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Dolphins lose to Chargers, go to 0-3

The Dolphins find themselves in quite a hole right now.

They are 0-3 after playing their worst game of the young season today, a 23-13 loss to San Diego.

And the news gets worse:

Miami's prospects of salvaging this young season have taken a hit in that starting quarterback Chad Pennington left the game in the third quarter with a right shoulder injury. The extent of the injury is not known right now, but it didn't look good. Pennington could be out a while.

On defense, Joey Porter, who led the team in sacks a year ago, also could not finish the game. He left the game in the fourth quarter with the hamstring injury he was nursing all week.

Chad Henne took over for Penninton and didn't exactly play Lou Gehrig to Pennington's Wally Pipp. Henne was chased, hit and picked off.

That interception was by Eric Weddle and returned 32 yards for a touchdown.

Henne finished with 10 completions on 19 attempts for 92 yards. His long completion was for 27 yards to Ronnie Brown. His QB rating was 44.2.

Henne did lead an inconsequential fourth-quarter TD drive.

The defense? Fine up front. Terrible in the secondary.

The Dolphins gave up two looong pass plays -- of 55 yards and 47 yards. And, the troubling thing is there was double coverage on both passes and the receiver still came up with the ball against two Miami defenders.

As outlooks go things look seriously bleak for the Dolphins now.


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Who's joking? She does, ask her.

this team is more like a plumber without a license .

It's too bad we can't transplant Pennington's courage and guts into Ginn.

I am now with the vast majority. Ginn is a fraud and a waste of a draft pick

Happy for Detroit

We need WR to throw the ball too, For Henne to be any good at QB

I am in mourning for the 2009 season... its officially over...

Wouldn't Vincent Jackson be nice in a phins uniform? I think he's a f/a this year.

Ya heard Tony Dungy....
The secondary sucks.

When you have a defense as charitable as ours, why play for the FG in the red zone? Our play calling is so uninspired in the red zone.

What a surprise...I saw two consecutive passes to Ginn fall to the turf. Earlier, I saw a journeyman WR in Greg Lewis make a game winning catch in Minnesota, which was 100x more difficult then the pass Ginn couldn't catch on Monday night.


TRADE FOR BRANDON MARSHALL....give up the picks, since obviously we can't use the picks on stud WRs.

1. Chads suck
2. Ginn Sucks
3. Defense Sucks
4. Dolphins suck

Po White--

what did Dungy say? - - I don't have the stomach to turn sound on for the post game extravaganzas.

If only I had someone to punch... or fire....


No Soujabeats, shame on you for being such a fairweather fan...Wheredoes everyone get off blaming Stepen Ross??? The guy is doing exactly what an owner should do...He is letting Bill Parcells and his staff handle the football side and he is trying to make Dolphins Stadium an enjoyable experience....So your mad at Ross because he bought some stars in?? Because he had Jimmy Buffet perform??? Because he painted the outside of the Stadium??? Cause he's not interfering like the owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones does??? He can't make salary cap room or spend money to sign players when there is a cap and the Dolphins are there..Maybe your mad because he didn't raise ticket prices?? Please Mr. Ross has done everything right, nothing wrong...and if your giving up your tickets because your not satisfied then you really are not a true fan... That's sad

Don't get me wrong...I'm a Pennington fan...but his being out will force us to see if Chad Henne is truly "the future."

For goodness sakes though, lets see him unload that cannon arm.

I don't want to see or hear about any of Stephen Ross's stupid celebrities, concerts, and theme songs...

For the idiots who keep saying, "we are still rebuilding,"...quit with the nonsense. we may be removed from 1-15 2 years ago, but we were 9-7 with a Saban/Frerotte team. Don't give me this development crap! I am a Henne fan, but he looked lost out there. I blame Henning's offense and Sparano's run on third downs. Why do teams get chunk yardage on the Fins every game, while Bess and Brown have to fight for yardage. The pick of Pat White was the final straw. It was Cameron all over again. God I'm depressed.


I'm not a fair weather fan, I've always been a dolphins fan and always will be... but I reserve the right to call them out for sucking when its true...

I agree soulja...lets work on the product on the field, not this other off the field B.S.

They keep saying they want a "Lakers-like" atmosphere.....key thing is that the Lakers win!!




souljah, i hear ya. luckily im to buzzed to drive up to bw3's (local sports bar) looking for a fight!

Soujabeats, well too bad, I enjoyed seeing the concerts, stars and other things...it puts people in the seats and your in the minority...

