch at mando when he sick like scumbag from oregon.

Just got the tweet from Darlington on the Captains:

Jeff_Darlington Pennington is voted offensive captain...THREE captains on defense: Porter, Ferguson, Taylor. I guess if you're over 30, you're a captain?!?

By Odin's beard, I hope the little guy didn't get busted at the bus station. lol

With the need to strengthen the secondary and special teams, why aren't the Dolphins picking up Bernard Pollard formerly of KC? He was a starter and superb special teamer.

tough game to call this weekend. the teams with the great QBs concern me the most. I think we lose to Manning, which means we really need this first one.

Any idea as to which players will be on the inactive list for the next game. I was thinking possibly Patrick Turner and Lionel Dotson might make that list.

Whatever still ope Armando got deported. Or part of the layoffs.




Gopats dont start with me. You know I am not the only one. I will talk football no problem. You got a problem that I was talking to sammo? Just leave it alone.

I think you meant "yapping" not "yakking," DJN

David (if that's your real name),

Permit me to introduce myself. My sobriquet is Nathaniel Dodsworth. My real name is reserved for my very good friends (e.g. Armando Salguero, Dick Cheney, William Demarest).

I recently became an American citizen, and am a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan. I like to make random observations because it's a good way to kill a lunch hour, and because my psychiatrist says that it helps diffuse my inner rage.

So here are some random observations:

1) Just who the hell are you and what are you trying to pull?

2) When I would watch the Dolphins with Marino as a teenager, it wasn't enough that the Dolphins won. They had to win "the right way." That is, if Marino didn't complete 60% of his passes, or the defense yielded more yards than the offense garnered, then I was upset. But now? All I care about is a victory, and damn the stats!

3) I was quite upset when Indiana went for Obama in the 2008 election. It ruined my trivia question - What is the one state north of the Mason-Dixon line and east of the Mississippi that always votes Republican in Presidential elections?

4) "The Circus" (1928) starring Charlie Chaplin is an underappreciated gem of a movie. Chaplin subsequently wrote a film score (well, he couldn't orchestrate, but he could bang out a melody), that is hauntingly beautiful.

5) In 1776, this nation only could have been founded by Protestants, and Protestants of a certain bent. While I am not a Protestant, I respect the origins of this country and swear to battle those ignorant fools who seek to remove all religion from the public square.

6) Boy that Gina Lollobrigida was beautiful. There's something about curvy Italian women.

7) My favorite wrestling move is the Camel Clutch.

Great job lil mikey p on your reporting about Mando, its not every day the newsman becomes part of the news, then again iam sure Bill Kamul thought the same thing too....

"diffuse" = "defuse"

AHHHH my good friend Nathanal has arrived, Nathanal a quick "Q" for you my friend, being a new American citizen, will you register as a Dem. or a Rep. or as iam thinking you might be a independent???


An outstanding question from an outstanding American.

I registered as a Republican. While the Republicans often fall short of my standards (e.g. atrocious lack of discipline in spending), they are generally on my side when it comes to cutting taxes, saving the unborn, and unapologetically asserting the greatness of American and thus refusing to yield sovereignty to corrupt, immoral organizations such as the U.N.

I am hoping that Newt Gingrich will become President in 2012.

P.S. Megan Fox would be alot more attractive if he she didn't defile her body with tattoos.

Nathanal, did'nt the Newt buy the farm in 08??? and did Megan defile herself, cant get past her eyes...

Go Dolphins!!! why the hell did we pass on ryan and take over rated Henne whyyyyy

No need for Armando to come back

cuban definite nathaniel

why you people talking about everything and no football. You talk about politics, chicks, chaplin movies, jokes about mando. gopats told you guys to stop it

Cant help it....

let me see, what can we talk about? How about the incredibly ridiculous waste of a draft pick of Chad Henne.

Did any one of you see Matt Ryans Rookie season? uuhmm yea he led the falcons to the playoffs. Henne Sucks


Who is the huge #85 that the Dolphins just signed to their practice squad after promoting Nate Garner??

Dear Mr. David J.

"consider yourself blessed by the Supreme Being (whatever your faith calls it)."

I have several religious action figures that I prey to just to cover all my bases.

I have a Jesus Buddy, Buddha Buddy and a Mohammed my man action figure. I also have action figures of Diablo and saint Dan Marino.

I have them all setup in front of the Alter of Shula at the church of Miami Dolphins Football where Tony Sporano teaches and Pope Tuna preaches.(and I eat peaches)

Soiled :)

We should give Ryan a steady amount of pressure, then let's see what he does.

