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On Chad's bad shoulder, Dolphins bad record

Chad Pennington said it best late Sunday when in talking about his personal adversity with a serious shoulder injury he might also have been talking for his team: "I'm going to hope for the best and expect the worst," Pennington said.

Although Pennington declined to be specific about his right shoulder's status, the team is fearing the injury is a dislocation of his throwing shoulder. Team doctors popped the shoulder back into place on the sideline but the damage was done, according to a source.

A dislocated shoulder is different than a separated shoulder in that a dislocation means the top of the arm pops out of the socket. In a separation, there could be damage to the ligament that connects the collarbone to the shoulder blade.

Both are serious, particularly for a quarterback.

Pennington will miss an unspecified amount of time. Depending on what the MRI this morning reveals, Pennington could be out as little as three weeks or up to 12 weeks, which would effectively end his season. If the injury -- regardless of whether it's a separation or dislocation -- is acute, it might require surgery.

And that also would be a season-ending situation.

Pennington has already undergone two right shoulder surgeries in the past. Pennington was talking like someone who expects bad news following today's MRI.

"I've worked extremely hard and have overcome a lot of adversity and been able to play when people said I couldn't play anymore," Pennington said. "I've been through two surgeries and I've been able to play and play at a high level. That's quite an accomplishment.

"Right now, I'm in a state of shock, truly disappointed because I know what type of work I've put in and what type of work that our team has put in. For me not to be able to be out there and help us fight through this adversity is tough to swallow."

The Pennington injury makes Chad Henne Miami's new starting quarterback. The Dolphins might also be in the market for a backup because Pat White simply is not ready to be the backup now.

Henne struggled against the Chargers, who riddled him with new coverages as soon as he entered the game.

"I think we gave him a few different looks that he probably hasn't seen yet," cornerback Antonio Cromartie said.

When he came in the game, Henne was confident he was ready to succeed. But he missed some open receivers either by not getting the ball to them or throwing elsewhere.

"I was prepared for this moment," he said of the time he was told to come in the game. "It's only a 7-point game and that's the moment you have to shine and come up and become a player ... Obviously tonight it didn't really show. I made some mistakes, but I'll be in that film room day and night busting my butt and getting better and lead this team."

The Dolphins need the leadership because right now they are winless and with few viable options for getting better.

Do you know any good playmakers for the offense? Do you know any available secondary players that can help stop the bleeding?

The Dolphins need both. Henne got no help, least of all from Ted Ginn Jr., who had six passes thrown his way, resulting in zero receptions.

The team gained 94 yards on its 17-play first quarter opening drive. And then gained only 195 total yards the rest of the game.

The secondary, meanwhile, continued to give up big plays. (This while Renaldo Hill notched an interception Sunday.)

"We can't be giving up explosive plays down the field like that," nose tackle Jason Ferguson said.

This game was depressing on par with last year's loss to Arizona for different reasons. That game was a blowout in which the Dolphins didn't compete.

This game was closer but it was depressing in that the Chargers were clearly the much better team despite missing several key players.Starting running back LaDainian Tomlinson didn't play. Starting center Nick Hardwick didn't play. Starting guard Louis Vasquez didn't play. Linebacker Shawne Merriman left the game after the first half.

And still the Chargers had more talent on the field.

Finally, this column I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald outlines how the things the Dolphins did so well in winning the AFC East a year ago are exactly the kind of things they stink at doing so far this season.



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Sux for CP. Cool guy.


Gerbil is way worse than Renaldo Hill/Goody - TRIFECTA screws the pooch again ala Wilford.

But, Grove is better than Satele so...half a wash.

YB has lost a step and seems to be popcorn muscles II.

Crowder is all mouth and a bad driver.

Will Allen is a bum.

Vernon Carey is average and overpaid.

Oh, and Long over Ryan......EERRRRRRRRRRR!!!...strike 3.

Just run the WC alternating Ronnie and Ricky and Cobbs and Hilliard until they stop it. QB....we don't need no stinkin' QB.

Fasano and Camarillo are with Elvis?

And, 'The Family' just needs to move on or CATCH THE BALL.

And, when Sparano cheers like a fool for a missed FG...he looks like a Div II HC.

More thoughts:

Langford is a mini-Haynesworth and Merling is gaining. Good picks. Pat White...meh. Another USC bust...awful.

Roth and Holliday not really missed...although JT is like an old lion @ the zoo when you went all your life. Sad.

