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Dolphins lose to Colts, 27-23 (bummer)

The Dolphins plowed the Indianapolis defense, solved their turnover issues, and generally fought hard.

It still wasn't good enough.

The Colts beat Miami, 27-23.

The interesting thing is the Dolphins got the game they wanted. They pounded the football. They had a possession advantage, holding the ball 45:07 to Indy's 14:53. They kept Peyton Manning and his offense on the sidelines.

And they still lost!

Fact is the Colts had the ball less than any winning team since the time of possession stats began to be recorded in the 1970s.


Ronnie Brown was dominant in gaining 136 yards on 24 carries. Can I tell you something? Do it again next week. Give him the ball 24 more times.

Ricky Williams added 69 yards on 19 carries. Excellent complementary work.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have very little in the way of passing offense. Ted Ginn Jr. did have 11 catches for 108 yards. But he allowed a potential game-winning TD pass to slip through his grasp. Ginn wasn't alone.

Tight end Anthony Fasano also had a potential TD grab squirt through his hands in the first half. It would have been a spectacular catch, I grant you. But it's nothing I haven't seen in the NFL. Unfortunately didn't see it from the Dolphins tonight.

The Miami defense looked eerily like the Dave Wannstedt-Jimmy Johnson era D. They seemed to play well ... until the game or season was on the line. And then they'd fold.

Well, leading 23-20 with 6:16 to play, the Miami defense didn't exactly present itself a concrete wall. Manning completed a 15-yard pass to Reggie Wayne. Then a 17-yard pass to Dallas Clark. Then a 48-yard pass to Pierre Garcon.

It was more of a red carpet treatement than J-Lo got before the game.

Even after the Colts took a 27-23 lead, the Dolphins had the ball at their 18 yard line with 3:18 to play. And although they moved the ball, it was not exactly organized. Actually it was a clock management collapse.

The Dolphins used a time out one play into the drive at 2:26. Terrible. "We had to use a time out that I didn't really want to use," quarterback Chad Pennington said. "but we had to do it."

The problem originated on the sidelines. And although head coach Tony Sparano is not necessarily responsible for getting the right personnel on the field, he fell on the grenade because the buck stops at him.

"What happened there, I have to take responsibility for that," Sparano said. "We had the wrong personnel grouping in. So we needed to take the time out at that point."

Finally, I leave you with this statistic as the Dolphins prepare to travel to San Diego Friday for Sunday's game against the Chargers: Since 1990, only three teams that have started the season 0-3 made the playoffs.

The 1992 Chargers, 1995 Lions and 1998 Buffalo Bills all qualified for the playoffs as wild-card entrants.


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Any one have ted (oops i dropped another) Ginns stats for yds after reception for his career???

Kinsey I think it is worse, I'm pretty sure we took over with over 3 minutes to go and 2 timeouts left. We were a team that knew how to finish last year, what happened?

Also does any one have his clip board holding daddys stats for how many times he drops the clip board???

well we can run the ball but the stupid drive killing plays with white was a waste also let the QB be have a drive a complete drive to run the ball so well and not make play action passes is disturbing but this felt a lot like playing the Jets whoever gets the ball last wins Oh! i'm sorry Dan not here anymore hope for the best next week.

Well I hope all the ppl who wanted Ginn to get some catches are satisfied. Yeah he had sm catches but still cannot step up when it counts. I cannot believe I am saying this but we should have picked up TO at least he is a star that steps up in the clutch even If he is a cancer.

Have an idea??? Trade Gibril Wilson, Ted Ginn, $2million cash and a rookie Dolphin Cheerleader to be named later for a Seventh Round Pick for 2011.

WELCOME TO THE NFL! We'll see how mentally tough this team is after this loss. If they practice this week thinking they'd played the perfect game and still lost... well then they're losers.

They didn't play a perfect game... in fact, that game wasn't anywhere near perfect. They can get much better:

They protected the rookie, Sean Smith the ENTIRE NIGHT. At some point they've got to put some faith in the kid they invested a second round pick in... otherwise the middle of the field will continue to stay wide open.

They didn't get pressure on Manning.. even when they blitzed. Sorry, but Joey Porter needs to step it up.


Have an idea??? Trade Gibril Wilson, Ted Ginn, 2 million cash and a cheerleader to be named later for a 2011 seventh round pick.

