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On Chad's bad shoulder, Dolphins bad record

Chad Pennington said it best late Sunday when in talking about his personal adversity with a serious shoulder injury he might also have been talking for his team: "I'm going to hope for the best and expect the worst," Pennington said.

Although Pennington declined to be specific about his right shoulder's status, the team is fearing the injury is a dislocation of his throwing shoulder. Team doctors popped the shoulder back into place on the sideline but the damage was done, according to a source.

A dislocated shoulder is different than a separated shoulder in that a dislocation means the top of the arm pops out of the socket. In a separation, there could be damage to the ligament that connects the collarbone to the shoulder blade.

Both are serious, particularly for a quarterback.

Pennington will miss an unspecified amount of time. Depending on what the MRI this morning reveals, Pennington could be out as little as three weeks or up to 12 weeks, which would effectively end his season. If the injury -- regardless of whether it's a separation or dislocation -- is acute, it might require surgery.

And that also would be a season-ending situation.

Pennington has already undergone two right shoulder surgeries in the past. Pennington was talking like someone who expects bad news following today's MRI.

"I've worked extremely hard and have overcome a lot of adversity and been able to play when people said I couldn't play anymore," Pennington said. "I've been through two surgeries and I've been able to play and play at a high level. That's quite an accomplishment.

"Right now, I'm in a state of shock, truly disappointed because I know what type of work I've put in and what type of work that our team has put in. For me not to be able to be out there and help us fight through this adversity is tough to swallow."

The Pennington injury makes Chad Henne Miami's new starting quarterback. The Dolphins might also be in the market for a backup because Pat White simply is not ready to be the backup now.

Henne struggled against the Chargers, who riddled him with new coverages as soon as he entered the game.

"I think we gave him a few different looks that he probably hasn't seen yet," cornerback Antonio Cromartie said.

When he came in the game, Henne was confident he was ready to succeed. But he missed some open receivers either by not getting the ball to them or throwing elsewhere.

"I was prepared for this moment," he said of the time he was told to come in the game. "It's only a 7-point game and that's the moment you have to shine and come up and become a player ... Obviously tonight it didn't really show. I made some mistakes, but I'll be in that film room day and night busting my butt and getting better and lead this team."

The Dolphins need the leadership because right now they are winless and with few viable options for getting better.

Do you know any good playmakers for the offense? Do you know any available secondary players that can help stop the bleeding?

The Dolphins need both. Henne got no help, least of all from Ted Ginn Jr., who had six passes thrown his way, resulting in zero receptions.

The team gained 94 yards on its 17-play first quarter opening drive. And then gained only 195 total yards the rest of the game.

The secondary, meanwhile, continued to give up big plays. (This while Renaldo Hill notched an interception Sunday.)

"We can't be giving up explosive plays down the field like that," nose tackle Jason Ferguson said.

This game was depressing on par with last year's loss to Arizona for different reasons. That game was a blowout in which the Dolphins didn't compete.

This game was closer but it was depressing in that the Chargers were clearly the much better team despite missing several key players.Starting running back LaDainian Tomlinson didn't play. Starting center Nick Hardwick didn't play. Starting guard Louis Vasquez didn't play. Linebacker Shawne Merriman left the game after the first half.

And still the Chargers had more talent on the field.

Finally, this column I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald outlines how the things the Dolphins did so well in winning the AFC East a year ago are exactly the kind of things they stink at doing so far this season.



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Two....not to.

I am cautiously optimistic about the future prospects for the fins. I have seen some flashes from the core group of players the trifecta drafted so I will reserve judgement but would like to see if they are keepers. Stop coddling them and play em. Outside of the draft, however, the trifecta has misfired on their evaluations.

Clemons, Nalbone and Turner specifically need to get more playing time as Wilson/Fasano/Ginn have their limitations...Let's see if they have what it takes and if not, we go back to the drawing board...

Btw, I don't believe last year was a set back, a tease maybe, but not a set back. The 2008 fins were building a culture of winning. Tough, hard nosed football that overcame adversity and found ways to win close games. We have lost that brand of football with this group and Sparano needs to find that fire again somehow.