Here's a 'thought: Let Cam Wake loose.

JT (or JR or whatever) Folsom would make more plays than - wagging finger once a game - Crowder.

Trifecta was overconfident/lazy with their FA signings.

Sparano: Reading glasses Pasqualoni should NOT be a HC...and you are not more than 4 more losses from the same basic conclusion. Jimmy Buffett is always drunk and impatient.

Well I'd say it can't get much worse...Football is like poker if you sit back all game waiting for the big hand you will never win sometimes you have to bluff and play the hand your dealt and see where it gets you...the first three games the coaching staff has sat back and waited played overly conservative and hoped for the best. Its gotten us to 0-3 if you watch teams that are winning they take chances play with heart and don't just sit back and wait. Highlight of the day seeing Henne scramble around to throw to an open receiver for a touchdown. I know he went across the line and it didn't count, but it was nice to see a quarterback scramble to make a play versus finding the sideline as fast as possible.

Welcome back to the sellar BOYS, maybe we can get Bradford number one overall next year!

wtf are you saying?! pothead jibberish..
pennington was the fragile star of this team until now. ginn is worthless, sparano cheers like an idiot at everything. instead of going off on ginn he ignores him! henne cant deliver and the new kid is just that, a kid. pathetic game play on both sides and the secondary should be called "barely". only the backs are decent and some decent moments of offensive line protection but thats it. what has happened to this team? years and years of sloppy management has done this team in. now its just a carnival freak show with all of these new owners.

lots of poop

on pace for 2 or 3 wins

maybe we can get bradford

or tenn safety berry

We need to think about picking up a QB Pennington might have a career ending injury this is not his first time with this type of injury, I like Pennington and I think he was better than any QB we have but I think he is gone.. let's toy with the idea of maybe making a deal with the eagles for Kolb or Vick if not we must pick up some vet WR to help out Henne cause he will need it

Ginn, for the second week in a row, dropped balls any 1st round draft pick that was worth it would have caught. I'm ready for the "Ginn Project" to be over.

There are free agents at the TEs, ILB and both safety spots that are better than what we have right now. What ever happened to the attitude that if a player does not perform they will bench them no matter how much they make. Fasano fumbled twice in the 1st game, dropped a TD pass in the 2nd, and dropped another pass in the 3rd game. Crowder has missed at least one tackle in every game. Both safeties has missed tackles and have been burned on numerous occasions. I also find it ironic that when ever we have a head coach that specializes in a certain unit that unit seems to struggle. For instance Saban's thing was the secondary, yet when he was here the secondary struggled and now we have Sparano and now the offensive line is struggling. There is too much talent on that offensive line for it to be having issues. at some point you have too look at the coaches.

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY we can let the QB interview process begin...again. hopefully we are brave enough to draft a QB with next years high pick!

10 years and counting and the QB searh marches on...

Going on record to say if we have chance to draft bradford pass. Every qb ive had good hunches about panned out. otherwise they flopped. Bradford's the next great flop waiting to happen. Every few years a string of a few great come and then the well suddenly and abruptly goes dry. We are due for dry spell right about now.

hay NJ, you still taking Penny over Sanchez, Ryan and Favre now?

Feel bad for CP, without him last year would not have happened.

Good chance to see what Henne can do.

Btw, Renaldo Hill and Andre Goodman BOTH had INT's Sunday.

As you wrote in your column for the newspaper, this team is without an identity. I remember when players would chew through nails for Parcells.

I watch DirecTv on Sunday's and wonder where these teams get their identity, it's from their coaches. I really like Sparano and he tough guy and rah rah spirit, but this team needs an identity on defense, special teams. Fortunately, we have one on offense and it's running running running!!! problem is those eight or nine minute drives are good to CLOSE games. But sometimes you wanna be able to score in less than two minutes and don't have that.

The storm clouds are gathering over this team and the next two weeks will tell an awful lot about this franchise 2-3 and we salvage our season, 0-5 (unfortunately a BIG possibility) and we are rooting for the demise of the Patsies, Jesties and Jills.

ok people y the heck is everyone FREAKING out... one thing this trifecta has to do is lock up ronnie brown long term this guy is a running back BEAST... he is the real deal worth that number 2 pick... lets give henne a chance with a few weeks under the number ones.... d line looks great.. linebakers look avrage and i think i can cover better than wilson... bess looked good...0-3 sucks bad but we got a hard schedule... give them time... i a die hard dolphins fan and i thought it would be rly hard for a playoff spot this year... lets just hope we come out of the season with a idea of what to rly pick up next year my guess would be ..MLB,TE,2 saftys,and a WR.. be sweet to get like taylor mays or a playmakin ball hawk safty

Well, when the season's over before Oct the pressure is surly off!!! At least we didn't lose to the Lion's, although that might be only because we didn't play them. Looking at the schudule, I'm not sure I really see a game we can win, seriously. Time to dump Ted Ginn now, maybe we could at least get a 6th rounder for him.


