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Dolphins and Atlanta 7-0 midway through the second quarter

Matt Ryan underthrew a wide open Roddy White deep. Jason Elam missed a field goal after the Dolphins defense stonewalled the Falcons following a Chad Pennington fumble. That's why it was still 0-0 after the first quarter of the Dolphins season.

With 8:37 left in the second, Ryan hit Ovie Mughelli for a touchdown set up by a couple of catches by Tony Gonzalez that highlighted his talent and the Dolphins difficulty in matching up against him.

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Pennington needs to come through

We'll see the Wildcat if we can get to midfield.

The spread offense is in effect.

White looked hesitant on that run.

this offense is starting to concern me. Yikes.

no playmakers

F@#$ the Dolphins! This is the dumbest football I have ever seen. Is this what I waited all season for!

Stupid playcalling on 2nd down. Our coaches doing pretty poorly today as well.

Not looking good...!

way to hang in and create a play Chad. Ugh this is pathetic

If I were White I'd add an extra 30 lbs. of muscle for next year.

They look out of sync and no rhythm whatsoever.

one word sums up our team thus far SCARED!!!

ARMANDO why is the offense concerning you,..........NOW it's freaking the 1st week, these bozo's had all OFF SEASON TO WORRY ABOUT THIS......

now we get to watch what an offense should look like

Pennington looks horrible..scared..un decisive

Need to force a turnover to get some momentum; need it NOW

Let's see. Jake Long gets pancaked and Matt Ryan is on his way to a 300 yard game. Yeah Bill Parcels is a genius!

where's sean smith???

Welcome to the reality that is an average team at best now having to play good football teams ... you know like the Ravens were in the playoffs.

Remember that the Dolphins offense takes a while to get going and is supposed to wear opponents down. Do not give up on them!

Very good against the run so far!!! That's a huge plus

This secondary is pretty quick to celebrate, lets be professional.

Anyway, it makes no sense to give up on the O in the second quarter of the regular-season opener.

We need to BELIEVE! It's a 4 quarter game

We are still in it.

Can't believe they went 3 and OUT and that was with us giving them 5 free yards. We get a score here going into the half and then we're feeling OK going into 3rd quarter.

STOP over reacting.

This is Dolphin football. Close to the end. Wish it wasn't but it is. on the good side we are playing poorly out of sync on offense yet only down 7

big A.....let's see what kind of BALL.........SSSS YOU REALLY HAVE......

when this game is over if we win or lose, ask these BOZO's .

WHY THE HECK IS BESS return anything he is HORRIBLE, my 2 legged dog can run faster than him......

were in a hostile environment, it's atlanta's first game, the towels r waving, the place is rocking and were playing the new greatest show on turf with atlanta's offense, i expected us to be shell-shocked for the first qtr or so, once we get going we will make it a game, but we need more pressure in matt's face, i still like our chances.

I'm with ya on that Mando!

One thing I've noticed about this coaching staff: they make really good, really quick adjustments.

Preach the truth Mando!!

This is the Phins now. Keep it close and win it in the 4th.

Give the ball to RICKY!!!!

Chad P better show some guts out there, Id rather see Henne try. Oh and Ronnie looks so slow hitting the holes, Ricky should be getting bulk of teh carries

HOSTILE,.... this is PROBABLY the easiest of the tough games on the schedule

I have had a enough of Pat White for the day.

Is it me or is Ricky Williams still the best back on the Dolphins ?

Soiled :)

Well, that was a terrible pass by Pat White and Ginn was wide open. but I guess it stretches the defense.

Relax guys, We´ll kick ass pretty soon.

Pat White was a wasted pick, oh my god how do you overthrow Ginn?

Wow, so close.

Welcome to College Football!

Never touchrd the ground!!!

ronnie should have had that wildcat

That was a catch, should be a touchdown, no whistle was blown.

Was that a 50 yard overthrow?

Dolphins will lose this challenge, IMO.

Hope I'm wrong, but doesn't look like conclusive evidence to me. Plus officials hate to be wrong.

A play from Tebow's freshman year. Play action anticipating a quarterback run and drop back for the throw. And White overthrows the receiver. Shocking. Positively shocking.

That was pass interference on the defensive back covering Camarillo. It shows up best on the angle shown on the JumboTron here.

ok guys, WE NEED TO try to trade RONNIE.....FOR A WR

That's a catch no doubt about it

Never touched the ground & Interference to boot!

That is a catch...but they will call it incomplete to cover their as*&@ because he would have gone for six. They blew that call BAD.

Did Davis relace smith with the starters?

There was zebra official within 10 yards of Camarillo there. Very shoddy officiating on that play no matter which way they call it now.

I f we cannot score against Atlatas defense in the first half, we need to be faking an injury to Pat White so Henne can get in and we can see if hes the guy post this year

unfotunately not enough to over turn

Can ask a question? Do you think the WildPat is running rthym of Pennington?

thassa catch dude!


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