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Dolphins driving for score as 4th Q opens

The Dolphins and Colts played a scoreless third quarter.

But the Dolphins dominated anyway.

The Fins are in the redzone and looking to take a lead. The score is currently tied 13-13, but that might not last very long.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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Here's what's frustrating, this is as far as this team can go. They just have limits. Ginn ain't bad, but he'll never be a star. Chad is a good control quarterback, which is okay for a re-building season. The runners are terrific, and so is the wildcat, but you don't need Chad for that. Time to let Henne take the wheel.

To Larry C

I love the Internet.

NJ Phin Fan, Ginn had a chance to win the game and pissed it away.

trade the following players C. Crowder, Y. Bell, A. Wilson, T. Ginn.

That guy. i agree on all your other points except for ginn's catch and jim leonard

I'm curious how many of you who want to bench Chad P for Chad H will call for Sparano's head if he does just that, even if it means another 1-15?

Well DELAWARE he would've had the game winner if he could catch! Like your mom catches my cum in her mouth, have her show you, she has a mouthful right now!

We need to score 7 points not 3 points. We need to be able to make big plays. You can't wait until the end of game and start throw the ball. Receivers can get cold. They were able to run the game and I like that, but we need to be able to throw for 20, 25, and 30 yards.

The offense puts up 23pts. 15-21 on 3rd downs, holds the ball for 45 min, and Brown Rushes for 146 yds. This ones on the D

that mother fukerrrr can not get a 5th rounder

Fire Dan Henning

I cannot believe someone trotted out the "we were oh & two last year" bs......last year was last year, this year is an unmitigated disaster. Book it.

Ginn is a loser..........Two TD's dropped. Yes he made some clutch catches for first downs... He is a third option at best. Don't get me started on our D, last week they were solid.

This week they allow 27 points in 15 min? That said, Ginn had the game in his hands and failed.... Tony, you better make a bold statement this week.

Folks we could go 0 and 5 to start the season... Horrible!

Next stop San Diego


okay....I want to sleep upset at the dolphins, not their followers. just please in the light of day take a look at ginns miss in the 2 min. drive.....very tough, but it's been done by others.

Crowder is a boat anchor........Cut his ass. He is horrible.

Eric. if the defense showed up , it wouldn't have had to come down to ginn making a tough catch. you're hatred for ginn is blinding you of the true fact on why miami lost my friend.


Yes, indeed, this one is on the D. That's true, but the game did highlight the wide receiver/qb limitations. A bad night on D and some teams can overcome it, like maybe with a catch in the endzone when you got both hands on the ball.

People sto blaming anyone on the offense even the coaches, yes Teddy could have won the game, but this game was on the defense, they only had to play 15 minutes it was watching a high school defense

bottom line.....................

we played to lose when we settled for the FG on 3rd down, the coaches were cowards on that play and it cost us the game.

Dolphins fail-o-meter hit a record high tonight.

Don't put Ginn in that position. Dolphins had the ball the whole game and only score 23 points. They put themselves and that postion. Defense is going to get tired at the end of the game. The offense needs to score more points.

DELAWARE it is very difficult to score touchdowns when you keep running out off bounds or sliding down after every catch because you're afraid of contact. The guy is a PU$$Y, he was a #1 pick, HE IS A BUST!!!

Cowardly coaching.....& inept time management........does or can anyone really dispute that?

Standley... settling for 3 is a staple of this team... An i=offense needs to fing score touchdowns!!!! That being said, Wilson was awfull and when will they see Nate Jones is just plain awful as well... Defense was SAD but they can't keep settling for 3 points because it's never enough. They keep doing it and putting it on a defense that gives up points inside of a minute an alarming number of times!!!!

Ronniebrownmvp -- you're exactly right. 3rd and six, and they run it? With Peyton and all that time left? Crazy.

The wildcat is back door football.

Why not go 4-12 and get a high draft pick?

