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Dolphins and Atlanta 7-0 midway through the second quarter

Matt Ryan underthrew a wide open Roddy White deep. Jason Elam missed a field goal after the Dolphins defense stonewalled the Falcons following a Chad Pennington fumble. That's why it was still 0-0 after the first quarter of the Dolphins season.

With 8:37 left in the second, Ryan hit Ovie Mughelli for a touchdown set up by a couple of catches by Tony Gonzalez that highlighted his talent and the Dolphins difficulty in matching up against him.

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anyone knows somewhere i can find the game

Posted by: Dolfan

In the lowest, hottest depths of Hell maybe.

Just got home...reading all the comments here...I see the Fish "O" is still stuck in neutral....and why is henne inactive? Pat White is QB#2? Isn't it a bit premature to throw P. White out there so soon...first game of the season....on the road....who is making the decisions here???!!!

Armando agree, especially Pennington he looks like he doesn't trust his Oline.

I can't get the image of Jake Long getting dropped on his fat overrated ass out of my head...ugh...

I know it is early in the year and this is out of conference game, but ANYONE on this blog that thinks they can come back today is out of their mind.

Who cares Armando! fix the Dolphin offense first and stop worrying about other teams!

Expensive Oline not getting the job done. We need to get in some kind of rythm atl secondary sucks yet we can't get open or give Chad time to through without him panicking

Only real brightspot is the D. The score should read 24-0 as we speak. When the O finally snatches that big cucumber out of thier @sses, then maybe we can begin to think about a comeback.

Thanks Mando for the info. I did not see that. No wonder he has scored all of one point for me today in fantasy action.

We are being out coached, plain and simple.

Sark count me as out of my mind.

Let's not given up already. Despite not playing up 2 par, there is still 30 mins left of football. Got to protect the ball & start pressuring Ryan more.

Way I see it if has come down to execution. The coaches put White in positionto throw a TD pass an e overthrew badly. Chad and th playcalling had Miami in the redzone and Fasano fumbled. The opportunities are there to be right with Atlanta, but they are executing poorly and making bonehead mistakes.

thank God Matt Ryan got liquored up before the game.

Can we take a knee in the end zone?

Go Polite.

Dudes, the Falcons, like us, are a good team. This isn't like we are losing in our stadium to Detroit. Score on the opening drive in the 2nd half and we are back in the game.

oh jesus christ!!!!!!

looks like ronnie is hurt enough not to play,


Jake Long got smoked again!!!!!!!

wow this is terrible, nobody can get open and Chad cant throw it anyways.

A Miami roll, the tide is turning.

so what are we gonna do without ronnie. No running, no wildcat, no offense without ronnie. We might have to break out the wildpat we were saving for next week with Ronnie out

Okay Deep Breath...Talk to you later. I am sure that I will not find you on the blog come late 3rd quarter.

3 & Out ... Do we have a plan on O? Trick plays, run the football, WildAss? What exactly are they trying to accomplish.

Atlanta's defense looks all world playing against our offense.

Jakes having trouble


Should of been a pick..

Sean Smith had it!!

Do we have 9 guys as opposed to 11 on special teams

run, pass, fumble
pass (inc.) run, dump off too short
pass, pass, intercept

Our offense offers numerous exciting possibilities!

Mark Sanchez has put up more points than our offense, how sickening is that?

Way to play the ball S. Smith!!

Why the hell isn't Pat Turner active??

Oh man they're about to put the dagger in our hearts

Again with Abraham ??

Jake long is getting beat too many times

Jake is having a horrible day ...may need to switch Vernon over to the left

maybe they should get cobbs involved. he seeems to add a spark.

PATHETIC! PATHETIC! PATHETIC PATHETIC! This one is over. All we can do is hold on to the hope we started 0-2 last year. Pathetic! Pathetic! Pathetic!... Put Henne in on 4th quarter let him get the work. FAsano is not ready...

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