Getting the 15th pick in the draft instead of the 25th pick in the draft improves your odds that you will get a better pick but you still need to emphasize talent evaluation (See Ginn at #9).

Dolfans your season is over.

Your only hope, the great Chad Pennington, is done for the season and perhaps a career. Parcells must be called out for not anticipating this fragile paper mache' QB going down in a heap.

Your future looks bleak in the hands of no-names like Henne, Ginn, Camarillo, and has-beens like Porter, Taylor, and Ferguson. Thank Cam Cameron for the legacy of one of the worst high draft decisions in recent history (Ted Ginn and his mom, dad, brother, and sister), what a joke.

Your reality is that your team lacks talent in all areas not named running backs. Your defensive secondary is just pathetic, they will get torched all season long. Dolfins are staring at 0-6 real soon. Buffalo will torch you next week with Lee Evans and T.O. Jets will just destroy your QB, maybe knock him unconscious. Who's the 3rd string QB on this sorry bunch? After the Jets come Drew Brees and Marques Colston, OUCH!!

Maybe the Transformers or X-Men or the Incredibles HA! HA! HA!

Dolfans your only hope is for Optimus Prime or BumbleBee to show up on sunday and throw some pads on.

You will compete with Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Oakland, and of course Detroit, for the number one pick in the 2010 draft.

I predict 26 interceptions in 13 games for young Chad Henne. Dolfins will go 3-13.

Dolfans you only hope for a pleasant, enriching, and fulfilling NFL season is to go out and purchase a Mark Sanchez #6 Jersey.


Dolfans, relax on Chad Henne right now. The guy is going to stumble along the learning curve. Check out Philip Rivers' first NFL game line (similar situation w/ Brees getting hurt): 12-22, 115yds, 0-td, 1-int, 3-sacks, 2-Fumbles; [50.4 Rating]. This was AT HOME!

Then he had an entire offseason to prepare. In his next game against OAKLAND: 8-11, 108yds, 1-td, 0-int, 1-fumble; [133 rating].

It's going to take time. Ronnie & Ricky can carry the load while Henne takes few chances. The hardest part of schedule is over. IF Miami can fix secondary & get Porter back Miami could make 8-8.

I was at the game Sunday, and here are a few things I noticed. The first is we need another receiver. Those drops by Ginn were difference makers.

Also, there is less big play calling and more of a conservative approach toward the end zone.

The defense was great until the 3rd quarter, it was that awkward point in the game we as dolphin fans fear, because for so long it results in big plays and another loss.

This team needs a win and then go into the bye week clearing their heads. In terms of identity you could see it from the field, the guys look like they are doing their job, but not with any intensity.

Henne is the man! Put him in there and let it fly!!

it is good to finally see some fans with some good posts and optimism. Thank you Sammy in Dubai, Todd McShay and company

Freeman mcNeil...the only joke is your opinion....to say this team has no talent can only come from someone with either no football sense or someone that has a mild retardation...Miami's O line is not only talented, but is young, and will be a force for a long time...and the defensive backs, smith and Davis will anchor this team for years to come...if you don't think Parcells will fix whatever problems this team has in the future then you know nothing about football...people like you are morons, you actually pay to go on another teams blog and criticize so what, you can feed your ego OR hide the fact you have a deficiency in your penis size??? Or are u both???

Freeman McNeil
I don't know why your laughing so much. You life long looser got Drew Brees and Marques Colston, this week OUCH!! Is right. The saints will prove what a big fluke your Jets are.
You guy may end up with a better record this year but in the end. I will leave you a seat to watch the super bowl with us.

Average teams with soft schedules finish above .500 (2008 Dolphins)

Average teams with tough schedules finish below .500 (2009 Dolphins)

Average teams always find a way to win vs bad teams (2008 Dolphins).

Average teams always find a way to lose vs good teams (2009 Dolphins).

The problem is that we are still average in 2009. There has been absolutely no progress this offseason. Bad signings, average drafts and no player development. Some players are even regressing (Fasano's case is really sad).

Henne can save it all if he's finally as good as advertised. If he's in deed our franchise QB we can hope good things for the future.

