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Dolphins and Atlanta 7-0 midway through the second quarter

Matt Ryan underthrew a wide open Roddy White deep. Jason Elam missed a field goal after the Dolphins defense stonewalled the Falcons following a Chad Pennington fumble. That's why it was still 0-0 after the first quarter of the Dolphins season.

With 8:37 left in the second, Ryan hit Ovie Mughelli for a touchdown set up by a couple of catches by Tony Gonzalez that highlighted his talent and the Dolphins difficulty in matching up against him.

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Dierdorf really wants to give us the catch. And he's right that it should have been a penalty on ATL. Typical NFL Refs.

it is a catch!!!!!!

The a$s catch!

Catch of the decade outside of Tyree.

Glad I was wrong. Great camera work by the TV crew. Good call by officials. I suck.

Haha Camarillo is the man!! Those are instincts! This is the momentum we needed!

Had they not blown the call, it could've been a touchdown, like the Antonio Freeman play in overtime against the Vikings years ago on Monday Night Football. Atlanta never bothered to touch Camarillo.

Good call.

Sweet trick baby!!

we better score with all these breaks..lol

I love college football

Soiled :)

Cool play. I guess that's what the Dolphins have to resort to to move the ball.


Trickery! Hey, whatever moves the chains I guess

That was great! So fun to watch!

What a play!

Pennington IS this team's best player. No more taking him for WildPat.

Joey Haynos is the greatest tight end in the history of the NFL!

i friggin love these guys. quickly becoming my favorite dolphins team ever

we have to work soooooo hard for gains like that. its exciting and fun but at what point do we need to have an offense with actual weapons not just gimmicks?

Thats better! Armando I will cut you some slack this season. next season though its on! that was a really bad prediction

Miami is the funnest team in the NFL!

damn justin.tv channel went down.

David, was anyone open DEEP downfield on that flea flicker?

Not that Chad Pennington would ever bypass a DEEP pass, of course.

Thank God for the imagination and creativity of our coaching staff. We are certainly blessed in that regard.

Have faith people.

fasano!! what an idiot

yep that is why we suck folks

Oh no! :(

That's why Camarillo should have gotten up & ran....we are toast.

Ronnie Brown looks like he's hurt.

Sadly the coaches can't overcome the sloppy play of these losers.

Unreal...14 point swing.

On those fumbles that went are way last year, ain't this year so far.


did camarillo or ronnie get hurt! anyone see our player who was down

Great hit ... who Fu***** cares? Protect the football you MORON.

What a hit on Fasano!! Momentum killer b/4 halftime. D-Fense hold please!!!

i don't know about this team. not looking good so far.


So much for faith, we need a Miracle

he did get up and run. they blew the whistle unlike that fasano fumble.

Game over....see ya Monday

It's gonna be a long f#%?!&$@ season!!!

This is depressing......no way can we come back----we're approaching our turnover total from last year in one game.

okay, okay, hold to a field goal or maybe he misses it, damage control, the play is over move on stay aggressive. 10-0 at half we can live with that.

4-12 here we come. offense is putrid and completely void of talent at TE and WR, and we have a QB who cannot throw a ball 30 yards.

Welcome to the brilliance of Bill Parcels, Jeff Irelend and Sparano. Here is your 2009 Miami Dolphins! Bums!

The Dolphins had only 13 turnovers all last season. Already two today.

bad playcalling by coaches. Have to run the ball there to kill clock for last score of half. Sparano is AWFUL at clock management at end of first half. Always

As much as we have played bad this first half its still only 7 zip.

I will be emailing my second half adjustments to coach sporano shortly

Soiled :)


WE'LL GUYS I GUESS IT'S TIME FOR NEXT YEAR ALREADY,.... what a joke this team is every year

it's been 40 years and we will ALL BE DEAD, MARK MY WORDS before this DETROIT LIONS OF A FRANCHISE DOES ANYThing......



Man... So close ... Can't get mad @ the fumble .. That was a hell of a hit


love me some jason!

see there ya go

Soiled :)

Thanks JT

Nice sack JT!!

We'll take a sack

What the F. It feels like all the breaks we got last year are going the other way this time around. I bet Sporano is a happy camper.

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