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Fins lose another season opener, 19-7 to Birds

It's become customary for the Dolphins to lose their season opener. They've now done it six of the past seven years. But they looked particularly bad in Sunday's 19-7 loss in Atlanta.

The Dolphins avoided their first opening game shutout since 1983 when Chad Pennington found Ricky Williams along the right sideline for a nine-yard touchdown with 3:21 left in the game. By then, however, the Dolphins were in desperation mode and the Falcons defense looked to be coming home eased up.

That was the Dolphins' second trip inside the Falcons 20. Two red zone trips, four turnovers, seven points.

Pennington finished the day 21 of 29 for 176 yards and a touchdown. But he fumbled once and threw an interception. The Dolphins had four turnovers for the day.

"They didn't give us any deep shots," Pennington said. "You have to step up and make sure it doesn't get snowballed. We let it snowball on us."

Matt Ryan threw two touchdown passes for the Falcons. The guy taken two spots ahead of him in the 2008 NFL Draft, No. 1 overall Jake Long, had one of his worst days, allowing two sacks, several pressures and being part of an offensive line that couldn't make running room against a young defense with six new starters.

Right tackle Vernon Carey also gave up two sacks.

The Miami offensive line, coming at a cost of $156 million, was terrible. Pennington was sacked four times, hurried 13 times and knocked down 6 times. And the disappointing thing is this unit is supposed to be built. Yes, the Dolphins have to improve at WR. Yes, they need more playmakers.

But the players this team is counting on for years on the OL -- Long, Smiley, Grove, Carey -- guys all making tons of money, were horrible today. They got dominated.

Tight end Anthony Fasano, Miami's top TE now that David Martin is on injured reserve, caught two passes. And he fumbled after both catches, losing both.

Miami's vaunted wildcat and spread offense was something of a dud. They ran three plays out of the package and gained four yards. Pat White overthrew a wide open Ted Ginn Jr. on his only throw of the day -- that out of the spread formation.

"When the Wildcat works, everybody loves it," Pennington said. "When it doesn't, everybody hates it."

The few bright notes for Miami? Phillip Merling played well, providing three quarterback hurries. Jason Taylor had one sack. The Miami run defense limited Atlanta's normally outstanding run offense to 2.5 yards per rush. Davone Bess quietly caught seven passes. The special teams didn't collapse.

The Dolphins are 0-1 and in the AFC East cellar as the Jets have already won today. New England and Buffalo play Monday night.

The Dolphins play Indianapolis at home Sept. 21. The Colts beat Jacksonville, 14-12 today.


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What a discusting display of offense.... Anthony Fasano should be shipped to the CFL and Channing Crowder plays the zone about as well as a jr pee wee player could.... Wake up guys!!! The funniest part of the game was seeing crowder get burnt numerous times in the zone, then make a stop on an outside run for at the line of scrimage and shake his head as if to say "not getting past me!".... Just do your job and stop being arrogent.... You make yourself look even stupider than you do when you get smoked on flat dump passes

Listen, we all knew this teams limitations. Is anyone really surprised by this game? They'll make whatever adjustments they feel will help them be successful. Sporano now sees how teams will attack us, now it is on him to earn his paycheck.

As far as Fasano, tough day, but we've seen enough of him to know this was not his usual self.

Quit ragging on Pennington, he was good enough to win the AFC East last year...the OL simply has to work harder and gel quickly. Long had a tough day, but these are going to happen. There was a time Webb had his hands full with Bruce Smith, but we all know the quality player Webb was. Don't over react to one embarrassing day. There are two teams on the field. Today Atlanta was simply the better team.

Let's not over-react. Greg Camirillo caught a TD pass that tied the game before halftime. The refs took it away, period. "Ok, he caught the ball, but because of the blindness and stupidity of us incompetent NFL refs, we cannot allow him to run after he caught it." I'm sure that play will be forgotten, since Gumbel and Diedorf praised the refs for making the right call. Huh, that was right??

ok ok ok game over. lets watch the films regroup and get the colts monday. fins will win. come on they do not crown a champion after week 1. bad sunday lets get ready for Indy.

The most sickening thing is we have to see the Jets put up 24 points and win dominantly with a rookie QB.

For all the trickery and crap we tried today, I wonder if we could have done any worse giving Ronnie the ball 25 times.

The reason people blame Pennington and not the o-line (I blame both of them) is because with Pennington at qb, the defense has less of a field to cover. The safety doesn't have to worry about the deep ball, so he can cheat towards the line a yard or two even on non blitzing downs. Every play is like a play in the red zone because that's how far Pennington can throw. I think Chad P is a good quarterback, but can only take us so far. I agree that we should put Henne in. Not because of this game, but because he has a higher ceiling than Pennington. If Henne can perform against the defenses we play this year, he can perform against anyone.

Yes Atlanta was the better team. I would like to see what adjustments the coach makes. I am still holding a positive attitude about this season.

And, if nothing else, benching Pennington will show everyone else that nobody's job is safe. A wake up call to the other 52 players.