If he's not our franchise, the Trifecta must recognize its numerous errors and resign, and we must sign a coach/GM who's a true player developer (Gruden, Cowher or Shanahan)

If I could Mr. Ross, I'd shove this f.u.king racket down your f.u.king throat for lying to me about this team!!!

Lol at bumblebee!

Todd's comment is what is wrong with us. We are scared to pass, whether it is Penne or Henne. That is why we can't score. No dis to Ronnie or Rickie who are carrying the team right now, but we don't surprise anyone with our playcalling even in the redzone.

This season is over-sorry it is. Even if we get help from magic or bumblebee we won't beat the great teams out there. So let's plan for next year and play some guys and change the playbook.

Henne's got a better arm, so lets throw. He'll throw some INTs bc of reads but lets open it up. And put some guys on defense and sit these old timers-there not helping, it cant be worse.

And at the end of trading deadline lets trade some guys...if Ginn cant catch Henne, then he's gone-good for a 2d rounder. Taylor and Porter dont look the same-gone. Wilson-shoot him like a horse. \

So many holes. BTW, Playcalling sucks.

We could put J-Lo's ass in the off line, and get rid of the line

To all my future and aspiring Parott Heads: We suck, let's face it, but while we're at it, here's a song to hold U off...


Lastly, don't forget to let the Land Shark Beer flow!!!

Yann, ur joking right??? No offseason progress?? All bad picks?? This O line has more talent and is coming together better then we've had in years...Sean Smith and Vonte Davis, bad picks??? Henne's less then a half, bad pick??? Parcells should resign??? Parcells has built more teams and developed more great players then all THREE of people you mentiioned COMBINED...give us a break with that dumb post...

It's time to let ted ginn return punts and kick offs. He is not a WR. He is not a #1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or5.
Let see what Turner and hartline can do. Camirillo we thank you form the bottom of our heart for making that catch. that stopped us for going 0-16. But But your not a #2 WR. Your more like a #4 or 5. Bess is really good. he is a younger faster Wess Welker.
Our D-line needs to make a push. if we could get a pass rush. Our secondary would look better. WE give there QB to much time.

Silly little Dolfans,

Only obie one canobie can save you in two weeks when Bart Scott, the Darth Vader of Defense, brings the DEATH STAR that is the JETS D to Jets South Stadium (thats' what it looks like in the 4rth quarter, full of green jerseys hanging over the railing as hapless dolfans silently shuffle out into the moon light, like orange little ladybugs).

Face your reality, your team is now hopelessly overmatched against most of the opponents remaining on your schedule.

Teams will now blitz relentlessly and destroy your untested and unprepared neophyte QB. Your O-line cannot contain the onslaught that will befall them. A blur of bodies coming from all directions, is what awaits poor your hanging chad. Who is that skinny little rookie 3rd string QB?

You guys are toast. Put yourself out of your misery, go buy a throwback #6 Mark Sanchez jersey. Hurry, supplies are limited!!!


fins will be fine....this team is still on the right track....did you really think there would be no bumps in the road? they outplayed the colts by alot and should have one.....the charger game was very close till penny got injured. now the future begins


What will you be saying after another Jet late season collapse? Don't overlook the fact that you have played 2 out of 3 home games against teams with a combined record of 3-6, while we have played 1 home game against teams with a comnined record of 7-2...

Lets see how Dirty Sanchez looks with a little late season pressure against a good D...

Don't be surprised if we beat Buffalo and than U on Monday night.

Brees is going to torch that kamakazi blitz scheme next week

Just relax people and let Henne get some reps with the first team. That really isn't Henne's fault. He looked pretty good considering how many jumps off side and balls to the recievers that should have been caught. Oh by the way did you know Farve was over the line of scrimmage by ten yds yesterday. Guess that can happen to the best when the QB has know line to back him up and his is scrambling to make a play! Let the team jell for awhile and stay supportive and we might just pull off a few games

freeman, you are setting yourself up for colossal fall....when have the jets done anything right? mark sanchez jersey? you can hang it next to your rick mirer jersey.

