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Coordinators' Thursday at Dolphins camp

Both Paul Pasqualoni and Dan Henning are speaking to the media this year on every Thursday. That, by the way, is because the NFL compels them to do that.

So this is what they're saying today:

Pasqualoni's scouting report (the complimentary version) on San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers: "Like the first two [quarterbacks Miami faced], he can make all the throws. He puts a lot into every throw. He pushes up in the pocket very well. Can move, isn't bad on the move as well ... He's just got great competitiveness, great pocket awareness ... Great toughness ... Truly, what you want to see in your quarterback."

The Dolphins defense has had mixed results in the first two games. It played well enough to win in the opener. It was the primary reason for the defeat against Indianapolis.

The Chargers have the No. 5 overall offense in the NFL, ranked higher than either Indy or Atlanta.

"It doesn't get any easier," Pasqualoni said. "If there were easy solutions to these problems, everybody would have them. There are no easy solutions. When you have the combinations, and it just so happens, they all run the ball, they all have receivers you have to pay attention to, in addition to the tight end, in addition now this week, maybe their most productive receiver is [Darren Sproles] and he's coming out of the backfield. We're not getting less, we're getting more."

Henning, Miami's offensive coordinator followed Pasqualoni's 10-minute session with a 10-minute session of his own.

He talked about the game plan for Indianapolis and how that worked out:

"We went in the game and the objective from the boss was run the ball effectively, keep that opponent off the field, convert third downs, score as many points as we could. So we had 45 minutes, we converted 15 first downs, I don't know when I've done that before and we scored five out of the eight possession we had the ball. Now we didn't win the game so you can be disappointed. But I'm not discouraged with the way they played."

He talked about the Dolphins final possession when they needed to overcome a 27-23 lead but did not:

"We needed a touchdown and we didn't get one," Henning said. "We lost a timeout because I sent the wrong group of people in with a play. And Chad [Pennington] will usually straighten that out, but he had to call a time out because we didn't have the right people in the game. At that point we had one time out. We started to move down the field and we got a sack. And coach decided to take a time out there. Even with that time out and the sack we got 14 plays in. In 14 plays you got to get the ball in the end zone. We didn't make the plays to get it in the end zone. I think a lot more has been made of what went on out there than what went on out there.

Henning talked about the fateful throw from Pennington to Ginn that glanced off Ginn's hands:

"Chad made a great read on the ball he threw to Teddy in the end zone. And I would expect Teddy feels that 5 out of 10 times he's going to come down with that ball. We wouldn't have said anything about the two minutes then."

Henning said the Chargers, ranked 24th in the NFL versus the run, think a bit like Atlanta does in defending the run.

"They like to bring an extra guy down into the box and challenge you with their two good corners," he said.

Finally, in the Indianapolis game, Henning said Chad Pennington had 19 either-or plays in which he decides, depending on the look of the defense, whether to run or throw the ball. A couple of those included third-and-7 play from the Indy 22 yard line with 56 seconds left.

Pennington went with a Ricky Williams run and the Dolphins kicked the field goal.

Finally, the Dolphins offensive line is nursing some bumps and bruises. Left guard Justin Smiley (shoulder) was limited during practice today. RT Vernon Carey, limited Wednesday, returned to full work. Linebacker Joey Porter also was limited with a right hamstring issue.


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Pure crapola

"Shawn, are you serious. You think our problem is quarterback?"
Posted by: mike | September 24, 2009 at 10:20 AM

uhhhh, what, YES, of course Mike. what games have you been watching? we have ballers on offense; Ginn, Ricky, Ronnie, Bess, Hartline but not a QB. you blame Ginn, while Ginn has been running open since last year. hard to develop as a young WR when your passes are coming from Pennington.

