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Dolphins lose to Colts, 27-23 (bummer)

The Dolphins plowed the Indianapolis defense, solved their turnover issues, and generally fought hard.

It still wasn't good enough.

The Colts beat Miami, 27-23.

The interesting thing is the Dolphins got the game they wanted. They pounded the football. They had a possession advantage, holding the ball 45:07 to Indy's 14:53. They kept Peyton Manning and his offense on the sidelines.

And they still lost!

Fact is the Colts had the ball less than any winning team since the time of possession stats began to be recorded in the 1970s.


Ronnie Brown was dominant in gaining 136 yards on 24 carries. Can I tell you something? Do it again next week. Give him the ball 24 more times.

Ricky Williams added 69 yards on 19 carries. Excellent complementary work.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have very little in the way of passing offense. Ted Ginn Jr. did have 11 catches for 108 yards. But he allowed a potential game-winning TD pass to slip through his grasp. Ginn wasn't alone.

Tight end Anthony Fasano also had a potential TD grab squirt through his hands in the first half. It would have been a spectacular catch, I grant you. But it's nothing I haven't seen in the NFL. Unfortunately didn't see it from the Dolphins tonight.

The Miami defense looked eerily like the Dave Wannstedt-Jimmy Johnson era D. They seemed to play well ... until the game or season was on the line. And then they'd fold.

Well, leading 23-20 with 6:16 to play, the Miami defense didn't exactly present itself a concrete wall. Manning completed a 15-yard pass to Reggie Wayne. Then a 17-yard pass to Dallas Clark. Then a 48-yard pass to Pierre Garcon.

It was more of a red carpet treatement than J-Lo got before the game.

Even after the Colts took a 27-23 lead, the Dolphins had the ball at their 18 yard line with 3:18 to play. And although they moved the ball, it was not exactly organized. Actually it was a clock management collapse.

The Dolphins used a time out one play into the drive at 2:26. Terrible. "We had to use a time out that I didn't really want to use," quarterback Chad Pennington said. "but we had to do it."

The problem originated on the sidelines. And although head coach Tony Sparano is not necessarily responsible for getting the right personnel on the field, he fell on the grenade because the buck stops at him.

"What happened there, I have to take responsibility for that," Sparano said. "We had the wrong personnel grouping in. So we needed to take the time out at that point."

Finally, I leave you with this statistic as the Dolphins prepare to travel to San Diego Friday for Sunday's game against the Chargers: Since 1990, only three teams that have started the season 0-3 made the playoffs.

The 1992 Chargers, 1995 Lions and 1998 Buffalo Bills all qualified for the playoffs as wild-card entrants.


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wouldn't it have been better to run the play with the personel on the field and save the timeout?

Had we have scored it wouldn't matter but we wasted a whole min. our last time out and only gained a few yards deep in our own territory.
It'll be a while if ever to get over this one.

No D No D NO D, everything else was perfect if we stop em' 1 time we win ,stop them 2 times and it is a blowout. D needs a loooooottttttt of work.

Ginn needs a QB with a real arm not a noodle arm


Hell yeah Ima hate on Ginny at a all times!yes, the dfens lost ta game,but Ginn has no right to come down w/o tat goddam ball.Bumbling time management didn't help at all.But our 9th pick is not gettin it done.Penny can't be blamed cuz the lil bit he's capable of he did.sorry ass D sorryass Ginn.out of patience after 20 years

Done with over rated coachs and players !

Ginn plays afraid and left plays unfinished, but Channing Crowder is the most over rated poor excuse of a football player on this team.
I am tired of this terd talking a big game, how about making a friggin play.

I've been saying it for a month now but we really really need to see what Henne can do! It's obvious that Penny can't make all the NFL throws, and it clouds his judgement as to where he throws the ball with checkdown after checkdown. We gave guys open downfield folks! What we lack is a guy who can get the ball to them.

The Saints and Cardinals' #4 receivers can be potential #1's in Miami.

No talent. O-line did step up though. I was actually shocked. Bench Penny and Crowder. We'll improve 100%!

Chad pennington is the reason we can't have big plays. I've been at these games. He doesn't hit anyone downfield. We all know why.

I see yall askin fr HEnny, it's worth a try.but unless he blooms in a1game,the seasons done!we can do the same thing 2night next week but w/o a football down our D's mouth!! Still fuming dawg!!

