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Dolphins fans putting $$$ into sellout

New Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and coach Tony Sparano have a vested interest in packing the house at Land Shark Stadium Monday night. And it seems as if that will happen.

Although the game is not a sellout as of this writing, the Dolphins are privately confident it will sell out in time for kickoff against the Indianapolis Colts. The team is even banking on the game beating the NFL-enforced 72-hour local TV blackout deadline, meaning the game would be televised in South Florida.

The team is not discussing how many tickets must be sold between now and 8:30 Friday evening for the blackout to be lifted or how many dockets must be sold by kickoff for the stadium to be packed. But the number is under 1,800 1,500 according to a TicketMaster source.

So if you plan to attend, call the Dolphins ticket office or get to clicking on the TicketMaster site soon.

All this is good news for the team's bottom line because all indications have been that season ticket sales have hovered sluggishly in the 49,000 range for a stadium that seats 75,540 including club seats and executive suites. Executive suites sales are not included in the 49,000 figure nor do they figure toward sellout deadlines.

A sellout, by the NFL's definition, means all non-premium seats are sold.

The expected sellout is also good news for the team's football operations. Sparano wants the Dolphins home-opener sold out because it gives his team an actual home-field advantage.

“I think it will be exciting. I know Mr. Ross has put an awful lot into this evening coming up Monday night," the coach said. "I think our fans will be really excited about it. I hope the place is packed and I hope they’re really loud. We need it to be really loud this weekend. So, I’m looking’ forward to it, can’t wait to get back at it.”

Ross, who has invested much financial and goodwill capital in purchasing the Dolphins and then marketing them differently than previous owner Wayne Huizenga, obviously is hoping for something of a celebration -- not just on opening night but every game.

"I want each game to be an event," Ross told the Miami Herald last month. "We're doing the things we're doing to win first, but also to make Dolphins games the place to be."

Dolphins fans on South Florida's radio waves and in Internet interactive sites have been lukewarm to the idea of turning Dolphins games into events where celebrities come to be seen and orange carpets define VIPs.

But the fans whose voices count most -- the ticket buyers -- obviously have not been deterred by the ownership change nor the changes they've heard Ross will bring to the fan experience. One might say the reaction is even positive to this point.

That is apparent in that this game is headed for a sellout.

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Uh...Mr. Ross, can Serena be active for the Wildcat as an owner/player?

I didn't buy a ticket! I have my tickets for Dec. 6th.

I wish it was 1972. We could park 10 blocks away and walk to the stadium. And the team almost always won. All that matters to me is that we win. What a shame most working men cant afford to take his kid to the game like my dad use to take me. You see so few families at the game.

It gets tiresome hearing people can't afford to bring their family to a game...football is very affordable..family section tix are $39.00...plus if you tailgate u are not buying expensive food in the stadium..and season tickets cost me $780.00 for all 10 games...it's what u make of it, u don't have to sit on the field or club seats for your kid to enjoy the game so stop with the unaffordable b/s

the more fans that cheer on the dolphins the better! i will be watching the ticket and cheering on the dolphins at a level to get you kicked out of a sports bar. (been there done that during nascar GO jimmie johnson!)

I agree with Bobbyd12 - these tickets are some of the most reasonable in the league. I will be flying in for the game (From Boston- I hate the Patsies!) I have Dolphin season tickets. The entire year is cheaper than attending one game in Foxboro. So quit whining and get in that stadium to cheer on your beloved Dolphins! We need to shut Manning down, get really LOUD when the Ponies have the ball. Let's make some noise people!. Are you ready for some football? Go Dolphins!!!!


me call you party boy. All you siisyss dont have heart. True fans do GO dOlphins!
Next game we be real
sammo shut up and stand up dummy

I will watch from a bar on the road somewhere in AMERICA.


Even though we lost last week I like what I saw.

I think we will go 15-1 yeah that's it.

CUBAN, NJ FIN FAN, UNCLE SAM, I was hoping all of you would've came to the sports bar last SUNDAY. CHEERS and BEERS would of been nice.

Don't blow people off just because you can drop $780 for season tickets for yourself, or can fly in from NE to catch the big game. $100 bucks for one parent to park and take a one kid to the game if you bring your own food and drink?! This is not cheap even if it is a bargain by NFL standards. (Why not mention that it only costs $40 bucks for to huddle around and listen to the broadcast of all games online--what a deal!). I am not sure what you family-of-one guys do for a living but congrats, please stay to the end of the game and cheer for the rest of us.

Amen moneytree....and I bet that guy is sittin in a strip joint before the 2 minute warning!!!!

