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On Chad's bad shoulder, Dolphins bad record

Chad Pennington said it best late Sunday when in talking about his personal adversity with a serious shoulder injury he might also have been talking for his team: "I'm going to hope for the best and expect the worst," Pennington said.

Although Pennington declined to be specific about his right shoulder's status, the team is fearing the injury is a dislocation of his throwing shoulder. Team doctors popped the shoulder back into place on the sideline but the damage was done, according to a source.

A dislocated shoulder is different than a separated shoulder in that a dislocation means the top of the arm pops out of the socket. In a separation, there could be damage to the ligament that connects the collarbone to the shoulder blade.

Both are serious, particularly for a quarterback.

Pennington will miss an unspecified amount of time. Depending on what the MRI this morning reveals, Pennington could be out as little as three weeks or up to 12 weeks, which would effectively end his season. If the injury -- regardless of whether it's a separation or dislocation -- is acute, it might require surgery.

And that also would be a season-ending situation.

Pennington has already undergone two right shoulder surgeries in the past. Pennington was talking like someone who expects bad news following today's MRI.

"I've worked extremely hard and have overcome a lot of adversity and been able to play when people said I couldn't play anymore," Pennington said. "I've been through two surgeries and I've been able to play and play at a high level. That's quite an accomplishment.

"Right now, I'm in a state of shock, truly disappointed because I know what type of work I've put in and what type of work that our team has put in. For me not to be able to be out there and help us fight through this adversity is tough to swallow."

The Pennington injury makes Chad Henne Miami's new starting quarterback. The Dolphins might also be in the market for a backup because Pat White simply is not ready to be the backup now.

Henne struggled against the Chargers, who riddled him with new coverages as soon as he entered the game.

"I think we gave him a few different looks that he probably hasn't seen yet," cornerback Antonio Cromartie said.

When he came in the game, Henne was confident he was ready to succeed. But he missed some open receivers either by not getting the ball to them or throwing elsewhere.

"I was prepared for this moment," he said of the time he was told to come in the game. "It's only a 7-point game and that's the moment you have to shine and come up and become a player ... Obviously tonight it didn't really show. I made some mistakes, but I'll be in that film room day and night busting my butt and getting better and lead this team."

The Dolphins need the leadership because right now they are winless and with few viable options for getting better.

Do you know any good playmakers for the offense? Do you know any available secondary players that can help stop the bleeding?

The Dolphins need both. Henne got no help, least of all from Ted Ginn Jr., who had six passes thrown his way, resulting in zero receptions.

The team gained 94 yards on its 17-play first quarter opening drive. And then gained only 195 total yards the rest of the game.

The secondary, meanwhile, continued to give up big plays. (This while Renaldo Hill notched an interception Sunday.)

"We can't be giving up explosive plays down the field like that," nose tackle Jason Ferguson said.

This game was depressing on par with last year's loss to Arizona for different reasons. That game was a blowout in which the Dolphins didn't compete.

This game was closer but it was depressing in that the Chargers were clearly the much better team despite missing several key players.Starting running back LaDainian Tomlinson didn't play. Starting center Nick Hardwick didn't play. Starting guard Louis Vasquez didn't play. Linebacker Shawne Merriman left the game after the first half.

And still the Chargers had more talent on the field.

Finally, this column I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald outlines how the things the Dolphins did so well in winning the AFC East a year ago are exactly the kind of things they stink at doing so far this season.



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sack of patata

Twinlkle toe also have a chance for game changing pick 6 against chargers but the ball slip through he hand like butter up sands of time for the old man.

CP is a class act and it's too bad this might be the end for him. With that said, Henne brings more to the table, so let's see what he can do. Their are plenty of rookies doing it so don't give me this inexperience crap!

As for Ginn, Sparano or a team captain need to get in this guy's face and let him have it. I am tired of this "he's developing" hogwash.

Crowder needs to find his balls and make plays like every other starting linebacker in the league.

The blitz will be coming here on out, so I hope our coaching staff is getting ready for it...at least better than our two minute offense was prepared!

Stag - because henne was listed as the third string and once you bring him in you can't bring anyone else till the 4 th qtr I believe. Besides. He sucks.

Armando. Do you have a clue what dolphins are going to do for a backup QB now? We have to get someone.

How can anyone make a realistic evaluation on Henne when he came into the game cold, probably didn't take more than a few snaps with the first team during the week, and the guy only played for about a quarter? I would get mad at such stupid comments if they didn't make me laugh so! Love the Dolphins, hate the uninformed, fairweather fans.

P.S. Can't wait to see the dramatic difference in comments if Henne goes out and torches the Bills on Sunday. "I always knew this guy was gonna be great!" or "I told you we had a franchise guy in Henne!" Most of you are just ridiculous.