It is very annoying to be 0-3 and we have to host Buffalo next week. I try not to quit on the Fins since it is only Week 3 and not Week 13,but what are they doing on gameday? Last week we proved for at least 56 minutes that we can play well against a good team and today it seemed like we were sleeping til late in the game. I hope Penne is okay and I hope we can turn it around next week cause I hate losing at home and even worse to a division rival.As for fans wishing we drafted Ryan or Flacco or signed Brees in 2006 as a free agent they are great fits for their respective teams;there is no guarantee we would be better with them. I hope the players we have step up and play consistently.And I hope Porter and Penne are okay. I am skeptical about our next game but I still plan to root for the Fins. We have to stop Lee Evans and of course T.O. and Lynch and Jackson.And score when we are in the redzone & not kick field goals. They don't matter if the opponent scores like Indy Week 2.Or like the Chargers today.I don't want to be doom and gloom but we are 0-3.AGAIN. The Fins better win next week.Good luck Fins.


I'm glad you enjoyed all the glitz and glamour and it distracted you from how bad this football team is.

not all that glitters is gold...

Dungy said Yeremiah Bell blew coverage on the Vincent Jackson play action, Bell bit on it, blowing the coverage over the “deep middle” He ‘SHOULD HAVE Given Will Allen help over the middle. Dungy said the safeties are biting on the play action and giving up the “deep middle”

Lots of the issues that were having are with coaching staff not putting the right personal on the field sit Wilson leave Ginn at kickoffs and puntreturns and bring in a vet WR that can catch the ball to help out these rookies and 2 year guys and show them how it done and if we need to give up a 1st rounder for a guy like Marshall then so be it he's is proven not a gamble like a rookie

Has any Big 10 receiver in recent years ever truly been great?

which is better;

fight hard for every game and end w/9-7 and no playoffs. or

finish w/ 2-14 and get first draft pick over all and get tony tungy as a coach

It seems like just about every year we go through the same old crap! This dink and dunk offense is BS!!! I'm happy about our running game but, that's ALL we have! Our defense, especially our secondary looks like dog crap! Let's get on the ball and win something for once! Lose Ginn. Trade him at least for a REAL WR that can actually catch the ball and stretch the field. I've given him enough chances! Are we gonna hang on to him because of potential like we did with Hagan? C'mon!!!


fight hard 7-9

Sit Bell also

Marino13...So ten years of mistakes should have been fixed in one year??? Sorry for the news but yes, we are still rebuilding... It started with the offensive line and will continue till Parcells gets it right....That's why Parcells said this wouldn't be turned around quickly...it takes time to turn this mess around,, and again, this team is bigger, stronger and younger and more talented...gonna have to have patience sorry


I'll take option 2. But it seems we have been in shambles for years.

Long can't pass block again and it cost us our starting QB


Po White---


that answers the question asked by someone earlier today why the safety on the two Jackson bombs was underneath, not 'deeper than the deep' & 'over the top,' as they are supposed to be. Jax was double-covered, but not properly so.

it also shows that preseason does reveal things----our safeties have been struggling since the first preseason scrimmage at Nova.

Did I mention the "Deep Middle"?

Cause there over paid and slow




I have vented enough frustration for today, I still love my team even though they are aging me quicker then I can afford. I want to apologize to GERARDO (the gay Flamenco dancer) for the mom jokes. It was totally uncalled for, I was venting.

Closing Statement
Our pass defense (what pass defense? you ask) is horrible. Our Safeties keep opposing receivers safe, all the way to the endzone. Bell and Wilson need to be benched. It would be an improvement even if you replace them with tackling dummies. Receivers might run into them on the way to the endzone and trip, saving a touchdown. Chowder? Chowder? CHOWDER!!, nough said on that looooser. Ah yes and Ginn Mr. Avoid contact at all costs, himself. Mr. Sidelines. Mr. Don't tackle me, I'm already down on the ground. Mr. I'M A #1 PICK AND CAN'T MAKE THE BIG CATCH TO WIN THE GAME!!!!!

Bye to all you dolphin fans it is going to be a long season.

Seer... Where is Troy Polamalu when ya need him?

bobbyd12 is satisfied with mediocrity and loves all the stars and tmz...

Soujabeats, this football team is not bad, you just think like alot of people, win now and forget about building a team that will compete year after year in the future...well the Dolphins have followed that failed strategy for ten years thank you....it's time to let Parcells do what he has done his entire career, build the Dolphins the RIGHT way...and I feel bad for you if you can't enjoy anything else at a football game besides what happens on the field...