Gopats,why all the anger toward nj and ace? I don't get you guys. It seemed to me that alot of this comes from justin. sorry justin. From what I recall, I dont see them insulting everyone like you said. It seemed they like justin alot. Where is nj anyway??

SoiledBottom you are a strange dude!

but funny

Yes agreed no need for Armando. PRetty funny stuff in here today

Question for Nathaniel Dodsworth:

Didn't anyone explain to you that you are not supposed to drink the bong water?

And a staement for Soiled Bottom:

You should stop doing crystal meth immediately. Not good for the brain cells.

I had no idea that Dan Marino was a teenager when he played for the Dolphins.

we better not loose to Matt Ryan ever, or i will perosnally lead a charge of Henne sucks the tune screwed up.

Israel, Why do you want a 96inch neck freak of nature as starting QB ???

Menace: you probably have seen Henne practice and play 8 pre season games right about now and what do you see? Let me tell you what I see. I see rookie QB Flacco kicking our as-, I see Rookie Matt Ryan Kicking As- and I see rookie Dan Marino Kicking As-. You know what I see when I see Chad Henne? I see nothing I see mediocrity at its best I see Ryan leaf, I see a waste of a pick and I see inconsistency against second string players. Conclusion Henne sucks.

Just remenber Brett Favre did not happen over night.

israelzion you a low iq dumb fan who dont appreciate fins. loser

isrealzion, forgive the low life who faked my name at 4;41

israelzion, maybe you go root for someone else? I would feel better about this, and probably you too.

Imposter @4:41; are you sure you know what IQ is? Are you confused? Do you need a hug? It is obvious you lack self esteem since you cannot even represent yourself in an anonymous chat, poor soul.

Carlito from Golfito;
Seen that you are familiar with Golf, I will address you in this manner. As a diehard dolphin fan I do not except mediocrity from no one especially from the things a care about the most such as my Dolphins, and for someone who is familiar with golf do are you satisfied with par performances? Is that your ultimate goal? Or would you like to be under par? Now I personally would prefer my dolphins to be more like Phil Mickelson and not John Daly. Now I understand that we all have our own ambitions and maybe I am projecting my own ambitions towards my dolphins but if winning was not the bottom line why are we all happy about having Mr. Big Tuna in our corner? Even the Tuna has too admit that he let one slip away with Matt Ryan and he is praying this Henne character at least turns out to be a Chad Pennington that would at least save face.

Whats up Dolphins fans?

Dolphins sign Te Kory Sperry to replace Nate Garner on the practice squad and tell us all kinds of secrets about the Chargers.


I am no familiars with golf. Why you think this?

With Matt Ryan, let me explain. If we draft Matt Ryans, he either be crushed with no protection like John Beck, or would be back up for Pennington just like Henne.

Henne have strong arm and his big and smart, but we have no seen enough to make complete judgement. I am confident he will be ready when he called, he has done pretty good in little action he already have.

Jury no even out on Matt Ryan. What say you if he have bad season this year?


It is all about winning, and that why we glad to have a tuna in our corner! What you talking about?!?! You can't argue against trifecta!!! Worst to first! 1-15 to 11-5! What else you expect? You either confuse, ungrateful, or stupid.

David, Sparanos memory is still as sharp as a tack. If you remember Joey WAS the only player in Miami when coach T. came to town because Taylor was off dancing with the stars and did not participate in any offseason workouts. So he wasn't being a very good team leader which is exactly what the conversation was about.

Sorry to anyone if I wrote something that was already brought up. I tried to read through the posts to see if anyone had the same thought but I got halfway into it and,,,,well you know.

the jury out on RYAN .he's great .he took his team to the playoffs while HENNE took the team to the pizza shop next door .

by your logic carlito .i can say the jury still out on trifecata but i am not .

Israelzion, you don't ACCEPT mediocrity yet after you wrote and proof read that last one you still thought it was a good idea to post it? Think again.

Atlanta running game why Ryan had such good year, he might have good year this year, maybe bad one.

Ryan is quality qb but I not ready to crown him with Manning and Brady.


why do you have to insult me? your spelling and grammar are horrible my friend, why would i call you stupid because you can’t write, why would i call you stupid because you can’t put sentences together, why carlito, why would I call you stupid because your name implies you work in some aspects of golf even if it is retrieving the little white spheres from the ponds, why carlitos, why would I call you anything other than carlitos from golfito. Common have some class carlito, and I don’t mean the school type

And Gopansies, if the jury is still OUT on Ryan that would mean no one is sure whether or not he's any good. My God people think before you post!

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