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Coordinators' Thursday at Dolphins camp

Both Paul Pasqualoni and Dan Henning are speaking to the media this year on every Thursday. That, by the way, is because the NFL compels them to do that.

So this is what they're saying today:

Pasqualoni's scouting report (the complimentary version) on San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers: "Like the first two [quarterbacks Miami faced], he can make all the throws. He puts a lot into every throw. He pushes up in the pocket very well. Can move, isn't bad on the move as well ... He's just got great competitiveness, great pocket awareness ... Great toughness ... Truly, what you want to see in your quarterback."

The Dolphins defense has had mixed results in the first two games. It played well enough to win in the opener. It was the primary reason for the defeat against Indianapolis.

The Chargers have the No. 5 overall offense in the NFL, ranked higher than either Indy or Atlanta.

"It doesn't get any easier," Pasqualoni said. "If there were easy solutions to these problems, everybody would have them. There are no easy solutions. When you have the combinations, and it just so happens, they all run the ball, they all have receivers you have to pay attention to, in addition to the tight end, in addition now this week, maybe their most productive receiver is [Darren Sproles] and he's coming out of the backfield. We're not getting less, we're getting more."

Henning, Miami's offensive coordinator followed Pasqualoni's 10-minute session with a 10-minute session of his own.

He talked about the game plan for Indianapolis and how that worked out:

"We went in the game and the objective from the boss was run the ball effectively, keep that opponent off the field, convert third downs, score as many points as we could. So we had 45 minutes, we converted 15 first downs, I don't know when I've done that before and we scored five out of the eight possession we had the ball. Now we didn't win the game so you can be disappointed. But I'm not discouraged with the way they played."

He talked about the Dolphins final possession when they needed to overcome a 27-23 lead but did not:

"We needed a touchdown and we didn't get one," Henning said. "We lost a timeout because I sent the wrong group of people in with a play. And Chad [Pennington] will usually straighten that out, but he had to call a time out because we didn't have the right people in the game. At that point we had one time out. We started to move down the field and we got a sack. And coach decided to take a time out there. Even with that time out and the sack we got 14 plays in. In 14 plays you got to get the ball in the end zone. We didn't make the plays to get it in the end zone. I think a lot more has been made of what went on out there than what went on out there.

Henning talked about the fateful throw from Pennington to Ginn that glanced off Ginn's hands:

"Chad made a great read on the ball he threw to Teddy in the end zone. And I would expect Teddy feels that 5 out of 10 times he's going to come down with that ball. We wouldn't have said anything about the two minutes then."

Henning said the Chargers, ranked 24th in the NFL versus the run, think a bit like Atlanta does in defending the run.

"They like to bring an extra guy down into the box and challenge you with their two good corners," he said.

Finally, in the Indianapolis game, Henning said Chad Pennington had 19 either-or plays in which he decides, depending on the look of the defense, whether to run or throw the ball. A couple of those included third-and-7 play from the Indy 22 yard line with 56 seconds left.

Pennington went with a Ricky Williams run and the Dolphins kicked the field goal.

Finally, the Dolphins offensive line is nursing some bumps and bruises. Left guard Justin Smiley (shoulder) was limited during practice today. RT Vernon Carey, limited Wednesday, returned to full work. Linebacker Joey Porter also was limited with a right hamstring issue.


