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Dolphins driving for score as 4th Q opens

The Dolphins and Colts played a scoreless third quarter.

But the Dolphins dominated anyway.

The Fins are in the redzone and looking to take a lead. The score is currently tied 13-13, but that might not last very long.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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Put Clemons in NOW! More pizz poor tackling by Gibril W.

A quick score means the D isn't rested yet. Take it to em

WTF! Our D-line just got creamed!!!

Secondary has all the tackling power of a preschool.

Gabril wison on a missed tackle.

MAKE A TACKLE! Deja vu of the Tony G touchdown last week

Incredible!! Thought Wilson was a big hitter, but a poor coverage safety... WTF!!!!

if we lose because of our run d, who held "burner turner" to 30 yds, im going to puke!

Gibril Wilson and Channing Crowder are terrible.

11minutes v.s 1 minute. No more Pat white. We must score, defense has got to play better. This is not looking good. We are going to dominate the stats and lose this effin game

Need another TD if we want to win

Im starting the official play clemons petition.....bell and wilson are basically the same type players.

it only takes them about 2 mins to score.....

Nice tackles. Wow. Guess time of possesion doesn't count. Defense is aweful.

I really dont like Wilson WTF can he tackle everything is high.

this defense is pretty terrible and needs to blitz Peyton every down!!!!!!

Maybe Crowder should shut up and learn to tackle

This is why the first half missed opptys. will haunt us---we need every point we can muster.


can they put SSmith or Vontae over Clark & adjust coverage elsewhere & see what happens---it can't be worse than Crowder.

well its clock killing time. hopefully we can get a score here or else payton is gonna toss another TD to Clark

Only way our d stops them is if 18 stays on the bench the remainder of the game

Remember the strategy during training camp to not hit as hard for the first couple of weeks? I wonder if they need to go back to a more physical start to training camp next year.

Miami is doing the same thing as last year;instead of tackeling the ball carrier,they're trying to tackle the ball.

Well, the good news is their defense didn't get much time to rest. Maybe we can score with no time left on the clock.

i cant believe our D...how hard is it to go out and play every half hour

actually bell tackles better than wilson. start clemons and bell and please take crowder out on passing downs

Better waste all ten minutes or were done.

Im starting to think that Jason Taylor is bad luck for us. The defense was nasty last year and so was Porter. Has a sack but still we need pressure on Manning or he will eat our secondary alive.

Zach--"every half hour" seems pretty easy. For Payton & Co.

but with manning, every down is a passing down. he'll just audible


The defense is going to make a play before this game is over

Draft eric berry.

I had high hopes for crowder, but it seems without #54 whispering in his ear he's become the most undisciplined player on the team. You can't play like Joey Porter ehen you don't have Joey Porter talent.

weak throw

NJ I think that would be a good pick......ugh ted making me look bad with that drop


oh dear...

Here we go

Ginn's drop = 3 and OUT

smh they should have ran on first down.

3rd and long. back to ginn. why did we screw around with a weak pass. we should have gone long.


here we go. 3rd and long with dink and dunk

thank you mathis you fool!

lol 4th offside tonight

nice one.

he caught it wow

There is the Teddy gin we love

thats my boy ginn! dont make me look bad again

All of a sudden were going 4 wide? Let's control the clock. Good catch Ginny.

that was at least a 15 yard throw

GINN in the middle of field...lol

Ginn only got bumped and still went flying like a ragdoll. Weak.


mando why dont they ever run drags with ginn across the field? in man coverage he'll outrun his cover and penny can still make the 3 yard toss

There I's the Teddy Ginny we love

Ginn had no option. Good thing he doesn't fumble much even if he doesn't get the YAC

like the wildcat here

okay stuff the ball down their throats

And Chad has won zero playoff games. Stats can lie.

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