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Dolphins and Atlanta 7-0 midway through the second quarter

Matt Ryan underthrew a wide open Roddy White deep. Jason Elam missed a field goal after the Dolphins defense stonewalled the Falcons following a Chad Pennington fumble. That's why it was still 0-0 after the first quarter of the Dolphins season.

With 8:37 left in the second, Ryan hit Ovie Mughelli for a touchdown set up by a couple of catches by Tony Gonzalez that highlighted his talent and the Dolphins difficulty in matching up against him.

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JT nice sack


No. That is ALL on Fasano. Hold on to the ball in the redzone, especially when you are going head 1st into a hoard of tacklers. Idiot.

6 WINS little boys and that's it, HERE COMES INDY, ouch!!!!!!!!!

welcome home JT

Ced, that's why i'm mad at the playcalling. At least milk the clock some so ATL can't score again.

I don't blame Fasano. That was just a really good hit and play by the Falcons. The bottom line: the Falcons are the better team in the first half. There's still an entire half left for the Fins to prove they can play at an elite level.

man you are all pathetic. Its the first game with a ton of new players. Remember we were 0-2 last year. Defensive line is great. Offense is getting there. Hold on!

Hey this is what happens when you play a college caliber team against a legit NFL playoff team.

This is farcical

Mularkey is doing in Coach P

I do blame Fasano....his job is to hold the ball.

sickening display of so-called football.

Taking a shot for the end zone Careful

The Atlanta offense has so many wrinkles, it's very interesting, and they have weapons everywhere.

Norwood, Gonzalez, Turner, White, Jenkins. And, of course, Ryan.

It's kinda depressing, actually.

Falcons look as regular seasons mode, our dolphins are still in preseason mode

This game could be 21-0 or it could be 7-7 now. Still in it, but BARELY.

Yeremiah Bell does the old fall-down so I don't look bad on film.......

wanna bet Sparano takes a knee?

Ronnie was down for a second after that play, then walked off with a slight limp. He's sitting on the bench with his left leg extended, but nobody's working on him, so he looks OK...Atlanta would've had the ball at the 26, but for The Holy Roller Rule, that says fumbles can be advanced only by the fumbler in the last two minutes of a half...two turnovers already today after an NFL record low last season. See why it's tough to have a game-plan based on playing mistake free football? And that wasn't Fasano's fault. He got New Testament baptized with that hit.

Damn right it is Fasano's job. It is a good play call and good yards on 1st down.

Chad needs to stop playing scared and try to make tight thorws if necessary.

@ least 3pts instead of possible 7pts. Fins have to regroup @ haltime to open up the offense more & tighten up the secondary play.

Ginn...out of bounds or fumble or bad cut?

Hannibal, move on to the "I'm a fair weather fan post" or "crybaby" post...anyone that pisses and moans like u during the first half of game one really has no clue

Not looking good so far guys.

Ginn is the slowest "fast" guy i've ever seen.

Can we get a break?

time for the Ginn haters to spout off

Soiled :)

Dolphins offense: Fumble, punt, punt, fumble.

Yep they were 0-2 last year, BUT they didn't turn the football over and they got to play the likes of STL, OAK, SEA, KC , etc ... this is a bad team, but stay positive if it makes you feel better.

put in the earplugs dolphins. its a coming at halftime

Half time can't come soon enough!


OK, with 25 seconds left, you're going to either do something with the ball or you take a knee. Why run a play that'll gain maybe a first down at best and risk getting people hurt?

Could be worse.

players on this team have no guts or heart and no talent, thi sgame should be 24-0 right now but thankfully Ryan has missed a few wide open receivers.

The Dolphins playmakers are...well, not playmakers. Brown, Ginn, Porter and Taylor make no game altering plays. My issue is seriously with our offensive guys. Why can't one of them be a factor in about scoring a damn TD?

It is unreal.

Thank Goodness I don't have to watch this farce anymore

thank god for halftime. Boy it could have been alot worse.

Ok half time

I need more Hard Liquor

Soiled :)

They compare these two teams because of the bounce back year but as I watch this game there is no compairison. One seems far superrior and infurtunatly it's not the dolphins.... Sigh.

Anyone still wanna argue that it was smart to pass on Ryan? Or that it was wise to sign Grove instead of Brown. Or that it was smart to get rid of Reynaldo Hill? Or that we didn't need Vick?

I didn't think so.

JUSt in cause you fools haven't forgot the FINS had the easiest schedule last year.....

you will see their true colors this year, if your LUCKY 6 wins......


Thanks for the inspirational speech

Soiled :)

Hannibal, F**k up repeating yourself moron!

Hey guys, these mood swings on the blog are surreal. Have faith despite individual plays / mistakes. This is our favorite team and deserves some support!

its the first half of the first game. I think you are all getting a little ahead of yourselves.

Parcells dislike for "premadonna" WR's will hurt us for as long as he is here.

Some of you guys are really nuts.

If the Fins suck sooo bad, and the Falcons are sooo good then why is the game 10-0 at the half:

After the Fins giving up 2 turnovers?

The Fins may not have the "all star talent" but the score at the half shows you why they're a really good team. Mando calls it luck... but it's not luck when you do it every week.

These guys should be blown out right now. But they're not. For some reason they're always close... And that is their number 1 attribute that can't be underestimated.

anyone knows somewhere i can find the game

So sad let's hope next half is a bit better. I wonder what the adjustments from the coaching staff will be

4-14, 9-7, 6-10, 1-15, 11-5, 5-11.

Hannibal shut your negative pie hole. Agreed they look awful on offense right now but don't write them off. goodness!

having two turnovers in this game does not automatically make it happen for the rest of the year. They were two good hits and defensive plays for Atlanta. Doesn't mean we are going to do that every game. Yea we have a harder schedule but we have a better team. I think a big reason we lost last year in the playoffs was the huge increase in talent we played as we entered the playoffs. If we do make it this year, we will be used to playing good teams. Either way it will make us a better team playing better talent.

I feel inspired. :(

the Dolphins offense doesn't look like it is ready to play. I understand it doesn't have superstars, or even stars.

but the execution is terrible for even them.

On the bright side, matt ryan is off the mark today and the defense looks OK. Not great, but OK.

this is a good waKE UP CALL FOR THIS TEAM, i think it's a good thing were getting popped in the mouth wk1. the front seven on d gets an A, LET'S SEE HOW THEY ADJUST NOW

so anyone here who is criticizing those of us being, well honest, about the first half of game 1 dont want to see the writing on the wall. Being game 1 means one thing folks, that we had extended time to prep and we are getting outcoached!! It will be interesting to see what we do in the opening drive of the second half, if we dont score its game over

Let me sum up the Dolphins and The Falcons. The Falcons go out and get a pro bowl Tight End to Beef up their offense. We draft a quaterback in the 2nd round who can't throw the football. Thank you Parcells, Irelend, Sparano!

Anthony gonzalez is out with a knee injury for the Colts.

Do they re-sign Marvin Harrison before next week's game?

wahh wahh wahh stop your crying. This is football last I checked it's a 4 quarter game.

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