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don't you know that most fin fans are dumb lkie the plumber .they are 0-2 and he still blowing the hot air out of his azzz.we still asking henne or penne ? pleasssssseeeeeeeeee

Seems like every thing I write is removed by Armondo and the sensitivity police. Hey Armondo, don't encourage people to write comments if your gonna keep removing them because they are "insensitive"! What is this...Romperoom or Seasome Street? I write the nastiest things on the Sun-Sentinal blogs because they like me are pissed off and sick of losing and these " 4 year plans".Never have they been removed! What is it with hispanics and their sensitivity issues? I suppose George Lopez is your idol. We suck and if you can't handle it get out of the journalism business. You were the one that wanted to give Cam Cam another year back in 2007 because you felt sorry for him. That my friend was a JOKE! Stop deleting my comments!

shawn, first you put up a dumb list...Farve... idiot. Sounds like a jet fan to me. Get lost loser.

the only problem i see on defense is the pass rush which is not there and it will be there with jason and joey coming from the edges if the team presures we will see results look at new england against the jets we need to pressure to create turn overs and to get more three and outs othere wise is going to be a long season for the dolphins and the fans

no one can remember when the wets won anything. Bottom feeders lifetime... get with it loser

jets suck...MAN, I FULLY AGREE, the JETS SUCK! problem is they drafted a QB that is going to give us problems for years to come...and to face reality, the are SUPER STOKED the gave up Pennington and ended up with Sanchez.

we got the short end of the QB stick my man. and if you don't think we have a QB problem then we will end up saying Phins suck for years to come...

FIND A QB, it has been 10 years.

dumb list, because half the QB's in the NFL are better than Chad Pennington. truth hurts, but it is much needed right now as our franchise has sucked since Marino left...

Bring it, bring it baby, tell me how Pennington is our future, why he should be our starting QB...your arguements are as weak as homeboy's arm!

Shawn , can you read ? What part of be NOT Being a penny fan is it that you don't understand. my arguement is about some of the qb's you picked over penny. Geez !

Now , sanchez is a STUD qb, LMAO ! after 2 F'N Games. My God ! By the way shawn , where are you from and come down to jersey a talk like That. See where that gets you . LOl !

Shawn , i'll bet you anything and every personal man would agree , if penny was on the jets right now , sanchez just like henne , would be on the bench learning. Just who did sanchez have to beat out ? Nobody. The jets had no choice but to start sanchez . they would have perferred he sat and learned just like henne.


By the way shawn , if favre didn' t retire maybe the jets wouldn't have drafted sanchez . Even if they did , sanchez would be on the bench behind favre just like who ? you guessed it Henne. Also what the hell does penny have to do with sanchez. The jets got rid of penny for farve NOT sanchez. Give me a break. i'm done with this. It's no use.

last year the dolphins were way lucky.this year every team is improving big time but the dolphins who got too cocky .just read idiot fans like nj phin fan talking in pre season and you see that there's no enough knowledege of the game among most fans .

FD sound alot like Justin. FD are you justin. Beware NJ is around,

california rocker you talk bad about Armando. I will straighten you out you stupid jerk

Listening to these guys is like listening to politicians. You hear mostly bulls...t. Here's the deal. Last week the o-line was M.I.A., this week it was brought back to life and all was good in Dolphin fan land. Then the defense went M.I.A. last Monday, and coach said he'd do the same thing again with play calling and clock management. That comment scares me a bit. The least they can do is change their play sets and blitz looks. Try putting Taylor at defensive end on the same side as Porter. Play Wake or Anderson on the other side. Pasqualoni fixed it last year after the Arizona game. Time to fix it again. Someone has to put the fire and intensity back into the players.

california rocker is a racist, he hate speeeks,

If Henne were better than Pennington, Henne wold be the starter, right? Henne looks a way long from being a starer in the practices. But there is still a chance. The last year of Dan Marino in college was awful, and he started because of an injury of Woodley, and from that point, we all kown the story. Same thing between Brady and Bledsoe, and if we waste plays in Pat White why don't start Hene? At lest for while he don´t make a mistake?

Dolphins need a reciever that can make big plays. Ginn has failed time and time again. Chad Pennington cant throw to something thats not open, he deserves a big play receiver like all the other stud QB's in the NFL. Marino didnt have a big play receiver for the second half of his career and it probably cost him a second opportunity at a superbowl.

well chad's lack of a arm is putting 8 guys in the box.

and the only way to back them up and to get a look at tomorrow is to let CHAD play.

we been bad this long Chad can't go worst than 1-15.

