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Dolphins cuts complete as roster reaches 53

The Dolphins have finished the first and second round of their cuts today and now stand at the NFL mandated 53-man roster limit.

In total, these are today's moves:

A dozen players were cut -- WR Brandon London, S Courtney Bryan, CB Joey Thomas, LB William Kershaw, DE Rod Wright, OL Brandon Frye, CB Will Billingsley, G/C Mark Lewis, LB J.D. Folsom, OT Nate Garner, WR James Robinson and DE Ryan Baker.

One player was placed on the Reserve Non-football injury list -- OLB Matt Roth.

The club kept four tight ends. The club kept eight offensive linemen. The team kept five cornerbacks and five wide receivers. The team keeps six OLB, which is an unusually high total but understandable in that Erik Walden and Charlie Anderson are core special teams players.

The team kept three ILBs, with J.D. Folsom representing the only rookie from the 2009 draft class to be cut. The team kept four safeties.

Check back in a while and I'll give you a more complete analysis.


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I'm 1st

glad we kept Moses, Walden and the beast hilliard,

I'd like Leonard Pope over Haynos

4 TEs is surprising but understandable given how much Henning uses 2 TEs. I assume all 4 will be active given that they could have stashed Nalbone on PS.

Moses is a core special teams player? Walden yes.

Wake, Moses, Walden, JT, JP, Anderson - either one will be inactive or one of the TEs will by my count. And, that's assuming Henne is inactive emergency QB.

Wonder who and how many may ultimately be signed to practice squad--I think London is one I would like to see them try to get back, some how.......Now--whose other discards are we looking at?

nalbone will be this year's murphy. 16 inactive games.

Remember, 7 are inactive, not every player is a instant all pro. Martin is not young and is a free agent next year, with or without a new CBA deal.

Would like to see Folsom make the practice squad...just for that easy interception.

Quentin " Freaking " Moses BABY ! what did i tell you guys.

With all the injuries that will plague the offensive line,I hope coach keeps Mark Lewis handy,he has only begun to show his gifted talent.Mark my word we will need him this year!

John Nalbone ! JOISEY Baby ! once again what did i tell you. They heard teams weregoing to claim him and took him back. i said he would never clear waivers. who' s your daddy !

Ok people be real. This will not be the same 53 man roster come game day. We will not have 4 tight ends. Im sure we will be making changes.

Sean , so what if nalbone is inactive for 16 games like murphy. Murphy worked on his strength /game and came back almost winning a starting job. the same will hold true for nalbone. he'll work on his game and his strength.

Reports are that Haynos is eligible for the practice squad. He'll end up there while miami adds another player.

Maybe they are trying to trade Martin to a team that needs a TE, because it does not make sense to keep 4 all season.

what the f..king big deal nj fan ? all these players will warm the bench at best .

NJ think he is swami of Dolphins, but he really no say too much

Mando, I've got your tweet from Aug. 31 saying the Dolphins might keep 4 TEs. Good call, son.

nj was right when he cheered the 1-15 team.the plumber all he cares for is to be in the spot light .self centered guy .


you were the only one who called all these cuts. that was some thing .

you da man (hombre) 'lito - keep telling the truth (la verdad). Muy genial.

Regardless, the non-competition (okay....non-REAL competition) stage of the year is over. ?Now, all the chips are down. Have we only scratched the surface with the wildcat? Will the offense run effectively from base formations with DT and Smiley back and a "more physical" Grove at the point of attack?

Ironically, considering the current receiving corps, who will step up and prove to be the primary threat? Camarillo had a huge game vs. Denver last year (prompting the Denver corner to question who Camarillo was...which the prompted the question...who was the guy who just destroyed you for a ton of yards?) Fact of the matter is, last season, Camarillo may have lapped Bess and Ginn in catches (a la Welker to Moss last year) had he not blown his knee in tween.

Why is Ginn an automatic starter? I dunno...do you run a 40 under 4.3? Okay. that seems to be a quality answer. Why does Ginn avoid contact at times? Answer: Have you run a 40 at 4.29 in your life? Again...answer proven by both matematics and just flat out speed. Honestly, when the chips are down (as they were against the Jets last season) I expect to see Ginn spith a double team (as he did) and come up with HUGE catches in HUGE moments. Did he fumble against Baltimore in the playoffs? Yes. It was also the first time he'd been on that stage since his teammates took him out for the national championship game. Really, give the kid a break. He catches 40% routine ones than Chris Chambers ever did.

sorry...your garbage site kept me from posting my true feelings (honestly...nothing negative about you....just some thoughts on roster moves and the like.) although I do blame you for my inability to post...that's just straight garbage.

oh, and Folsom is probably top 3 to make the phins' practice squad specifically because (tony's words, not mine 3 weeks ago [very paraphrased, but highly believable], The kid has kindof flashed atme at times, but we need to change his body, kinda like we did with murph a little bit there). Folsom will play in the NFL with some amount of success, depending on where he ends up. If he gets tossed to the wolves too early, he could end up going the Tony Bua/ Eddie Moore route.

My first, (and last) question, and this is very serious, is where do we find the guy who bumps off Aydoele (sp?)? Honestly, I love Akin's intensity, but when he's called upon to be the man, casper shows up bigger on the stat sheet than he does. Honestly, where is our Bart Scott (believe me...that cat doesn't talk much, but you will know him before this season is over...most of the NFL already does...he's why the Ravens are back to a 4-3 this season).

Why would u cut Brandon london


love jd folsom and joey, why in the hell is london gone? because of turner? wow. london progressed so far so fast. he did not let that td happen, he was being held, a missed penalty that would have resulted in a shutout.

patrick turner has a chance but he needs to hang out with harline and learn what it takes to a factor cam and wes took the bull by the horns nothing given now look at them ginn I don't know he is to much like chambers great one moment gone the next

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