Defense is a disgraced last night. HC Sparano should fire DC Pasquloni asap! Pasquloni has no clue on calling defense plays. It time for Sparano to call his own defense plays and let his OC Dan Henne to call his offensive plays! Time for Pasquloni to go, he has no clue!

Ginn can make all the plays he wants no YACs 2 droped pases in the END ZONE in his hands beanch him put our 2 draft WR picks let them play.Fasano 2 fumbles last week drop pass in the end zone this week beanch him. safties replace them they suck.

i have the feeling that cornell the ex pats defense coach will be hired soon .

i got the feelings that the plan not to sign a big names in defense and just be happy w/ te have failed .

wilson value in dollars.....12 bucks
crowder.....................21 dollars
jt..........................19 dollars

the rest of the defense ....18 dollars

You know though they lost there's a bright side, if the phins can play a complete game (e.g defense,offense,special teams)they can compete against any one, unfortunately they haven't done it yet....

Ginn - YAC. Can Ginn run after he catches the ball? Is it a reflex for him to lay down or find the sideline no matter what?

Gopats, What happenend to tommy boy on sunday??Gissele drained him thru out the week??


Where was the wildcat play with the flip to Pennington and the deep pass to Pat Cobbs? They've ran that play 2 times, both times it's produced. Would have been a perfect first play on that final drive. The team played their guts out from every aspect of the game, Offense, Defense, even Special Teams had great coverage. But the COACHING lost the game in that final series.

I don't put ANY blame on Gibril Wilson or coach Pasq. I put the blame on Sparano.

Sparano is the guy that wants to protect the rookie Sean Smith. Put yourself in Wilson's shoes:

You've got to do your job AND protect the rookie on EVERY play. Asking one man to play his position and half of another player's position is ludicrous in the NFL. On top of that, the Fins are putting a LB out there with Wilson to protect Sean Smith half the time.

You CAN'T WIN GAMES when you've got a LB AND a safety helping a CB with his job.

Gibiril Wilson is ALWAYS a step behind because he has to take care of his reads and babysit the rookie.

They've done this two games in a row. It has proven that it can't work. So they've got to put that rookie out on an island and let the chips fall wherever they fall. Until then I blame Sparano. Not Gibril Wilson or coach Pasq.

Pat White is a disaster!!! They couldn't have found any other talent with the 2nd round? Like a WR who can catch??? Parcells/Ireland are starting to look like morons for not drafting a QB of the future. I feel bad for Henne. I've lived in NY long enough to know that Chad is not the answer.

If we lose against San Diego next week, than I think we need to see what we have in Henne for the rest of the season... We need to know whether he is the answer or not and if he isn't, than we need to draft another QB...

In next year's draft we need to do whatever is necessary to get a #1 receiver... If we need to give up draft picks or players, than so be it...

For me this was one of the most dissappointing losses as a Dolfan and I hope that they can sneak out a win at San Diego and come home and hopefully beat a good Buffalo team...

Let's face it, this schedule is ruthless and it looks as if the schedule makers purposely screwed us... ATL, Indy, and SD to start the season? R U kidding me!!

In my opinion, we R done... 7-9 or 8-8 at best

Is it me or did Jason Taylor look fat, old, and slow last night?

NFL = Not for Long

It was 70's, early 80's style football against modern day football. Just can't compete in today's NFL that way. Unfortunately a team without a single playmaker on either side of the ball will have to do that all season long. We should be good enough to win 7 to 9. Hopefully in the lower end so god and Ireland willing we can pick up a couple of playmakers in the next draft.


We're not done.... yet. I think the Fins have to stop playing defensive defense. We saw what the offense can do when they are in control and dictating to the opposing defense.

Now we need to do the same with the defense. Take the cuffs of these guys, let them make plays, dictate to the other teams offense.... stop playing on our heals.

If we do that and lose, then I say we're done.

Negative statements about the coaching staff and plaers are not allowed .

is the toomer still out there as a free agent?

Well, at least we have a bunch of young players developing, and -- oh, wait, we don't.


The Dolphins don't have the playmakers to have a winning season this year against the quality teams they will play. Ted Ginn missed two TD catches, and Fasano missed one. A #9 overall first round pick has to make those plays, Ginn is officially a BUST! Fasano had two fumbles last week that cost Miami the game and missed a TD catch this week, he needs to be cut. Gibril Wilson can't tackle or cover, its that simple, cut him before he costs us another game. Why was Ayodele playing hurt, we have some depth at LB. Poor coaching, playing a hurt player who got beat, poor clock management, poor personnel packages in the 4th quarter, you should not run when you are down and have to get a td, only a draw once you get down the field further. Parcells needs to chew everyone out except for Ricky and Ronnie who played harder than any other players i've seen play in the NFL this year. Tony mcdaniel offsides, cut him! Miami didn't adjust the defense to keep the indy players in front of them to stop the big play from happening!!! The defense and coaching forgot the fundamentals!! I predict a top 10 pick again this year, and Parcells will bail.