I like CHAD and trully WISH him the best but right now he is a 2nd or 3rd round trade bait.

Lets caal it a season or get a jump start on the next year.

We will at least know if CHAD's gthe real deal or to LOOK at McCoy or BRADFORD.

WE are ready to take the next step but how can we if we are tring to patch things up rather than get a new tire that can last for a long time.

Go to nfl.com and look up the stats.
Pennington is #31 at 165 yards game.
Rivers is #1 335 yards/game.

SORRY JOSE is typing through me.

I need HELP.

Top college QB is Ryan Mallett, Arkansas. He threw for 450 yards and 5 td's vs Georgia last Saturday.
He started out at Michigan but couldn't unseat Henne so he transferred.
6'5" 225

Pennington will not be the starter anymore when we leave SD Sunday.
And hopefully Dan Henning will be fired.

The wildcat is back door football.
It makes us all look like h0m0s

Pennington's play is not keeping Henne on the bench. Henne's abysmal play in two preseasons, which it is safe to assume mirrors his play in the closed practices, is keeping him on the bench. Henne is stiff as a board and stares at his primary target always. He does not have "it. Ryan, however does: epic mistake to pass on him.

Oh, and as to Mando's post,

does it seem to anyone else that the coordinators have given up on the season? The tenor and tone of their remarks suggest that they see the writing on the wall, and that writing spells out "Mediocrity."


How can you sat that when every team is trying to run it?


Pennington definitely limits an offense. He is a game manager at his very best, he will never win you a game. He more or less sits back and hopes your RBs win it for you, or the WRs take if off of short dumpoffs.

QB is the most important position in the NFL, and the NFL has been re-stocking and now has QBs in place that will play for quite awhile. A lot of people like to claim a QB isn't important, that you can get one later in the draft. Romo and Brady are indeed good examples of late picks, but they are total flukes, and Brady probably cheated. Romo can't win a playoff game incidentally. Outside of those guys, most of the recent SB teams and contending teams year in and year out have a QB that was picked within the top 10 overall in a draft. If not top 10, generally at least early by the second round. The reason for this is the chances of getting a good QB drop drastically the later you get into the draft. You NEVER have a 100% shot at it, but a top 5 pick will generally start for you over 50% of the time, so it's like flipping a coin.

Learning by sitting doesn't help, because even after you get onto the field you still have to learn. Like Philip Rivers for instance sat for the longest time, I believe it was either 3 or 4 years, and then took a few more years to develop into a good passer. Guys like Ben, Palmer, Peyton, Eli, Ryan, Flacco and now Sanchez all learned on the job and got really good within 3 years. Sanchez has only played 2 games but he's just really far ahead of the curve thus far so that's why he is mentioned a lot. He's considerably further ahead than Stafford, that's probably why nobody mentions Stafford. Stafford might have the higher ceiling though, probably does, we just don't know if he will realize it.

The Dolphins were rebuilding we were told, but for some reason, instead, the Dolphins win the division and suddenly think they're a playoff team. You can't rebuild and use a transitional QB at the same time. The Dolphins should have taken Ryan or Flacco, really though Ryan was THE pick to make for a team without a QB. It is far easier to get a starting LT than it is a starting QB, and the impact of the QB is far greater. You can't just completely neglect the LT position, but for some reason people think neglecting the QB position is viable.

Next year is supposed to have a good QB class. I don't know if it will. I know that Ryan is a good QB, and I know Sanchez shows ability. If the Dolphins are picking high, or even if they're not they can trade up like the Jets did, they NEED to take a QB high. Either that, or trick some team into sending a QB. Maybe if Derek Anderson is available cheap, he could be a good buy off of the Browns, but DA is a very dicey proposition and drafting a QB is better because you can coach them up and they will fit into your system.

what sphinx said!

