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Dolphins driving for score as 4th Q opens

The Dolphins and Colts played a scoreless third quarter.

But the Dolphins dominated anyway.

The Fins are in the redzone and looking to take a lead. The score is currently tied 13-13, but that might not last very long.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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Chargers will stop wildcat, then what?

We are a laughingstock.......and this season is down the drain.....you wait all off season & all summer for football, and then they rip your heart out in two weeks.

How about the NFL relocate the Lolphins to a real football city.

Well the wild cat look good, only positive tonight, defense needs alot of ear plugs, because If I own the team, I would still be in the locker room screaming my head off, 15 minutes and we could not make one big play

Noodle arm is good. He completes more passes than Tom Brady and Mark Sanchez and all the NFL QBs.

He is the best.

Nite fellas----

it's gonna be a long week as ESPN, NFLNet & the rest ridicule us.....we are yesterday's flavor........and worst of all, the Jets are today's flavor.

Oh wow ted gin caught whatever for 108 yards. yet when he had the money balls he failed. Big time players make plays and win games.

Yes the D was horrid. But a first round family just showed he is a first rounder in a seventh rounders body.

Real Football teams live up north.

On a hot night like that, the defense is going to get tired. Also, we already know that this defense is not the best. Why settling for 3 points? They should have scored at least 35 points.

The incomplete pass to Ted Ginn should have been pass interference. If someone is pulling you down, its hard to make the catch. Anyway, our linebackers lost the game. I hope we can draft some good one's next year!

Bernski. AMEN ! finally someone who knows what he's talking about other than myself.

No Mr. Baltimore real teams draft player from the U, R.Lewis, Ed Reed, and Willis

Y bell and wilson are liabilities. crowder is a joke. A piece of crap like d clark killed us, are you kidding me? That said. Ted Ginn you should be ashamed, you are stealing from Mr. Ross.

new blog post above

this loss goes to the coaches for being so conservative not playing real football against a superbowl team... 4th and 1 before the half and you kick a field goal when you have been running the ball up and down their throats!! please what is wrong with these guys!!.... GINN PLEASE FIRE YOURSELF GO WORK AT MCDONALDS OR UPS.... CAUSE YOU ARE AWFULL AS AN NFL RECEIVER..... must have winning TD catch and it goes right through your hands.... just awful.... awful....!!!!

Quit crying for pass interference. Catch the damn ball, tackle, don't waste timeouts, actually hurry in the hurry-up offense, cover a TE, force a turnover, get some yards after catch.....

ESPN just reported Channing Crowder is still looking for his jock around 50 yard line.

once again... dolphins do not throw a pass longer than 10 yards I think we are worse than last week..... amazing....the lack of confidence in the receivers shows its fully evident we are probably worse than detroit!!!!

One word people: Complacency. One question: How is the coaching staff comfortable with only a 3 point lead against Peyton Manning and still settling for field goals???????? When will this team finally have the killer instinct and just GO FOR THE 7 POINTS?

I only hope this loss shows our new owner that Emilio, Gloria Estefan, The Williams Sisters and J-lo and Marc Anthony CAN NOT catch a pass... get real players on the field and stop your "star studded" b.s.


Even trading for the rights the headache known as Crabtree would be worth it. F@*&ing Chambers would have caught BOTH of those shoulda-been TD passes. JHC.

Yeah the rookies in the secondary f'd up but they are rookies. Ginn has had 3 t-camps and 2 full seasons to learn how to get position and catch the GD ball.

239 rushing yards and 45 minutes TOP?! The friggin Bills don't even know how to lose a game like that.

Sorry but Wilson and Bell are not Rookies

"239 rushing yards and 45 minutes TOP?! The friggin Bills don't even know how to lose a game like that."

Got a chuckle out of that! Sad but true.

conclusion... this whole team sucks the coaches, the players and the new owner!!! another 5 and 11 season get ready for some more torture fans..... this is the best we will play the whole season and we lost so go figure... the rest of the schedule does not get any easier.... detroit will have more wins than the dolphins!!!! how f'ing sad is that!!

Why is everyone focused on one play in the game? We had the ball for 45 minutes. One play did not lose us the game, giving up and 3 big play touchdowns in less than 15 minutes of total offense lost us the game

Sorry that this is long, but feel free to move down to the next post if this is a TL;DR post for you.

This was the 2nd most heartbreaking lost I have ever experienced in 29 years of being a Dolphins fan (Jets MNF game several years back was worst.) I just can't understand how a team can dominate the stats by so much and lose the game. I went into this season with average expectations. I was not delusional to think that this team could compete for the Superbowl this year, though I sure as hell wouldn't have any complained about it. But the fact is all the talent is just not here yet and this team is carrying filler pieces that will need to be replaced. I am truly disappointed not so much by the lost itself, but more so by the fact that the opportunity for this team to make a statement to the rest of the league, to quiet any critics was there the entire game and NO ONE wanted it. Stats are great for fantasy teams, but they don't mean anything in the real league if you don't use them. This is what I have learned from this game and this team.

-We have zero/0/zip,none,notta playmakers on this team. No one seeks greatness, glory or shows the determination to want to be the best. I wouldn't go so far as to say they are all just paycheck cashers, but I don't see any bonus seekers either.

- I have never justified Ginn being the 9th pick of the draft, but I have never blamed him for it or didn't give him the benefit of the doubt. But this is year 3 and I am now convinced that he is not only a mediocre receiver, but he is the biggest pansy in the NFL. I have seen kickers with more guts then him. He has the skill sets to be great, but refuses to use them because he lacks pride,desire,and guts. I would say that he is limited by only 5% of his production because of Chad P arm strength, but he as the skills to do something every time he touches the ball whether its a WR screen 2 yards in, or 50 yards down the field, but he refuses to use it. I say go big or GTF off this team. I along with most of the fans have had enough.

