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Dolphins lose to Colts, 27-23 (bummer)

The Dolphins plowed the Indianapolis defense, solved their turnover issues, and generally fought hard.

It still wasn't good enough.

The Colts beat Miami, 27-23.

The interesting thing is the Dolphins got the game they wanted. They pounded the football. They had a possession advantage, holding the ball 45:07 to Indy's 14:53. They kept Peyton Manning and his offense on the sidelines.

And they still lost!

Fact is the Colts had the ball less than any winning team since the time of possession stats began to be recorded in the 1970s.


Ronnie Brown was dominant in gaining 136 yards on 24 carries. Can I tell you something? Do it again next week. Give him the ball 24 more times.

Ricky Williams added 69 yards on 19 carries. Excellent complementary work.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have very little in the way of passing offense. Ted Ginn Jr. did have 11 catches for 108 yards. But he allowed a potential game-winning TD pass to slip through his grasp. Ginn wasn't alone.

Tight end Anthony Fasano also had a potential TD grab squirt through his hands in the first half. It would have been a spectacular catch, I grant you. But it's nothing I haven't seen in the NFL. Unfortunately didn't see it from the Dolphins tonight.

The Miami defense looked eerily like the Dave Wannstedt-Jimmy Johnson era D. They seemed to play well ... until the game or season was on the line. And then they'd fold.

Well, leading 23-20 with 6:16 to play, the Miami defense didn't exactly present itself a concrete wall. Manning completed a 15-yard pass to Reggie Wayne. Then a 17-yard pass to Dallas Clark. Then a 48-yard pass to Pierre Garcon.

It was more of a red carpet treatement than J-Lo got before the game.

Even after the Colts took a 27-23 lead, the Dolphins had the ball at their 18 yard line with 3:18 to play. And although they moved the ball, it was not exactly organized. Actually it was a clock management collapse.

The Dolphins used a time out one play into the drive at 2:26. Terrible. "We had to use a time out that I didn't really want to use," quarterback Chad Pennington said. "but we had to do it."

The problem originated on the sidelines. And although head coach Tony Sparano is not necessarily responsible for getting the right personnel on the field, he fell on the grenade because the buck stops at him.

"What happened there, I have to take responsibility for that," Sparano said. "We had the wrong personnel grouping in. So we needed to take the time out at that point."

Finally, I leave you with this statistic as the Dolphins prepare to travel to San Diego Friday for Sunday's game against the Chargers: Since 1990, only three teams that have started the season 0-3 made the playoffs.

The 1992 Chargers, 1995 Lions and 1998 Buffalo Bills all qualified for the playoffs as wild-card entrants.


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God how I hate this team.

first & last

what an awful awful feeling

you wait all year since Feb. and then this! And absolutely nothing to look forward to except ridicule & pity.

Ginn is no number one receiver!

Just got into a fight over this game Teddy ginn where u at when we need u... Number 1 recievers my asss catch the balls when they count!!!!!

then leave! Go cheer for someone else! if you hate this team, the loss tonight shouldn't bother you! I'm just as upset as anyone else that these guys didn't perform in the clutch, but I don't hate them.


I have to admit I had higher expectations than what I've seen the first two weeks.

I saw way fewer mistakes on the offensive side of the ball, but it seems like once we got into the last 5min of the game we just imploded offensively.

Third & six and you run the ball? It's like they were playing for a field goal on that drive. Didn't they see Manning on the other sideline?

Ginn continues to disappoint even when he has a good game(statistically). It's not about how many catches/yards you have. It's about making the big catches when it counts. A #9 draft pick should have caught that ball.

That 3rd & six will become the signature (mis)play of the season....they WERE playing for FG......classic Wannstedt football.

G. Wilson is not a starting safety. WoW he can't tackle or make a play on the ball.

Y. Belle is not playing well either.

Can we get a turnover, 2 games and nothing.



I'm not as upset as I thought I would be...I think that Gibril Wilson missed alot of important tackles that lead to TD's...he got paid and now needs to buck up...our D let us down on the Colt's last series

Unfreakinbelieveable! I am sick.
How do you lose that game...how.