What I can't understand is why some people on this blog think the Dolphins are a really talented team and are underachieving. Last year was great, truly a miracle. Everything fell into place and they went 11-5. Ok, this team has major holes and I'm starting to think coaching issues. They need to draft wisely and make some savvy FA pickups. I am disappointed by how things are going, but this should not be unexpected. This team is still climbing the hill, be patient. PS I wish Sporano would stop being a spaz.

Everyone needs to get off of hennes case. If you watched the preseason and saw Sanchez you would gave thought he was not ready. Give this kid a chance. It's not like we have any other options. White? Don't think so! If he doesn't pan out then we know we need a qb in the draft instead of taking some leftovers from another team like in years past. Don't think Breeze is available again so get over it!

Ok, can't help but say this: Why do quite an alarming number of people here say Henne sucks?
How could you possibly judge him by what he did yesterday? He threw a pick-6? How close has Pennington been to that this year? Dangerously close by what I've seen. This will be Henne's chance to prove what he can do, given the limitations of this team. Matt Ryan? I watched his TEAM lose yesterday in New England. How many great quarterbacks have played on teams that sucked ass? Many thought Drew Brees was a bust when he was in San Diego. I live here, and I can tell you throwing passes from your back isn't that easy. So let us just see what happens.

He's got two games to show us something if not trade him and ginn for kolb or Vick one of those two will go before season ends either one is better than all of ours

I will reserve judgment until the end of the season on the coaching staff until the end of the season. Except one, Coach Passalldayonmi. I think he needs to go. His game plans suck! His players are not put in position to win, and he can't call a game to save his life. I said last year he needed to go! I don't know what vanilla style bland defense he runs but it sucks and we have way more talent than our D has played. Bench ginn and Wilson and send a freakin message to make plays!! "If they don't bite early they probbaly won't bite" (Parcells) Ginn, you haven't even licked let alone bite! You are an embarrassment to watch.

I'll give henne the chance but when he's played in the past he does not show the "it" factor that you need to have as a QB or play mistake free as he has not shown either

But I hope I'm wrong about this one


i can tell you have a good heart .it just in the wrong place .two games only Killer for him to prove himself ?

ps..change your name to no mercy .

I can't believe some of the things i'm reading. Most of you are counting us out of a competitive season because Pennington's out.
Let's remember he's an ex Jet!!!!! WITH A LOSING RECORD.HE'S NOT DAN. The young Chad is our future and you doubting thomas's will eat your words STOP JEERING AND START CHEERING BE REAL DOPLPHIN FANS

only one day passed on what could be the ending o CP playing again and DAVID K showing us how unthankful a fan can be .he's bad mouthing a classy guy like CP and clling him an ex jetw/lossing record .i am sorry i am posting a lot today but i couldn't let that go .DAVID K ,i feel for all the people in you family to have such creep .

He seems like a good dude and gave the dolphins a great season in 08, but its time to see what the young guys can do....

Posted by: souljahbeats | September 28, 2009 at 06:33 AM

souljahbeats is right, its time to see if Henne is going to be our man at QB or if the Trifecta need to go looking for another QB to draft in 2010, or pick up another vet.

This year is not about competing for a playoff push anyway. It is about getting better all around. Is Ginn as bad as he looks? To me, yes, so far. The other WR's? What if we have a guy who can give us a mid-range passing game, 20, 30 yard completions, let alone a downfield passing game? Will the WR's look better? Time to make that assessment.

This is year 2. Next year is year 3, the final year of the rebuilding program. Will the Fins be a contender in 2011? The grocery shopper and his cart pusher have work to do.

At least the smash mouth running game is working. That's a real positive as all the guys on the O line are relatively young. I think Smiley is the oldest at 27?

Grove I think is the eldest lineman. Henne came sooner than expected, and now we'll find out, perhaps a year early, whether he can even display the potential to captain this team. Several things have to be corrected for this squad to compete. Gibril Wilson, we're all watching...

Gopats what's up with your name please tell me your not a New England Fan on a dolphin blog

What's with all the negativity toward Henne? Yeah, he sucked out there but he needs more game action to develop. Now that Penne is out we'll see what Chad H has, but it will take more than 1 game to determine that. More like the rest of the season, unless he surprises and gets it together in the next game or two.

I mean, Sanchez is doing it in NY. Henne has had a year to study film and practice, he should be able to do it too. Especially since the Fins DO have a ground game, a QB's best friend.

As for Chad P, my hat is off to him. He turned this team around last year and was only meant as a stop gap anyway until Henne developed. A lot of guys contributed to the success of last year, but without Chad P, 2, 3 wins at best.