Bob! Thats what i'm saying!! I'm not a Penny hater (I like the guy) but with him, AFC East champs is all we will ever be.

When you hsve a line that can't block, a running back that dances behind the line, a tight end that can't hold on to the ball, and a reciever that looks first for the side line, what do you expect....Todays result...accouple of weeks ago you called me an imposter for saying these things...I'm a life long dolphin fan from before most of you were born...I know what I see and can only hope it improves....

Pennington seems slower and tenative. Did any one else see it that way?

HAHAHA Chad said "they didnt give us any deep shots" what exactly is deep to you Chad 12 yards?? Take some freakin responsibility man, you hesitated a million times because you lack the arm strength to make the throws that every other qb in the league can make. Dink a nd dunk worked up until the playoffs last year and now that the Ravens and Rex Ryan laid out a perfect gameplan,defensively, against this offense this is what we are going to have to deal with week in and week out. Penny is average and is not flashy and is not going to make big plays nor is he creative enough to extend plays that are dead. That being said why not hand it off to Henne now and lets see what he can do. He is young and will no doubt make mistakes but surely he can protect the ball just as good if not better than Chad P the last two games he started.(5 picks and 2 fumbles when you count the playoff disaster)Penny doesnt deserve a long leash after these 2 performances. Even saw him lose his cool today late in the game inside the 10 on 2nd down where he just gave up and threw the ball into the turf. He is gutless and cannot make the big play. Sure he only threw 7 ints last season, but when he was challenged he blew it big time. I like Chad and think he would look great holding a clipboard while our younger stronger faster and future QB takes the reigns.

Yes he was tenative...But even when he wasn't he was looking for the dump off first....Not good....

Kyle Wright wants to play for the dolphins.

"I got the arm, coach"-Kyle Wright

enough already dump pennington and go with Henne.

o-1 and 11 more losses to break your own record .LOL

sanchez is your daddy SOULJAHBEATS and ziggy this

I can't even read all of this BS from most of you so called 'fans.' Get a life. One game, one friggin game and you're all bailing. What a joke. The O-line indeed sucked, and we turned it over 4x. Not going to win too many that way. Wish we could have TOs back, but doesn't work that way. Fixing the problems and getting ready for the Colts is all you can do(besides rooting for the Bills tomorrow night). But seriously, if you're going to give up after one loss, scream for everyones' head, and call for CP (last yrs. team MVP and savior) to be replaced, well, you just need to find something better to do. It's a long season.

I agree....

New England Fin Fan,
I don't think anyone is giving up...I love em...I'm just looking for a championship contender...This aint it...But a few changes and some maturity might do the trick...I do know one thing...Ronnie Brown is a dancer, not a hard nosed runner...and Pennington is a good game manager but lacks the strength of a good quarterback...Ginn is a hit shy reciever and the line needs more experience together...I hope for the best...

1- the cowboys looked great today .
2- the fins looked like 3-13 team'
3- matt ryan is better than all all fins QB'S PUT together .

4- DOLPHIN'S OL LOOK as they were selling hot dogs .ted ginn my aZZZZZZZZZZZ.

5-RONNIE BROWN MY Azzzzzzzzzzzz
6-jets looked way better as a team even the lions scored 20 points .



I don't know any thing about "giving up",the premise is sound. Time will tell.

Just because someone criticizes the team doea not make them fairweather. It just menas they care and don't want to see the team play poorly. Raising concerns about Chad P's arm strength and play in general needs to be done. Atlanta's secondary is at best average. How many times is he going to throw the ball to the outlet receiver? Why don't they call any passing plays down the field? I'll tell you why..It's because Pennington can't make the throw. Don't say the receivers aren't getting open either. He doesn't even look down field half the time. I'm a lifelong Dolphins fan but it doesn't mean I can't be critical.


all the teams who are hated by fin fans won today .bret.F WON

sanchez won

I know it's only week one, but the O did look horrible, Ginn still can't / won't / afraid to hit, run, catch, block...hope he shows up. The oline had a bad day...it happens. The thing that really scares me is poor open field tackling.

serioiusly people, we arent criticizing or freaking out without good cause. Yes we went 11-5 last season and yes Chad was the QB who helped get us there and yes he was the runner up MVP. We also failed to put teams away until the last possession, teams like San Francisco, KC, St Louis, and Seattle(without Hasselbeck)We eeked out a ton of wins and any real fan who watched these games would be honest enough to acknowledge we lacked a deep threat on offense all year long and once someone, REX RYAN, found a scheme to stop the wildcat style plays we would be no threat at all and you could stack 8 in the box. which is what happened in the last two games that mattered. Result 5 ints and 2 fumbles. Safeties can key on the run and not worry about getting beat further than 10 yards downfield. If you know anything about football you would realize that this puts the dolphins at a serious disadvantage. Solution? Look Ginn isnt perfect but he is fast and can get open deep, we just need to get it there. This would in turn alleviate things for Ronnie and Ricky so they can be much more effective. Henne deserves a shot, lets face it, do you really want to start Penny past this season anyways?



