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Dolphins driving for score as 4th Q opens

The Dolphins and Colts played a scoreless third quarter.

But the Dolphins dominated anyway.

The Fins are in the redzone and looking to take a lead. The score is currently tied 13-13, but that might not last very long.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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well at least we know they wont get too conservative this time they have to get a td

Needed the prevent D. Sorry

If Ginn is so fast - how come he NEVER does that?

where can i get a payton manning jersey? cuz i wanna burn it

Im sorry...in a little over half a minute

Just like old times hey JT. Our D crumbling late in games at critical times.

32 seconds, We can't lose this game. The night has been so great and we need to show the rest of the league we are contenders. If we go 0-2 Im calling in sick

So sad.

4 down game

Don't lose hope the game has been won in seconds

man bell and wilson are slow ......sign the petition for clemons to play.......and the dolphins cant seem to play man to man and bring full blitzes

They didn't even touch him

Or not, I guess we score a touchdown instead! Yeah!


I just had a FlashFoward myself Pennington to throw a pic to end the game.

Fire Pasquloni after the game, he has no clue on calling the defense


I am through with my emotional committment to this team.....

Garson ginn

yup i cant understand what we are doing playing for a feild goal this is freaking unbelievable

ginn can do it........they dont run the right plays for ginn

WAKE UP!!!!!!

Speed it up

ok that's a bad example of clock management

wow we forgot how to play now. great time for the offense to screw up

You have got to be kidding me!!!!!

well our coordinators are blowing the big one this game

How are we... Are we really losing right now??? What happened?

WTF! Was that!

Great! are we trying to find a way to loose the way with inept offense?

Frank: I say that every yr!! Hope it works sometime

Not going Anywhere this year. Chads working on his comeback award for 2010.

This is the first time I really seeing sparano struggling

where were our safeties on the colts TD?

absolutely terrible coaching.

arrgh...instead of the highlights showing the WC they'll just sing Indy's praises.

now Henning has me scratching my ballz ...

Nice clock management. 30 seconds and a timeout. Ohhhh you are so smart Chad.


If we lose this game, its almost all the playcalling and clock management (i.e. mostly on the coaching).



I really don't think the Dolphins know what they are doing offensively.

what the hell are they doing?

wtf are we doing

2 min warning

Are we running the clock out?

Our defense is horrible. Yeremiah Bell sucks.


Peyton is snickering at Chads completion % record.

do they not practice a two minute drill???????

Wow? Crumbling?


What are they doing

three & out......horrible lack of aggression.

Jimmy Sniffle-o on radio "they are imploding"

That was great Carlos... I think we are!

Sparano is acting like he's still a rookie coach with the clock management tonight

What the duck. How stupid are we?

A freaking meltdown. Jeeeez.

Sparano does look like a man who is sure of what he is doing in these situations.

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