Time for a new quarterback. They wasted to much time getting situated with the final seconds and we need to throw the ball more than running

I actually think our coaches and management are stupid.

Ginn is worse than he's ever been. Alligator arms and falling to the turf before he even catches the ball. The only reason he's our #1 receiver is no true #1 receiver would join the Dolphins with Pennington as QB. I like Penny, really, but imagine the mindset of a guy who is big, fast and has great hands. He wants to work with a QB who can use his skills. Penny can't. So as much as like much of Penny's skills, he's holding us back in obtaining a great receiver.

I have never been comfortable with Crowder, but his game last night was atrocious. I'm hazarding a guess that he actually knocked his own teammates down more than the Colts.

Lastly, coach, please tell your Executive VP to kindly shove it when it comes to Pat White. Parcells blew it on that one. I withheld judgement last week, but it is now clear that the guy is simply not able... or at least not ready.

And I've been saying it since last year... our DL is soooo inept at pass rushing, it puts too much pressure on our DBs, who I think would do well with an average DL. Of course, that is further complicated by Parcells' 3-4 scheme. Never been a fan. The whole reason to have a 3-4 is to fool the OL and rush a LB from a random location every down. We don't get any of the upside, and we get plenty of the downside. We need a complete overhaul of the pass defense package.

So the Dolphins are 0-2 now. Lets look at the next games: at San Diego (short week, travel, guaranteed loss) then home vs buffalo (best chance for a win), home against Jets (the same Baltimore type D that destroyed Miami in the playoffs last year), New Orleans (a joke, right?), then at the Jets (if we can't beat them in Miami, will only get worse in NY) and at New England (by this point NE and Brady should have the offense back on track). Then Miami plays Tampa Bay at home (winnable game). So I predict Miami will be 2-7 at this point. Who's head will roll because of this??? Someone needs to be held accountable!!!

Good thing Ginn has "9th Pick" or whatever tattoed on his arms. Should serve as a reminder of what a waste he is.


Sure, plenty of people made plenty of mistakes last night, but if you want to be a NUMBER 1 guy, and you are matched up with a ROOKIE, you need to come down with that catch.


Plain and simple football. When youre playing peyton Manning you have to score 30+ points to beat him if you dont you will loose. Getting off my soap box. I still lov ya fins but I am so dissapointed. What do we have to do to just become better than average.

when you play not lost instead of play to win usually you lose. This one is on the coaches. Terrible calls at the end of the game. And our D especially our saftey;s and line backers lost this game.

It seems like every game is a different phase. What a terrible loss. We should have won that game. Compltetley dominated them and lost. Why is penny not in shotgun with 3 minutes to go is beyond bad coaching.

And the 3rd and short call instead of passing they ran the ball and took the field goal. Ahhhh terrible calls. Henning is getting old and conservative

All you idiots make me sick... I hate all you bandwagon fools. If I had told you we would be 3-2 heading into the bye week, 2-0 in the division, and would be 1 game out of first in the division after having played 3 playoff teams from last year, who wouldn't be happy with that? We can still get there with 3 wins. Heck, we might even be tied for first. If we play 3 more games like we did tonight on offense we will be 3-2. Our defense allowed too many big plays this week, but we all touted them as our strongest half of the team just before this week. How did that change in 1 week? Remember who we played... a guy by the name of Peyton Manning who is also the best QB since Marino.

'If Ginn makes the catch its a lovefest in here...' wake up man, thats a big IF, he has NEVER, and WILL NEVER make that catch, stick him back on kick returns where at least he is can use his speed.

I can not stand Ted Ginn. This guy is a bum, he will never turn the corner, he had at least 4 drops. All catchable balls, 2 that would have been TDs. F- Cam Cameron for picking this Ohio State bum. And now he doesn't even return punts or kicks.


Why aren't the members of the media challenging Sparano's play calling? 3rd and 6 and he runs the ball? Did he really think that it was wise to give Manning the ball with over 3 mins left needing only a field goal to tie? Running the ball on the first two plays of a 2 minute drill?