I'll admit that if Miami's D had played better they could have won this game. With that being said...we need to look at the bigger picture. The last 3 minutes of this game exposed Miami's biggest weakness: BIG PLAY ABILITY. The Fins have next to nothing. Until they get a guy that can make the throw, and a guy that can make the catch, they won't get over "the hump."

You couldnt have said that any better JaxPhinFan about how the fans have more passion for this football team and have had more passion for this football for years now than the team seems to have for itself it is ridiculous i love my phins and i will be watching next sunday and the next as i do every year but this is getting old one great turn around year and it seems like they are happy with that like we as fans should just be happy they did that...but hey maybe we just need another wasted early first round pick who knows i just hope it turns around fast cause they are out of excuses they need to get shit done.

if ginn and wilson are not benched soon, i'm going to loose whatever respect i have for sparano. not only did ginn not bring down those 2 passes in the end zone, on the sideline throw with no one around, he steps out of bounds, BEHIND THE FIRST DOWN MARKER?

and wilson couldn't tackle my 83 year old grandmother if he tried. he tackles too high and doesn't get any leverage or he is totally out of position to make any play.

the last 3 minutes were garbage and I can only blame the coaching staff and CP on that one. playing like a bunch of amateurs.

Ginn made some errors, perhaps even decisive ones. The Fins' final possession was unruly, perhaps even decisively so. But, blaming Ginn, Pennington, any other offensive player or coach or any other aspect of the Fins' offense for this deplorable loss is just wrong-headed. Fins' TOP was 45 minutes; Fins rushed for 240 yards ; Fins didn't commit one turnover; Fins punted only once. Right now, I don't care about the Fins' lack of big play ability, which there may well be. This debacle was solely on the defense. That squad, including its coaches, should be embarassed and ashamed. Jason Taylor and Joey Porter better take the helm, or it's going to be a really, really miserable year.

Great running game and much improvement on the o-line.
CP had a good game - 2 good throws that were Ginn errors that should have been TD's (#1 - Ginn slows down in the end zone, no end zone awareness-catch first, then drag the feet; #2 - 2nd to last play Ginn has to make a catch that was just beyond defender's reach but hit him in both hands).
Defense - poor tackling beyond the line of scrimmage. Gibril Wilson killed us! Did not wrap up on Clark's opening drive TD, did not set to tackle D. Brown on the rushing TD, and let Garcon get behind him on his route! I vote that it is time to insert Clemons into the lineup - Clemons has potential and growth.

Casey "1.The beauty of this broadcast tonight was the various camera angles that we typically don't get, specifically the one from behind the QB. The few times we got this replay CLEARLY SHOWED WHAT WE ALL SUSPECTED..OTHER RECEIVERS WIDE OPEN ON PASSING PLAYS, WITH PENNY NOT SEEING THEM OR GOING TO THE CHECK DOWN!!!! We go nowhere big with him at qb."

Glad someone else at least is seeing it. It was all freaking game long. I find it unfathomable that the professional coaches/team leaders don't see it too. There is no way not too. Clearly the safe check down approach only gets you so far, why waste time for 9-7 seasons and 1st round playoff loses continuing the same approach. It clearly doesn't work. It didn't work last year, or the years before, it wont work this year or years ahead.

One last rant...
If Miami goes into the bye week 0-3 it better look like starting Henne against New 'Awlins. It's looking more and more likely that Miami is going to have a better draft pick than they did this past year. They better find out if Henne is THE MAN before this season is over so they know whether to draft a QB or a WR with their #1 pick. It sucks to be thinking about the 2010 Draft after only two games into the season but let's be realistic people.

Dear Trifecta,

Do us all a favor and get rid of Ginn..... please!!!!!!!!!!!

Sm1 said soprano a culprit!!nah,nor is he ovrrated. Coach of the year honorand alldat.Only thing fkd up was last3mins of game.cuz dats on him.but he has dis season n nex bfo we gets delt wit

I stayed up all night here in Germany watching the game - lots of positives to be found. The game plan was right and we executed. Some strange coaching decisions that Tony S must be regretting right now. Pennington did a great job and you cant say anything about Ronnie and Ricky. Dominant.

Ginn actually played pretty well......he isnt that type of receiver to go up and muscle that ball down. Like Tony Gonzalez would have.