I am not the only one that thinks our problem is at QB...ask half our fan base if not more, ask Tony Sparano why he ran the ball three straight times at the end of the half and the game? why are we playing for FG's versus TD's in the 2 minute drill? BECAUSE WE HAVE PENNINGTON, and Sparano doesn't want Penny to lose the game for us. If we had Ryan, Manning, Sanchez, Brady, Flacco, Brees do you think we would be playing for FG's and ball control? HELL NO. it is because we have Pennigton that we play so conservately...wake up Mike.

alright, all you Penne lovers, here is 20 QB's we would be much better off having instead of Pennington;

1. Manning, P
2. Brady
3. Brees
4. Rivers
5. Manning, E
6. Roethlisberger
7. Warner
8. Schaub
9. Cutler
10. Flacco
11. Romo
12. Ryan
13. Rodgers
14. Sanchez
15. Palmer
16. Stafford
17. Cassel
18. Favre
19. Collins
20. Harris, Jacory

Is the 20+ best QB, Pennigton, good enough to take us to the promised land? NO, NO, NO. time to be realistic with the Phins, our QB is holding back the rest of the talent on this team!

bring in an elite QB (Ryan), or somewhat great QB (Flacco / Sanchez) and you will see how a QB makes the players around him better. all of a sudden Ginn and Ronnie look like all pros. look what Ryan, Flacco and Sanchez are playing with and they are getting it done...not setting us up for FIELD GOALS!

Breaking News from ESPN And NFL NETWORK : Gibril wilson has just missed another tackle.

Shawn , i agree on penny , but favre , collins , sanchez and stafford ( right now ) cassell aren't better then penny. slow down my friend. Putting # 20 better then penny is insulting and ridiculous. MAYBE it was a joke.

Breaking news:

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

Breaking news:

Channing Crowder makes an int.....
in madden 2010

So is it Pennington's bad choice or the fact that at the 2 minute point noone was really hustling to the line?

Other than the O-linemen who did a phenomenal job

NJ, yeah I would and I think the front office would agree, in a heartbeat, to take Stafford over Penne. We are not winning the superbowl this year...time to find a stud QB for 2, 3 or 4 years down the road, Stafford has that potential. Penne does not.

We knew Dandy Dan would be retiring, when he started hitting 35, 36, 37 years old. how come no draft of a QB during that time or the last 10 years? how did we get #13, how did ATL get Ryan, how did the NYJ get Sanchez...THE DRAFT.

you will continue to see us just below good enough if we continue with this ball control, short passing game, check down, no mistake football. we have done it for 10 years with no superbowl runs to show for it. time for a change from this philosophy...

NJ, Sanchez or Pennington?

Breaking news:

Last time my news was broken, I called Geico and they were there to look at my news the next day. The claims rep was wonderful. We had our news fixed within a week. And they have accident forgiveness, so my rates won't go up.

5 of 10 times isn't enought btw

Nice of Henning to own up to his mistake.


Breaking news:

Ted ginn to wear boxer gloves for next game

I don't want to hear that "we got 14 plays in" BS anymore, If you had managed the clock right, you could have had a few more plays and better chances of scoring...Instead you had to throw up 2 prayer passes, and we were sunk...

14 plays to advance 50 yards. Crappy YDS per play average on a 3 minute deal.

Ya Shawn...the jets and Sanchez are so much more if a high powered offense than us. I mean, their highest point total in a game this year is 24 points. A whole 1 point higher than our dinky offense.

Why does everyone have to bash our team ? yeah it's disappointing we're 0-2. but we played really well on monday. I agree it is time to give chad henne a chance. But lets not forget how well pennington has done for us. Def exceeded my expectations. Our big mistakes were signing gibril wilson and channing crowder to those big contracts. We need a big play reciever. Someone who's taller than 5'9. We have two great running backs, a solid offensive line. Devone bess and ginn are good, but will not be great. We need a stud opposite of them. Maybe a tight end that could make plays as well. Were young and we will only get better. Lets have some faith guys.