All you Ginn haters keep focusing on the negative plays, but you fail to notice he was the one converting 3rd downs all night and played a huge part in getting us in position to win the game. Whoever said it would be a lovefest in here when Ginn makes that catch is absolutely right. And btw, Ginn has made some terrific catches. Look back to the catch in the back of the end zone last year vs KC if you need reminding.

ted ginn was best player with ronnie brown. it was the coach who lost that game .btw pleasr jt retire

The over reaction in here is staggering. I was as shocked over the lose as anybody. But constantly calling for the heads of coaches, players, GM, etc 1 year and 2 games into a rebuilding process is insane.

Some points:

1)Ginn SHOULD have caught that pass in the end zone. He still has bad hands. But he is the best WR on the team. He made important catches last night. He got open. Seems to me his hands --and avoidance of contact-- are coaching issues. I'm not saying he's a number 1, but to give up on the kid is insane. With another real weapon at WR he can be among the best #2 WR in the league. Remember how deadly Alvin Harper was when Irvin was getting the attention? Ginn has developed as a #2 wr and a 2nd or 3rd round pick that he was. Blame Cameron for putting first round pressure on the kid, and the new regime for not getting a #1 wr so far. AND for not having him return kicks. Although...his hands? And his issue with running away from contact. Bess takes it to the defenders.

Is Marvin Harrison really that useless, btw?

2)I thought the young corners played ok. Wayne was kept in check. Dallas Clark, however....whatever scheme drawn up to cover him was retarded. Again, coaching. I know we don't have Ed Reed or Ray Lewis. But Belichik never had them either. But he figured out ways to take care of things. Too much blitzing. We saw it on play #1. That should have been the clue. Colt running game is NOT that good. So, again, bad scheme and play-calling on D.

3)Pennington: he is better than he is getting credit for. This is a YOUNG team. He is an efficient vet. He made throws. He hung in the pocket. He is a leader. The team is NOT championship caliber yet. I expected a step back this year. It's typical. I am dying to see what Henne can do, too. But learning from the sideline is good, too. Philip Rivers did. You will NEVER convince me Pennington is a detriment right now. His arm is fine because he has no true deep threat.

4)Jake Long looked like a #1. The O line looked like it has a future. Yes,that wasn't Baltimore or Pittsburgh. But there is development.

5)Tackling was horrid. Who is supposed to teach tackling? Coaches.

6)Pat White. To say he's a flop after 2 games is ludicrous. He handed off on both plays last night. Is that his fault? They have yet to really give him a chance. He missed the throw against Atlanta, but it was his first career game. Perspective.

7)The 2 minute drill WAS horrid. But what quick-strike personnel do we have?? It still should have been handled better but it's not like we have an offense built for last minute comebacks.

Again, this loss KILLS me after watching so much dominance, great play-calling and Ronnie looking like the back he is supposed to be. He was exploding like I've never seen him. But this is STILL a work in progress. Saban and Cameron set us back 2-3 years. To expect it repaired in 2 off-seasons is unfair. Crabtree is unproven, and his rights can't be traded now anyway. Boldin is a move I would have loved. But The Regime has it's reasons. I still give them the benefit of the doubt. If next year we don't have a playmaker at WR, and Safety...then I will hammer them. Sparano is STILL learning. But he's potentially a great coach. He will learn from this. The position coaches have work to do. The D coach has to know work with what he has, not what he wishes he has.

San Diego is beatable. I would be shocked, but they are. I don't truly believe in the Jets or Bills yet. It's not over. But even if it's a bad season it should not be a shock. This team is not built yet. They SHOULD have won last night. But are you shocked Manning took advantage of a young, patched-together D? Thank god it wasn't 48-9.

When we win a Super Bowl in a few years, think back to this game.

Didn't Jason Taylor come back this season, funny because I had not heard his name called in 2 games. Back with DWTS you overaged Donkey

Fire everyone...How do you give up 27 points in 15 minutes. We are forever cursed with coaches that play to lose...running the ball on 3rd and 6 and going for the FG..WTF are you thinking. Do you not see P. Manning on the sideline. Do you not know your defense is playing like crap and can't tackle. Do you not know you can't drive 80 yards for a TD in 3:30 minutes. Do you not know your QB looks like he has ZERO fight in his eyes. Do you not know your lead WR can't catch when it counts. Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic. How do you play so well and then blow it so bad? I know everyone loves Sparano but it's on him as HC to take responsibility for this BS. Absolutely freakin' ridiculous. My 2 year old knows that none of our LB's can cover Dallas Clark. Why can't our coaches figure it out? Fire everyone.