This Ross guy is more worried about hob-knobbing with the celebrity people and handing out minority ownership status to lowlife's such the Williams' sisters, and he needs to worry more about building a d**n football team that can play!
Oh how our team has become a laughing stock! I may need to find a new team if this is the way things are going to be.
Jimmy Buffett? Marc Anthony? Are you f-ing kidding me?
Maybe the Williams sisters can play in the secondary or as linebackers. I wouldn't want em to hit me!

for 780 dollars + 250 you can buy new MC BOOK the best lap top in the world and watch the crap on cable crap .

Moneytree an poboy, u two are amazing... I know guys just like you...u have no problem spending six bucks for a pack of cigarettes or buying all your friends beers at the bar while u complain how u can't spend 100 to bring ur kid to the ge...since you have I-phones I assume you make decent money, if not then u should have cheaper phones...point is you have all year to throw 5 or 10 bucks to the side to bring ur kid to ONE lousy game but it's more convient for you to cry about it here then put your desires above your kids...if you can't put away 100 in a year then you really should have never had kids, you really shouldn't bring kids into thos world if your so poor you can't provide decent things for them..by the way pomouth. I've NEVER left any game early in 14 years, even during a 1-15 season AND 780 is for TWO tickets in which I bring my kid

South Florida has the worst economy in the nation.And Ross expects people to spend what little money they have, on a football game? There will be thousands of empty seats. last season, the stadium was half empty. It will be the same this year.Football games are a luxury, not a necessity.

John B,

You sound like very weak and whiny man, you should not be fan for Dolphins. I can recomend the Patriots for you, they fans most whiny and crybaby of whole NFL.

Where you get to call Williams sisters lowlife? These two very classy ladies and just because Serena make one mistake in heat of battle, do not mean they both lowlife. These two of most classy people in sports that accomplish than you ever. Please stop with you poison.

Bobbyd12 - Can you buy Dolphins tickets on Ebay-type places for $39/ticket? Or do you know people willing to sell them at face value? Just curious.

I am with bobbyd12 on this one. I am a season ticket holder from NJ (obviously). The most disheartening thing about being a Dolfan is the fact that we have no home field advantage eventhough are tix are more than reasonably priced. Football games are a luxury as TCB stated, but so are so many other things that people complaining about the ticket prices gladly spend their money on everyday. Smoking, coffee, alcohol, etc. don't have to be part of your routine. If you are choosing those over a Dolphins game, then do not complain. Drink 1 less cup of coffee a week and you can afford to go to a game.

You can buy ticket on miamidolphins.com, cheapest ticket is $31, not $39.

carlito as always spot on re the sisters .as for jhonB ,i declare him the low life of the year until further notice .

39 DOllars seem like a good price but do you see any thing or just you smell sweat around you .

Martink, alot of times you can get people face valuing tickets on Craigslist, also Stubhub but they charge service fee...I've gotten great seats to all kind of events from Craigslist, people can't go, something comes up, I actually sat in Founders Club Seats for 20 a ticket for the Marlins...but that's my two choices

I don't know about Venus but Serena is far from being "classy".

Carlito, maybe you need to look up the term. "Classy"= having or reflecting high standards of PERSONAL BEHAVIOR.

Get it?


How you know about class coming from swamps of West Cocoa? Airboats, gator wrestle, and possum dinner are not class.

John B,

Maybe it's just me but I think I'd rather have the Trifecta running the football side of the business. Rumor has it that they have several years of real bona fide football experience, whereas Mr. Ross is a Real Estate mogul. If Ross needs to hobknob with celebrities and occupy his time setting them up with minority ownership I'm fine with it, as long as it keeps him from meddling in and eventually running off some of the finest football minds in the world.

There is such a huge difference between being at a game and watching it on television and you have 2 types of fans :1.) the stadium fan 2.)the armchair fan. Blacking out games doesn't substantially increase ticket sales, in my opinion. I understand it's a business, but even the fans who purchase those last few thousand seats, buy them to watch it on TV. If you want to fill the stadium, open the gates at half time and let everyone in for 10 bucks. They can fill the no show seats, like double booking a flight. It will increase revenue and fill the stadium for the second half. What do you think?

To all those who berate people for being, too cheap to buy tickets for a Dolphin game. Next time you are splurging on a seat at the game, take a look at all the people who work in the stadium. While the players are all making millions, the ones who take your ticket, show you to your seats, clean the toilets for you, serve you your beer and food;are making minimum wage or slightly above it.And have no benefits or job security.They are taking in the money to make Rosseven richer.

