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Dolphins driving for score as 4th Q opens

The Dolphins and Colts played a scoreless third quarter.

But the Dolphins dominated anyway.

The Fins are in the redzone and looking to take a lead. The score is currently tied 13-13, but that might not last very long.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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What are they doing

come on fins! Keep running it down their throats. They are gasping for air. Use every second up and get the final touchdown to win!

What is this? Please tell me this clock mismanagement is some type of wrinkle in the Wildcat.

Do our coaches know we are losing? WTF???

That's what a/c from the dome will do to you

wow - anything positive that I felt all night just vanished in those last minute of play. What is wrong with these people?

Someone tell sparano the score under HOME on the jumbotron is ours.

Jets fans are laughing right now. Get out Chad. Go find another 1-15 team to save.

Way to milk the clock boyz!! We know we can score at will with our explosive offense and wanna make sure 18 has no time left

now scratching my azzzzzzzz ...

If only Pennington had a arm. We need a long pass play.

okay unless they feel they going to score on one play why are they running the football every play

fall down bell everytime he falls down

do they know they are behind?

Gibril Wilson should change his name to toast. That guy sux. The fins should get their money back. How many tackles is he going to miss. What a joke...

Channing Crowder ???
Has this guy ever made a play

What is Pennington doing? He is killing us right now!

It's really not all Chad's fault. Sure, he was only average, but the coaches' decisionmaking has not been great this game.

I think they were just put in. Super pressure spot and they imploded

2 minutes, 3rd down, and we're barely across our 20. This is not ideal, to say the least...

0-2 here we come. Chad is terrible at managing the clock and he cant throw the ball hard or further than 14 yards, man were screwed

with the 1st pick miami selects S eric berry or taylor mays.

Boy this hurts to watch... Horrible clock management and play calling.

1 min, 1 timeout=1 play, 3 yards wow


this sort of crap happens on the road. bad coaching. I agree with the blitz on the Garcon TD though...they didnt draw it up with crappy tackling.

I've seen better clock management online in Madden from 12 year-olds.

One minute of time. 5 yards gained. Two running plays. One timeout burned. One two minute warning burned. LOSERS.

Whi is calling these plays!!!!!!!!!two runnning plays and let the clock run CMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

run it down their throats. we have to use every second
can't give it back to them with a second left

No Henne no winney

Ginny!: "Not in the face!"

That looked pretty similar to the play Garson scored on. Ginn just falls down.

Teddy "Not in the Face" Ginn jr.

I hate Ginn...no fight in him.

Ginn has to get some YAC...I'm tired of his falling down crap after he catches the ball. Step up kid!

they got plenty of time but can they score?

TERRIBLE COACHING. Terrible football team. Losers left right and center.

WTF! Carey you fat fool! block somebody!!!


Chad looks like his dog died.

OMFG! WTF is going on!

A slight breeze would knock Ginn down. I've never liked him as our #1 receiver.

they WASTED their first timeout with 5 minutes left in this game on 2nd and 10. Just pitiful coaching.

I'll feel bad about these coments if they pull it out, but I'll deny it in real life.

Blew it

56 seconds left pennington looks like he just accepted


maybe we need pat white to throw it down the field to ginn. i watched his play all college every week and he can throw it awesome

This is just like the (alleged) two-minute drill by UMiAMI in the Emerald Bowl last yr....pathetic.

Welcome back to the cellar Dolphins & Chad. Its where you both belong.

Pennington has to feel the rush that is not the lines fault!!!!! Bottom line our defense stinks we are not playing the Chiefs this year.

I love how the announcers make such a HUGE deal about the time of possession...what matters the score.....and unfortunately, the Colts lead where it counts.

no more timeouts...we're done..

can i get a Qb and a MLB PLEASE



Agreed, Chad lacks a 4th Quarter "war face"

they need to put more time on the clock......... and the refs not helping us at all

How can you blame anyone but the defense if we lose this game????? Unf***ing believable. We shouldnt even be in this situation.

that is they way it is done. stick to bess. everyone else is sleeeeepppppyyyyy

Tick tock

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