Shawn, I love the fact that you are bringing up Sanchez and the Jets as an example of what our offense could be. I mean, their highest point total in a game so far has been 24 points, an entire 1 point more than ours. Did you actually watch the Jets vs. Pats game...it was an offensive bore. And by the way, those 4th down we'd be going for with a guy like him...how bout when the Jets kicked a field goal on 4th from the 14 yard line. I mean wow. If only we could do that.

i just dont understand everyone talking about Penny and blaming the lost on Ted Ginn. Offensively, we were great on Monday, we lost the game because of DEFENSE, we could not tackle we could not stop Peyton Manning!

If we make a couple of tackles, we could of won the game. Just a tackle, forget about a turnover a tackle!

These two guys (Pasqualoni and Henning) are going to get Sparano fired. The thing is, Sparano is going to just stand there and let it happen.

Wake up Sparano, get rid of these guys before they get rid of you.

need to sign a TE and WR before the trade deadline

You guys need to take a chill pill, my goodness, give them a chance to improve, only 2 games and youre ready to throw them all under the bus!!!! Its a good team maybe 2or 3 players from a great team. Chill! and Go Canes!! Go Dolphins!

I still don't understand why no one rips Crowder ... he was just as much too blame for the biting the juke from Adai on his 13 yard run to keep the drive alive. Plus when he fell down trying tackle Clark. Plus when he got beat on the slant by Clark and Adai. PLUS ONE F'n tackle from an MLB doesn't cut it. A good MLB would make the difference on this defense. Did I mention CROWDER SUCKS!

I think both our Coordinators will be looking for new jobs at the end of year.

Man, I love the dolphins and i love watching them running it the other nite...but not being able to throw just hurts the team. Penne can't throw-if he can he aint doin it, unless there's some trickery involved.

Think about it...look at the list and watch the highlights...those guys can throw and they do it enough...we don't....why? And #20 harris aint no joke...I rather have him.

Something else that's interesting, is why did Henne even in preseason not throw long. Does anyone know how to throw long other than Pat White (too long). WTF. I can Sanchez, Flacco, Ryan, be better-give the kid a chance. If Henne sucks too, I want to know now, so we can a qb in the draft.

And the whole team thing is great, but the dolphins have too many holes to have a good qb like Penne.

Shawn , i said right now ! about sanchez and stafford. You're nuts if you think this front office would take stafford over penny Right now. Henne's still there and could still turn out to be real good qb in this league. I would take penny over stafford and Sanchez right now. Putting that qb At # 20 over penny is a joke. I'm not a penny apologist but that's the facts.

he had 19 either or plays. Penny is scared to pass.

He shouldn't have any either or plays with there is less than 3 minutes left. He should only have passing plays. Penny truly seems scared to throw the ball this year. Crazy

Shawn , also what part of " i agree on Penny " in my post you didn't understand. I've also been ripping penny at times but to say some of those qb's are better is flat out wrong. also Miami did draft henne last year.

By the way Shawn, I'm mike and MikeGut - first post was from my iPhone and it gave me an error...so I posted from the cpu..Anyone else getting that iPhone errror? Its happened to me a ton.

still NJ, I would take any of those 20 over Penny. right now, right now. Sanchez is winning games, making passes on 3rd and long, under pressure, we are not! Anyone in the Phins front office and most of the fan base would trade Penne for Sanchez or Stafford or Flacco in a second. I don't care if it is right now and these young guys need time. Pennington has hit his ceiling, he can't or won't throw deep and middle and seems to play scarred. we are not competing for the Superbowl this year so WHY spend even a minute more managing the game with Penne when you are hoping to compete for a championship in 2 or 3 or 4 years. You look for a potential stud QB to lead us, and since it doesn't appear we have that on this roster, it becomes a priority. find a stud QB. NJ, what is hard to understand?

Pennington over Sanchez, right now or whenever, c'mon man, that's just ignorant...

