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Dolphins lose to Chargers, go to 0-3

The Dolphins find themselves in quite a hole right now.

They are 0-3 after playing their worst game of the young season today, a 23-13 loss to San Diego.

And the news gets worse:

Miami's prospects of salvaging this young season have taken a hit in that starting quarterback Chad Pennington left the game in the third quarter with a right shoulder injury. The extent of the injury is not known right now, but it didn't look good. Pennington could be out a while.

On defense, Joey Porter, who led the team in sacks a year ago, also could not finish the game. He left the game in the fourth quarter with the hamstring injury he was nursing all week.

Chad Henne took over for Penninton and didn't exactly play Lou Gehrig to Pennington's Wally Pipp. Henne was chased, hit and picked off.

That interception was by Eric Weddle and returned 32 yards for a touchdown.

Henne finished with 10 completions on 19 attempts for 92 yards. His long completion was for 27 yards to Ronnie Brown. His QB rating was 44.2.

Henne did lead an inconsequential fourth-quarter TD drive.

The defense? Fine up front. Terrible in the secondary.

The Dolphins gave up two looong pass plays -- of 55 yards and 47 yards. And, the troubling thing is there was double coverage on both passes and the receiver still came up with the ball against two Miami defenders.

As outlooks go things look seriously bleak for the Dolphins now.


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Has the old lady lost any of that 500 lbs?

I still cant figure why "key" palyers were inactive last week... Wake, when we may need fresh legs on a pass rush and Turner, when we needed him on the last two plays of the game...WTF


If Henne's footwork sucks its too late to 'coach it out of him'---maybe that's one orf many reasons that the Trifecta does not trust him & implicitly realize they've fouled up w/ the QB of the Future. Maybe it's why he has stunk up 8 preseason games since being drafted. He ain't got "it."

Carlito, no I'm not satisfied if someone builds my home halfway, I also don't expect him to finish my home in six months if he tells me it will take a year??? Did Bill Parcells quit?? He's not done building and if you expected 1-15 to Superbowl in less then two years then you should lower your expectations just a little...and I'm still waiting for the panana answer

Long time reader of the blog from California - huge Dolphins fan, have been since 1991, and watched every play of every game for the past god knows how long. Couple things...

1. Last year was last year. We played rebuilding teams. 49ers, Raiders, Bills stunk it up, and a Jets team with a Bret Favre who all but gave up the final weeks of that season. This year, our schedule is ridiculous. New England's amazing 2007 offense couldn't stay undefeated against our schedule, let alone our wildcat-heavy vanilla based offense. Realistically, we'll be lucky to win 6 or 7 games this year. We've had close ones, but our PASS D is horrible, and our PASS O is no better.

2. Chad Henne, in his first meaningful game, didn't show up. He was scared, but a full weeks worth of practice might fix that - who knows.

3. It's been said over and over again, but I can't say this enough. WIDE. RECEIVERS. Notice the plural. Back in the day when we had Chris Chambers and Randy McMichael, we had SOME threat. Granted they weren't the best WR group in football, but they weren't drop happy Ted Ginn.

4. Ginn.... your time is up. Sorry pal. You've officially entered bust status.

5. We all hate the Jets, but I am impressed. Nobody expected them to be this good this early on in the season. It'll be interesting to see what happens for the rest of the year. AFC EAST champs or not, Dolphans have to accept that this season is all but a wash. IT SUCKS saying this in the 3rd week of a 17 week football season, but tape doesn't lie, and there's a reason why we're not making ANYONES highlight reel.

I so sick of drink kool aid, I use to belive this team good for 10-6.

Bobbyd12 still waiting for panana you hear from he racist garbage himself.

oh baby, we suck

how you know that bobbyd12 is the plumber himself ?



GET RID OF GINN.... Go OUT and bribe anyone for a good QB because Henna is also NOTHING...

I TOLD ALL OF YOU that we MUST Draft Joe Flacco.. He WOULD have been the ONLY one that could get close to replacing Dan. FLACCO was a BIG LOSS for Parcells.. Parcells will go down because of that one.

I cant blame Parcells on left overs Ginn but, he should have went for a starting QB and that was Flacco.

Now... I, just like all of you are stuck with another season of continued rebuilding. Perhaps next draft we will get a good QB.

Until then... we will be lucky to win 6 games this year.

bobbyd12 is no plumber, even nj have more class to him

No Carlito, I actually grew up in Rochester New York and have been a Giant fan since I was little...I became a Dolpin fan when I moved here 14 years ago cause I believe in supporting the home team, unlike the Jets scum who infest Miami like roaches...so I grew up around WINNING teams, Yankees, Giants...and I still bet your Cuban Carlito, doesn't mean I'm racist, just with a name like Carlito and the panana, it sorta sounds Cuban you know? V

that's what i thought carlito but still bobbyd12 could be a new licensed plumber

I am from Golfito you racist garbage which is not in Cuba. Every latin person not from cuba. Take your venom back to new york where you should be Bills fan not Giants fan from Rochester and take panana with smile.