And for all the folks ragging on Parcells, especially re WR's, this team needed a complete overhaul when he came in, and i mean complete. He has put some good pieces together. Now he needs to put in many more. You only get so many high round picks in a draft, maybe next year he picks a 1st rd WR.

Those pieces? Langford, Merling, Starks, Ferguson, McDaniel (basically the entire D line he brought in via draft, FA and trade) Jake, Smiley, Thomas, Grove, virtually the entire O line. You build inside first, so give the guy a break. Maybe the two rookie DB's will pan out. Check that box. Maybe Hartline and Turner, who knows?

Next up? safeties, WR's, LB's. Chris Clemons next year? And of course a stud QB. If Henne pans out we can check that box for Parcell's too. If not, he'll just have to pick another one. This is not an exact science, 50% of 1st round QB's make it, 50% don't.

Hey, look at the bright side, we are going to have a high first round pick next year, and second round too!

S Eric Berry .

Gopats left overs Child Please New England made a dynasty on so called left overs... Scat and go find a New England bog

Of course Gopat is a Patriot fan on a Dolphins blog. Let him. Pretty soon his Pats and Sox will be where they belong and have been for years, in the garbage pin of their league looking up to superior teams like the Dolphins and Yankees. Let him enjoy this. It won't last long. At least I have my Yanks to cheer on this year. And I can enjoy watching the Sox fans cry again. Let's go Yankees/Dolphins!

Alcoco makes up his own stats, Greg Cook of the Bengals won his first three games as a rookie in 1969...Please check out your "facts" before you post your lies on the blog

Posted by: bobbyd12 | September 28, 2009 at 04:41 PM

One problem IDIOT, that was THE AFL. get your facts straight...Mark Sanchez is the first rookie to ever start 3-0 in THE NFL...lol such dumbness on these boards.

MJZ come on man you got to admit Bill and his people have made good moves smiley, Pennington, Fasano, Grove and bad ones Wilson, Green resigning Bell keep Ginn or not picking up Vet WR or MLB everyone makes mistakes but u admit it and make ajustment (trade, release or bring in other) you don't let them sink the ship that way we need to speak up we can make a change!

That's why we need to speak up we can change this we have a voice that can make a change

Henne has played in 8 preseason games, and has done nothing noteworthy in any of them. He is stiff. When he speaks, he is sullen, morose and obviously scared. He does not have "it."

Thnx Chad P----you gave us a great season last year, and were let down by Fasano & Ginn this year, as were the rest of us.

Sad to say but u sound about right hopefuly were wrong

yo Dolfancraig,

You a Yankee fan? In my state of depression, I have the playoffs to look forward too at least. I hate the sox.

menace, was that" neck fat era has started"? he!he!

jaksin dont get that fat cuban monkey started with his same old corny dumbazzz comments. Please

Dam!! First off all you non-fin fans need to bounce. Go hate on your own teams blog.
Secondly why is everyone who posts tryin to fight someone ?
I mean with CP10 out for the season & possibly ending his career, let's not spend precious thump typing with gang threats. Instead let's thank Mr.Pennington for getting us to a wild card game and winning the division last year. I mean it was less than a year ago.
So with all that being said, I will continue to root and stack my loot. Thanks again Chad.

Hopefully we'll be working on the long ball all week. Now we'll just have to get someone that can catch it.

Let's start Bess,Camarillo and Heartline with Turner and Ginn coming in and out

I think we would be better off lining up ronnie as a receiver considering the catches he can make and have ricky in the back field and just use ginn in the return game.

Are you kidding me?? The only thing working the last few weeks has been the cat and they haven't used it enough. They should have gone 75% cat after Chad was put out and instead they play conventional offense - why?? Ronnie was chewing up the yards in the cat. They should now go to base cat with long third downs being run by Henne. As for the defense Gabril Wilson has been a mess. They need to replace him asap.

aloco and gopats are the azzzzes of this blog

Sad we wasted a 1st round pick on a kick off returner and punt returner but at least he does something good right

hartline should definetly be on the field more than ginn

I agree with you Martin if they can't stop it play it and mix it up even more

If ginn doesn't become the deep threat like he's supposed to be now that henne is playing, there's no reason to keep him around next year. Try and get a late pick for him

Damn right ace. Let's go Yankees.


Yankees are playing good ball now. i hope their pitching continues to perform like they should. I think that bobbyd21 guy is a Yankee fan too.
Go Dolphins!!!!

You guys need to go on the yankees blog. Get that shyt outta here. :}

NJ what's up? I am trying to get out of my state of depression.