Derek anderson ? Derek anderson ? Are you kidding me ? LMFAO ! Also Tony romo sucks. I would rather have the runner-up to the mvp MANAGING the team , than mr. turnover romo . By the way rivers sat out only 2 years not 3 or 4. C. Palmer also sat out almost 2 years learning.

Play Henne whatever happens ,It's the only way we ever know if we have the quaterback of the future or not , Pennington is a very smart guy, but I don't see Chad Pennington taking this franchise to the big dance,My opinion is if the Miami Dolphins don't find out this year if Chad Henne is the man, We the fans are going to suffer for another couple of years.I can't take with all the dumb moves the freaking Jets had made they are provably a better team than us today,other thing find at least One Good Middle Linebacker < the safety position I'm not to worry about it,Clemmons will take over Wilson's Job anytime now

and sanchez did sit out a week and he's 2-0 and chad is 0-2..lol lol lol

henne sitting out for his third year while a lot of people in the same time frame got their plumbing license

Eli also sat down over a year.

fins will lose 2 games to the jets
will lose 2 games to the bills
will lose 2 games to new england

end the season 3-13

all these people who sat out a year or more their team didn't draft second pick QB as fins did by drafting pat white and screwing henne's head meanwhile .....LMFAO AT THE PLUMBER ARGUMENT .

Isn't it amazing how henne is sitting out his third year while this being only his 2nd year in the league ?




it is hennes 2nd yr sitting he was drafted sam e year as j.long i do beleive.....and i am sure he will get his chance soon this year because they need to know .. if he has it or not if not it will be qb drafting time but thats is months away and miami will not be trading for no wrs they will wait till free agency starts they like their draft picks to much

We are in an emergency situation now, and CP give us the best chance to get out of the hole.
But if/when we are 0-5 or 1-4 coming into our bye week, there will be absolutley no excuse not to start Henne. He'll have 11 games to show he's the real deal.
If he's not (what means we'll have a very bad record) then we have to draft a QB in round 1 of the 2010 draft (then LB and NT) and find a true star WR through free agency.

Yann , you forgot SAFTEY.

Paul Pasqualoni needs to be called out his lack of ajustment on the defensive side of the ball can not stand it's been two games now that we have been picked apart by the TEs first Gonzalez then Clark what's is he thinking puting our MLB,or FS,SS against elite TEs again and again they got toasted let's put Smith or Davis on Gates these guys won't get burnt

Paul Pasqualoni needs to be called out his lack of ajustment on the defensive side of the ball can not stand it's been two games now that we have been picked apart by the TEs first Gonzalez then Clark

defend yourself NJ. cubano is mean

The reason people wont chill is because this crap has been going on way to long !! Alot of the fans are tired of the letdowns meltdowns and nervous breakdowns. This football team has been a big part of alot of peoples lifes for a long time and this was once a proud franchise that was a joy to watch and follow. Alot of these negative comments come from people who are wore out investing so much time riding this 10 yr, roller coaster of letdowns & false hope. And being a fan of another team is not an option since they grew up following this team . If the fins franchise closed down I wouldnt care about watching football on Sundays. Fans have A-B-C personalities Some people freak out and say negative things others cant understand the negativity and think of the positive things and some do nothing but watch and win or lose it doesnt bother them what so ever. So if people want to vent let them vent !! These players make more money than 95 percent of us will ever make so if they mess up I say lynchem !!! Just like our boss would if we mess up at our jobs.. that doesnt mean im not a true fan.

IF fASANO doesn't fumble twice we prob. beat Atlanta (a playoff team) in their own building.

If our Defense makes ONE stop vs. Indy we win that game.

it's 2 games stop crying. If we beat the Chargers and the Jets lose to Tenn. we will be a game behind them. Lets see how we do head to head against our division rivals b4 we decide to sell the entire team.

