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Dolphins lose to Chargers, go to 0-3

The Dolphins find themselves in quite a hole right now.

They are 0-3 after playing their worst game of the young season today, a 23-13 loss to San Diego.

And the news gets worse:

Miami's prospects of salvaging this young season have taken a hit in that starting quarterback Chad Pennington left the game in the third quarter with a right shoulder injury. The extent of the injury is not known right now, but it didn't look good. Pennington could be out a while.

On defense, Joey Porter, who led the team in sacks a year ago, also could not finish the game. He left the game in the fourth quarter with the hamstring injury he was nursing all week.

Chad Henne took over for Penninton and didn't exactly play Lou Gehrig to Pennington's Wally Pipp. Henne was chased, hit and picked off.

That interception was by Eric Weddle and returned 32 yards for a touchdown.

Henne finished with 10 completions on 19 attempts for 92 yards. His long completion was for 27 yards to Ronnie Brown. His QB rating was 44.2.

Henne did lead an inconsequential fourth-quarter TD drive.

The defense? Fine up front. Terrible in the secondary.

The Dolphins gave up two looong pass plays -- of 55 yards and 47 yards. And, the troubling thing is there was double coverage on both passes and the receiver still came up with the ball against two Miami defenders.

As outlooks go things look seriously bleak for the Dolphins now.


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NJ, I am checking out. There can only be one devil, and that is me. I will catch ya later.

gopats,aloco, cuban menace and jetset09; Lejos de ojos, lejos del corazon.






Fools rush / walk in where angels fear to tread?

Guys, havent been on the blog for 5 days, quit smearing my good name, also NJ, please call me Ive got a big clog in the toilet that i need you to clear...

I didn't mean ta hurt ya.

cuban menace...El pecado se paga con la muerte.

Bobby english por-favor

Cuban menace, clog must be from all those wonder bread and government cheeze with extra mayo sandwiches you have been eating

how is that.

What were ted (opps i droped another one) Ginns stats today???

Ok thats better, no its not from the Gov. cheese, its from the vomit of the game today..

His stats are just like your wonder bread and government cheeze with extra mayo sandwiches eating stats

That bad huh??



Isn't it amazing how the moment jetshyt09 leaves the menace appears ?


Nj still waiting for your call....


Here's a "Q" for all the guys out there, What do you think of Selma Heyaks dance in "Dusk till dawn" is that hot or what???

NJ, you dont have to answer that question cause.... well... we dont want to put your man hood out there we know...(not that theres anything wrong with that..)

sí, nice Spanish melons!

Cuerpo agradable!

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I'm more of a Sasha Grey kind of dude. DP Baby!

Yeah shes got it going on...

Dolphins need to get rid of;
Ginn, Ronnie Brown, Jayson Taylor, Crowder and Porter.... boy do they suck are slow, clueless and in some cases all of the above.... but Ginn is first on the list... sit his butt down for a few games... give someone else a try and bring in Wake... I'm sure he wants it more than Taylor or Porter....this teams has no character, folds like a lawn chair at the first sign of trouble and can not overcome ANY mistakes..... The play calling is mediocre no guts, no confidence in the players.... WOW instead of taking steps to get better this organization gets worse every week..... but we do have celebrity owners!!! lol.... lol... put them on the field along with Ted Ginn's family!!! see if they can make a play...

Lanni Barbie aint bad either...

Ok guys,gotta go , and NJ please call, all that gov. cheese i digested earlery has clogged the latrine with loads of doo doo , please call a.s.a.m.f.p

Sweet dreams CM

I hate people who talk shizit on blogs it shows this is the only way they can feel like tuff guys cause if they were face to face talking that crap to me on a sunday afternnon after a loss they would be put to sleep real fast !! If this is the only way he can feel like a big man then he must be one big puss !!! what kind off worm would come to this blog after his team just won its third game in a row and there is so much to talk about on there own blog ??

I think the staff evaluators made a huge mistake with the seconary and recievers. I think since our seconary matched up even with our receivers in camp the staff thought we were good enough . What they didnt no was that both units were terrible and could only hold there own againt each other and would get killed against everyone else.. We should have keep Goodman and picked up Boldin!! If we want to improve we need to trim major fat when the seasons over.. NEED TO 86 THE FOLLOWING Crowder,Ginn,Bell,Wilson,adelle !!! This team runs on 1/2 an offense it crazy this is the NFL where people work hard to pay to see there teams put on a show!! Watch sports center and all you see is highlights of teams throwing down field and guys making big time catches for touchdowns.. Oh i see us on there also to bad its our guys getting schooled !!

Looky looky at all the panic. All great decision makers in the audience. Cut this one, and cut that one. And try this reserve player, and try that reserve player. With our fans who needs enemies!

stor crieing for another qb we have what we have support him asfor the jets and patriots remember all three teams tied at the end of last year jets are good have alot of talent and arehungry I hate them as much as any of you but be realistic

Was anyone else as embaressed as I was seeing Ronnie Brown flex his muscles out of bounds after a 7 yard gain in the second half? This offense is impotent!

Was at the game, west coast MD fans always make their appearance when Fins are in town, (SEA, SF, OAK, SD, LA when they had a team and yes ARZ is west coast kind of like St L is west coast). SD city and fans real cool, I live in wretched CA Central Valley. But this team can not overcome the slightest error, but with no QB and medicore WR's and 0=3 records, looks like we're reduced to spoilers so KO the Bills, Jets and Pats and finish with pride. That's said, thought 9-7 would be good and that's with all the pieces in place.

Anyone notice that Culver is making the plays! He just does not get enough time on the field. Wilson is getting burned and seems to be two steps behind anyone he covers. BENCH Wilson! Let Culver step in.
Can Ted Ginn catch a ball or two? We see how he can drop them. Maybe Ginn needs to sit for a year or so. Henne will be fine, was a tough spot he fell into Sunday. He has a stronger arm and is a greater downfield threat then Pennington.

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