Freeman McDumbass, the most pleasant thing you can do is stick around on this blog when your Jets collapse and fail, like they have done every year since 1969, instead of disappearing like you Jets fans do every year and hide in the closet with your amazing baseball team the Mets...The two most incredible collapse in sports history, the Mets two years ago and the Jets last year...both at the hands of Miami teams too...life will always be great for Miami fans no matter what...because we weren't born second class citizens in our own State, like the REAL fans in NY who have the common sense to wear Giants and Yankees Jerseys out in public...even New Yorkers who see the Jets jersey think the same thing, low class, uneducated moron, drunk who will always be a nobody...HA HA HA

Miami fans pull their trailers to the stadium to tailgate...Jets fans pull their trailers to the stadium because that's their homes...that's the difference between class and low class

BENCH GINN! Let him run back punts and kick offs..make Bess the #1 receiver and give Cam and Hartline more plays....HENNE YOU ARE THE MAN! This is your shot! Take it and shut up any of the those that say you cannot do it! GO FINS! GO HENNE!

Good blog Mando and also an excellent column in today's paper. It kind of puts everything in perspective and should confirm for those who are still drinking the punch that it is time to prepare for the draft. I'm not sold on Sparano yet. I've been sold too many lemons by this team over the years and I will just wait and see. WOuldn't be surprised to see him and the trifecta gone in three years.

Jets think they super bowl champ every year until middle of season until they realize team suck and then angry... this why jet fan always so ugly, it very hard on body and face and brain to go through this every year.

Come on Jimmy that weak schedule was what the Dolphins had last year. Can't blame a team for taking advantage of it. Its what the good teams do. We found a way to be good last year. Not the case this year.

bobbyd12 you can tell us something about plumbing you seem like maybe you expert

Hey Carlito with the magic panana, little boys are off from school today, u must have a busy day planned huh???

Shawn , so now i said i would take penny over ryan ? LMAO ! You're so full of shyt it's unbelievable. :] And yes i would take penny over farve . Who won their teams division last year in a head to head battle ?

sorry to dissapoint you bobby but I only like ladies not little boy like you.

I excited for see what Henne going to do, but sorry this season over.

Bobbyd12, You're the man ! . It's good to see you put some of these idiots in place.

it scary to see NJ talk to himself as boobyd12... this just a little creepy

I'm sad to see my dolphins at bottom of division again

The D is only bad because they can not cover anyone. The guys up front can get it done if the backend can make the QB hold the ball for at least 3 seconds.

Carlito, season not over, the trick is for this team to continue to get better and get it right...I think this team has beat itself in 2/3 games...if Pennington is hurt that bad then you should be excited to see the future and watching Henne...

nj phinfan, you obviously didn't see bobbyd12's post yesterday about the twin towers if you think he is the man. bobyd12 should be banned.

Hey NJ Finfan...Sprano just said this is unacceptable andsome guys aren't playing so expect some changes this week...I think we are going to see Turner and some of the young kids...I look forward to seeing this team open up a little

I was very sad when Dolphins lose to Colts. I was at stadium and to see this great crowd depressed was very bad. And when I saw the first drive of the game with San Diego I was thinking this Dolphins team don't want to lose again! Then the fumble in the end zone and here we go again.

Now Pennington out and maybe this better because at 0-3 we need to try Henne anyway. Things are not good. Playoff not option. Only thing to do this season now is to find franchise qb. Hope he already on roster.

Bobbyd12 , I agree . Maybe more of hartline and turner to go along with henne. On D , I'd like to see clemons start getting some reps.


I think maybe culver more likely for replace wilson. He had some playing time yesterday and he do ok.

