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Dolphins begin preparations for Atlanta

It's football season!!!!!!

The Dolphins have begun their preparation for the Falcons today. Vontae Davis was on the field practicing. He is still nursing a left knee injury. He was wearing an electric stimulation device to quicken healing in the area after practice.

Outside linebacker Quentin Moses did not practice today. "Moses was ill today so we got him out of here," coach Tony Sparano said.

The ongoing story at camp today is the placing of tight end David Martin on the injured reserve list -- not on the waiver wire as reported elsewhere. That thrusts Joey Haynos to a starting role in the double tight end set -- which the Dolphins used more than 50 percent of their offensive downs last season.

The Dolphins categorize their TEs as an F or a Y. Martin was the F while Anthony Fasano was the Y. The difference between the spots?

The F moves around a lot. The F can line up in the backfield. He can split out wide. Or he can be on the line of scrimmage. The Y is home position next to the tackle.

"Last year, especially the Jets game, prepared me for the F position which was David's position," Haynos said. "It was a good bit of experience so it really helped. I knew this could happen on down the line but it happened now and I'm ready for it."

The Dolphins are lessened today because they are now without a player that averaged 14.5 yards per catch last season. He had a 61-yard TD catch. He had eight catches of 20 yards or more.

But Sparano notes that while Martin was injured most of the offseason, Haynos was getting all his repetitions in OTA days and minicamps.

"I'm very excited," Haynos said. "This will be a good amount of playing time for me and now I've got to make the most of my opportunity. Obviously David had a really productive year last year but I'd like to have this offense not skip a beat."

To make sure that happens, quarterback Chad Pennington kept all the tight ends and several receivers, including Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo and Patrick Turner, on the field for extra work after practice. Pat White was out there, also.

As to the addition of Davon Drew, plucked off waivers from Baltimore, Sparano said the team liked him "a lot" coming out of the draft.

"He has outstanding receiver skills," Sparano said. "He was very good against press technique against his college team."

Sparano admitted the team has to get Drew better at blocking. 


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Any idea as to what players will be inactive for the Atlanta game?

looking forward to your show at 4pm....

.is the Martin thing one where he can come back after six weeks...or is he gone for season?

It really does not matter who the 2nd TE is.

If MIA loses to ATL this Sun it will have to do more with not having a #1 WR...

Or the OL not being in sync...

Or the D not getting to the QB...

Or having a rookie CB starting.


I like haynos comments he sounds ready

Mando i know you get alot of crap for always doubting dolphins management and writing about the negative nice to see your coming around LETS GO PHINS TIME TO CRUSH CRUSH THE DIRTY BIRDS!!!!!!!!

S, you're right. I've seen very little out of either side of the ball to inspire confidence.

Football 101 : Block and tackle. If you can't do both, the other stuff don't matter.

I believe if they (defense) can keep pressure on Matt Ryan and keep him off balance and out of sync, the dolphins should be o.k. Atlanta isn't that good at pass defense. Of course if we can pass, this should open up the run. If possible I would use Lex H. as a tight end

Too bad about Martin. But maybe Haynos is ready. And picking up a young receiver.

The trifecta are/is sharp. U guys got me all confused. lol

Sounds like our Fins may have been hiding quite a few gems during ota and training camp from the opposition, media, and its fans. Look very forward to seeing some of the things "hidden" this season.

Hopefully we have a bit of "shock and awe" to grapse upon this year. Go forward mighty Fins!

Kindry, Sorry about my English. The next time I will use ain't or I guess I should be proper and say are not. Anyway the dolphins should win this game.

Haynos stinks.

ir= out for season
pup= 6 weeks

miami will be just fine against atlanta. they can't stop the pass and aren't too good against the run either. this game will get our o-line ready for the rest of the season. and to those worried about atlanta throwing screens against us who are they going to throw it to? turner can't catch and norwood is banged up. miami stops the run and pressures ryan into mistakes. game over dolphins win.

OK guys , the Menace is on line....

what's up Cuban? what's your prediction for miami this sunday?

Mando---Re OREGON

I'm not much of a talk show caller--so I wanted to COMMEND & COMPLIMENT you on the oregon player thing

Massive OVERREACTION on Oregon guy
Massive UNDERREACTION on Boise state player who taunted, and on crowd taunting. In England, they deal with soccer hooligams by banning unruly fans they identify from the "grounds" (stadia) for life. The punks provoking the Oregon guy (I recall three or four on tape close to field using F bombs & god knows what) caneasily be identified, and ought to be banned from games. Boise player should get a few games off.

Dead Bread, that more like it! Good post! Maybe I was wrong, you a good guy. Go Dolphins!

martin is done for the season.

I believe the key to victory in Atlanta is stop the pass first, then keep thier rushing attack to minimum.

We need a monster game from the pass rush and secondary. Smith has to play with the savy of a well seasoned veteran. The rush D just has to be solid and not let any big gains result in 7pts.

If we cant stop either disaster awaits. We currently are not a team built for winning "shootouts" with any regularity.

sammo, good point Michael Turner no catch good. this why I dont drafting him in fantasy football ppr league.

exactly carlito that's why i picked up matt forte as he is an excellant receiver. also sean smith will be all over roddy white.

If we can hold ATL's passing game to 250yds or less, and their running game to 125yds or less. I absolutely love our chances of "burning down" Atlanta!

Sammo, I like the Air breathing mammals chances this week-end,Jason(twinkle toes)Taylor and Joey(Duh)Porter must bring there A-game to help the secondary,And as long as Chad(Savior)Pennington is the Q.B it will be a low scoring affair so put you $$$$$$$$$$$$ on the Fish...