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Carlito, English writing class would do you wonders, not to good with the sentence structure, know what I mean...maybe Mac can help u with your panana, which no one has any clue what the hell that is since there is no such English word...do you mean Panama, the country, cause I do like them, nice people

I'm just hoping we pick up Dez Bryant next year in the draft!!!

Carlito, the Conjugation is a little weak though. No offense. I'm sure not bilingual.

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I maybe from Golfito, but at least I dont come from Rochester!

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when you read a racist person like bobyd12 you know the devil is alive and well .

First of all, the last thing I would do is go on a jets bills or pats blog and talk stupid.

2nd, the most distressing thing about these dolphins, the game they played last year has seemed to disappear. Tackling and Turnovers, made up for no talent last year. Like they skipped those drills in training camp. Great opening drive, result, fumble to touch back. So frustrating.

Sounds nice. Good weed I bet.

Thank you seer and po white trash. You are good classy and thoughfull dolphin fan.

Man, Indy's kicking Arizona tail big time.

I have no sound on---after Dolphin debacle I cannot stand to hear the talking heads dump on us. Hence, my need for Po White Trash to relay Dungy's excellent dissection of bombs to Vince Jaxson.

Po White Trash, mmm conjunction, I think your right bro, with a little conjunction Carlito might do really good...but expain the panana thing to me, that's got me stumped. Thks

Again not surprised....the Fins are who we thought they were...not a very good team and now to lose Pennington. My goat of the game is Ronnie Brown. To me, his fumble changed the whole complexion of the game.

Let the Jets fan talk....it's a long season. He who laughs first often laughs last.

As for the Fins, back to the drawing board. But as bad as it looks, as least our team is a young one and in rebuilding mode.

Po white trash? classy? Thats a joke.

bobbyd13 , where are you from the old south ?

Seer, I disagree. I was coached out of bad habits before.
As I mentioned before, it is Henne doing a spin on some of his drops that needs to be stopped. The rest of his footwork is ok.

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ok guys...back to football all of you and includes you bobby boy .



Unfortunately, I have already began thinking of next year's draft...george selvie or sergio kindle or should it be Mt Cody or brandon spikes or taylor mays or ndamukog suh...or maybe a wr like benn or bryant....too many needs

hope you're right---i'm just a henne doubter.

bobbyd12 why we need to laugh at ourself when we have you for laugh at?


Any time bobbyd12. Gotta love google! LMFAO! Need a good life after watching the game today.



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Night ladies, gentlemen I'll probaly be banned tommorow but I had fun at least, go Dolphins!!!!!!


hasta lasagna, chicos!

Bobbyd12 is putting carlito and aloco is there place. Bobbyd12 I believe did not want to insult victims of 9/11. He just wanted an irratating jet fan to die instead of an innocent person. I mean if you could go back and save an innocent child on that day and replace him with Jets09 azzz wipe than that is a good thing.

hey bobbyd12, ihave not posted here in awhile, but I read that NJ phinfan determined that aloco and carlito golfito is all the same dude, he is cuban menace an azzzhole. This is what NJ discovered. You are dealing with ONE clown. I got your back.

bobbyd12 with more of his racist venom against my beautiful costa rican people.

wow interesting posts going on tonite. i would like miami to get that safety from tenn berry? or usc may? mays? wr dez bryant would be nice too. maybe a pass rushing lb to cover wilsons defiencies in coverage. he had his best year with the giants and their monster pass rush. miami's oline is getting better. not quite there yet but they have made huge strides since week 1. we really need a space eating dt in the middle. ferguson is ok but he really doesn't get much push on opposing olines. wilfork next year anyone?

Except for his twin tower comment which was pathetic ! ( i lost a friend there ), bobbyd12 had some good DOLPHIN points. I like this guy , he got guts/balz !

There's the west coast offense, air coryell offense and then there's the Dolphins throw everything short offense. This game was a contrast in styles, the Chargers are Air Coryell, they believe in using the whole football field and attacking the defense vertically. Then there's the Dolphins who haven't seen a short pass they didn't like. It seems to me that the Dolphins make the game easy on the defense, they use a 20 yard by 53 yard field when everyone else is playing on a 100 yard by 53 yard field. I know this team believes in the running game and rightfully so but you can't score points in the NFL if you can't throw it with efficiency and make the defense defend the whole field. The Dolphins rank 3rd in the NFL in yards per carry and 29th in yards per pass. In Sunday's game they averaged more per carry than per pass, Marino must have been throwing up in the CBS studio. I don't have access to game film but it really seems like the Dolphins refuse to use the middle of the field and all of their crossing patterns are 5 yards down field. I thought that this was an issue with Pennington's lack of arm strength but now I really believe is a scheme and philosophy issue. It is difficult to score in the NFL against these great athletes it's even harder when your plan is to go 80 yards 4.5 yards at a time.

What up NJ? longtime an such.



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