Poor tackling during the 14 minutes that the Colts did have the ball.

Man, for as well as we played offensively and executed our game plan to perfection for 3.75 quarters, we just did a horrible job of clock management with 2+ minutes to go, after hugely controlling the clock all game.

Ginn caught a lot of balls, had a good nite yardage wise, but failed when asked to be the game winning hero.
He needed to go up and come down with that ball in the endzone!

This one hurts deep. I am sick.

They played well and was coached well. But not great. Blame our #1 reciever for not making #1 catches. Blame our QB for poor clock management. Our D was exposed on that blitz and it hurt. But you can't say they didn't come to play like last week, when I had to sit in the stands with a bunch of redneck Falcons fans.

Dolphins need Help!!!

Pat White led wildcat does not intimidate anybody, it takes away momentum from otherwise solid drives, he is not ready, time to ditch it and let Ronnie do his thing.

Safe to say Ginny 4 watever resn can't mke da BIG play...

That guy. I thought you were going to sleep ? LOL ! i guess you can't. LMAO !

They didn't "deserve" to win. Not when you allow over 300 yards in the air on 14 completions. Not when you give up 27 points in 15 minutes. Not when your QB wastes 1 minute of time in the final 3 minutes to run two running plays and use a timeout. Not when your HC loses his balls and decides to settle for a FG when Manning is staring at you from across the sideline. No this team most certainly did not deserve to win. I think I will watch re-runs of last year every weekend rather than subject myself to this gong show on Sundays.

Just lose. Throw Henne in there for the rest of the season and see what he can do. Pennington is horrible. Get another top 5 pick next year. We are so far from being relevant...

Ted Ginn was getting interfered with on that potential catch. He can't win for losing. How about blaming the D for this one. What was up with those inept blitzes that just left the corners on an island. They send six guys and not one leaks through the line? How about that clock management at the end too? Pennington is useless as well. Why play a QB who can't throw the ball down the field? At least they finally gave Ronnie the ball.

We need Henne playing quarterback, Pennington can be his mentor, we have a tough schedule and defense is not looking good, let henne learn with real game experience

Can we cut Ginn and Fasano? those guys suck, i can't believe A.BOLDEN isn't on our team, he wants to play here, all it will take is a 2nd round pick! We got the same sorry receivers as last year, Ginn is a Number 3 receiver not a number 1, And G.Wilson sucks ass.

We're the only team in the league with no number 1 or number 2 receiver, all we got is a bunch of #3 receivers, that wouldn't even make a CFL team!!!!

the problem i have is the demeanor of this football team after the colts scored. when they came out with a chance to drive down the field. they act as though they had already lost the game. the 2 minute drill was pathetic and the players move around in slow motion like we have done all this wildcat work for nothing. i never seen anything like it

i hate the fact that we played for the field goal in the fourth...they couldnt stop us all game why not try to get the first down then run it down their throats more?

Yep. This season is all but over. I agree krueg. Lets see what Henne can do and get rid of CP10. We will get another nice pick to waste on God knows who.

Ted Ginn Ted Sminn. Notice how the "D" folds like it used to. big plays given up and not covering the most obvious player. Gee what changed from last year. JAson Taylor comes back. Dolphin version of curse of the bambino. Bill you shoulda stuck to your guns and kept him away, now live with the collapses. Cant wait to see the next one.

Just a thought, but Pat White was in the game for 2 plays and he handed it off both times. How does that make him suck?

Yep Scott, it sure looked like old times with JT nowhere to be found in the 4th while the D gave up crushing drives late in the game.

Pat white does not need to me on the team, ronnie does a great job with the wildcat, get henne in

Everyone is focused on one play in the game. We had the ball for 45 minutes. One play did not lose us the game, giving up and 3 big play touchdowns in less than 15 minutes of total offense lost us the game

I agree with GetterDone Fins. This is a worse defeat than last week. At least a miserable performance across the board allows us to find a reason. But today? This game? Absolutely unbelievable. Fail Forward Fast - dejavu.
Poor tackling by the "D." I'm tired of the Ginn family.

