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Dolphins lose to Chargers, go to 0-3

The Dolphins find themselves in quite a hole right now.

They are 0-3 after playing their worst game of the young season today, a 23-13 loss to San Diego.

And the news gets worse:

Miami's prospects of salvaging this young season have taken a hit in that starting quarterback Chad Pennington left the game in the third quarter with a right shoulder injury. The extent of the injury is not known right now, but it didn't look good. Pennington could be out a while.

On defense, Joey Porter, who led the team in sacks a year ago, also could not finish the game. He left the game in the fourth quarter with the hamstring injury he was nursing all week.

Chad Henne took over for Penninton and didn't exactly play Lou Gehrig to Pennington's Wally Pipp. Henne was chased, hit and picked off.

That interception was by Eric Weddle and returned 32 yards for a touchdown.

Henne finished with 10 completions on 19 attempts for 92 yards. His long completion was for 27 yards to Ronnie Brown. His QB rating was 44.2.

Henne did lead an inconsequential fourth-quarter TD drive.

The defense? Fine up front. Terrible in the secondary.

The Dolphins gave up two looong pass plays -- of 55 yards and 47 yards. And, the troubling thing is there was double coverage on both passes and the receiver still came up with the ball against two Miami defenders.

As outlooks go things look seriously bleak for the Dolphins now.


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what else bothers me is the fact that the tuna loves tim tebow...another great florida QB with no future in the NFL.


you are not dolphins fan, you are gloria estaphan, jlo, and jimmy buffet fan...

Hope the market is up tomorrow! I like Techs and Basic Materials.

I don't know if this has been brought up today, but Bill Parcells coached teams (He's our GM, but still...) usually have a pretty good first season, followed by a setback season. So I guess this is our setback season. Maybe the third season we win our division again???? We need to trade for someone good at WR. Ginn should not be starting. It's his third year, for crying out loud!!! Get him out of here. Start Bess or Hartline; activate Turner... Do something on offense please!



souljahbeats & bobbyd12, cant we all just get along? There are Jets fans (DOUCHE BAGS)out there for the hating..



Peace out,

too disgusted to talk anymore dolphins...

I want to see Armando or someone from wqam stepup and put some blame on the coaches. Last week they didnt say crap...I am really upset about this. The coaches put the blame on mondays game on Penne and the offense, saying it was his call and that they ran 14 plays in 70 sec (or whatver).

When in reality its POOR COACHING AND CALLING.

I was saying that Penne cant throw and I still think he cant and thats we didnt. But now Henne doesnt throw either. WTF. And who we are fooling running in the redzone on 3rd down and passing dinkers on 3rd and long-WEAK.

Somebody better ask some tough questions around here.

Hey, QB will be the focus now, but on a team with such razor thin margin of error, how does Tedd Ginn still get a jersey each week. He could be the most useless human drawing a check from the dolphins.

Well the glaring 2nd rd pick by the trifecta's first draft now gets to jump start this team, as well as reveal if he was the right QB for this franchise when picked in 08.

But something I kept seeing really scares me about Henne.
On that nice pick 6 by Henne, what was with that stupid spin move he does in his drop back???
I thought it was a some new trick play coming. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?

I counted him doing that silly pirouette in his drops at least 4 times in the short amount of base pass plays that he had.

That is horrible footwork and needs to be addressed ASAP!
Why hasn't Lee, Henning, Sparano, Parcells, or someone noticed this before in camp??? WOW!

It has to stop NOW or he will continue to get sacked, lose fumbles, and throw picks, by turning his back to the field of play.
Scary stuff.

Once Henne gets that coached out of him, then Sparano should tell Henning to take the chains off and let the kid stretch the field with his arm.
From there the run game will set up the play action pass as well.


Bobbyd12 doesn't even deserve the right to post on this blog. What he/she/it wrote earlier was reprehensible. When you make a statement like that your voice becomes irrelevant to the whole world except yourself. It take all kinds.

Don't know if I would short Real estate. I’m neutral. Look for a hedge against the weak dollar.

Fire Dan Henning now!!! This pop gun offencse is ABSOLUTELY OFFENSIVE. Occasionally you should throw downfield!!! Let Henne have a seven step drop! Don`t demand that he check off if his first read isn`t there!!!That was horrible today. Quit playing to tie, play to win. Because there is almost always a winner in the NFL

We stink! Yes, there are a few bright spots, but overall, we suck. Let's face it - long season, dolphans. :(

Techs can't loose!