With FANS like you people who needs to go on the road.

13 game win streak.

HENNE looked good a little antsy but he will settle down.

The BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT are the people who come up here and have the balls to say we when you're not a fan.

The FINS will be OK.

They're preparing to do something else that has never been done.

start0-3 and go to the SUPER BOWL.

It's time for Henne now. The poster previously who suggested that expectations be lowered to account for how poor we all know we are is right - I'm not getting any enjoyment out of sitting here, watching and KNOWING that something will happen. It's getting sad when I yelled "cover it up" before Brown fumbled the ball through the endzone and the pick-6 was always going to come when the Chargers knew they wouldn't let Henne throw to the middle of the field, just short checks or to the sidelines. This is what they have to do: 1. play Henne, all the way; 2. consider a way to get a difference maker at WR. I probably wouldn't trade for Marshall or Edwards now because it looks more likely that we will be picking in the top 10 again this year, and with the QBs coming out we might need to pick one if Henne can't get it done; 3. Put Pat White into the Wildcat - we might as well, and it'd be fun to watch. Apart from that, the best way to watch this dreck is to expect the worst - anything beyond that is a bonus.

And another thing - I'm very far from criticising the Trifecta, because - on the whole - they have performed miracles with the roster and the Fins have competed reasonably hard in the last two games. But you seriously, SERIOUSLY have to question why they couldn't see we had no weapons in the passing game and go out and get it fixed. Parcells may have won the bowl with the Giants with a limited aerial attack but he had a better QB and a better defense there. And time has moved on - whilst I'm all for a strong, grinding offense that mashes teams (much like the Bolts were mashed oon that 95 yard drive), those offenses are complemented perfectly by the kind of player that can get "chunk" yardage, as Sparano puts it - there were plenty of them available this year (Marshall, Boldin, Edwards), and it doesn't sound as if we were interested in an of them. That's a serious failing.

Who ever said Soprano was a good coach? Had a college schedule last year.

LADT YEAR aside from the joke of a schedule, the Deffense and Offense were both agressive. Blitzes on D and a real passing game.

THIS year, the dink pass and screen and no blitzes. 6-10 will be lucky

Going nowhere without a wideout. Simple as that.

When you look back at the draft picks we have missed over the years ( Quinn, Ryan ETC. ) we lots of dissapointing seasons ahead of us, Hang on!

Considering the amount of times San Diego was in the red zone the score wasn't that bad. The defence is not great but we can work with it. There are limitations in the secondary but we did well in the red zone defence.

Sean Smith played a heck of a game. Langford and Merling played real well. Ronnie Brown and Ricky played real good. Both the lines played real well. Like last year, the only receiver we have that we can count on at any time is Bess and he played well yesterday.

It is the coaching staff that I am starting to question. If ronnie and Ricky can hold on to the ball for 45 minutes and run 95 yards of low risk plays and take up 12-15 minutes of time then why go away from that? Are we worried we might offend the trash talking TV heads? Are we afraid we might upset our receivers? Our offensive coordinator is becoming offensive.

Again I feel we are so close to being on that fine line between a good team or a great team. TO's have cost us all three games thus far. We don't have so many we are 3-0 Even though our secondary has been torched and our "star" reciever seems to have had his hands replaced by paddles in the offseason. I think things are blown out of proportion right now but ppl need to step up. And some of the play calling in key situations is suspect at best.

Sad to say it, but everything all the haters and talking heads said about Pennington was true in the end... "His arm is too weak... he can't win the big game... he has one good year and one bad year... can't stay healthy more than a year... "

He seems like a good dude and gave the dolphins a great season in 08, but its time to see what the young guys can do....

Where are all the loud mouths who were spouting off for Henne to start? He's in the game now without the weapons QBs like Eli Manning has. I'm hoping for the best and happy to see Brown and Williams producing.