White was a terrible selection. What a waste of a pick.

?s to blame fr mismangmnt of clock?

One word explains it all: CLUTCH.

We lost the game in the last 3 minutes of each half.

1st half:
- bad play calling leads only to FG
- stupid penalty by Mc Daniels
- (once more) blown coverage on Clark for a long gain
- dropped INT by Wilson leads to Indy FG

2nd half:
- blown coverage on Garcon for long TD (screen passes are killing us)
- awful time management
- dropped TD catch by Ginn

The game plan was masterful vs undersized Indy D, but awful clutch play by everyone (coaches, offense, defense) costs us the game.

Conclusion: next year will be uncapped. Mr Ross has to open his wallet and bring playmakers to Miami.
And that includes a true great coach: there will be plenty on the market (Cowher, Shanahan, Holmgren, Gruden).
I don't trust Parcells anymore. Look at our offseason: Wake, Turner are inactive, White is useless, Wilson is worse than renaldo Hill, etc...
I doubt we'll reach .500 this season

Very east, the defense lost the game, we should not put any blame on the offense on this one, they kept Manning of the field almost the whole game

No. Everyone get out of this forum until your heads have cooled. Seriously. Get out. I am sick to my stomach over the game as well, and that is a serious understatement. But, they played well. If Ginn makes that catch - its a love fest in here. This game made me realize we're closer than we think to being a real good team again. We're an elite receiver short.

Why the wasted plays with White??? Like we can afford wasted plays to see how the other teams react to White in the game. It's so stupid!

I like Boldin to. But then we would be crying that we traded for a player that's always hurt and is questinable to play come game time. Ginn showed he can be a possion WR. We do need a # 1 wr.

does Turner suck that bad, cause maybe he can make a big time grab?

the real football team down here is the HURRICANES.

noodle arm will lead the lolphins to a 5-11 record.

Blame Ted Ginn Jr. Blame the Dolphins D. I'm a masochist AKA DolFan, bring the PAIN!!!!

I think Turner needs to learn his routes before he see's any balls coming his way.

Look, everyone. Yes, the O didnt get it done in the last few minutes but they dominated, DOMINATED the game. This one is all on the D. Sure fasano missed a big play and Ginn a few. So what!? The O held the ball for over 3 quarters!!!!

The D gave up way too many big plays. I mean Mannings only had 6 possesions all game and scored on 5 of them. Not only that but he averaged less than 3 minutes per possession. Now imagine if our D made him work for one of those drives... we win the game.

The O lost it last week and the D did this week. The biggest problem is that there has been no real improvement with this crew.

We ran more wildcat this week than ever before and it was still our biggest producer(play per yard PPY). Our pass rush was anemic. The only sack we got was a bad call by the RB on a block. Thats it! Our secondary isnt cutting it and our playcalling was stupid. Run on 3rd and long with the game on the line?? Not go for it on 4 and 1 when Polite ALWAYS gets at least a yard?

We pay for an O-line and we dont trust them on a 4th and 1. We play Penny over Henne and dont trust him to pass in the 3 minute drill. We play every game without a # 1 receiver and basically 3 slot guys(for all practical purposes). Our o still got it done with all these problems... but our D totally sucked. I mean, HELL, its not like those guys were the least bit tired?!

Why is Gruden in the booth and not the coach? and why is Linehan not our OC?

About Ginn. Forget about the potential touchdown. After each catch, he's falling to the ground, or he's diving out of bounds. He doesn't want to get hit and he doesn't want to fight for YAC. And that's not just tonight. That's just Ginn. Other receivers take it to to the defense. He's afraid. Fasano, when he's catching, or Bess make those cathes and turn up - they don't quit on the play.

Hey, lets keep it in perspective. Yeah, this loss sucks. But its a hell of a lot more palatable than last week. The offensive line played better. The running game was excellent. And the rushing defense wasn't too bad either. Further, while special teams didn't didn't win the game, it didn't lose it either.

