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On Chad's bad shoulder, Dolphins bad record

Chad Pennington said it best late Sunday when in talking about his personal adversity with a serious shoulder injury he might also have been talking for his team: "I'm going to hope for the best and expect the worst," Pennington said.

Although Pennington declined to be specific about his right shoulder's status, the team is fearing the injury is a dislocation of his throwing shoulder. Team doctors popped the shoulder back into place on the sideline but the damage was done, according to a source.

A dislocated shoulder is different than a separated shoulder in that a dislocation means the top of the arm pops out of the socket. In a separation, there could be damage to the ligament that connects the collarbone to the shoulder blade.

Both are serious, particularly for a quarterback.

Pennington will miss an unspecified amount of time. Depending on what the MRI this morning reveals, Pennington could be out as little as three weeks or up to 12 weeks, which would effectively end his season. If the injury -- regardless of whether it's a separation or dislocation -- is acute, it might require surgery.

And that also would be a season-ending situation.

Pennington has already undergone two right shoulder surgeries in the past. Pennington was talking like someone who expects bad news following today's MRI.

"I've worked extremely hard and have overcome a lot of adversity and been able to play when people said I couldn't play anymore," Pennington said. "I've been through two surgeries and I've been able to play and play at a high level. That's quite an accomplishment.

"Right now, I'm in a state of shock, truly disappointed because I know what type of work I've put in and what type of work that our team has put in. For me not to be able to be out there and help us fight through this adversity is tough to swallow."

The Pennington injury makes Chad Henne Miami's new starting quarterback. The Dolphins might also be in the market for a backup because Pat White simply is not ready to be the backup now.

Henne struggled against the Chargers, who riddled him with new coverages as soon as he entered the game.

"I think we gave him a few different looks that he probably hasn't seen yet," cornerback Antonio Cromartie said.

When he came in the game, Henne was confident he was ready to succeed. But he missed some open receivers either by not getting the ball to them or throwing elsewhere.

"I was prepared for this moment," he said of the time he was told to come in the game. "It's only a 7-point game and that's the moment you have to shine and come up and become a player ... Obviously tonight it didn't really show. I made some mistakes, but I'll be in that film room day and night busting my butt and getting better and lead this team."

The Dolphins need the leadership because right now they are winless and with few viable options for getting better.

Do you know any good playmakers for the offense? Do you know any available secondary players that can help stop the bleeding?

The Dolphins need both. Henne got no help, least of all from Ted Ginn Jr., who had six passes thrown his way, resulting in zero receptions.

The team gained 94 yards on its 17-play first quarter opening drive. And then gained only 195 total yards the rest of the game.

The secondary, meanwhile, continued to give up big plays. (This while Renaldo Hill notched an interception Sunday.)

"We can't be giving up explosive plays down the field like that," nose tackle Jason Ferguson said.

This game was depressing on par with last year's loss to Arizona for different reasons. That game was a blowout in which the Dolphins didn't compete.

This game was closer but it was depressing in that the Chargers were clearly the much better team despite missing several key players.Starting running back LaDainian Tomlinson didn't play. Starting center Nick Hardwick didn't play. Starting guard Louis Vasquez didn't play. Linebacker Shawne Merriman left the game after the first half.

And still the Chargers had more talent on the field.

Finally, this column I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald outlines how the things the Dolphins did so well in winning the AFC East a year ago are exactly the kind of things they stink at doing so far this season.



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A Great statement be our friend soiled, its true any one can nail a hot chick but it takes a "REAL" man to do a Maude or a Edith...and Gopats , i think you know who would be 86 between Ted (no testicular fortitude)Ginn and bill(tuna)Parcells..

Why does Ginn still have a jersey? Cut him already, or put him with the cheerleaders.

And the best part of his missed passes, is when he is hitting the ground after the his attempts. He actually thinks he can catch them.

They should start Bess over him. Bess has a spark, and he is not afraid of being hit. He had one or two good plays in sundays game.

Sanchez plays 3 games against two sub par teams and a team whose QB was out for a year and he's GREAT....no qb is anything after 3 games

Dear Mr. Bobbyd12

" tinkerbell is a "fairy"

I've had my suspicions but didn't want to say anything.

Soiled :)

Ginn maybe can take tickets at the gate next week

his daddy can stand next with clip board to count attendance

man, we haven't won a Superbowl for 35+ years. wow, thats terrible. 35+ years with now superbowl.

are we headed in the right direction? why haven't we learned from the last 10 years of managing the game, dinking and dunking, no mistakes that this approach has gotten no where! The last 10 years of superbowl winners are stocked with hall of famers to be, elite QBs and game changers.

Our last 12 QBs have been;


WOW. holy crap, the futility!!!!! Do you think we need a QB? Have you seen anything from our current QB situation that says we have our QB of the future?