LT is the safest 1st rd pick in the draft, u don't find 6'7" 325 lb. lineman just anywhere, QB's are a coin flip at best, for every Manning there's an Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf (touted as the "can't miss" pick), Cade Mcnown, Alex Smith, Tim Couch, Jim Drunkenmiller, for every Matt Ryan a Joey Harrington, Rick Mirer, David Klingler, Heath Shuler, Todd Marinovich. how many LT's have been busts over the last decade? Robert Gallery?(who has been moved inside to Guard so he still can be of use) Walter Jones, Orlando Pace, Jonathan Ogden, Bryant Mckinnie, Chris Samuels, Tra Thomas, Jamaal Brown, Joe Thomas, Ryan Clady, Jake Long, Jeff Otah, Vernon Carey.....Tackles are your safest, smartest pick for a rebuilding franchise.

Chuck . Amen !

Henning said: he would "expect" that Teddy "feels." So Teddy should make that catch 5 out of 10 times. So the pass was 50% catchable. So the pass was not good enough, but it was a great read. I say: Henning is correct.

Pasqualoni. Did anyone ask him about what in the heck was he thinking with his defensive schemes? Did he have a vegas Guido in his ear?

Shawn I beg to differ on your comments about why we are a run first team. If you have ever known or watched a parcells type team they are always hard nosed run first type teams. That control the clock and the line of scrimmage. Case in point Sparano is an offensive line coach he is the type of coach that feels that winning happens inside the trenches that's why we are a run first team not because of Pennington. Pennington is a prototypical type QB for parcells and sparano efficient and smart.

listen guys Ive read all your posts and Im going to have to go with shawn on this one!Kudos for having the guts to say the truth!! Penny cannot make the throws that the AVERAGE qb in this league can make and its just that SIMPLE!!! Hes regardless of completion pct and and accuracy blah blah blah if we had any one of those qbs! I dont care which we one the THREAT of a passing game improves 2 fold period..... Why cuz they can actually throw the ball downfield, in stride, with zip, that doesnt float for more than 15 yards!! GO PHINZ!!

How many times do i have to say this? If Henne was ready and had the so called it he would start PERIOD. The entire orginazation and fan base is dissapointed in Henne's developement. Dont blame Penny for Henne's lack of playing time, blame HENNE. Just look at where he is on the depth-chart for games. White is number 2 for what, the 2 or 3 lets see what look they give us when White is in. WAKE UP PEOPLE THEY ARE DOING WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO AT THIS POINT TILL THE SEASON IS LOST, HENNE SHOWS HE CAN DO IT, OR PENNY GETS HURT, WHICH I HOPE DOESN'T HAPPEN. What are the thoughts on this from the Dolphin Nation.

henne is toast - - face it, fellas.

Patience, patience please. Passing teams do better at the beginning of the year and running teams come on strong at the end of the year when its most important, expecially in the playoffs. There are 16 regular season games folks. The fact that the Dolphin running game can dominate is reason to be hopeful. All you guys whom obviously have never played and like to blame/give credit to the quarterback for losses/wins chill out.

As for defense, middle linebackers are primarily run stoppers and outside linebackers typically cover the tightends (must jam them at the line). The Dolphins have tried to cover the tightends with the middle linebackers so as to get JT and Joey into the backfield. It isn't working so expect the coaches to put a stop to that failed experiment. Taylor needs to step it up more than Crowder does and I think he will.

Bottom line is if Ginn manages to catch a ball hitting him right on his hands (twice) Miami probably wins the game..

Pennington's arm strength was NOT an issue when the balls bouncing off of Ted 'butter fingers' Ginn's mitts.... it's the fact that instead of throwing to a Randy Moss, or Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or an Anquan Boldin he's throwing to guys named Ginn and Fasaon.

Put the blame where it belongs - on a terrible defensive secondary, which gave up a touchdown 11 seconds into the game and recievers who play like they are afraid of the ball...

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