Best of luck to CP. The man worked hard and got a bad deal yesterday.

whats with the weird turnaround thing Henne does after he takes the snap?

crowder is so slow
he is always 4 steps behind the play
he looked like a man in a wheelchair trying to keep up with the speed of the game
on the td run by rivers, he was in the middle of the field looking around like what should I do and then he ran out of the picture and then rivers ran right where he was standing a second ago.
in his pass coverage, he was always way behind the receiver,his receiver open on every 3rd down if he's in coverage.
he can't hold the jock strap a zack thomas,zack problably still better than crowder today.

Thats sad for Pennington, i don't know how much more that shoulder can hold up. I think its going to hurt more losing him than people will want to admit. Unless Henne steps up, we need to think about trading or drafting a franchise QB next season.

Somebody said EXPECT the worst and hope for the best this way we can't be let down.
Your parents messed you up.

There were teams that went far with less talent than what we have.

Like I once said It's all coming together and Henne now have to catch up.

BELL and WILSON are not that bad but of cause they can play better.

What HILL does shouldn't matter he's not a FIN.
PLUS if he was ALL of YOU would talk shi+ about him also.

There's not a team that would want to play the teams we do. And we are playing real good right now. WE were in every game and not playing our best football.


When things don't go our way you see them change. After the fumble you could see that we lost the game.

The same thing in the first 2 games. Something happens and it's like OK we tried.

They need to keep that MOJO for the whole game.

Shoot theres still Marve Harrison we atleast know hes a playmaker and catch the ball better then some of our WR just pay the man for one year to see what he does whats the worse that can happen we lose?

if i were coach tony i would:

1. have left wilson in cali with a bus ticket back to Oak. bench him for clemmons, he can't do worse
2. make darn sure henne had more reps not in preseason but during this season early on.
3. forget about the wildPat...forget about pat white period.
4. bench ginn & run more H formations to augment the wildcat which still seems to work with Ronnie navigating the formation. ginn is useless in the return game, let cobbs & bess continue there
5. let hartline & turner fight it out withe bess and camarillo starting.
6. tell crowder to shut up & get to work. he has missed as much coverage as wilson has.

this team is a good team but the coach thinks cheering will do the trick.you need to be a nasty coach to get results .

Give henne a chance for god sakes, you people are ridiculous. Calling for the coaches head already. Yeah we're 0-3 and that is truly frustrating but stick by team for once in your life

Wow...another blog and nothing about the coaching and playcalls. I only saw one blog from mandich on sunsentinel that questioned it the lack of passing (and still blaming the players).

You know what we have the same players from last year...so whats up?

I know that the offense play calling is predicatble. We got stuffed in the red zone bc they know we cant throw to a TE, fade, or anything else. And 3rd and 5 on the 6 and we handoff to the rb for nothing.

And then on 3rd and long or any down a checked down pass to rb/bess for negative yards. I always thought they should at least throw to the 1st down marker.


Someone please write about this...did the execution suck-YES; but if I can sit on butt and know what they are going to do, I am sure the other team does too.

Unbelievable comments. Some of you call yoursefes fans?

I was at the game and I saw first hand what the problem was with not getting pressure on the QB. The secondary can not cover a guy for 3 seconds to allow the LBs and line to get to the passer. I think Davis and Smith just need a little time but while they are getting up to speed the team will get burned on the big plays. Bell does look slow this year. I don't know if it is his hammy/ groin or if he is just past his prime.

For all the guys who have been crying put Henne in I think you see why he has been on the sidelines. Henne will eventually be the better Chad but he is not there yet. As for picking up Vick I must ask why. He was never a good QB in Atlanta and as of right now he looks as raw as Pat White. Philly will not part with Kolb. My guess is that McNab would be cut before Kolb.

Dolphins fans were out in force at San Diego. The 12th man advantage was virtually non-exsistant for the Bolts.

Lets See what Mr. Henne can do, i will be the first to give him credit if he turns out to prove me wrong about Henne sucking, at this point in time i am praying and hoping this kid is good becuase so far no cigar.

It seem's the Fins are witout their two biggest palyers this year: Smoke and Mirrors.