RE:Tinkerbell, not that there's anything wrong with that...

Long as it doesn't offend you soiled that tinker is a fairy, ur good in my book...who do the phins pick up as a backup QB???? Chris Simms or who else ?

"Sanchez plays 3 games against two sub par teams and a team whose QB was out for a year and he's GREAT....no qb is anything after 3 games"

yeah, Pennigton is done for AFTER 3 GAMES!

once again who do you take Bobby; Penny or Sanchez? Sanchez or Henne?

I hate the Jets. I watched the whole Jet game yesterday. Sanchez has got it. and for you to be ignorant to that and the fact that other teams, RIVALS, are picking talent while we are picking Pat White. WAKE UP BOBBY, our QBS SUCK! and other teams are kicking ass because they picked great QBs in the draft; Flacco, Ryan, Sancez, etc, etc...

Shawn, the sad thing is they could have had Drew Brees...Twice..

shawn is delusional...you, bobbyd12, are an angry little man. i live in a fantasy world because i'm not a cop? that makes sense.

Great News!!! Ginn talked to his dad again this week and he was told to stop sucking!

I guess with a name like Soiledbottom, not much offends u huh LMAO

Shawn , 9/11 was a inside job ? Wow ! LMFAO . I knew i was debating an idiot , but that takes the cake, LOL ! INSIDE JOB. LMFAO ! Any credibilty you had as a person trying to debate a subject ( including the dolphin ) went right out the window. Not only are you delusional , but just you're just plain stupid. Do me a favor , after that remark . please refrain form addressing me and i will do the same for you. One other thing , you are an enbarressment to all dolphin fans. INSIDE JOB ? you've got to be f'n kidding me.

Most to blame for where we are today in Fins Nation = The last 15 years of Dolphin personel / draft evaluaters...

No serrvino, u live in a fantasy world because ur not a man...but don't worry, next time the kids next door kicks the ball in your yard or some one scratches your BMW, we will come out and smooth your hurt feelings when you call and waste everyones time...have a nice day with a double latte, non fat, venti and let the real men talk football.

NJ, How was Tennessee???

Who should the fins pick up as a back-up QB??? For all the football fans......what's ur favorite ballet move??? That's for Serrivino, Mac and the rest of the people who claimed I offended them

Cut this Ginn Jr. Ass now!!! Don't wait. What a complete f*cking bum! He's a piece of Sh*t with the kernels still visible. What the f*ck was Cam Cameron thinking when he drafted this guttless turd. Cut him and send a message to the rest of this team. Good luck Henne! Looking forward to this weeks game. 1-3 after this week. Go Fins!

blessing in disguise, we are done with Pennigton. Yah! NO MORE STOP GAP, managing the game, dink and dunk QBs!

let the era of crap QBs end...

boobyd12 can be backup blowhard to NJ

bobbyd12, nice scenario....and i'm the one living in a fantasy world....you are clueless...

that's aight NJ! I gave up on you after you told me you would take Pennington over Sanchez...now that is stupid!

Can we all just get along????

Mando, who are some of the QB candidates that the Phins will bring in for that backup position?

ESPN is having a love affair with Rex(a fat Gary busey look alike)Ryan there calling him the early favorite to be coach of the year... excuse me but i must now regurgitate my lunch...

I hear Cleo Lemon is available, and if not him what about A.J Feely??

Believe me , nothing and i mean NOTHING ! is more STUPID then that Earlier comment. LMAO !

Fiedler please, ohhhh Fiedler! I love me some Fielder, almost as good as Penny. or how bout Harrington...much better than drafted a young stud next year...

Would not shock me if Griese is the QB that is signed to be the backup. Who else is out there other than Damon Huard?

The Playcalling must change otherwise it won't matter who we have at QB....They don't take chances even when we are running the ball down the opposing teams throat!!!!

Ok....AJFeeley, Griese, Cleo Lemon, Damon Huard, Joey Harrington....who else is on the list of available Qb's?

I say run the wild cat 100% of the time, let ronnie run the offense, cant be any worse then what weve seen so far..

One thought for you, get me a Jets jersey. I need a new team to root for.

Priority Wish List-

2. FS
3. WR
4. DT
5. TE
6. MLB
7. OLB
8. RB
9. SS
10. WR

Very Disappointed in yesterdays game... Defensive Secondary = Toast
Defensive front Seven = Stout
Offense = Conservative (No shots down the field, maybe with Henne now we'll take those shots)
Penny = Good cat and a great game manager, BUT he isn't the future.
Henne = did well for first appearance. I know SD disguised their coverage alot when Henne was in, BUT he didn't get the first team reps last week, so I think the play calling predicated that.

