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Chargers lead Fins 3-0 early in 2nd Q

Well, the Dolphins offense picked up where it left off Monday night, keeping the ball, driving the ball, and not scoring TDs.

The Dolphins drove from their own 2 yard line to the San Diego 1 yard line in the first quarter and didn't score.

A fumble went out of the end zone, resulting in a touchback for the Chargers.

So we were locked up at 0-0. But the Chargers then went on a 73 yard drive and got a FG from Nate Kaeding to take a 3-0 lead.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Dolphin game on


During commercial breaks there is a british sports caster talking american football.

somehow that just doesn't seem right.

Soiled :)

he was down on replay

The Dolphins took 6 plays to move 11 yards and settle for a field goal. Awful.

Ziggy... put the drink down before we read about you on the news.

You won't win games calling conservative plays

"It was the right call...Just poor execution"

Someone check Henning into the retard hospital.

Penny is starting to look like the QB the Jets gave up on.

get a stop D!!

Were is Patrick Turner, the we drafted to be our new red zone target?

I don't remember being this bored in a game. It's the same thing time after time after time. We are gutless and balls less!

lol at Sammy in Dubai.

need a turn over here! let go D!!!

Lets go D

Like always. San Diego will rejuvenate their running game against the fins.

Ya, get a turnover.. get us our wolves, JT

The Marlins score more than this!

What a beauty of a score! 3-3. How can you beat that? Priceless.


WTF, No team in the NFL runs on 3rd and goal from the 5...unfreakingbelieveable!!!!

i signed up for homertv , you have to wait for approval but thats where im watching the game online at. The link on atdhe.net asked for a pw.

Two words...ANGER MANAGMENT...lol

Fasano needs to step his game up and be a more dominate tight end. He lacks the cutting on his routes and does not create seperation from the defender. He needs to stop doing bubble routes which is giving the defender time to catch up to him. He needs to be more of a threat in the red zone. Dolphins cannot keep running the ball againts a stacked defensive line.

Penultimate excitement!

Only 3 possesions for each team FB. its called poor redzone offense..

I'll lay off sparano for now. His #1 reciever runs routes like Michael Jackson running off the stage during the pepsi commercial. I'd be conservative too.

jets for life go toa ny blog

to the tune of the star spangled banner for those of us bored

oh say can the D
crush the offensive line.
get the ball back for us
just one more last time

Chargers eem confused about what to do on third down.

if Sparano doesn't trust Pennington then just stick him on the bench!

JT has been a no show so far.

You Only run on 3rd and Goal if you're gonna go for the TD on 4th down.

man SF needs a qb we lose this game i say trade pennington while he has value and let henne play the rest of the season. then we get picks and we find out if henne is the qb of the future.

Why cant Penny do that?

boy our ILB's cant cover anybody!

Couldnt they get some Filly with big brains instead of this British guy?

crowder getting beat in coverage again

SF is 2 and 1! they don't need Penne

Why does crowder still start. he has no value no playmakers!

the problem with the playcalling is that the Dolphins let other teams off the hook and give them all the time in the world to get their game together. between the playcalling and the piss-poor clock management last week, i'm questioning Sporano for the first time. this game is the season.

jt tipped the ball earlier to stop the 3rd down before they had to settle for field goal

It doesn't get any more exciting than this. I'm having a blast watching this game. Someone pls wake me up when we decide to make a play. Sparano=Pathetic.

Bringing back JT was a huge mistake. Get that show dog off the field and put a kid out there who wants to compete.

At least Crowder was in the vicinity on that stop. Most times this year is nothing but green grass where linebackers are supposed to be.

Get ready for heartbreak, guys. Penny can't throw a pass if a DB is within 5 yards of a receiver. Doesn't have the arm strength.

There should be law forbidding jets fans on Dolphins blogs and British sports casters talking american football.

Soiled :)

Need to blame our fearless band of Leaders for this display, could have had a slew of good WR's in FA but no we'd rather draft a few "never gonna pan out" WR'S. Oh and lest we forget the great 2nd round pick of Pat White, looking forward to his obligatory 2 rushes for 0 yards today. Ah love my Dolphins but its almost as if Sparano and Bill and crew spent the offseason hanging with Ricky in the carribean smokin the devils lettuce. Oh and dont even get me started on our wonderful QB situation right now.

Agree this game is huge for us moving forward

crowder was fa and they resigned him,why i dont know.

radio doing commercial for braininjury.com
oh ok that's henning's problem

Dolphins getting pretty fair pressure on rivers now.

You guys should play in skirts. Maybe you'll run faster.

not a bad idea dave . Pennington might fit in better in SF he can throw check down passes to a freak of nature tightend. I think the dolphins need to take more look at pat white at qb. I believe ginn can get open with the opposing defenses paying attention to pat white.

Hey! If we can't get in the EZ on the ground how is that the QB's fault?
Answer: it's not

Henning has yet another senior moment.


OC coordinator
Defensive Coordinator

Now accepting resumes

Will Allen falls down. And the rest is history.

Here we go again.

ARMANDO, is it me or is Will Allen getting picked on more then the rookie Smith...ohh there is Will Allen again Whiffing on coverage!!!

yay jason!

JT makes a play! about time...

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