Soujabeats, LOL I'm more of a FAN then you will ever be...I go to EVERY game for the past fourteen years...and I stay to the end...you know what, sell your tickets and go cry to someone else...better an EMPTY seat then a FAKE fan..and it seems you might want to talk to a professional about your obsession with how a game of football, which has nothing to do with your life can effect you so negatively towards other people enjoying themselves... Try Prozac, it's helped millions

safe to say Henne blows it next week look to the draft? Every other QB shows something in the first year let alone second yr??Different than in the past with Aikman or Peyton- now days you can tell if a QB has it to work with for the future. Again a first time poster and a fan since Strock/Woodley/Marino. Let Henne play and hope that Parcells/ and coaching staff can admit a mistake if necessary if Henne is a bust. Not doom and gloom but not willing to waste more years on Henne - He looked uncomfortable!

Henne will have a full week of prep for the Bills at home, let's see what he can do, but j don't expect much considering our lack of talent on offense. SHANNAHAN OR COWHER NEXT YEAR!!! This team has no guts or heart or identity!

With our offense, I now know what it feels like to be a Browns fan...

Henne is not starting material yet and don't know if he'll ever be that why he has not beaten out Pennington but to continue to start Ginn at WR is crazy leave him at Punt returns and kickoff returns and bench Wilson and Bell there slow and can't play


have fun wasting your money on $25 parking, $10 burgers, and $8 beers... may I suggest you bring a paper bag for your head....

Your irrelevant Mac, if you get offended so easily please try the Disney Channel..maybe Mickey and Minnie won't offend you

Told you so. No one wanted to listen to the truth all week. Knowing that the Dolphins stink and that they're rebuilding doesn't make you less of a Dolphins' fan. It makes you a smart Dolphins' fan.

"and it seems you might want to talk to a professional about your obsession with how a game of football, which has nothing to do with your life can effect you so negatively towards other people enjoying themselves"

Wow, this is an incredible quote. You bobbyd12 are the one who needs professional help. Heed your own advice. You already ruined other people's night by posting what you did.

hi guys. i love miami. i bleed aqua and orange. but let's face it we suck. losing pennington was a good thing. now henne gets to develop and show his stuff. miami needs to start calling plays to strech the field and quit calling pennington plays. ginn had a horrible outing but i still think if henne airs it out to him he can make plays downfield. our secondary is way off. yes i know we have 2 rookies out there but man it looks bad. to all who want to say i have no faith you need to take off your rose colored glasses. i want miami to be succesful but we are not there yet as a team. be safe my friends.

Thin skin


I'm soryy, but i'm tired of losing for ten years. I don't care if they were 11-5 last year. It seems like people are content with this. The Dolphins find ways to blow games. After the first drive, I thought they were going to contrl this game. You knew Rivers wasn't going to be stopped all game, so why try to play for field goals. Spread the offense and play draws. They took a step back from last year by playing more conservative. I was on Ginn's side after last week, but he blew two catches today for a #1 receiver. By the way, Kolb is lighting it up.

Also.. GOpats Check out these 2 closed end funds, Ticker USA & JQC. They are real winners. The trash be gitten paid! Got in under $4 on both.

bobbyd12, do you have a brain? Who in the world wouldn't get offended by what you said? You made a joke about the single biggest tragedy in American history and you wished another person, who happens to be a fan of another team, would have died in that tragedy. You are a sick individual. I'm at a loss.

Sammo.... word!


I. Think next game. Will be better ,because everbody was't insyce a. Week of run plays pulling. Play in for. Cha henn

f the coaches and these silly "reporters" and talk show hosts if they don't ask some tough questions

they and the team has blown all three games:

1. def stepped up, off fell apart, playcalling wild-just crazy trick plays-but we lost bc of fumbles

2. off stepped up, def fell apart, playcalling predicatable-we lost bc of defense not defending

3. off good; def bad; play call predicatable

It is the same calls every series and every game. Only diff here Penne actually throw deep, but too deep or ginn didnt run

Either way heres the calls

1. Run ricky
2. Run ronnie
3. Threw short pass, 1st down
4. Run ronnie
5. Run rickie
6. Thre short screen- goes noway

Next series same thing
Next series same thing
Next series same thing
Next series same thing

Bobbyd12 sound like big Cleo Lemon and Jay Fiedler fan. You favorite coach Dave Wandstache?