Ginn is not a number one, but lets give the guy credit for getting open. He needs to make a few of those catches, but at least he contributed.

Three things, first, pass defense, obviously it sucked. It straight up needs to improve. Second, take the right angle and make the tackle. But more important to me, lets examine that 3rd down play call before carpenter's last field goal. What was that, a fullback dive on 3rd and five? What kind of BS call was that. Lets aggressively go after that first down. Two first downs and a field goal and manning never gets the ball back with any time. That play call sucked! And it wasn't the only one of the night.

Last thought, white is not an NFL quarterback.

Every one of you Ginn haters are ignorant Bioches! I could time throws from Pennington with a SunDial. Time to play Henne and White. By the way; White has a stronger arm then Pennington.

I can't b da only zik naucease,hurt dolfan.wtF!!!only in Miami can dat go dwn.heads should roll,I as aharcore finfan demand imdte action,trade fr a plymaker,which we don't have the means anyways! Gdm it!!!!!!

If only Miami had as many stars on offense as they did in the crowd. Until they upgrade the QB and WR position this is as good as it's gonna get. If the previous regimes weren't so stupid we could have had Drew Brees throwing to Anquan Boldin and Randy Moss.

Go back and check the post. I updated with quotes from Pennington and Sparano on the terrible sequence at the end of the game.

Much, much confusion.

Please don't start with the Drew Bress thing! That one hurts me bad! Duante WTF!

Is it just me or should they have used the wildcat way more? It was big play after big play when they used it

The Dolphins only had one major problem this game - pass defense. Don't be fooled by the huge discrepancy in time of possession. It was very misleading. The discrepancy was not based upon Manning having a bunch of 3 and outs. It was simply a case of Manning driving the Colts up and down the field the way Marino used to drive the Dolphins - using up very little clock. The Dolphins' secondary (and pass rush) were pathetic.

It was such a wasted effort. The Dolphins were so good in the Wildcat. They were so good offensively on 3rd down. My heart hurts.

Oh, well. I think it's time to rate my 5 favorite Charles Laughton movies:

1) Mutiny On The Bounty
2) Witness For the Prosecution
3) Les Miserables
4) Ruggles of Red Gap
5) The Hunchback of Notre Dame

1.The beauty of this broadcast tonight was the various camera angles that we typically don't get, specifically the one from behind the QB. The few times we got this replay CLEARLY SHOWED WHAT WE ALL SUSPECTED..OTHER RECEIVERS WIDE OPEN ON PASSING PLAYS, WITH PENNY NOT SEEING THEM OR GOING TO THE CHECK DOWN!!!! We go nowhere big with him at qb.

2.If there was ever a game that showed how modern football is, it was this one. Major time of possession advantage, dominating run game, but zero big play ability. We have no d.sproales, no chris johnson from the Titans, no Andre Johnson from the Titans. WE HAVE TO PLAY PERFECT, FLAWLESS football to win games. We pretty much did that against a weak schedule last year, but now against good teams, we need big plays.

3. That game was as much on the coaches as the players. Horrible play calling at key moments of the game, and yeah, horrible clock management.

4.What's with all the Ginn hating?? 11 catches for over a 100 yards and most of those first downs? Yes, he dropped the t.d. at the end. That sucked. No, he's not a #1 wr. Big deal, he was drafted to be a top #2 AND a dynamic returner, which this regime doesn't allow him to do. HOWERVER, he made SOME plays at least, unlike Wilson/Bell. They are THE WORST Saftey tandem in the nfl.

5. It MUST be Henne time now. If all you want is 8-8, 9-7, first round of playoffs IN A PERFECT YEAR, sure, Pennington is your player. That can't be the goal, can it? We have to see what we have in Henne to determine our direction next season. Can't go into year 3 of a rebuild without answering that question (oh, btw, that you could have answered with M.Ryan or Joe Flacco...but you didn't regime. Good call on that.) Henne is bigger risk but bigger reward...the time is now.