Lets all post positive things about the fins. Lets get the good karma going....

"We were competitive in the kicking game"

All I read/hear is draft, get the players in the draft, and what happens when we do? Doesn't work out...again, I ask if our scouts are as good as they should be. Watching the Bears/Pittsy game, Johnny Knox, coming out of a nowhere-no name college, looked a thousand times better than Ginn....Esplaine dat to me Lucy, as Ricky would say?

Mike, have you watched the Jets and Phins play? If you can't see the difference in the passing game for the Jets and the passing game for the Phins in the last two games....oh well.

a 22-33 yo rook should not be playing better than our intelligent, experienced veteran Pennigton! how does this happen, Sanchez has got physical skills, Penne does not.

How do you think the Jets fans feel after having Pennigton for all those years and then being brave enough to move up in the draft and take Sanchez? ECSTATIC! kind of like when we got #13...time to do it again.

if your a Phins fan you wanted a RB BAD for Danny Boy all those years we were just below good enough....now if you are a Phins fan you want a QB BAD to complement and make better the weapons you have on offense, the stout D, great coaches and superior front office.

I really question Crowder insticts as an inside linebacker, I played the position in college and now coach it at the high school level now that does not make me a pro but I understand the position he takes a lot of false steps, misreads, or over pursues the play, he always seems to be just a little off and has no major speed. The dolphins are doing to have to find the next STUD inside backer in the defense that they play.

If Ginn catches two would be touch down passes that hit him in the HANDS, are we talking about CP arm? NOPE, Ginns got to help his QB and make plays!

looks like Pennington was the coward that decided to run the ball on third down.

why run the ball on 3rd & 6 to setup a FG with 3:00+ minutes left on the clock and Manning up next? why? because either Sparano or Penne do not have faith in the passing game...




What till this happens and you will see the s*it hit the fan.....

Its going to be a long season. 6-10

Shawn, thus season remains to be written. Jets fans aren't smart and thought Favre was bringing them to the bowl last year.

And I have watched the Jets play and what I saw was a team afraid to let their rookie do much. He made some nice plays... But he isn't a savior yet in my book. Their offense was a BORE against NE.

Again, I'm not saying Chad is amazing or anything. But he isn't nearly as bad as you say. Tedd Ginn makes 3 catchable passes and Fasano makes one on Monday night and were talking about some far different stats for Chad and a W.

But I will say it again...there's some people on our D that need replacing well before Chad does.

Hey 5150, Crowder was another bad personnel decision made by the "Trifecta". Should have been traded but they gave him a new contract.

I've been a Dolphin fan for over 30 years and I'm not as gullible as I used to be. Parcells has made one BAD personnel decision after the other. Wilford, Green, Henne, White just to name a few. Sorry, but the koolaid doesn't taste like it used to.

Shawn , right now penny won miami a division and put them in the playoffs . What has sanchez done ? LMAO ! NICE TRY !. and to say you 'll take a some of those other qb's over penny is plain ridiculous.

Mike, right on.

I would argue that guys like Teddy, Fasano, Bess, Hartline AND Ricky and Ronnie would be a whole lot better with a great or really good QB (see Flaco).

I have seen so many passes either underthrown, mid to deep passes of there mark and a lot of passes not even thrown to open receivers by Penne. There has been no rythem, no consistency, nothing in synch between Penne and his receivers. a huge part of this is Penne not having the arm strength and not able to, not willing or the coaches are keeping him from throwing down the field. then you expect Penne to throw a pass somewhat deep, to the endzone, off its mark and have Ginn and Fasano come up with those passes. I don't believe our passing game problems fall on our receivers or TEs. it starts with the QB.

I'm ok with upgrading the WR's and QBs. just don't think the WR's have EVER been given a real chance to grow with a QB like Penne...same with Chambers for all those years.

