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On Chad's bad shoulder, Dolphins bad record

Chad Pennington said it best late Sunday when in talking about his personal adversity with a serious shoulder injury he might also have been talking for his team: "I'm going to hope for the best and expect the worst," Pennington said.

Although Pennington declined to be specific about his right shoulder's status, the team is fearing the injury is a dislocation of his throwing shoulder. Team doctors popped the shoulder back into place on the sideline but the damage was done, according to a source.

A dislocated shoulder is different than a separated shoulder in that a dislocation means the top of the arm pops out of the socket. In a separation, there could be damage to the ligament that connects the collarbone to the shoulder blade.

Both are serious, particularly for a quarterback.

Pennington will miss an unspecified amount of time. Depending on what the MRI this morning reveals, Pennington could be out as little as three weeks or up to 12 weeks, which would effectively end his season. If the injury -- regardless of whether it's a separation or dislocation -- is acute, it might require surgery.

And that also would be a season-ending situation.

Pennington has already undergone two right shoulder surgeries in the past. Pennington was talking like someone who expects bad news following today's MRI.

"I've worked extremely hard and have overcome a lot of adversity and been able to play when people said I couldn't play anymore," Pennington said. "I've been through two surgeries and I've been able to play and play at a high level. That's quite an accomplishment.

"Right now, I'm in a state of shock, truly disappointed because I know what type of work I've put in and what type of work that our team has put in. For me not to be able to be out there and help us fight through this adversity is tough to swallow."

The Pennington injury makes Chad Henne Miami's new starting quarterback. The Dolphins might also be in the market for a backup because Pat White simply is not ready to be the backup now.

Henne struggled against the Chargers, who riddled him with new coverages as soon as he entered the game.

"I think we gave him a few different looks that he probably hasn't seen yet," cornerback Antonio Cromartie said.

When he came in the game, Henne was confident he was ready to succeed. But he missed some open receivers either by not getting the ball to them or throwing elsewhere.

"I was prepared for this moment," he said of the time he was told to come in the game. "It's only a 7-point game and that's the moment you have to shine and come up and become a player ... Obviously tonight it didn't really show. I made some mistakes, but I'll be in that film room day and night busting my butt and getting better and lead this team."

The Dolphins need the leadership because right now they are winless and with few viable options for getting better.

Do you know any good playmakers for the offense? Do you know any available secondary players that can help stop the bleeding?

The Dolphins need both. Henne got no help, least of all from Ted Ginn Jr., who had six passes thrown his way, resulting in zero receptions.

The team gained 94 yards on its 17-play first quarter opening drive. And then gained only 195 total yards the rest of the game.

The secondary, meanwhile, continued to give up big plays. (This while Renaldo Hill notched an interception Sunday.)

"We can't be giving up explosive plays down the field like that," nose tackle Jason Ferguson said.

This game was depressing on par with last year's loss to Arizona for different reasons. That game was a blowout in which the Dolphins didn't compete.

This game was closer but it was depressing in that the Chargers were clearly the much better team despite missing several key players.Starting running back LaDainian Tomlinson didn't play. Starting center Nick Hardwick didn't play. Starting guard Louis Vasquez didn't play. Linebacker Shawne Merriman left the game after the first half.

And still the Chargers had more talent on the field.

Finally, this column I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald outlines how the things the Dolphins did so well in winning the AFC East a year ago are exactly the kind of things they stink at doing so far this season.



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Time to close the book, for all those Penny lovers, that thought he could lead us to the superbowl and say they are not fans but to continue to defend his play, here are the final stats for Penny's 2009 season;

Chad Pennington 51 comp / 74 att 413 YDS, 5 YARDS A COMPLETION!, Longest PASS 21 YARDS!, 1 TD!, 2 INTs in 2 & 1/2 games...PATHETIC!

Pennington over Sanchez, your a moron NJ!

Finally a QB that can play like a man. Now if we only had an o-line and a running attack.
Oh wait - we do.

The Chad(neck fat)Henne era has begun...

Mark Sanchez, 2009 stats;

49 of 83 for 606 yards, 7.3 yards a pass, Longest pass 46 yards, yeaaah!, 4 TDs, 2 INTS, in three games OR THREE WINS!