My thoughts; it is now apparent that all the draft picks and trades have not pan out and that last year's record was a fluke. Let's start with expensive moves that haven't pan out: 1) Wilford, 2) Wake, 3) White (2a), 4) Turner (3rd), 5) Eric Green 6) Nalbone (5a), 7) Gibril Wilson 8) S. Murphy (4b). Now players that have dissapeared, haven't been used or are not playing up to par. 1) Ginn, 2) Fasano, 3) Crowder, 4) Y. Bell 5) Will Allen. If you add to that players that are IR; 1) Martin, 2) Roth then you have the sum totals of our troubles. The Trifecta choices are hit/miss. So far it appears they overeached in the draft nad are building depth. That takes time. We got at least two more years before contention. However, watching the Jets playing defense with so much energy and we are not. So if Henne is now the man and Pat White is not ready. What happened there...

I love how everyone is calling for Henne's head already. I always thought Philly had the worst fans but now I'm starting to think Miami can't be far behind. Give the guy a chance. He gets thrown into a disaster of a game where nothing is working, and everyone thinks he's going to come in and become an instant Dan Marino. Get a grip.

Chad Henne sucks.
The play calling was terrible and if Chad Pennington does not come back soon, along with smarter play calling, we will have a losing record - most likely (5-11).
The only good thing from that is that it will prove that Chad Henne is not the "QB of the future" if nothing else.

And this organization is paying for it now by being too cheap to go out and pay a big time receiver. We obviously have one of the worst receiving corps in the NFL.

And the Defense continues to Under acheive. If theres ANY way of turning the season around, it has to be done through the Defense creating Turnovers and making Big plays and key times. On offense we will be a top 5 rushing team as long as they make the right play calls and who ever the QB is can play as mistake free as possible (only taking advantage of play action and open passing field set up by the run rather than forcing them to win the game)

Ok guys, the menace is on the blog, here are the cubans thoughts, #1 Ted(OOPs i fell down) Ginn and his clip board holding daddy have proved again what Ive been saying all along,#2 Chad(96 inch neck)Henne, lets give the circus side show guy a chane before we crucify him,#3,that defense $ucks big time,#4, jason(dance fever)taylor, now this guy is interesting since rejoining the phins it appears to have regressed, dont you think,#5, the coaching has been.. well not good,and one more thing, does any one have Ted(Side-line)Ginn on there fantasy foot ball team and if you do does his clip board holding daddy go with any scoring options??e.g how long he holds the clipboard before he drops it etc.any way the cuban wants to hear all your thoughts so shoot your thoughts to the cuban...

Guys Hill and Goodman are playing against the Raiders, Browns lately. We've played against Colts, Chargers which are far better teams. It's not the secondary its the pass rush.

If I'm calling out anyone its Porter and Taylor, get it going!

Phin Up!

Notice how the fins were 1 and 15 and jason(One step,two step)Taylor leaves the air breathers go 11 and 5 and then talor comes back and now the mammals are 0 and 3??? see a trend here??? i think Taylor might be the old perverable jinks... your thoughts..

I don't know what sucks more; how bad we look or how good the jets look. either way, it turns my stomach

I think it should be clear to everyone by now that ted ginn can,t play how many passes does he have to drop before bench him put camarillo sorry can,t spell but you know what I mean he may not be as fast but at least he can catch if teddy catches the the last 5 passes he dropped than we would have won last week and who knows about yesterdays game you just can,t keep drooping balls that hit you in the hands and chest the dolphins have some problems but if we would have caught some of those balls we be talking differently today and have a different record scott

hey Jamil....which 5 games do you actually see us winning at this point?

the cuban menace is the smartest fan on this blog.he figured TED GINN way early it's scary .the fins should hire him just to figure out who's to sign and not to sign.also they should hire NJ PHIN just to say OH BABY FASANO .

The most frustrating thing to me is the seeming unwillingness of the Dolphins coaches to get the ball in the hands of the "playmakers" we have on the roster.

Since Ted Ginn is not doing great as a WR, why not have him return kicks? Pat Cobbs does a fine job getting the ball to the 25 or 30 most of the time, but it is a snapshot of everything that is wrong with the Dolphins offensive philosophy. Cobbs will never break a kick for a TD because he would get caught from behind. Same for Bess returning punts. They drafted a really fast WR in the 1st round that has flashed return ability, why not let him continue to do that? Ginn has scored a few times on end arounds in his career, why not call more? In the Wildcat, why not have Ginn run the sweep occasionally? What happen to passing out of the Wildcat occasionally?

It seems like the Dolphin coaches just do not trust anyone on the offense to try to make plays, and all that leads to is a 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense that cannot win games.