Bench them both FS and SS been calling for it fir two games obviously this a poor judgement on our coaching staff very bad judement if I can see it then this is negligence on there part

Henne looked like Feeley! Ted Ginn has to go! He's no number one receiver! Ginn was a first round pick, 9th over-all, and he's getting beat-out by Bess an undrafted free agent. The passing game for Miami on both sides of the ball was terrible! The way to beat Miami is to throw the ball.

Hell, I'd settle for Brock Marion or Sammy Knight.

Hang in there Dolfans! Maybe this is providence. Maybe the worm is turning. Maybe this year is for the best. Drew Bledsoe Down & in comes Brady.

Seriously & not in anger:

I would use Ginn just on kick return, not as WR for a week or so, amd try other receivers....I mean, what the hell.

And churning & rearranging line-up, esp. safeties, ain't a bad idea.

I'd settle for Jarvis Williams or Louis Oliver>

Got ya

I will not be paying 275.00 to Direct TV again next year. I can not believe I have paid to watch the Fins for so long (when the Fins picked up Ricky, yeahhh)just to watch horrible fotball. Absolute misery....Ginn and Crowder are the saddest examples of football players we have...We just have no play makers. Where is the YAC...any crossing patterns? do we ever construct plays for our current personnel?

P.S. I wanted Crowder gone, and draft Rey Maualuga in the 1st and Sean Smith 2A.

At least we got the bills nxt wk....we can beat them....right?!?


how many years have you been buying into this idea of rebuilding? I feel sorry for you that you're satisfied with losing... maybe you settle for mediocrity in life, but not me... and not with the dolphins either....

Soujabeats, your satisfied with mediocrity, that's why you want the Dolphins to trade draftpicks and do things that has failed the Dolphins the past ten stinking years...I'm not the one crying about selling my season tix on here, you are...and again, someone who can't enjoy anything else but what happens on the field really needs to expand their life a little, unless of course your the type who believes the world evolves around you and no one else should enjoy themselves if your unhappy

We can still turn this around but coaching has to grow a pair and swallow there pride and admite that they made a bad decision with concern to personal and move forward with some changes but if not then we need to think about pushing for a coaching change

Reporter: Why did you run on 3rd and 5 on the 6 yrd line, after getting stuffed twice?

Sparano: Well it was a good call not exectued correctly.

Reporter: Oh, yeah your right. What about all the dinks and dunks to our receivers when we are 3rd and long and the receiver barely makes beyond the scrimmage line?

Sparano: Well, Henning called that and that would work if it was executed correctly.

Reporter: Yeah, I understand. What about the defense falling apart in the 2nd half?

Sparano: They worked hard and were in the right place, but did not do a good job.

Reporter: Oh, ok. So we played a good game that was called with aggressive play calling that wasnt predicatble and took chances?

Sparano: Absolutely, but the team didnt execute.


The offense is so predicatble, the defense doesnt need to watch film. The defense just sucks. But the playcalling is so weak. WHY???

Answer the friggin question? And you reporters out there, ASK the questions and stop the soft ball.

All three games have been winnable to some extent, but we make so many mistakes from top to bottom it is impossible.

Let's organize the issues here a bit...

Secondary...was "rebuilt" this Summer through the draft and with free agents..result = major personnel mistakes by the trifecta

WR...We draft Turner and Hartline, Hartline may end up being a #3, but most likely nothing more. Turner hasn't even dressed yet, which means no heart to even make special teams. GINN is a never will be, the guy couldn't catch the flu right now muchless a football...result = major neglect of this position by the trifecta

QB...Henne certainly deserves a little more time before we know how he will play out, but certainly very disappointing considering how well Sanchez, Ryan and Flacco have started out.

I thought the DL was one of the brightspots, but there appear to be some major issues with the secondary and there is a lot of money there. I can not figure out why in the world we did not do more to try to get a WR, this has been a problem since Duper and Clayton left. I should probably mention I am big fan of the trifecta, but they need to step it up as this year is critical for how things will shape up next year.


when did I say the dolphins need to trade draft picks. don't put words into my mouth you tool... all I said was that the dolphins suck and the season is over... this is reality... learn to read...

I think Ted Ginn overdosed on the H1N1 vacination because now he cant catch anything.

Hey Dan Henning, the 5th & 6th grade football team called and they want their playbook back!

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