Sammo, Will Allen probably cover Roddy White and Sean Smith get Mike Jenkins


Armando just cut me off on the air.

I was cutting on the cheap shot artist from Oregon


Forte's an excellent fantasy pick.

How much rums you have before Armando cut you offs?

Odin, I say Go down to the station and slay the station manager with your 60 lb sword..9Then take the women as barter)..

Dolphins 72
Falcons. 3

Geno, Lay off the weed,Odin sorry been down in the keys the last few days and have adopted a pirate attitude...

Geno, I like this score, but we not talking Gators football.

Cuban adopt butt pirate attitude in the keys

Not quite carlito(not that there's anything wronfg with that..)


You're making me jealous! The Keys......the KEYS......THE KEYS? Are you kidding me.....

Hope you had a blast!

Odin,Not as much fun as you had in Atlantic city,there still talling up the carnage there my friend...

What everyone thinking about Hurricane at Seminole tonight?

I am think I like to see UM win, but nothing like this matter because nobody will beat Gator.

How good you think is Jacory Harris?

He'll be injured sometime within the next 4 weeks, the canes could realistically be 0-4, i hope they can pull out at least 1 win the next 4 weeks but i dont know......


I tried to keep a low profile down in Jersey.

I ran into my old pirate buddy Captain Morgan...and, well......as they say: The rest is history. LOL!

Mando's now stirring it up re was it good to pick Long instead of Ryan, & can Long handle Abraham.....what a troublemaker!

Armando's on the ticket asking if J. Long was the right pick. He's also asking how he'll do against John Abraham.

I sense another meaningless prediction coming on. How this one:

Jake Long dominates Sunday and makes Abraham a non-factor.

Any doubters?

Betcha Schiano wishes he'd taken that canes job now. What a piss-poor home opener.

oDIN, remeber its happy hour and our friend Armando has a weakness for Jonny Walker Black...


I swear I was thinking he sounded slightly lit earlier.
I think he's worked it up to a good glow right about now.

Damn I'm in the wrong business. I have to stay sober during "work hours"!!!!

Hope this wont hurt his chances at the pulitzer...

Mando - Why you keep saying the Dolphins are "lessened today because..."? If the guy is injured, he's injured and the Dolphins have options to replace him. Injuries happen all the time. When Brady went down in game 1 last year, no duh, the Patriots were lessended...jeeze...you're a goof...

lessened (sp)


Are you just figuring that out?

Hahaha, you must be new here?

2008 Total Yards Per Game
MIA: 345.6
ATL: 361.2
Passing Yards Per Game
MIA: 227.0
ATL: 208.5
Rush Yards Per Game
MIA: 118.6
ATL: 152.7

I'm just game planning for the opener.
Anybody else suprised we averaged 227 PYG, while Ryan and the Falcons only got 208.5?


We come together to defend our AFC EAST TITLE. Again I read this and that about things the FINS should worry about. I would hope that their fans are as worried as some of you are.

I see a solid team all the way around.PENNINGTON looked real good and the LINE had trouble with JAKCONVILLE but other wise held their ground. At least that's what I heard. Ronnie needs more reps to get going and when he starts he runs hard.

Didn't see much of GINN but he's dangerous.
I'm sure someone will step up on the other side being that they've been doing well all camp. The pass D looks good also but WILL ALLEN looked real bad.

I still see an improvement from last year and we will be a wild card team with a 12-4 record.

you shouldn't lose faith in the most smart football guy here ,the cuban menace .odinseye just envy of him and his homes .

another good guy is the only and the one w/big dolphin heart JUSTIN CR3DIBLE who puts the haters in their place .


Since none of your receivers can "block" which hurts the running game. Were's the blocking tight end? Fasano? Not only are the receiving core average,Ginn,camarillo,bess,aren't gonna knock a linebacker or safety off his feet LOL and hartline and turner are rookies.
Where's the downfield blocking.
Cobbs can block,ricky can block and brown can nail people.
And you wonder why the running game blows!
Even a caveman can figure it out.
Sparano aint no Shula,shula always had blocking tight ends.

Missed the Oregon guy commentary.Speaking of Oregon guys,still a little puzzled on comments like this one from bleaher report,

Mark Lewis

Lewis was undrafted out of Oregon in 2009 and signed with the Dolphins as a free agent. He drew occasional praise from the beat writers in camp but never really stood out in the team's preseason games.

The Dolphins have only eight offensive linemen on the active roster, but I suspect Lewis isn't ready to contribute and I imagine the team would look elsewhere for an injury replacement.

This guy "if refined",will not only protect the pocket but will deliver bone crushing blocks down field.I guess thats why he made "the practice squad".I know coach hates that term,GO DOLPHINS!!!

Miami 31 Atlanta 7

Anybody notice NJ not on much in last days? Funny ace has not been around, me think nj and ace same person, good job me think

jets fans:

THE AFC EAST CHAMPS as a whole were in the top 10 in rushing last year. Just because they were careful bringing RONNIE back means nothing. we still had as a team over 1700 yards.BY THE WAY TOP 10 IN PASSING AND DEFENCE.

Atlanta's secondary is horrible, foxworth and milloy are gone. They have been torched all preseason.

Their first passing play, no doubt, will be to Gonzalez, to get him involved early. They love to screen with turner too (esp. with all the pressure we like to get, look for them early and often)

Aint I right about nj and ace? Anybody what are your thoughts?

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