Big picture, folks...BIG PICTURE. Pennington and Ginn are guys you wanna root for but if you do the math those two are gonna equal an early playoff exit every time. Good night!

Can't believe I'm gonna say this but damn maybe we should have picked the the cancer TO at he catches the ball most of the time ESP when it counts

JaxFinFan...Exactly!!! I can't believe people who do this for a living, who evaluate players or commentate on games don't call this out. It was GLARINGLY OBVIOUS! And i suspect it happens all the time and we just don't get to see it as the camera is fixated on the line of scrimmage play. He's not the worst qb of all time, just a slightly better Jay Fiedler. And that really worked out for us, huh?

Great blocking scheme tonight.dat n other small things dat get it done.can we work the 2 minute drill fr nex week!!can we work our secondary o/t dis week!I am sure we can get it done! Correctme if I am wrg,but whn fins adress a problm dey come back wit an anser.like tonight,few mistakes,23lots of ball handling,n oline took it to another level wit x-cemption 1 or 2 miss assignments!may San diego feel our wrath I dink we answer our few points of weakness.Ginn not a PLAYMAKER!!!!!!!!!

i just have one thing to say FFFFFFF +*ckkkkkkkkkkkk!

Stop sticking up for ginn..... he is a back-up. His hands were on that ball, be a player. earlier he dropped a td with alligator arms in the back of the end zone. Was he afraid of TD or dolfan denny putting the stick on him?

This game was not all on Ginn, but he is supposedly a big paid and should be big time player. Game on line he failed.

The D should be ashamed. Crowder is a fraud. Bell is average, and wilson is stealing money.

Im with y'all...in the first half when checked down, I saw the TE running wide open down the middle with no one and I was screaming. Pennington just refuses to take any risk what so ever. Check it here, donk it there, that's his style. But S***, Wilson SUCKS and Bell, I guess he decided to play lights out for a payday then retire for the rest of his playing career. On a side note, atleast it looks like Sean Smith is gonna be the real deal.

Ouch, my balls hurt after this one!

Ya are like the worst fans ever,,, Ya only cheer the fins when they win but when they lose someone needs to get fired and someone needs to get cut or traded... Please guys an 0-2 record just means we wont finish 15-1... The only guy I see not playing well is Gibril Wilson,,, put Jason Allen in!!!!

I use to defend Ted Ginn, I still think he will be a serviceable receiver, however, BIG TIME receivers make BIG TIME plays in the end zone and don't let a ball clang into their hands and fall to the ground when the game is on the line!!!

I am feeling sick to my stomach after this game.

oh one more thing, anyone see andre goodman? maybe he would agree to comeback and be our nickelback.

I saw Henne at the RoseBowl in 07. Nothing stood out at you as being special.

This bs about Turner and the route running is BS this guy can ball and he is a big target.

Although the MNF guys are suckups to Manning you could hear in there voice the disgust about ou recievers except for Bess (new Mc Duffie)

Same ol' defense! so many historic disapointments since 1974 when I first became a fan.

Going to San Diego to see the game all they did is light up the Ravens "D" for almost 500yds. Difference is FN RAY LEWIS MADE A GAME WINNING PLY!

We looked good and I loved the run game throughout the game. However, we had horrible play calls at the end of the game and should have won. We need a BIG and top receiver. Ginn should of caught the ball no doubt even though he is not a #1 receiver

It's time for penny to go.
Bad defense , yeah !
Ginn good game but he aint no stud , yeah !
We were still in it despite inability to get ball downfield.
Okay so we should live by Penny beacuse he is a great leader that has veteran savy and manages the team well , at expense of noodle arm ?
I think a rookie would have handled that situation better. If we have a guy that cant throw and mis-manages the game late then why play him.
We do everything to confuse a defense with the wildcat with great results.......
Yet we have a predictible passing game with noodle arm unable to throw the ball past 10yds without it floating in the air for ten mins !

Just got home from the game. Can't catch the ball, can't win the game. I'm done with Fasano, send him back to Dallas. And I agree many players open down the field but no one to get them the ball. White long side Henne is what time it is.

If you look at the last play the defender was pulling Ginn's arm down and placed his hands on his hips BEFORE the ball got their replay it and you will see it clearly, we should have had the ball on the one. We did not get one break in this game but I am expecting us to turn things around fast. We can no longer have such conservative play calling in the red zone and our defense MUST make tackles and pressure the QB effectively. Let turns this around next week it is still early.

