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Dolphins driving for score as 4th Q opens

The Dolphins and Colts played a scoreless third quarter.

But the Dolphins dominated anyway.

The Fins are in the redzone and looking to take a lead. The score is currently tied 13-13, but that might not last very long.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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tired of the Pat White experiment ...

per radio dudes...

Peyton only on field for 3 plays 3rd qtr.


That was one of the most dominating scoreless quarters I have EVER seen. INDY had the ball for 3 plays!

can we please score!!!!!

TOP: fins 33 min / colts 11!! Nice!! Score!!!!

Loved whoever made the '70s Shula reference...i thought of that too

What a GREAT drive!

That was very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our O-Line came out to PLAY tonight

ronnie is a beast. give him the rock every play. just play goal line and hand it to the beast

Shoulda gone for 2 (only jesting)

On Side Kick?

its caveman football but I love it!

That's what i'm f'n talking about.

POWER FOOTBALL! cols run D stinks! We need a quick 3 and out on D-Fence here!!!

bill parcells/tony sparano style football

Big hit by Cobbs

We need a turnover

Lex Hilliard is the special teams MVP.

if we get a 3 and out omg, they just might forfeit on defense.

man if the colts go 3 and out they aint gonna get the ball back LOL

3 and out D!!! We get it back and we can walk in the end zone!! Colts can't breathe!!

Thanks God, the rushing game is pretty good tonight.

special teams have been excellent.

GO Phins!!!!!!!!!!!!Wildcat killed the Colts!

they are pumped... hope they can keep this colts drive short.. they need 2 good defensive series in a row.. I think they have a fragile psyche at this point.. and can easily be deflated by a big play.

Would love a sean smith pick!

Was that Lex not Cobbs? My bad

must match offense's intensity here.....make them hurt.

+1 to the O line. they really stepped it up. Just goes to show what happens when you feed R&R the ball just wear the D down. GO PHINS

why even have chad pennington...ronnie brown is a F***ING BEAST!!

JT/JP need to show up and make a big play here!


I agree----it's still fragile & susceptible to big play

Colts D must be pooped, hah!

Manning Like the J--- did Brady put that pressure on him u give him time well u Know

Very impressive.if we can stop them on offense right now...it's over.

What a game there showing Heart

F'in Clark again

Dallas Clark is tearing us apart.

Crowder is killing me.....

S.O.B.!!!!! Pressure man!!!

there is no reason to have Channing Crowder on this team.

WTF! Our LB's are getting smoked by D Clark!

And there you have it. A whole quarter v.s 1 minute

i cant believe we r putting crowder on clark, that blows my mind

smh dallas clark killing us. damn safeties !!

damn it damn it

"Wildcat is a fad.... Doesn't work". ."R Brown is a bust"...... What a joke, what idiots.... Come on D...LET's GO

Need more presure on manning!


need some inside pressure on manning. he's just stepping up and gonna pick us apart

we need pressure up the middle in his face

well i wonder who peyton's favorite target is now that harrison is gone?

too tru drsamii--like i said earlier, possession is dumb stat

Make a damn tackle.

they need to double dallas clark......obviously he is mannings go to guy

pick six.. come on baby


wow... can someone tackle...!!!

well, the good news is.. the defense must STILL be tired... so, we better pound out the rest of this game.

this is booshid.............defense going to lose the game

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