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Chargers lead Fins 3-0 early in 2nd Q

Well, the Dolphins offense picked up where it left off Monday night, keeping the ball, driving the ball, and not scoring TDs.

The Dolphins drove from their own 2 yard line to the San Diego 1 yard line in the first quarter and didn't score.

A fumble went out of the end zone, resulting in a touchback for the Chargers.

So we were locked up at 0-0. But the Chargers then went on a 73 yard drive and got a FG from Nate Kaeding to take a 3-0 lead.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Will allen is gargage!

why the he ck is jones covering jackson.i mean come on. and change those guys cleats they are falling everywhere

Relax, not saying Allen isn't getting picked on but ... he is playing almost twice the snaps of the other rookies because they're splitting time more or less.

Check your spikes, DBs! Stop falling down!

God this team looks like it is trying to lose games. Nice job letting Goodman go and spending money on guys like Wilson and Taylor.

Amen, Dave

guys, is anyone else listening to the corpse of dick enberg on cbs? someone put him out of his misery.

JT with a play.

Mando, but the throws are going Allens way not towards the rookies

Can someone give me a reason to still watch this game?

I think JT plays better at de than he does at lineback and I'm convinced the dolphins play better defense out of a base 4-3 set than 3-4.

AND once again the secondary letting receivers run loose but notice the chargers run alot of crossing patterns and drag routes.

The only people that can cover in our secondary is Sean Smith, Vontae Davis and Will Allen soemtimes ( when he isnt matched up against tall receivers )

Who is Nate Jones...why is he playing and what is he afraid of...he is playing so scared...

Excellent coverage by Vontae Davis.

Brother caught a TD pass today.

pick it off Vontae! Trying to do a Sean Smith on that one

Davis is good at clapping his hands after a missed interception. Make the damn play man!

Ted go get your Gunn has how many catches so far?

Armando, se what I mean...nice play rookie next time they throw to Allen side

how do you give up the first down there?

two hand touch.....dang those radio guys are on a roll today

So you stop a team and on third down you give up a first down on a checkdown pass to the RB?

This defense is laughable. Why? Why?

We give it EVERY 3 and 11 plus!!! IT IS REMARKABLE

3yard pas goes for 10 yards. Oh we are licking our chops.

smh missed tackles leads to a SD first down off a check down pass.

need to make a big play here on D! enough of this BS.

The 3 biggest known holes in the universe are the black hole, the hole in the ozone and the dolphins secondary.

Put in Henne if CP can't throw down the field. the 1 yd passes do not cut it any more.

Time to hold Coach P responsible for this crap.

Get Culver back on Gates. Works better.

Who cares....they will still score the further back they are...

GOOD! that might make san diego kick a field goal now.

Vincent Jackson was wide open on the slant.

will allen falls again. rivers is hurt

15 yard pen. Someone stupidier then our personell guy.

Why is Will Allen falling down w/ no one around him again?

Bell cracked his ribs

lol well im encouraged by the pressure on the qb

Our safeties are better blitzers than our LBs, that is not good.

Rivers will throw for 400 yrds

GREAT back to back plays by Y. Bell there.

That WR screen went for 49 yards and a TD last week ... so progress.

The Phins are literally handicapping the game with CP at QB. Can't throw into tight spaces.


Good job defense. nice coverage nice pressure! Alright dolphins!


Here's what we like to do: Take off as much time off the clock as possible, come out empty, then give the other team time to score a TD and finally have very time left to win the game in the end! Good job fins!

Miss !

Why is everybody celebrating? What could they have to celebrate about?

Chargers getting booed off the field.

I'll put up a new post and the live blog will go there please.


what is Sparano so happy about? the Dolphins should be ahead by a touchdown at least.

This is the battle of the enept. At least SD has the excuse of injuries to blame it on.

Big miss...

lol @ progress........lol @ they missed a field goal and sporano celebrating. This is looking like a bad weekend for miami sports.

Wide right baby

DAMN watching it games gonna raise my pressure!

It's embarrassing watching sparano cheer for a missed fg

Wide right!

We will score 21 points in the 2nd half and blow San Diego away if our defense plays good

Stop celebrating Sparano. We've done nothing out there today.

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