For everyone saying Henne needs to take over for Penny? Well tonight was not on Pennington!!!! he made all the throws, we had the game in hand (Gins's) and let it slip away. Lay off the QB already! We were 0-2 last year and played well, hopefully we can compete this week against SD. Our secondary needs to come alive, that's what cost us the game tonight.

Its wasnt really on anyone on the O side of the ball. The D played like shit and cost us the game. The colts only had 6 possesions all game. All they had to do was stop them twice, or not give up 2 easy TDs. If the O is on the field all game, then the D needs to step up what little they play.

what seperates us from good and great teams is the fact we have an average QB. we have "weapons on offense" Ginn, Ricky, Ronnie, Cobbs, White, Bess and we have a solid to great D, the reason we will lose more often than win is because we have average QB talent.

overal the team played close to perfect. no larger errors (except for the 1st play), no turnovers, managed the hell out of the game, time of possession, no sacks, good D versus a great QB, big time running game yet no win. WHY? because we do not have a QB that can put us over the top. a QB that changes the game, puts the ball in the endzone!

We played for the field goal at the end of the first half and we played for a field goal at the end of the game, even though we were down by 4. we have no confidence to go 4 wide if we need to or score a TD with 3 minutes left and a time out to win the game...

this franchise and the fans have waited for ten years to have an elite QB, until we find a stud QB this team will continue to be just below good enough...

I stayed up all night in England, UK between the hours of 1-4:30am to follow the match on the internet and then the Dolphins lose a game they should have won with no excuses. We did not play great defense vs. Manning and Co. I respect Peyton because he is one of the greatest NFL Quarterbacks but if you pressure them they are human as well and he just picked apart our secondary.
The Rushing game was great but the passing game is just ok, not brilliant and if our defense had backed up our offense we would have won this one.
Now we really have our backs to the wall 0-2.
Next up Chargers in San Diego and it will not be easy. We really need to win this to get that confidence back.
The season is a long way away and anything can happen, remember last year and we have a better team than last year.
Come on Dolphins time to rally and show what we are really made of.

If Ginn Jr does what he is PAID to do, the Dolphins win the game...

There is no physical way that Ginn could have caught that ball. His arm was hit sideways so his hands came together, and the defender had body contact, including wrapping an arm around him. Don't like Ginn much, but you guys who never played can't see something this obvious. You should shut up.

That loss stung real bad.I can see the Dolphins finishing1-15 again.The only game we stand a chance to win is against Buffalo at home.
Rivers will be teeing off on our horrible secondary and Drew Brees will throw for 800 yards and 9 or 10 touchdowns.The Jets D will hold us to a couple of field goals as will the Patriots and we've never beaten the Texans.Pittsburgh will give us one field goal if we're lucky and Carolina and the Titans are just plain better than average and as much as I hate to admit it.....the Dolphins are an average team at best.We score field goals and give up touchdowns.Not a recipe for success if you ask me.

I don't know what to think, one catch by Ginn and I'm ecsaatic right now. San Diego is a must win, I feel fairly confident about that game. We'll see. I hope Ginn learns from this and decides to step up his game big time.

I'm also pretty sure that if that had been Randy Moss trying to catch a pass from Brady with 12 seconds left and Randy missed the catch,all the yellow flags flying in the air would've looked like a meteor shower.

12 Wildcat plays?

Should have been 25...RB taking the snap puts more fear into the opposition than Chadley Checkdown ever will

Indy - D. Clark - TIGHT END - 7 Recs - 183 Yds - Avg. 26.1

Fins - T. Ginn - WIDE RECEIVER - 11 Recs - 108 Yds. - Avg. 9.8


Don't be ridiculous dude, we dominated the Colts for the most part, 1-15 is not goingto happen again. Not saying were gooing yo the playoffs but this team will fight for every game.

2nd week in a row where TE killed us...Not sure Bell/Wilson are capable of playing against pass coverage. Both seem to be more run support than anything else. That was the difference in the game and it was surprising that TS did not make adjustment in 2nd half to take away big plays from TE. You need more speed in the game to match up with a hybrid TE like Clark and it would have been good to see either Allen or Clemons get some play -- Hell even Davis in that scenario would have been good. Davis reminds me of the Ravens ball hawking safety. Need to figure out how to get him in the game as Smith seems to have locked down that starting spot and Allen is solid on the other side.

