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Dolphins driving for score as 4th Q opens

The Dolphins and Colts played a scoreless third quarter.

But the Dolphins dominated anyway.

The Fins are in the redzone and looking to take a lead. The score is currently tied 13-13, but that might not last very long.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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Eric. get a pair of glasses.

Ginn should cut is hands off!!!!!!!!

Last year we were 0-2, world begins again well shortly after the game, stop ur b*tchin and man up. Next thing ull hear is a phin fan being classless like a buff fan vandilizing ginns lawn. Plllenty more football and we r still rebuilding k. Say it with me re-build-ing

Ginn is weak sauce!!!!!!!!

Watching highlights. Ginnys a bust

Who calls that defense against Manning with 4 min left. They blew this game with that D call.

Ohhh. Parcels, Sparano...tough minded, different team..... Blah blah blah. Same old bull. We will not win without a quality QB and a #1 WR. Never,

NJ Fin Fan,
Actually if you look at the replay, the defender didn't touch the ball. ginn just didn't make the play.

I hope cam cam dies 4 picking ginn

Back to the cellar. Season over. Get ready for the draft!

maybe if we suck bad enough we can draft a REAL qb so we can stop the gimmick offense and actually play FOOTBALL, instead of running the wildcrap offense which doesnt score enough. Oh and by the way why did we go for that 49 yard field goal off teh infield?????? Should have went for it, no guts no balls no heart in this team or its coaches. Plus if Henne doesnt pan out, which it looks that way, we are set back another 2 years minimum. Next week 0-3 in San Diego, then Buffalo and the Jets, looking like 0-5 going into the bye week which at least means we can get a look at Henne.

Ginn should drive into the ocean with weights tied to his shoes!!!!!!!!

two things we need right away.

1. Get rid of Channing Crowder

2. Fins a pair of balls in free agency, because folks we don't have any.

Drbullis your an idiot. Yes Ted Ginn should have caught the ball but he is not the reason we lost just look at number 28 and number 52 for that reason.

Blame the defense for this loss tonight. There was no excuse for their poor play. The offense did their job, they executed. This is going to be a long, bad season. Sparano, Parcells, and Ireland need to start paying money for the BIG named free agents available instead of wasting our money signing GARBAGE we already have, such as Bell, Carey, and Crowder who did NOTHING to produce so far this season.

The Dolphins need to learn one important thing. KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT DURING THE OFF SEASON. All of their talk about how good they are, and how they won the division, and that they were not getting respect. News flash GIRLS, you have to EARN respect. You are not going to get it by flapping your mouths. So far, the experts have been right. And they will continue to be until Miami stops running a conservative offense that relys on field goals, and a defense that is full of holes. This is not last season and they need to step up, or they are going to know what it is like to be losers again. I dont want to see that.


The Jets are the exciting team this year in afc east. I'm becoming a jets fan.

Ginn should poke his eyes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell! Let's start Chad and be done with it!! Look at the jets and Sanchez

Release Ginn right now he is worthless--Play anyone else--he is from ohio state

The defense blew this game. plain and simple !

I think it's true this is Sporano's team now, last year the TUNA may have been coaching more than we think. This team was indesisive in the last 2:36 of the game they wasted 36 seconds before urgency set in, terrible coaching!!!!

I'm back...and all I can say is Baltimore Ravens #1!!!

Ginn sucks a bag of d@cks!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's start Chad!!!

our offense did everything they had to do to win, ginn didnt make the play at the end but it shouldnt have come to that...our defense is completely to blame for this, why is it that when one side of our team plays good the other decides to play like balls

here is the deal we got no pass rush our WR's are not talented enough to scare anybody and our LB's and Safety's are way too slow to keep up with any of the elite TE's or WR's in the NFL! This will be a long year start planning for the draft.

We kept scoring 3 points. We should have scored at least 35 points. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Guys , do any of you know football ? the defender knocked the ball away from ginn. f'n amatuer hour. get a clue.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

--you have now officially lost all credibility & shown yourself to be a hopeless romantic of a fan; a pollyanna.