-I saw a slow,overpowered,uninspired defense. TE burns and missed tackles again.

-I am done with Chap Pennington. I think he is a smart efficient quarterback and appreciate him for what he did last year, it would never had happened without him that is fact but he is not the answer. When he is in all I see is a conservative, safe, play to not lose approach and his refusal or inability to move the ball down the field. I saw countless open receivers 10-20 yards down field open, but he continues to read his reads in reverse. It always seems it starts with backfield options first then he moves up field with his reads. By the time he sees the long option they are either too far for him to reach or the pocket has begun to collapse around him bringing us back to his check downs. Its a check down first approach. Completely backwards.

Reality is now, and this team just doesn't have the tools yet to be special or great.
I don't know what is up with the players on this team, but NO ONE shows any signs close to being a playmaker.

Great teams and great players always find a way. Glory was there for the taking and Indy took it.

I apologize for the rant, and feel free to flame away. I have never and more then likely will ever use this blog to voice my frustrations again but I am tired. I know we are getting there and great things are coming, but there are also great things now just begging to be done and when they are passed up, it only adds to the disappointments of years passed. Sadly I find it disheartening when the fans of a team, this team, these fans, seem to have more passion for this team then the team itself.

The day for the Phins is coming. And I will still be here when it does, until it does.
Flame away. lol

No $hit sherlock. But the bottom line is we had two td passes go through the TG families hands. Bench his ass and start turner for all I care. Could not be much worse. When the game is on the line big time players step up.

yes JaxPhinfan its only been since 1985 the dolphins have been to a super bowl... every other attempt has been with chewing gum and smoke and mirrors until we get a real team, with real coaches and real desire to win and play solid football the dolphins are exactly just that mediocre at best, rebuilding every year, a work in progress call it whatever you want but tonight was the best performance we will see and still lost the game... is about the future and today they showed the future is NONE EXISTENT.... they have no guts, no fire to play the defense played for 15 minutes and managed to give up 27 points there is no excuse in the NFL for that performance.


Just to clarify myself on the no playmaker comments I made before the flames begin on Brown. Brown is good, he is very good in fact, but he is not great. Not yet at least, there is still time for him. He put up some amazing numbers tonight and stats are great to have, hell F Gore put up 207something yesterday, but no one is going to say he is great. Great players find a way to put up more.

Compared to Brown Gore is Emitt Smith.. .Brown sucks... one good performance every 10 games... this will be his best of the year... after this don't expect anything else.... BROWN, GINN, WILSON, PORTER AND JAYSON TAYLOR SHOULD BE FIRED TOMORROW.... THEY SUCK!!!

that pretty much sucked. I'd say this one is on the defense. They just did nothing today. Being a fan, I gotta find a bright spot...the O-line looked pretty good tonight, Long was back to looking like a all-pro again, and the running game was really good. That's about all I've got for bright spot, though.

sad things is espn is singing the praises of ginn and over 100 yards receiving. of course he should have caught the ball. Even with all the garbage i just rewatched end of game. You know we still could have won! Do you know that on the last play of the game Devon Bess was all alone on the three yard line. If Chad threw it there instead of the endzone guaranteed touchdown. There was no one on him. And heaven knows Bess would have caught it

Dolphins=2010 first pick in round 1 but wait they trade it to Dallas for 6&7 round picks for next five years turn the bottom of that roster

you all must be crazy to bash Brown. He is a great back. Not Gale Sayers but great. If he was on any other team he would actually get the ball more than 15 times a game. He is averaging every year over 4 yards per carry.On any other team that puts him in the top five in the nfl. So, check the facts before you bash him. He can't help when he gets only 75 yards a game when he got the call 12 times.

Jax Phin.....You said it all. I agree. I saw them shoot to parcells in the booth I bet some changes will be coming soon. We can only hope.

TGH, Long got knocked on his ass at least three times tonight, thank god the plays were not relevant.

Blame it on the Coach. Kicking 3's when you have manning on the other side waitting for his time. 3rd and six and calling a running play.
The D looked bad.

Anyone tierd of Ginn yet, they finally take him off the return game and now our No.1 pick dropped a pass for the win.

That was almost as painful as the MNF loss to the jets. The coaches owe the players and the fans an apology and their resignations. This freakin blows...like someone said above how sad is it that the fans have more passion than the players and the coaching staff. How do you dominate like that and lose..oh wait, you wear a Dolphins uniform.

I think the defense and Ted Ginn should reimburse all the Dolphin fans that attended the game..... that was humiliating how they lost that game. How can you allow 27 points in 15 minutes.....that is sick!!

Geez that was painful but what came to light?
1 - Teddy needs to go, its confirmed he's gun shy, if/when he catches its the sideline or fall down, at least move him down the depth chart to bench and give someone a shot heck move Camarillo or Bess up

2 - For all the GD trash talk and dancing around, Channing better get it right - we'd be better off calling up Zack to come back

3 - Chad you've done us good, you're smart savy, yadda yadda yadda, you even made me proud with those shots down the field but they were cotton balls (TG shoulda coulda),

4 - End the Pat White stuff, is anybody watching this guy? He looks like a lost puppy no confidence, scared and overwhelmed. I say lets start putting that time in the arm of Chad Henne (maybe he could stick the ball thru TG's face mask.

Fin Fan since the beginning
and 1 of very few up here in S DAkota
Please Please Sparano put it ALL together for 1 game please

PS - It's great up here I do miss the salt water but not the crime and concrete

PSS - Wonder why Baltimore is reading our Dolphins Blog?

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