Jets suck, great QB. we missed another one...

The Henne era begins, I must admit, I'm a little excited.

Hear we go again, a QB a QB my kingdom for a QB. Henney needs work. With this season shot now is a good time to see what he's got. He has had a year of study now it is time to step up, and prove he is the future, or the Phins go shopping again this summer. Ginn is a loss Give Heartline his spot, and the chance to prove him self.

Penny out for the season. Reported on espn.com
career over? QB coach next year? Move to David Lee to OC, fire ol Hennning


Shawn , you little Shyt. I thought i told you not to address me . It's unanimous on here that you're the moron. Yeah sanchez is a hall of famer, LMAO ! 9/11 was a inside job LMFAO ! You root for the jets since you love sanchez so much, I bet you weren't saying anything about penny ( The runner-up mvp ) last year when he was leading miami to the division title. like i said you're a f'n embaressment to all dolphin fans,

reading some more. If we had to make the QB switch, this is about as good a time as we could ask for. Buffalo at home, Jets at home, then a bye week...and then Henne better have the kinks worked out for New Orleans (but at least it's a 3rd home game in a row).

LMAO AT nj phin fan ,the fasano lover .

I'm breaking this story right now. Tuna pulls a Pat Riley next year and takes over the HC position after Phins go 2-14 this year and have weak schedule in 2010 to make him look like a hero.

Leticia is on her way over to celebrate. She's wearing her headband.

NJ, you love Fasano to? man, your great at picking terrible players and annointing them as good! nice.

again, you picking Pennington over Sanchez is really stupid...

it takes a real Dolphan to know when we have crap players...Pennington is a crap player. so is Fasano! you are a terrible judge of talent!

Henne Time

fasano destroyed our season w/2 fumbles out of this world .plumber style .

Fins studs, please keep um;

R. Brown
Sean Smith

Suspect, up for evaluation;

Offensive Line
W. Allen


ESPN reporting that Chad is done for the year.

Trade for kolb or vick.. henne will choke

NjphinFan, WOW you see those numbers Shawn posted on Sanchez...over 600 yards against 2 mediocre teams and a WHOPPING 16 points against a depleted New England team in GIANTS stadium, because the Jets have no home...Damn, let's induct him into the Hall of Fame right now!!!! The only thing is we would have to photo shop Shawn out of the picture because his lips are now permenently attached to Sanchez's ass, don't want that picture in Canton, do we????

Vick and brown wildcat

This just in, Penny throws further now with his left hand! yaaaah!

Thank you Pennington for 2008, you are classy guy who fight hard. Now it time for look to the future of Miami Dolphins.

I have finally gotten off the Ginn's 3 year wagon. Yeah, I know... those balls were not thrown perfectly, but he is a 9th pick overall # 1 (?) receiver for the team. He's gotta catch at least one of those balls! Come on. We need new WR's for 2010. Trade Ginn and Camarillo, get a # 1 receiver in free agency (there will be good ones), draft a good WR and LB (we have old ones). Keep Hartline, Bess and for Christ's sake give Turner a chance!

I don't like to, but sometimes I wonder about Sparano's decisions when it comes to giving new players opportunities. Wake, Turner..
Look at the Wilford saga. He wasn't great in practice but somehow managed to catch balls on game day. I know Wake is inexperienced but let him rush the passer on 3rd downs! If you don't try Turner you won't know. Practice is different. *See Merling* I am wondering about the WR's coaching, though. Just saying...

Finally, you all have to give Henne an opportunity before you talk. Coming into the game during the 3rd quarter due to an injury is not your opportunity. That is just a chance to get use to the speed of the game. Let him game plan. Let him start the game. Let him play an entire season, which he'll do now. If he fails miserably, which I don't see, then look for someone else. We'll have a clearER idea at mid-season. Until then, I hope Tuna's input should be a bit deeper.

If henne does not play well by the bye trade for kolb or vick

Any body see Sanchito growing a crustache? He really a dirty sanchez, I glad this guy not a dolphin.