How about instead of assuming what people are spending their money on in life, you actually let them be entitled to their opinion? Why on earth would somebody want to drop $40 a ticket to sit in the nosebleed section when they can watch the game in the comfort of their own home? LEDs, plasmas, and HD picture make sporting events and movies so much more enjoyable than in the past...it's not surprising there are blackout issues around the league, as well as subpar movie ticket sales. People who whine that there aren't enough fans at the game, or criticize others who complain about ticket prices, shut up...just because you choose to drop that money doesn't mean everybody else should too. And those who want to reminisce about the good ol' days, don't overdo it, that was then, this is now...let the owners kill themselves with the outrageous prices...the more empty the stadiums become, maybe they'll learn. Invest in a nice 50" plasma, a grill, and NFL ticket, and you're set until February 2010...

i think it good thing boballo don't run any business.

Mike in Houston,

50' plasma, grill, and NFL Ticket cost at least 2 time (probably closer to 3 time) as much as my 2 season tickets for whole season (not nosebleed)

Fill er up boys and girls. Hey, I am too far away to get to a game. You guys are lucky. It will happen soon enough for me. If I was there season tickets and to hell with the mortgage and kids. lol

Go Dolphins

klndry is good dolphins fan

Real world- get real. Those people have jobs while almost 10% of Americans don't. Buying a ticket helps pay them too you idiot. Btw, you realize that their job ain't quite skilled labor, but you probably want to unionize so you can get 20/hr and benefits for putting chili on my hot dog. Get real-get smart you moron.

True Carlito, but two of the three items will last for several years to come, in addition to the use you can get out of them outside of the football season. Quick note...the Jacksonville Jaguars lost 17,000 season ticket holders this year...as player's salaries continue to skyrocket, as well as their demands for revenue sharing, unless the owners take a stand, the common fan will be the one to pay...the fans of Jacksonville just made a statement...and this is one year removed from an 11-5 season.

Mike in Houston,

I used to live in Jacksonville area, they have always bad ticket sales. This why they always put big tarps with Jaguar logo to cover empty seat. Also, Jags were very bad last year after being playoff team for many years. Jags fan are not making statement, this is not even surprise. Team in small city with small fan base that lose games, don't have good ticket sale in any situation.

Its absolutely ridiculous for a number of you to laugh or make obnoxious comments about fans that can't afford to attend games. It would cost a father at least $80 for tickets and another $20 in food plus what little kid does not want a souvenir? Either way you are talking $100 day and on top of that, a good portion of the sections at games are not kid friendly. There are constantly drunks fighting and vulgar language being spewed everywhere. On top of that, why criticize people who would have to essentially save weekly just to go to 1 game. Maybe that family is saving for healthcare, retirement, a family vacation, or just truly can't afford it. And then when I think you most show your inability to be human u make an assumption that these people spend money on cigarettes and beer and that is selfish.

Mike in Houston, bad news for you...here's what's coming in the future according to NFL executives...If your home team is blacked out, they are going to charge you pay per view to watch your team...the pay per view price will be NO LESS then the average mid-level price ticket in that market..$60-$70....AND there will be no other game shown during that time slot, including NFL Ticket...so tell me, what good is your 50 inch Plasma gonna do you while u can watch anything BUT football??? U think the NFL is dumb?? They are gonna make it CHEAPER for you to go to the game. Lol

Agreed Carlito...NFL fans are very short-tempered today...you know more about the Jacksonville area than I do, but when 17,000 fans decide after a 5-11 season that it's no longer worth it, that's a statement...even if each one of them wasn't individually thinking "I'm going to stick it to them." And these are supposed to be your die-hards...season ticket holders tend to be the most dedicated towards the team...and when you invest like that, kind of hard to argue with it. Not that I feel you have to drop that kind of money to be a die-hard...

JCREW what are you talking about? i said i would be cheering miami on . how am i not a true fan? i work hard and yeah i like to have a good time. life's too short not too. as far as standing up i am. you just can't see me. Go Dolphins!

People sell tix on CL cheap. I got a first level goal line visitor second row seat for face value in Atlanta. People buy season tix often for a game or two and unload the rest.