Also, is it me or do you get the sense that Ginn is afraid of success. He should have caught 2TDs in the end zone but just did not come through in the clutch when millions were watching. That said though, he really is impossible to cover down field given his speed. A real shame given the potential he has to be a game changer. Not sure Fasano is the answer either -- Premier TEs make those plays in the clutch.

Also agree with previous posts that conservative play calling was highly suspect especially knowing that outside of one series, Manning had not been stopped and you don't beat him with field goals. Clock mismanagement was aweful and that has been consistently the case with TS dating back to last season...

One thing I do have to say is that if Pat White ever does improve his accuracy/confidence, this offense would be impossible to defend because the wild cat would be on all the time and defenses would be on their heels.

Well Ive said it time and time again, While its not his fault (Ted(fall down)Ginn) (it was the Defense)I cant help to ask if you guys saw what i saw from the air breathers #1 receiver, Catch a ball go down immediately, catch a ball look for the sidelines(who needs extra yards) or just fall down before the ball gets there to avoid getting hit, Again do you want this guy as you #1 rec.????any way the fish controlled the clock, ran the ball for over 200 yds yadda,yadda,yadda oh yeah they also control the clock 45 min to 15 min, lucky for the fish or Payton and company would have scored 70 points against that defense....And like i said in a earlery post while Quoting the great Yogi Berra,"The team that scores the most usually wins" a great quote and the truth...

1-Start Henne
2-ted ginn be second wr to go to
3-start hartline
4-the defense needs to be cleaned up by let few players among them JT to sit on the sisde line rest of the year .
5-lower ticket prices by 30 percent .
6-hire the cuban menace to stand on the side line to sing " The team that scores the most points usually wins" .

ps...the colts 2 touch downs were crap ,shouldn't happen thay way , where was the studs my azzzzz

I think one thing is apparent, this team will be a fight to the end, scrappy play it's way to a division win type of team. It's certainly not likely to take the next step this season to an explosive offense. Maybe next year when Chad Henne and Pat White start making their impacts in this offense.

I like Chad, but he'll never make this offense explosive, not with these receivers. Marino was right, we're still an offseason away and missing a few pieces. If Henne steps in this year and plays solid, we can be pretty explosive offensively next year.

Ronnie has a good year or two left running the wildcat, add a #1 receiver, a solid Henne, a ready x-factor Pat White, a seasoned Davis/Smith CB tandem, and an even more familar with each other line and the sky is the limit . . . next year.

This year will be a struggle.

im proud of the fins they played a tough game. they did a awesome job on stoping the running game but need to learn on how to tackle and stop making minor mistake. oh yeah and i've be saying this since last season they need to get rid of the #1 ...draft pick of '08 #77 Long. Long is just getting worst with each game he plays. im a proud Dolfan and i know best for my home team. Long shape up or get out

Sparano is right, they had the wrong personal in there. On defense.

The entire game.


Pat White needs to be regulated to clip-board duty the rest of the year, he's about as useful as tit's on a chicken. This secondary looks like the one's from Dan's glory days, when he would put up 44 and the defense would give up 45. Chad missed 2 open receiver's in 1st quarter for TD's, I said then that they would lose by 4. I love him, but he doesn't scare anybody, I think the time for Henne has to be sooner than later. He at least gives the appearance of being willing and able to go deep.

But mitch, if he were demoted to clip board holder , what would they do with Ted(side-line)ginns clip board holding daddy????

I seen other receivers open. If Ginn can't catch on the money plays don't send the ball his way. The only money receiver we have is Bess.
That 2 minute drill was beyond retarded. Time is a wasting boys. 2:36 when we took possession and we only got 2 plays in 36 seconds.
Pennington throws a knuckle ball on long throws. It hangs just a bit. Throws off everyones timing. And with that Ginn being 125 lbs soaking wet is scared to catch it knowing that his little body is about to be crushed. So, don't throw him the ball.

Our safeties were supposed to be set with the addition of Gibril Wilson. THIS GUY SUCKS. He can't tackle, can't cover the deep ball. And I thought Renaldo Hill was bad. I think it's time to see what Chris Clemons can do back there. They should have known better than to bring a Raider here. What a loser.

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