Gopats, Check out VCR, IYW, IYM, USA & JQC. IYG is kicking my butt but it will come back.

Wait for the pull back and then buy!

I glad to see some of you are waking up. To the rest, I'll dumb it down. (1) Who picks the players? Hint: It's not the fans or sports writers. (2) Who selects the type of offense, defense, game plan, play calls etc.?

Get it?


this isn't the time to by any thing but build a very small shorts and the time will come nicely.i hope.


Po white i hear you. i was watching the game with fellow dolphins fans and they are ostate fans. i'm michigan. all they kept saying is miami plays tressel football. henne will get better but like someone just mentioned the chains need to be taken off. let henne throw downfield make plays and open up the running game.


Trust me, Sparano isn't going anywhere. Parcells won't fire him. I'm willing to give him a chance even though he's mostly to blame, but the personel around him needs to change. Cameron is doing wonders with Baltimore as the OC. Why not try a new offensive play book for henne.

Turn the blog? Hmm, I didn't know a blog was a tangible good. You must have the self-esteem of a mole. You tout your fanatacism, which in reality is no more dignified than anyone else on this blog. You then resort to posting offensive comments, which any reasonable outlet would find offensive, as I'm sure Mando does, and you use insults. What a guy. You must avoid the mirror.

No Carlito, if you been and actually am able to read and comprehend what I have written, I'm a Bill Parcells fan...and this is a longshot guess but I would say he has built more great football teams and probaly has more Superbowl Rings then you do...again, just a guess Carlito..so yea, I trust Bill Parcells will turn this into a winning franchise in the near future, and unlike Soujachild, I will be there through the rough times and the great times, enjoying myself at each and every home game...thank you

Please bring in cameron Wake. why isnt he playing. And why are we still throwing Ted Ginn the ball when he cant catch it.The man is scared of getting hit.You can see it in his eyes.And why did we bring Pat white in the game last week just to hand the ball off twice.And Joey Porter with all the mouth but little action. Sit him And bring in Cameron Wake.And Crowder looks like to me he's just running around the field like a wild man with no mission.Tuna i think it's time for you to step in. i know you're trying not to step on your coach toes but someone need to put a little fire under his butt. He needs to get this time back on track. Still love ya Dolphins

when i see carlito's name i feel i am home w/ the brave fan that he's

bobbyd12 enjoy take panana with smile.

Not a short kind o guy, wish I was in 2008. Like this bond fund for playing it safe."HYG" high yield.

No, I got great self esteem, great job, great family and I enjoy life...and I'm no longer responding to you Mr. Mac and your "I'm offended" girly attitude....have a nice night and I hope what I said to that Jets fan bothers you all night, tootaloo...

Hakeem good points. why isn't wake out there at least on 3rd down?

bobbyd12 how many home you have? maybe more to NJ? You satisfy when someone build house halfway? I upset when someone build glorious dolphins halfway.

my girl friend wants me to make meat ball sub and when i told her i am reading the doplhin blog ,she told me you better make me the meat ball sub or you aren't going to sleep on the new mattress tonight then she said " isn't fins the team who had 1-15 last year " ?

Carlito, if I knew what the hell a panana was I could answer you, I assume somekind of exotic fruit from your Cuban homeland??? Does Fidel approve of a panana???

I live in Nj and am faced with gaint's and Jets fans, Alot of jets fans.They know that Im a Mia Fan Guess I'll Take a sick Day. Dam. This Is my third one. I only Get Five!

Last year this team found ways to win and appeared go be learning how to win close games. They must be suffering from the 11-5,one and done in the playoffs hangover! I honestly cannot believe that the coaches thought this wr core was acceptable. Ginn is a #3 on every other team in the NFL, and Bess is at best a 4th and the same goes for Camarillo. Someone has to be held accountable for the decision making, especially since improvements haven't been made in three games now.

Bobbyd12 I am not Cuban you racist garbage. I think you were maybe browns lion or bengal fan before you make it to dolphin fan you so satisfy with lose game and season over.

Aloco.. Thought that was a White bread and goberment cheez with extra mayo samage?


you remember when nj phin fan kept saying oh babay all the time about all these lousy players we have and now we can't find him .

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