Turnovers.Simple.No Turnovers.Game different.

Mando-sorry to hear about your mother.

Just got signed in so I am test posting.Bad showing today but this will be a nightmare practice week for the men.Better results next week I am sure


(And anyone else begging for Henne) Let the coaches decide when his time is right. Remember the out cry for John Beck? Remember the result? Let it play itself out. We are nowhere near a finished product. Everyone panicking and demanding change is just a bit short sighted. If they felt he was their best option he'd be in there, and maybe he'll prove to be, but lets be patient and let the coaches who are paid to make these decisions make them.

With the offensive line ineffective I am not sure it would be the wise move at this point in time. Now, given a few more weeks to gel then maybe we are looking at a different situation. We are still a young team in transition. You all act like you expect a Super Bowl victory this year. Let me let you know...it isn't gonna happen regardless of who is under center.

It only one game just
See what happen a few more games to place judgement



Can't wait to carve you guys up.

At least Peyton Manning isn't that good. At least the Chargers aren't that good.

At least the schedule is expected to be pretty easy this year.

wHAT IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT? The game isn't till tomorrow people, right?

Oh wait, did my alarm clock work?

The O-line was bad, no doubt, but there were a number of times Pennington dropped back, set, looked, and no one was open. The receivers can't separate? Where are the check downs?

Guys! Everyone calm down,,It was one game. Our defense actually looked really good. Vontae and sean smith were solid and many of their receptions occured in good coverage. Tony Gonzalez made some nice plays that were virtually indefensible. Plus, our run D was incredibly stout and our pass rush was consistent. But i'm really concerned about Jake Long. That was a really pathetic performance. I know he struggles against "speed" rishers but did you see him get bullrushed today for a sack?? That was, dare I say, Tony Mandarich-esque. It's one thing to pass on Matt Ryan for a perennial pro-bowler, it's another thing to pass on a franchise QB for a mediocre LT. I pray that game was an anomaly for jake cuz that was alarmingly bad.

Pennington gets 2 more starts. If the Dolphins start 0-3 then Henne will get the start on Monday night against the Jets. Also, did anyone else notice how tentative Ted Ginnn looked on Kickoff returns? Did he even get past the 15 yard line once? That was a joke. Here's the sliver lining though, at least he's not Brady Quinn. Man, did he look shitty today against minnesota

Everyone just relax it is going to take time. Remember that this Falcons team could have hung major points on us today by the way our offense was handing over the ball but yet they only scored 19 points!!! There are lot's of positives and did everyone already forget who is running the show? Sparano and company will get it corrected by week 5 everyone will be on here praising the tuna, sparano, ireland, and pennington. This isn't the Dolphins of old when wanny and little nicky were coaching these guys are gonna work hard and get it corrected that oline needs time to gel and once they do watch out because this team is going to dominate.

Just relax guys. It sone game. If the Oline plays two bad games in a roow, then you worry. But 1 bad game is just that.

Geez 1 bad loss and now we're calling for CP's head after he went something like 21-28? I thought that we'd matured beyond this.

If anybody needs time to throw to be effective it is Chad.

I have to say I was pretty disappointed with the effort. The loss itself isn't disappointing. Atlanta is a playoff-caliber team. The disappointing thing to me is that the Dolphins have to put so many good plays together in a row to even threaten to score. There are no big plays in this offense right now. Everything has to be perfect. Miami will not challenge for a title until they can hit that 68 yd TD pass every now and then, or break off that 57 yd run. Even last year, those were few and far between.

Need to come up with a win against Indy. One win will totally change the attitude about this team.

Everything that worked last year was thrown on the shelf this year. The Dolphins move the ball with quick-hiting slants and flips. It may only be six or seven yards a pop, but it moves the chains. Take the chance, like we did last year, and heave a couple of 40 yarders, Pennington can do that.

We had better success with pitchouts, getting the runners into the open field and letting them do what they do best, and when that worked, we started running inside tackle again. When the O line isn't opening holes, use the holes outside the tackle.

Maybe Dan Henning needs to freshen up his play-calling scheme. You can't run inside the tackles with eight men in the box on defense. More play action and quick slants.

This game reminded me of the Joey Harrington era. He was great with the quick-hit slants and crossing patterns, then we went to the ground and forced him to stand in a pocket that didn't exist and throw 12 yarders for first downs. Pennington can't do that either. No quarterback can do it consistently.

The first play of nearly every drive was a run inside the tackles. A high school coach would have figured that out in the first quarter..and since it was that way during the pre-season...the league has figured it out.

Maybe if we use the first play of the game to go 25 yards...hit or miss...the defense might be forced to get their cornerbacks and safeties off the line of scrimmage?

This is Pop Warner stuff. It doesn't take an offensive mastermind to change things up enough to keep defenses honest.

Why would Patsy fans pay for a fins App? What losers

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