Shawn , once again your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. I 've met fasano , went to the same high school and have worked out with him. We are from the same county in jersey , that's all. Rex who really is the idiot cuban menace is being an idiot once again. I know more about football then you'll ever know . While you were sitting on your fat azzz being a monday morning qb , i was playing DIVISION 1 football for a major university. Keep up the good work on being such am astute football fan from your couch. LMAO !

Sanchito le dan por el culito

we will finally get a chance to see what Henne can do over the next few weeks. He has never had the reps in practice which he will this week and for those of you that want to dub him a bust based on this past week, you obviously know nothing about the game of football. Him not being ready has mor eto do with the coaches not giving him time than his inability to play qb. He has a great arm and is smart, and will get first team reps all week long. What he needs to do when he is out there however is take chances downfield and have success with those chances. I know that Henning and Sparano will make bonehead calls like usual but he needs to disregard them and throw it deep and prove he can do it. Go Henne and Go Fins! Looking forward to seeing what a weeks worth of prep can do for him, im not saying he'll be great but improvement over last week will be great. Lets not forget he has 3 home games in a row split up by a bye week, so he will get home field fans getting behind him and give him a chance to succeed.

Mando....going to break any news or sit back and read Mortenson???

Bobbyd12 , here's where the stupidity continues. He actually has OL on his suspect/ no talent list. LOL !


When fasano had his best year and leading the team with 7 td rec while smaching opponents into the end zone , i didn't hear a peep out of anyone's mouth. Typical monday morning . fat azz bullshyt. LOL !

Penny's career stats in 8 years...1631/2469 for a 66.1 pct completion average..thrown for 17,804 total yards with 102 tds and 64 ints...a qb rating of 90.2...that's a CAREER, not THREE stinking games,that's not a career moron...write back in 5 years and let's see where Sanchez is...

I am more interested to know how long Joey Porter for be out. He is very important. Bring on future of Henne or White.


Ryan Leaf have some good games to before he become biggest bust ever.

SANCHEZ just set a record for the first young QB to win his first 3 games in the NFL history .how can any one ignore that .

Penny done for the year according to ESPN, eh?

Mortensen reported it like an hour ago. Its according to sources but im sure they are reliable

Jeez, Laweence Taylor in his first year with the Giants had no sacks and no fumbles....I guess with your wisdom he should have been cut...Fasano fumbled twice, guess what, a lot of great players have fumbled twice in a game and he took one hell of a hit on one...are season wasn't ruined because Fasano fumbled the ball in game one...stop typing in ALL CAPS to, what are you 12???

Saw Rex Ryan talking on espn about Crowder . Why would Crowder talk smack when he cant even play his position at a high level.. I hope the Jets teach him a lesson but hope we win the game..God this guy blows !!! Do the Fins need help evaluating talent? I will do it free and im sure alot of you would be glad to as well.

NJ, I was a WR at CU, 85-89. Grew up playing since pop warner in So MIAMI all the way up through college. Fins fan for 30+ years, season ticket holder for 20+ years. Not fat, even though you call me a fat ass.

you seem to know a lot about me, you know NOTHING about me. all you do is personally attack me because I think Penny sucks. well, news flash Penny sucks. and he has hurt our team, more than helped RIGHT NOW.

again, it is stupid to say Pennington is better for this team than Sanchez. Sanchez, Ryan and Flacco would be a godsend for this team RIGHT NOW. and we were dumb, and it was a big mistake, to not go after one of these guys. to disagree with that makes me think you are just being totally stubborn and stupid.

When fasano was leading the team with 7 td receptions and having a career year , i didn't hear a peep from anyone . Now the monday morning qb's sitting on their fat butts are in a uproar and he stinks. LOL ! Typical.

Ken i agree the Tuna thinks this is yesterdays NFL with this run every down approach we die by each week.. The sad thing is they had the whole offseason to address these needs and thought they upgraded the offense. The secondary got worse and the receivers still blow !! The Tight end Fasano what happened to him ? I Guess thats why Dallas showed him the door Martin would have been a better fit i guess !!!

Alcoco makes up his own stats, Greg Cook of the Bengals won his first three games as a rookie in 1969...Please check out your "facts" before you post your lies on the blog


lol, i know NJ, i didn't even know i typed all that until i sent it. my bad ppl, just venting.


