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Chargers lead Fins 3-0 early in 2nd Q

Well, the Dolphins offense picked up where it left off Monday night, keeping the ball, driving the ball, and not scoring TDs.

The Dolphins drove from their own 2 yard line to the San Diego 1 yard line in the first quarter and didn't score.

A fumble went out of the end zone, resulting in a touchback for the Chargers.

So we were locked up at 0-0. But the Chargers then went on a 73 yard drive and got a FG from Nate Kaeding to take a 3-0 lead.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Awful 3rd and 10 effort on D

Chargers not giving up on the run, even though the pass is there for them seemingly at will.


Just load these losers on the plane at half time. Spare everyone the misery.

the dolphins ever heard of zone blitzing?

BTW, 9 QUARTERS- No Turnovers!

defense need sto produce a turnover, have we even had one this year, LOL

I can't remember the last time our D was so BAD

Crap...anyone have the password for the justin tv link?

Wow talk about bad luck... Hope we can get that one back !!! 1 turnover = no 7 points !!! god i hope they can stop the charger air attack...

the dolphins need big receivers they got too many small receivers. what i dont get is why they got rid of all their tall receivers

I can Andrew last week, hahaha


IF I could get rid on one Fins it would Channing Crowder. He is such a jack ass when he plays.

Our pass D is just atrocious.

Nathan Jones sucking at the moment. Mando thought you said he was better in coverage

Chargers obviously have an advantage with their WR vs. Miami's 5 DBs package.

ziggy, I guess I meant when in past years. Just pathetic

come on dolphins!!! Come one defense!

I conclude that either JT and JP are washed up, or they are being used incorrectly...

okay its getting pretty obvious that the dolphins cant cover with man coverage. might want to incorporate some zone.

The Chargers run their No. 1 receiver across the field and get him open. All the Dolphins do with Ted Ginn is run him up the sideline.

and when you say Miami you're talking Super Bowl. BWAAHAHAHAHAHA

so which is worse, a slow crowder or a slow all time best in Zach

crowder gets beat in coverage again

Are our guys getting any type of pressure at all?

we need a inside pass rush. porter and taylor get too far outside and there's not enough push up the middle to get Rivers anxious to get rid of it. instead it gives him easy passing lanes.

that was phillip Rivers first incomplete pass of the game.

i rather have zach thomas back . crowder is horrible

Good thing we run those long, long drives allowing our defense to relax on the sidelines so when they come back out on the field they can suck rested.

Two words "no secondary".

nfl has him at 9 of 11

smh that was a interception right there...... db missed a gift

That a boy Fagril WIlson

Dolphins triple coverage on TE Antonio Gates.

I got no problem with that!

Is this the Olivadoti bend but don't break D?

JT gets no pass rush anymore!! Against single blocker no less!

10 point swing.

Let's see if we can score anything here, I mean anything. Even a FG is good enough.

Rivers gave us the stop on 2nd down. He coulda ran for a TD

good call double covering gates.

nice job d

It would be nice if we could follow up a nice long drive with a bloody TD.

Which causes more heartache---the way Fins play, or the way the Jets are lighting it up?

This team is completely inept.

Any password for justintv or another link?

thank heavens it was only three. we miss seven they have 3
bad numbers so far.
Ronnie has to make it up to us now. Though I think it really was Chad's fault in where he placed the ball. Hit Ronnie in the sidearm not in the numbers

Tough call, Ed, but if Miami was playing better, I wouldn't worry about the Jets... but we spot them a 3 game lead, and things get really tough.

Did anyone notice the jets won again? Oh my gang green is going to eat fish soon. Hey great start. Does ginn catch any pass in the middle of the field?

Come on fins, let's roll.

I feel a long touchdown run coming for us in this game..

why dont they let ted ginn return its not like he is good at anything else.

jetfan get a life. No way you guys are keeping it up. All the teams are getting a feel for tendencies of your new quarterback. By mid season you won't even recognize him as they get him figured out. You could have easily lost today yourself so chill

Password is NFL101, but it has yet to work for me...

Because Cobbs was better at it - now isn't THAT pathetic?

smh i was wondering when a jet fan would show up. Ted Ginn should be returning kickoffs but not punts.

pennington officially given credit for fumble

That is the multi million dollar question!

Mike in Houston, thanks!

Very nice catch by Camarillo.

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