First, the defender did not strip the ball form Ginn.

Second, EVEN IF defender got a hand on it, big time players make that play---that's what makes great careers.

Ginn is now officially toast....he will never amount to anything here. Maybe elsewhere, in another year or two, but not here. The fans hate him, and rightly so/

Chad + Reciever core = inability to pass and throw in stride. I'm going to bed. Will be a long nite. Love you guys.

Ginn is worthless!!!!!!!!

Who lost this game?


1 Play TD
5 Plays TD
:32 seconds TD

NOT THE OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If Ginn is supposedly so dang fast then the Phins have to find a way to get him the ball in space.

If Ted would have made that catch we all would be saying great game, Teddy has to go

NJ Phin Fan get a clue and look at the replay. Ginn sucks and should be cut this week.

I get excited over field goals, cause I know Manning won't score! Don't worry guys, I will tell my players this is a moral victory.


This is all on D! Crowder, Bell, Torobor, and Wilson played like crap!

Ginn should finger his assh@le then kill himself!!!!!!!!!!!

what a terrible game by the defense. yes, the 2 min drill was terrible but the defence gave this one away. 27 points in 15 min of possesion. It's going to be a very long season. Good thing we spent 2 second round picks and a 3rd round pick on players that don't play. doesn't look like we have any holes out there.

dont go off the ledges yet. If we had stopped peyton the last drive we d all be singing the praises of the wildcat, the offense, ronnie etc. The offense really stepped it up this game. We had a great offensive game, almost a perfect game. The defense needs to get on board and not give up touchdowns every time the other team gets the ball, or at least a field goal. The offense would have won this game. It was classic 70s Dolphin football. It was good enough then and good enough now. Marino without a defense couldn't win and heaven knows Chad can't. He has to have some participation from the defense. They did nothing all game

Ginn pissed away the game.

our shhhhhit team is a fuuuuuuuuucking joke... ginn is a ffffffffffffukin joke i will fight tonight im piisssed

The Colt D-3 receiver is better then the 9th pick of the draft...Ginn sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok next game please, reading some of these comments makes me sick some of u fans r pathetic losers

Defense sucked bad, they only had to play for 15 minutes and did trouble, every player on defense. Offense did it's job except for Teddy

This weekend proves that this is a QB league. Love Pennington, but he just doesn't have "it", whatever "it" is. Manning has "it". Team played well overall. Lots to be pleased with, except -- weak pass rush, poor clock management at the end, Ginn dropping passes, no urgency at the end, holding the ball all day and not scoring 40 points and, of course, we lost.
ARGGGGHH!! Oh well, on to next week. Phin fan for life, whatever is happening.

Richard 3000
Good riddance... don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Ginn can't catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. I blame this on the D.
2. Running on 3rd and long and kicking FGs will not cut it when our D is playing this bad.
3. Ted Ginn has no heart!! Where is Chris Chambers or Wes Welker?

Call Zach, Crowder sucks

Hey DELAWARE what game were you watching, the ball hit GINN in the hands JACKA$$!!!!


Ginn isn't worth a Happy Meal!!!!!!!!!!

Ginn should quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bench Clam Crowder!!!!!!!!
Sparano...the point of the hurry up offense is to hurry up!!!!! And stop wasting timeouts!!

Ginn is not the problem. Yes, he could have made those catches, but they were tough. Pennington is the problem. He lobs it too high when throwing over 20 yards.

All u people who think we should dump the wildcat, should keep starting Chad pennington, who think our offensive play calling is good, and who think Teddy ginn isn't the biggest first round bust, GO &:$& YOURSELF

They should make the D pick up trash in the stands! Earn a paycheck tonight!

i did not know HERM EDWARDS was coaching the DOLPHINS they ran two plays from 305 down tot he 2 minute warning....fcking PATHETIC SPARANO and GINN ARE FGS and should be fired and cut....they are a horror show!!

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