6.Our #1 pick next year must be an dynamic, electric player on offense. Don't care if its WR, RB or TE. C.J.Spiller comes to mind, as he's lightning in a bottle..instantly improves return game, and "chunk" yardage on 3rd downs.

unfortunately, i watched via yahoo while at work. thought they should have gone for the fourth and one when they were deep in Indy territory in the second half. yet they settled for a field goal. can't get conservative againist a team with a good QB.

We need the coaches to start accepting the blame for these losses. The give away a couple of plays wtih these Pat White plays. They mismanage the clock. They have a QB starting for them that they have no confidence in to actually throw the ball. They don't give Ronnie the ball enough in general(not tonight). They call run plays on third and six. I could go on and on. Enough with blaming Ted Ginn. Sparano is the number one culprit.

Double posting for new thread, posted before I saw this one...

Sorry that this is long, but feel free to move down to the next post if this is a TL;DR post for you.

This was the 2nd most heartbreaking lost I have ever experienced in 29 years of being a Dolphins fan (Jets MNF game several years back was worst.) I just can't understand how a team can dominate the stats by so much and lose the game. I went into this season with average expectations. I was not delusional to think that this team could compete for the Superbowl this year, though I sure as hell wouldn't have any complaints about it. But the fact is all the talent is just not here yet and this team is carrying filler pieces that will need to be replaced. I am truly disappointed not so much by the lost itself, but more so by the fact that the opportunity for this team to make a statement to the rest of the league, to quiet any critics was there the entire game and NO ONE wanted it. Stats are great for fantasy teams, but they don't mean anything in the real league if you don't use them. This is what I have learned from this game and this team.

-We have zero/0/zip,none,notta playmakers on this team. No one seeks greatness, glory or shows the determination to want to be the best. There are some good players- ex:Channing Crowder, some very good players- ex:Ronnie Brown, on this team, but there are no great players. I wouldn't go so far as to say most are all just paycheck cashers, but I don't see any bonus seekers either.

- I have never justified Ginn being the 9th pick of the draft, but I have never blamed him for it or didn't give him the benefit of the doubt. But this is year 3 and I am now convinced that he is not only a mediocre receiver, but he is the biggest pansy in the NFL. I have seen kickers with more guts then him. He has the skill sets to be great, but refuses to use them because he lacks pride,desire,and guts. I would say that he is limited by only 5% of his production because of Chad P arm strength, but he as the skills to do something every time he touches the ball whether its a WR screen 2 yards in, or 50 yards down the field, but he refuses to use it. I say go big or GTF off this team. I along with most of the fans have had enough.

-I saw a slow,overpowered,uninspired defense. TE burns and missed tackles again.

-I am done with Chap Pennington. I think he is a smart efficient quarterback and appreciate him for what he did last year, it would never had happened without him that is fact but he is not the answer. When he is in all I see is a conservative, safe, play to not lose approach and his refusal or inability to move the ball down the field. I saw countless open receivers 10-20 yards down field open, but he continues to read his reads in reverse. It always seems it starts with backfield options first then he moves up field with his reads. By the time he sees the long option they are either too far for him to reach or the pocket has begun to collapse around him bringing us back to his check downs. Its a check down first approach. Completely backwards.

Reality is now, and this team just doesn't have the tools yet to be special or great.
I don't know what is up with the players on this team, but NO ONE shows any signs close to being a playmaker.

Great teams and great players always find a way. Glory was there for the taking and Indy took it.

I apologize for the rant, and feel free to flame away. I have never and more then likely will ever use this blog to voice my frustrations again but I am tired. I know we are getting there and great things are coming, but there are also great things now just begging to be done and when they are passed up, it only adds to the disappointments of years passed. Sadly I find it disheartening when the fans of a team, this team, these fans, seem to have more passion for this team then the team itself.

The day for the Phins is coming. And I will still be here when it does, until it does.
Flame away. lol

well last season we lost a heartbreaker week 1 and got blown out week 2...this year we got blown out week one and lost a heartbreaker week 2 so its not like it cant get better

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