Mort on ESPN---"if Henne does not work out, Dolphin fans will be talking about Matt Ryan for a long time to come."


Ace , what's up my man ? I hear ya ! Lets see what henne can do and some of the lineup changes that MIGHT happen.

Chad you were a great qb for Miami..thanks for giving us stability at the position for the first time since Marino..even if it was for one season I am truly thankful that I didn't have to worry about an interception on every down like I did with ferrotte,feely,lemon,beck,harrington, ect ect..while many fans are not greatful they are ignorant..you were great..from 1-15 to 11-5..wish you the best dude. oh and one more thing f**k the jets

Relax folks!! We haven't lost a division game yet so we can still make the playoffs. The bills will be our first test this season. If we lose to them thatn our season most likely is over. Wait till we play the bills, jets and pats to determine if were done or not.

man, its like the end of 'ole yeller" around here. at least we get to see what might or might not be no?

Well, Henne is set up for a nice outing at home. I mean its Buf. Probably the worst team in our division IMO. Henne doesnt' have to travel. Home field advantage. I think we get the win next Sunday.

We're done for the year. In the midst of 2007 it was clear that our roster was five years away from being rebuilt to the point where it could compete for a championship. We're only two years in, people.

Obvious needs coming out of this season:

WR: Ted Ginn is a slot receiver. We need a genuine number one threat. Instead Ginn is being miscast as a number one, just like OJ McDuffie was for so many years.

HB: Williams is near retirement and Ronnie Brown will be past his prime by the time the Dolphins become championship caliber. Draft BRown's replacement next year, and TRADE RONNIE BROWN now! I think sending Ronnie to SF for the rights to Crabtree would be a great start, along with a third rounder.

QB: Unless Henne is absolutely horrible, do not under any circumstances draft another quarterback. This team has expended FIVE CONSECUTIVE 2ND ROUND DRAFT CHOICES on quarterbacks. That more than anything else, even the Williams trade, is the reason for the lack of talent shown right now. Here's an example of the players taken in the 2nd round by other teams that were available when we drafted or traded away picks for Pat White, Henne, Beck, Culpepper, and Feely:

2009: HB LeShon McCoy (Eagles)
2008: TE Martellus Bennett (Cowboys)
2007: WR Steve Smith (Giants)
2006: KR Devin Hester (Bears)
HB Maurice Jones-Drew (Jaguars)
2005: WR Vincent Jackson (Chargers)

I hope so..if not all we're going to have to look forward to is the 2010 draft

Future is now! Time to see if Henne is that guy. Time to see if having a strong armed qb makes ginn a real deep threat. Time to see if clemons was the steal of the draft and a better safety than toast/can't tackle Wilson. Time to see if wake is NFL caliber rusher. Let's see if miami is still just on the fringe of a championship type team or in store for many more years of mediocrity and heartache.

Phins will win two straight, but other teams have to help out and lose for any realistic playoff push. Bench Gibril.

I really hope Henne doesn't choke I like the kid I just think he's not acurate (amplfied with poor WR more ints) or ready yet his preseason prove's it and everyone knows what playing before your ready does to most QB confidence most QBs aren't Rayn Flaco or Sanchez these guy are the exception not the norm

I've been pointing out that Long can't pass block and it finally cost the team our starting QB his season and maybe his career I hope he does a better job blocking for his old college team mate. Taylor or Porter need to teach him how to defend the pass rush if not it will cost us another QB

It's not like Long doesn't go up against good pass rusher's like Taylor or Porter even Wake in practice or preseason what's going on are the coachs just ignoring reality if they aren't will to train the kid then just run the ball and have the QB rollout to the opposite side of Long when passing

The new administration of the franchise is really a joke. The fact that Mr. Ross seems far more concerned in surrounding himself with celebrities than surrounding his quarterback with talented players, speaks volumes about the direction of this franchise.
It also causes me to wonder just how long Bill Parcells is going to stick around this "circus" atmosphere.
Ted Ginn, continues to be an absolute joke. I'm confident he couldn't catch a cold if he tried. To think we wasted a 1st round pick on him.
I am confident that we'll probably be in the top 5 picks for the 2010 NFL Draft with the way we're playing now.
I can find nothing to really feel good about regarding this franchise at the moment. No aspect of their game gives me confidence they are able to compete. They use the wildcat because deception and trickery are the only ways they can score, with the poor talent they have.
I am strongly considering turning in my colors and finding a new team... I never thought we could do worse than Weinsteidt, but apparently we have.

Since Cam Cameron drafted the entire Ginn family, Let's trot out his dad and see if he can hang on to a pass. Or maybe his mom can intercept a ball. Jr. is a bust.

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