I loved the deep shot taken on the first offensive play of the game, but it was not repeated. In the 1st game, Ginn was open deep and White missed him, in this game Penny missed him. Why not keep trying, eventually it will hit. Plays over 20 yards is what a successful offense does, and the Dolphins do not do them.

Henne is on he clock..................... no more fuc-ing excuses. We want a fuc-ing answer at QB 10 years is enough. if this Henne character does not show SOOOOOOOONNNN!!!!! we need to Draft a QB can i get a i second that motion in this forum? Lets see him play he has no other option and nor do we. He better show or i beg all the fans to rise up and demand a dam QB be drafted with our first pick next year or else sell your season tickets and dont buy them again till they give us a starting QB its enough we are not the dam Detroit lions nor the Tampa bay Bucs we are the freaking Dolphins and we need a QB NOW!!!!!!

So last year was clearly a fluke. We just sat back and watched a lot of bad teams beat themselves. We will be lucky to win 4 games this year. And Bell and Wilson suck. At the same time though I'm not gonna sweat a Renaldo Hill pick of the most inaccurate QB in the league. Rivers, Ryan, and Manning would be smoking his arse just as bad.


Voice your opinion and yes its time to see the truth behind the Hype about Henne, please i ask every fan to make a coment on Henne specifically in this forum pending the results of these season. io will speack about Henne and the Qb position this entire season. i hope next week i am raving about this second year QB but lets be honest with our self's this kid needs to show us something this year if he sucks we need to draft a dam QB look at mark sanches can i keep pointing out the dam fact than when a QB is good it shows immidiatly. people lets voice our opinions its been 10 fuc-ing years, the time for a new franchise QB is NOW!!!!!!!!

Agree with you Isreal, all you have to do is look at the past 7 years starting with big ben Rothlesberger, Matt Ryan, Flacco in balt, and now unfortunitly mr.sanchez of the jets...

So much for year 2 in the 3 year plan. The simple fact is, the so-called trifecta should be getting a lot more blame than the players.

You guys that are always complaining about the players need to ask yourself: Who evaluated and signed them? Who is responsible for the game plan, play calls, time mgmt.?

But here's the thing: there's no doubt the "trifecta" has made some serious mistakes in player evaluation. But there's enough talent on the current roster to win some games and not embarrass themselves on Sunday afternoon.

Here's the problem:

1. No playmakers on def or offense; except rushers- thank god for them

2. Bad playcalling-so predicatble, no aggressiveness, scared to throw moderate or deep

3. Terrible red zone calls and execution

4. Defense just bad

How can we win a game when we call the same plays over and over. The playbook must be 1 page. Sure we run and run, but then we throw dinks to nobody and go nowhere. Look at the film again, the defenders are there waiting each time.

This is combo of things: no playmakers and weak calls- and maybe they go hand and hand.



We suck, the Jets are great, Henne's a sham & I'm super-bummed.

First play of game long pass down the middle to Ginn. No hook up on that play, but where was those kind of plays the rest of the game? Those kind of plays are called aggressive, dink and dunk are not. This team is capable to strike with the deep ball. Maybe T.O. was talking about the Dolphins when he keep saying "we run the plays that are called" Maybe some of the Dolphin players are whispering the same thing.

So sad...in 1 offseason they Jets went from losers to Winners.

Wow: new agg coach, new agg plays, new qb rookie, and yes some vets

They seem inspired and want to win; we seem scared and run scared plays

On the 5 and we cant score?????? Really?

Man, we are lucky we play a crappy redzone team like SD or we wouldve have lost by 30.

Idea: bet against dolphins next week- might win some money


I agree now it's time to see if henne is the answer( prob not) but if not we know we need a qb by week 10. Looks like 1-4 on our bye. Hate to say the jets look good. Then the saints and pats... Oh boy it feels like I lost my dog.

After seeing Henne play yesterday, now I know why we didn't draft Matt Ryan.

Jason Taylor is a loser and should be cut to make a point.

Ginn couldn't catch a cold.

Pat White looked like the ball boy yesterday.

Why would we need receivers when we have Greg Camarillo as our #2?

Will Allen is the only guy on D worth anything and he's 57.

Somebody should tell Tuna it's not 1986 anymore....THE GAME HAS CHANGED...Receivers are very important and the wildcat has stunted this teams growth....It's like having a gimmick play in Madden, beating all your buddies until they figure it out....then you're SCREWED!!!

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