Quiet right greg z, even though mgmt. has made one bonehead personnel move after the other, we still have enough talent to win a few games. But it seems that the game has passed them (Pasqualoni and Henning) by.

Sparano needs to grow a pair.

shawn , what is hard to understand is some things in your posts. again , i'm not a penny supporter , but he's beeter than some of the qb's you mentioned. How do you know Henne isn't the answer ?

Shawn , i was at the last jet-dolphin game last year and all the jet fans were crying , wishing they still had penny .

Hey guys you are being hard on penny. This guy won us 11 games last year. When Marino left he made a huge hole. That no one has been able to cover. At least penny is a winner. Give him better WR and you will see what he can do.
The problem Monday was the D-line not putting pressure on manning. He had all the time in the world. The secondary would look better if they didn't have to cover for so long.

I don't know Henne is the answer, do you? what difference does it make. There is a reason Henne is not pushing for the starting job, while we have Pennigton at QB.

I still don't know what your problem is with my posts. Pennigton sucks, or is bad or isn't good enough to take us to the promise land, stop gap, I think you agree?

and you don't consider some of the QBs on my list better than Penne? really, who?

Collins, Sanchez, Stafford, Farve, Jacory harris...ok, I don't agree. I would love to have Sanchez, Stafford, Jacory Harris NOW and for the future. I don't care if we need to wait 2 seasons for them to develop. we still would be better off than Pennington...

sincerely, do you think we have a QB problem, in that we possibly do not have a great QB on the roster, to leads this team into the future? do you think it is a priority to find us our next great QB?

Sorry Shawn...all great QB's have had receivers that help em out. Those two throws to Ginn were Strikes. One through the hands...the other an issue of hesitation and field awareness. Randy Moss makes those catches. Hell Chris Chambers makes those. Don't get me wrong, I like Ted, he just didn't help out his QB Monday night.

"Shawn , i was at the last jet-dolphin game last year and all the jet fans were crying , wishing they still had penny .

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN "

NJ, PLEASE PLEASE, find me a Jets fan that, right now, would want Penne over Sanchez and I will not say another word about Penne.

cool rappin with ya, and I think it is just not smart to say Pennigton over Sanchez. 100% of NFL personel people would disagree with you...

he plumber always talks crap when thr dophins suck.

fasano nj phin boy friend fumbled the season so far .oh baby as nj scream all pre season .

the plumber

Shawn , what the hell are you talking about ? you're the one who said miami doen't have a qb on their roster for the future . i responded with , how do you know henne isn't the answer. You don't. Don't say we don't have a qb of the future , when henne could be.

The reason henne isn't pushing for the starting position is because of penny. By the way , right now 100% of Gm's would take penny over sanchez. He's played 2 FREAKING GAMES ! He's won nothing , but miami's qb just won you the division. . My God !

WE DO NOT HAVE A QB of THE FUTURE! there ya go NJ...and NJ sucks to. don't know how you live there.

and you should know how good Sanchez is. if Henne was the answer, you would of seen something by now, something. but for some reason, because he is not a stud, the coaches have Henne on the BENCH. and behind a crap QB like Pennigton. if he was a stud, he would get some playing time...

What is our arguement here; I think Penne sucks and we need a QB. you think Penne is not as bad as SUCKs and we might have a QB on the roster for the future, Henne.


"The reason henne isn't pushing for the starting position is because of penny"

WHAT, really? Penninton's play is keeping Henne on the bench. that's a new one...

"By the way , right now 100% of Gm's would take penny over sanchez."

so the Jets don't have a GM? and they moved up to get him. honestly, why do you like Pennington so much? what do you like about him? Ryan, Flacco, Sanchez, Stafford these are the QB studs of the future...they are available in the draft, early to mid pics. Roethlisberger, Cutler. for years we have passed these guys by...and what did we end up with = Pennigton.

and you for some reason, would rather have Pennignton versus a young stud QB to lead this team for the next 15 years...strange.

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