"When fasano was leading the team with 7 td receptions and having a career year , i didn't hear a peep from anyone . Now the monday morning qb's sitting on their fat butts are in a uproar and he stinks. LOL ! Typical."

now NJ is supporting Fasano. WOW. Fasano sucks! who else do you like that sucks? G. Wilson, Ayodele, Crowder?

Pennington out for season.
We need a veteran back-up ASAP.



Shawn , Yeah right ! CU on the couch. Personal attacks ? You're the one that started it by calling me a moron. Or you forgot about that. i asked you nicly to not address me anymore and you continued while making idiotic posts at me. You hate penny , we get it . Now don;t address me and i will do the same. Just continue on your journey into the 9/11 was a inside job sites. Good luck with that . LMFAO !

NJ...with your LOL, LMFAO...what are you 12?


Got my wish:

Pennington is done for the year, Thank god, we can now game plan like a team with a QB that can throw the ball

I took Ginn of my S*** list last year but I now have to agree with all of you, he is just another James Jett or Rocket Ismail....wait, they actually caught the ball when they were a step or two behind the DB...trade bait?

Oh Will Allen...like I said last YEAR, the guy is terrible, cant wait to see Davis and Smith starting at DB in the next week or two; after the bye week at the LATEST

so lets see who does that leave...oh yeah, Nate Jones...Mr. Jones....so far EVERYONE on my infamouse list is either gone or very close to being put on the corner like last nights garbage which is EXACTLLY what you are, garbage...get off my team

Gibril Wilson, well I tried to believe in him...I guess I should have know that if he cant make it on the Raiders he probably cant make it in the NFL...he'll be gone soon...do I see three Rookies starting in the secondary in the next couple weeks? I DO!!!!

Starting line ups should consist of these players for the remainder of the season barring any further injuries


QB - Henne
RB - Brown
FB - Polite, believe me they need to start a FB
TE - Fasano, Nalbone
LT - Murphy
RT - Carey
LG - Smley
RT - Thomas
WR - Bess, Hartline


NT - Fergueson
RE - Starks
LE - Langford
LB - Torbor, Taylor, Porter, Crowder
CB - Smith, Davis
DB - Clemons, Culver

I realize most of you will arguee this line up but the remaining players are either going to be traded, cut, or remain backup players where they should be. This list is the players that I believe best fit our system and that I would like to see this year, win or lose...were already down 3...

Coaching staff could use a new Off coordinator, play calling is weak on that side of the ball; not very aggresive at all.

Time to get the 'Let's make a Deal' cap on and trade some of these bust like Ginn to a team that is willing to pay nicely for them...Im pretty sure we could get at least a 2nd rounder for Ginn and some late round picks for some of these other 'bubble' players

just so you remember who I am:

Please cut the following players:

Pennington (Gone to IR)
Ginn (soon to be traded)

N. Jones (soon to be cut)
W. Allen (soon to be traded)
J. Allen (probably gonna start before they give Davis a shot, then cut in the offseason)
G. Wilson (probably gonna be cut in the offseason)

WOW, well thats my three months of frustration all let out in one post

Asides from all of the negative I have seen a lot of positive as well

Our special teams doesnt look like theyre taking special ed classes any more

Our offense has shown that they 'can' be efficient and move the ball under any circumstance

Our D has shown that they can 'at times' hang with the best that the NFL has to offer

This will be a great 'learning season' for us, we were never going to win it all this year so my heart is not exactly broken.

With all the changes coming up I'm looking forward to an 7-9, 8-8 year...hey we souldn't have one as many as we did last year, maybe 5 or 6 so to me this is still progress

See you all next week...

The reason Fins are struggling is because they played 3 teams who are better on the road. At 0-2 last year they played SD home. Then schedule got easier with exception of NE, but that was vs Inexperienced Cassel. Now they will have to rebound without Pennington. I expected 0-3 and then 9-3. Now with Henne I expect 4-9 rest of way. Pat White will start before too long. Woe is us.


LOL@CHUCK. I was joking with you. It's all good.

OOOOHHH Shawn , that was a good comeback ! How's the 9/11 was a inside job going. Can you say NUTS !

Men - tell your women to get out thier headbands; the ones they have for special occasions.
Tonight is a special night.
There is a new QB for the Dolphins.


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