Conclusion: Season is lost... Secondary is swiss cheese... Defense wins games (which our Defense can't Stop any receiver that come off the line... Offense is above average but maybe will be more exciting with Henne taking the reigns... As for the Draft, I say we look at a couple of more DB's, a Nose Tackle (Fergy is not getting any younger), and a Veteran Free Agent Wide receiver... Just suxs to see it all fall apart.... Looks like a top 10 draft choice next year...

Well at least the special teams are playing good..

Guys this was the plan, Pennington was the bridge for 2 yrs max to Henne. Last yr was a magical run, we were like George Mason in the NCAA tourny, and like it was planned here we are in yr 2 and Henne has the ball in his hands now. Let the plan breath. Let's see Henne and White thrown out there and see what they're made of, we haven't even seen White yet except for a bomb to Ginn and a hand-off and u want to get rid of him. Winning last yr skewed the plan, but we clearly know what we need and we will see how Henne plays and hopefully (fingers-crossed) they will take the leash off White and let them make mistakes so they can learn from them and get their hands dirty and throw downfield. Henne has a big arm and i liked his pocket awareness, he didn't just get dowwn in the fetal position when the rush came, he slid in the pocket and kept his eyes downfield, and White (as long as he's given the oppertunity to grow and learn from actual playing time) is a playmaker who's hands u want the ball in wether it be running,catching or throwing, most people around thee league, who have no vested interest or loyalties in or to the dolphins, say that both these guys are potential A-/B+ prospects respectively. We can agree we like Langford, Merling, D. Thomas, J. Long, S. Smith, V. Davis, patrick turner needs to get on thefield but we have young guys who are contributing, let the plan breath, hopefully next yr we get another 3,4 or 5 impact players, and hopefully earlier in the draft. I just want the coaches to stop playing to not lose with all these field goals and open it up for Henne and White, their way is not working, nobody is scared of us, and they now know no matter what they will always be in the game because it is so difficult for us to score TD's. The next off-season will be huge for what direction we are headed in. I don't care if we cont. to lose as long as we are giving Henne and White a CHANCE to blossom and succeed, and as long as we beat the jets in a couple of weeks. We need to stretch the field, we traded for Fasano and are paying him like 3-4 million when we could have just payed a little more or traded a little more and got a playmaker like Winslow, Ginn returned 4 kicks/punts for TD's and he wwas taken off, and now we have Bess is again, no threat to score, the coaches are sacrificing playmaking for fear of turning the football over and look what it's gotten us. we are a good football team but we are middle of the pack mediocre and it is up to the trifecta for what direction we take we are just above the Chiefs,Bucs,Browns,Rams etc. we are in that group of teams that are clearly outmatched but are at least competitive for what little playmaking ability we have. But we can take the dive down to those really bad teams if the coaches cont. to lack vision and creativity in the passing game, the lack of confidence in your young QB infests the team and the rest of the team plays with no confidence, it's the teams that their coaches let the young QB stretch the field that the team follows that philosophy, look at the redskins, we have as much confidence in our passing game as they do, and dink and dunk to little recievers like Moss and Randle El and refuse to let Campbell air it out just like we do, we take one shot downfield and overthrow Ginn and they get scared and don't go back to it again, so if Ginn drops it, throw it to him again, and again, til the damn ball sticks in his face mask! lol. I like the plan and direction of the team, but the coaching and gameday philosophy needs to change, the conservative way just isn't working, it's keeping us in games but it's just delaying the inevitable like the redskins against the lions, so are we going to cont. banging our head against the wall and become more and more like the reskins or are we going to roll the dice and let the chips fly and see what our young players are made of.

Marvin Harrison is still teamless, like to see him in aqua and orange and Chad(96inch neck)Henne throwing to him.. What do you guys think??

by the way, no matter what happens here on out, thank you for that magical run last yr Pennington, we will always have that memory!

The level if hatred between Fin fans and Jet fans is peaking. Don't worry Fin fans no matter what, the Jets will collapse late in the season.

Chris Mortensen is reporting that Pennington is out for the season.

thank you for getting hurt Pennington...you suck!

Carlito just when I was starting g to think ur an allright guy, u Costa Rican criminal!!!

chris mortenson reports Pennington out for season





on espn.com mort said pennington gone for the season!

Chuck , can we keep the war and peace like novel posts to a minimum . LOL ! . Also can you throw a paragragh or two in there. LOL ! Other then that , i agree with the post.

YUP ! on your post at 3:28


Pennigton is done! good guy, bad QB...time to find a real, quality, QB that can throw down the field...


thank god!

at least Henne should get a relatively gentle start against Buffalo. God knows what Owens will do to our secondary, but hopefully the offense can put enough together to get us a win.

The era of Back Door Football is over.

Now the Phins can play football the way it's supposed to be played: like men.

Another unknowledgeable football fan posted at 1540. Gopats

LOL@BOBBYD12 , Yup !

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