Sammo, good for you, and I'm glad your a fan...the thing is though what people are saying her is football is unaffordable which is just ridiculous...Look, Football only has 10 games, 8 if u throw out preseason home games...MLB has 80 home games, NHL, I'm not 100 percent sure but alot more the 8...so the NFL home team has to make their money in 8...I was wrong on ticket prices before, I guess the cheapest ticket is $31..all things considered I think it's pretty reasonable price...look what the Giants and Jets did...everyone had to pay a MINIMUM $1000.00 seat license fee, even the nosebleed seats just for the privledge of paying for the seats themselves, and guess what, they sold out...the Redskins have a 30 year waiting period...the Broncos have a 7 year waiting period for season tickets, I know because I applied 3 years ago...Greenbay is sold out ALWAYS...Florida has the weather, the atmosphere and the money...their ticket prices have held the line the past 3 years and are more then affordable..no reason not to sell out this stadium for 8 games, and I know you work hard and money is an issue for many people, but it would be great to have fans like you come out and join us season ticket holders for a few games a year and give us that home team advantage...I know what ur spending in that bar on Sunday or Monday nite exceeds what a ticket costs...there is nothing like being at the game, especially watching some of the great teams we are playing this year!!

Please ask Stephen Ross these 2 questions after the game Monday:
1. How did it feel watching your team play in Landshark Stadium for the first time with all of your new partners?
2. Who do you hold responsible?

People will be happy coming to Stephen Ross's events at Landshark when the team is winning and competitive.
But let's face it.
Peyton Manning, as well as every other QB we see this year, is going to put up points.
What is Dan Henning going to do when we're behind? He is going to open the backdoor playbook because Pennington cannot successfully throw into coverage which is the job description of an NFL qb.

I am going to the San Diego game, and the face value is 98.00 , so stop complaining and pay and support the team

luis-- WOOHOO i'm going to the SD game as well. Same price for my tickets!! I'm a CA resident and this is the only time i get to go. I WISH i could get season tickets...

Just for the record, just about ANY seat at the game is better than watching it on TV. Theres nothing like being at the game with thousands of people who are all cheering for the same thing. Also, if you like to see everything that goes on, including what is happening away from the ball, being at the game is the only way. Last week when CP kept throwing the ball away, it was killing me not knowing what he was seeing (or not seeing) downfield. I have to drive 3-4 hours one way to get to the game and its worth it! I'll see you guys at the game on Monday. Go PHINS! Ill be the brotha in the orange JT jersey.

Pricemaster, "fairweather fan", "bandwagon jumper", "fake fan". Look em up, that's you...Sorry Sprano and Parcells don't take ur advice about quarterback, since you've built so many winners in the NFL and ur such a great talent evaluator


I happen to agree that there is nothing like watching the Dolphins stomp the football crap out of the enemy with family and 60 thousand screaming friends. I just think it's impolite to get on fans who wish it didn't cost so much.

And you whiffed pardner. I am a doctor. I never smoked. I do not own an Ipod, an I phone, a flat screen TV or a golf club. I don't drink coffee. I've bought beers for friends at bars from time to time, despite generally putting my kids desires above my own (although I suppose I could stop eating lunch and using toilet paper I could and earn them a free game a week).

Far from crying about how expensive it is to attend ONE lousy game (and they have been lousy boring games for a long while in Fin town) my point was that the games are not cheap and not every hardcore fan can afford to see a game a year or has time to work Craigslist for the specials.

"if you can't put away 100 in a year then you really should have never had kids, you really shouldn't bring kids into this world if your so poor you can't provide decent things for them..."

I know you'd say it differently if had more space, but your statement makes it seem like having the desire to spend money on decedent things like overpriced NFL tickets or an NFL jersey or an autographed mini-helmet gives you a right to tell people when they can and cannot breed?

I am glad you got it all figured out bro.

I am also glad you stay late at all the games, do too when I can get to them.

I'll b there 30 deep. Go Fins

Hey guys!!! I'm going to the game Monday night and am just wondering. How do I join a tailgate party? This is my first game ever so I want it to be memorable from start to finish. Thanks

I love going to the Games and the Experience is awesome but if i make it to two games, i will be lucky.

Why? Too expensive. 180 for two tickets, 25 Parking, i believe that is right. Add in a couple of Drinks, Food, you are talking an expensive game day for a Married Couple. Unless you live with your Parents. We do not.

Time you pay for Mortgage, Utilities with FPL, Insurance for Home and Car, Property Taxes, Groceries at Publix, there is not enough left to go to a Football Game. It is bad enough at Marlins games, Dolphins are double.

And they have gone up yearly for the last 3 yrs. Normally i pay 78, this yr that section is now 91. Too much. I will be there tomorrow night but further back than in past. 78 was as much as we could spend. He is wondering if 100 will cover food, parking while at the Game. We wanted to go to Nat's BBQ but at 60 a person, no way Jose. So that is why people spend 60 for two at a Sports bar. Not as exciting as being there but alot cheaper

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