Ur another one serrvino, people like you are incredible...u want to know what's offensive...picking up a dead veteran off the street with no name and no family...offensive, going to a scene picking up a 8 year kid who's face has been blown off by an ak because he got caught in between drug dealers... Picking up brain pieces for 30 feet while mom is wailing...offensive..a kid beat to death by his moms boyfriend...while u read these stories in the paper and shake ur head then move on to ur stock pages, people like me pick ip the human tragedys here...ur offensive..telling some obnoxious, loud mouth Jets fan I wish he was in the towers ?? No, that wasn't offensive.....go back to ur lily white home in the suburbs and lock ur self in and pretend to be offends while you live in your fantasy world,, u, Mac and some of these oyhers have no clue what's offensive, because it easier to ignore....ass

I said this before but it got deleted. I did see the twin tower comment and called bobbyd12 out on it, but it wasn't malicious. Anytime you want a AZZwipe ! jet fan crushed in a falling building , it's all good.

hey doll[phin fans sorry to see your delicate cotton soft qb go down again ! i thought he had marbles when get busted up his noes to bad he used the ol ketchup packet trick ...this guys is the definition of pu.s.s.y ha ! ha ! ha!

I cant wait for my son to throw a jubilee of boddies to terminate you other chad in an array of choatic blitzes .

and one more think when the jets are celebrating in your stadium in febuary then u cry me a river

Flacco's 1st start 15 of 29 129 yds 0 td 0 int
Elis's 1st start 17 of 37 162 yds 1 td 2 int
Ryan's 1st start 9 of 13 161 yds 1 td 0 int
Rivers' 1st start 8 of 11 108 yds 1 td 0 int
Big Ben's 1st start 12 of 22 163 yds 1 td 1 int

Lets give Henne a start before you start looking for his replacement. Ok?

so because you are an EMT, its not in horrible taste to say u wish jet fan was in the towers on 911....no, you are the ass....you are an embarrassment

Dear Mr. Freeman McNeil

I am no Doctor but I have stayed at a Holiday inn express and it is quite clear to me that you are suffering from a lack of brain in diet.

Your comments are symtoms of what they call "Full of Sh.....it".

Its usually comes on after digestion of Jets hype. (look up Buddy Ryan and Mark Sanchez)

I recommend some A..nal suppository laxatives
and wait for the Jets to collapse and you should be fine.

Soiled :)

told you guys earlier that the fins might finish 6 and 10,this is year 2 in the bill(tuna)parcells project, (not to be confused with the Alan Parsons project) bill in year 1 with Dallas found success that 1st year and went 10 and 6 though his second year he went 5 and 11 his 3rd season he rebounded and if it wasnt for a muffed extra point who knows how far theyd have gone, not shocked at all the hating posts, seeing that 90% of "DOLFANS" are fair weather fans, to the other 10% you know good things are around the corner...

Dear Mr. Menace

" (not to be confused with the Alan Parsons project)"

Dude nice reference.

Soiled :)

Leave it to soiled to come up with a prognosis and a cure for mr.McNeil..Also soiled who would you rather have Megan Fox or Meg griffin??? Just wondering..

NJ, you think Pennington is better than Sanchez, RIGHT NOW. and you would take Pennington over Sanchez RIGHT NOW.

well, your RIGHT NOW QB PENNIGTON, is not looking like someone we can rely on after 50 yards in the first half, 3pts, and a hurt shoulder.

just foolish to of ever thought Pennigton was the guy to lead us to the promised land....

20 QB's in the league better than both of our QBs; Penny & Henny!

Begin the QB search now. Draft a high pick QB and free us from 10 years of crap QBs!

9/11 was an inside job

checkout wtc7.net & watch the collapse videos

well put, menace.....clarity finally

Did you guys hear the good news?

Ted Ginn Jr just save lots of money on his car insurance.

We are in the hunt, for the No#1 draft pick next year!!!

Whatever servino, sorry ur so sensitive..and I'm LEO jerk off....the embarassment and jokes are people like u who spend ur life in a fantasy shell..


Dear Mr. Menace

" soiled who would you rather have Megan Fox or Meg griffin??? "

Neither one of of these fine ladies is ugly enough for me.

Give me Maude or Edith Bunker and now were talkin......or is it the hard liquor talkin.

Soiled :)

By the way, here's offensive, Shawn here who claims OUR govt blew up the towers, that's OFFENSIVE, learn the difference or www.Disney.com/blog. For people who get easily offended..but of course u would probaly be offended when they say tinkerbell is a "fairy"

tinkerbell is gay? how do you know bobby?

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