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Clearing out the Friday notebook

We know tight end Anthony Fasano had a terrible game Sunday in that he caught two passes and fumbled both, thus giving the Atlanta Falcons two of the four turnovers the Dolphins suffered.

But what goes relatively unseen is the fact Fasano had an otherwise good game blocking.

"One of the funny things is Anthony in that game last week is one of the things that goes unknown is that he probably had one of his best blocking performances since we've had him here," Coach Tony Sparano said Friday. "I really thought he blocked well at times in that game. Protected well, run-blocked very well in that game."

That does not excuse the fumbles, obviously. But it does give you some perpsective of what really happened.

Sparano, meanwhile, has not lost confidence in the young tight end.

"And of course, there's two fumbles that are uncharacteristic of Anthony Fasano," Sparano said. "I have a lot of confidence in Anthony as well as all my players and I know that's going to get fixed."


As I reported to you earlier in the week, Monday night's game against Indianapolis will be sold out. The Dolphins continue to sell tickets but only a couple of hundred remain and those will be gone by the 8:30 p.m. deadline.

So the game will be televised nationally ... And in South Florida.


We sort of take for granted that Jason Taylor is a 13-year veteran and, as such, shouldn't have to think about getting into his stance. It should be second-nature.

But it is not.

After playing for over a decade out of a three-point or four-point stance, Taylor is still not quite comfortable in the two-point stance he is using a majority of the time in Miami's 3-4 system.

"I'm getting more used to playing in a two-point stance now coming out, particularly in pass-rush situations," Taylor said. "In years past, I was always in a three-point, or really a four-point over my career. I think I'm still more comfortable in the three or four-point. I've done it for so long. I feel more explosive. I feel a little better coming out of it, but what we like to do down here is play out of a two-point, and that's the 3-4 system, and I need to learn how to create that same explosion and quickness out of the two-point.

"It's a work in progress. At times I catch myself wanting to inch down and get back in a three-point, but I'm working on it."

The stance is defined by how many points of your body touch the ground. Standing up, both your feet are touching the ground thus defining two-point stance. One hand on the ground is a three-point, and both hands on the ground is a four-point.

"Coming out of your stance in a three-point stance or a four point stance, which I believe Jason liked to use at times, is a lot different than coming out of your stance in a two-point stance," Sparano said. "The false stepping, the actual rolling over of the front foot in a two-point stance is a little bit harder than it is coming out of one of these four-point stances from a leverage standpoint.

"Your natural reaction would be to false step when you're in a two-point stance. And if you false-step, advantage [offensive] tackle. I think that in a three-point or in a four-point stance, it's a lot easier when you get high on your front hand and you get your butt way up in the air, to roll over your front foot. Dwight Freeney is going to do it however many times we throw it this week. That's just the way he plays. I think if you took that guy and stood him up, all of a sudden it's like, 'Oh boy,' because the the rolling over of the front foot and the none-false-stepping part of this whole thing sounds easier than it really is."

That kind of makes Taylor's sack and quarterback hurry against Atlanta a litte more impressive.


The Dolphins are headed for some personnel changes, or at the very least, some assignment changes on special teams.

The coaching staff wasn't pleased with the 18.4 kick return average in the Atlanta game and has decided it wasn't an issue with either Ted Ginn (18.3 yards per return on three tires) or Patrick Cobbs (18.5 yards per return on two returns).

The problem was with the blocking and Sparano vows changes.

"We changed up some roles," the coach said. "We'll get some different people doing different things and see how that goes."


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Dolphin bounce back for win against the Colts. You read it here first.

Go Hurricanes that was beautiful game of football last night.


what a game last night....still a lil giddy.

hope fins can stop the run like the canes did and cover those receivers....coltz have a very efficient but very simple offense.

D-line wins one for the Fins !!

Those two fumbles were Fasano's first since High School.

JT ran stunts against Atlanta and he still has plenty of fuel in the tank, he looked like "JT".

Cam Wake on the blocking unit and as the nickel rusher would be a nice change..

yea, i never saw fasano fumble or drop a pass for that matter before ATL

JT looked explosive and strong. Even when JT wasn't getting in there he was getting a good push. Porter meanwhile was getting stoned at the line. Maybe it was because they paid more attention to him but as the year goes on I think the pass rush will look better and better. As far as special teams go, what else is new our unit stinks! I like the Dolphins to beat the Colts 24-20! Not a homer call just think we bounce back in home opener.

I agree...Peyton is running our of targets to throw to and their running game is some what suspect. If the d line can get pressure without bringing the house "mean while leaving people open for Peyton to find" we have a very good chance of winning on the defensive side of the ball. I'd like to see our defense get some turnovers of their own to help set up our stumbling offense. A short field could help boast our offenses confidence. Get back to the ground game set up the play action pass. Hopefully a good show on Monday night I'm getting sick of hearing about NE and the Jets

i wanna see lex and cobbs returning punts and kickoffs....save ginn for the end around once a game........but plz no ginn passing plays...

get his butt downfield & hartline/camarillo down the other leaving a RB or TE in the middle, or baby bess?

that's not a hit on bess BTW...love that gamer !!

JT for a pick 6 to win the game as time runs out!!! Dolphins 31 Colts 28, not because I am a DIEHARD FINFAN, but because that is what we NEED to get our team pumped back up to defend their AFC champions title. Ronnie Brown runs for a buck25. Make it happen!!

Let jt go to the 3 or 4 point stance if that is where he shines!!!!!!



I believe Fins will play on hell of a game Monday night...Your in our house now!!! G

JT didn't look great but he was there. He will get better as the season goes on.

The O-LINE had the worst game in 2 years but who's perfect?

CHAD seemed uneasy but still didn't have a bad game. Just not a good one. Is it me or does he only throw the ball to his left side?

RONNIE and RICKY had a good game but after being down by so much we went away from it.

WILSON and BELL can't make that many tackles. That means the guys up front are not doing their jobs.

The CBs had played a great game so I hope that continues.

MERLING I like that guy he was all over the place.(PRACTICE? WE're TALKIN ABOUT PRACTICE)He was by far the best D-lineman.

PORTER and TAYLOR 3 maybe 4 tackles between both of you. NOT GOOD.

I think this week pat white hits GINN on that long pass.

THE DOLPHINS win by 10

why cutler doesn't have the character to play for these 3 guys ?


In high school I excelled at the five point stance......arms, legs, forehead.

If Mando said Cutler is better than Henne, and we's donts know if we trust somebody named dolphins4life, but if he said it, it's because it's true.

One guy thrown for 4,000. The other guy struggled in preseason and has 45 career NFL yards.

You stoopid4life or what?

Fasano had the best blocking game of his career...interesting considering our O-Line was non existant.

Fasano had the best fumble in his career .

Fasano had the best fumble in his career.

Young team. Generally upgraded to at least a B level of talent at almost all position. Being young, will take a few games to pull fully together. Unfortunate but it is what it is. The good thing is that we have a foundation particularly in the lines. If they play relatively flawless ball they can win. This year we find out if any stars are likely to emerge - if Brown can move to the first rank with a good OL, if Ginn will perform to his ability level, if Davis and Smith or Merling will emerge. If we perform well the first half of the year the goal is the playoffs. If our performance does not get us there we switch to Henne as starter and see if he can play or not. We now have a solid foundation. Parcels gift. By the end of the year it will be clear what the final pieces needed are to move us to the first rank. My guess is that we are OK at QB, OL, DL, LB, secondary but need first round quality WR, RB and TE. Question mark is NT, hopefully Paul comes shows ability to eventually become starter.

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