Jack how can our defense be tired if they only played 15 minutes, give me a break, this game was 97% on defense

Screw the tuna and the hype. Fire everyone and start fr fat 0. On addition, a pay cut for foe eveuone if they want to hey pOd play like one

Fire everyone...How do you give up 27 points in 15 minutes. We are forever cursed with coaches that play to lose...running the ball on 3rd and 6 and going for the FG..WTF are you thinking. Do you not see P. Manning on the sideline. Do you not know your defense is playing like crap and can't tackle. Do you not know you can't drive 80 yards for a TD in 3:30 minutes. Do you not know your QB looks like he has ZERO fight in his eyes. Do you not know your lead WR can't catch when it counts. Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic. How do you play so well and then blow it so bad? I know everyone loves Sparano but it's on him as HC to take responsibility for this BS. Absolutely freakin' ridiculous. My 2 year old knows that none of our LB's can cover Dallas Clark. Why can't our coaches figure it out? Fire everyone.


san diego
new york jets
the saints...

0-6 inc with noodle arm


Every Miami team suck!

the coach said chad can make ALL the throws...

hahahahaha...the noodle arm can't zip any balls in or throw for over 30 yards...

Wildcat = Back Door Football

Overmatched and out coached.We are bad.San Diego next.0-3 .F?*k this year.4-12.At best.

Ronniebrownmvp also makes a great point.

Didn't we extend Crowder's contract this offseason? Can someone please tell me why??? Honestly, can anyone remember him making an impact play since he's been here??? Ray Lewis does it on a weekly basis and we have this terd talking loser... I am seriously pissed we have this guy on our team let alone starting.

Afraid to win....enough said. Oh yeah, Ginn you should hang yourself.




Wow Why am I a Dolphins fan?

Stephen Ross humiliated in front of his new partners.

Ronniebrownmvp. that's what i'm saying. this all falls on the defense.

miss baltimore i dont lose i bang with the best of them i wont let u down..............

Ted Ginn caught 11 balls for 108 yds. He is being crucified for not catching a touchdown after the team mismanaged the clock. Ted Ginn is not the blame for this loss, the DEFENSE is. Make a friggin play. Tackle someone. The dfense was on the field for 14 minutes and still couldnt do a damn thing.

Dan Henning Fired.

Ted dropped balls, but bottom line - coaching lost this game. 4 and 1 in 1st half and Sparano kicks. Bullshat. Same in 4th quarter. And that 3rd and 2 call??? Speechless.

To grfdolphin

Because you are a loser.

you know what guys. We just saw what it was like to play on the opposite side of the field when we had Marino.How many games did the other team play great and Marino trot on the in fourth and say ok guys time to win. Now we see the other side. sad but true. BUT if our offense doesn't get all down on themselvs and builds on the game and the defense pulls it together next week like offense did this week we will get better.

That last dropped pass by Ginn was tough one the defender was up his ass, could have been a PI. It was all Ginn who got open in that sorry 2min drill to keep the drive going, to put them in that position, the D blew it! It's pretty simple folks. The D belived that they were the stongest part of the team after really taking no blame against Atlanta. They got toasted! Bad!

WE NEED A QB WR MIDDLE LB and Safety other than that we're good



Well we all think Chad doesn't have the strongest arm but he did make the long throw to win the game to Ginn. It was right on the money. perfect throw. Ginn stopped running to almost a stop and it went high and he didn't catch it. If we had a real reciever out there we'd be saying how we all thought Chad couldn't throw it that far and singing the praises of the wildcat and a great mnf win

loss is on the D, the O gave the colts only 3 drives in the 2nd half and they scored two TDs. 79 yds in six plays and 80 yds in 5 plays, those are high school defensive numbers... They gave up 177 yds on THREE F'N plays, 80, 49, 48 yards and gave up four more plays over 15 yards.

The coaches should have known they couldn't stop the colts and gone for it on 4th and 3 instead of kicking the last FG. Counting on the D was a fools play.

Imagine what it would have looked like if Indy stopped the wildcat.

Missed FG also hurt us

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