OUCH! The Pain!!!!!!

I feel like I wanna punch somebody and throw up at the same time. Maybe I could punch somebody and then throw up on them... still dont think I would feel any better...


Please do me a favor and provide a link if possible to the comments from Week 2 of last season from these idiot fans that are saying we are done and everyone should be fired or traded. Make them see how foolish they were last year and how silly they are being now with all the over reaction. Fair weather, uneducated fans make me sick even, no especially, when they claim to be Dolphin fans.

Since when are corner backs allowed to grab a receiver before the ball gets there? Didn't that used to be pass interference? I CHALLENGE ANYONE to watch the Ginn missed pass in the endzone again and tell me that's not interference and why. Ginn goes up for the catch and the cb basically stays on the ground but grabs Ginns right shoulder pad, WELL BEFORE THE BALL ARRIVES, and pushes forward making Ginns right arm and hand move as the ball gets there. Granted a 6'3" 220lb WR might make that play BUT IT'S STILL PASS INTERFERENCE! Watch it and you will see how they got robbed.

The simple truth is the dolphins missed more tackles in the 15 minutes the colts were on the field than they made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginn dropped 2 TD's. yes the d was horrid, Bottom line ginn makes a catch when it counts and we win. He sucks.

wuwabsabes or whatever your name is and the rest of the people who thought the Dolphins would be a winning team this year. You fool yourself into thinking the Dolphins will be able to compete this year eventhough EVERYONE and their mothers told you it would be near impossible in only their second year of a rebuild with the toughest schedule in the NFL and now you think the coaches should be fired?!!! In my opinion it is ignorant fans like you who should go. Lucky for the rest of us you're probably one of those fair weather fans that has two teams to root for so when one is doing bad you can rely on the other for your bragging rights. Get a life.

The blame for this one goes to the defense. The coaches had a great game plan to play keep away from the P. Manning and company and defense still got toasted. I see why the Raiders got rid of Gibril Wilson, he isn't a good player. He can't cover and his tackling is horrendous amd so were the angles he took. He stinks! He can't be our starter. There were a lot of open receivers down the middle for us last night and Pennington still kept thrwoing check downs. However, this said the game wasn't his fault he played mistake free and was great on third down. Ginn let him down late but I don't blame Ginn either. I blame our defense that was well rested and should havefound a way to step and make a big play or at least a routine tackle.

Teddy Bear Ginn sucks!

Teddy "Bear" Ginn is soft and he sucks. I have never seen a receiver who drops to the ground faster or is looking for the sideline as desperately as him.

Over the past two weeks I couldn't believe how poorly G. Wilson played. I thought this guy was supposed to be an improvement over R. Hill--not! He struggles tackling and covering (not good as a strong or free).

Props to the O-Line they DOMINATED!! Good to see them bounce back. Jake Grove was getting some serious push.

I'm sick of hearing about Ted Ginn. He dropped 2 potential TDs--of varying difficulty--and then dropped another in the 3rd quarter that should have been an easy catch to move the sticks. After all the great receivers the past 30 yrs--Clayton, Duper, Fryar, McDuffie, Chambers--we don't have an explosive guy, it is deplorable.

Well, here is hoping for next week.

Could we trade GINNY to the Ravens and the damn coach who picked him???? The defense absolutely sucked!!! How in the world do you not cover the tight end CROWDER???? You got your new fat contract and it made you too lazy to run?? He also gave up on the last Colts TD and just jogged. DUMP his ass! Set an example. I was pleased with the offense except for the Pat White fiasco and the 2 minute drill that looked like the circus clowns were running. Pat White looks like a scared deer in there. Give him time to learn what to do before wasting another down! AND lastly, on the last plays of the game 2 passes to GINNY not caught and then on the hail mary you go to Brian Hartline??? Where is Pat Turner????

HEY INFINCIBLE, the coaches know very well who their players can cover but what are they supposed to do about it? These are the players they have to work with and they're nowhere near as good as Indys. You see the Colts have been rebuilding for over ten years now and are considered an elite team. The Dolphins are 2 years into a rebuild and had to play an elite team who is lead by PEYTON FREAKING MANNING! What is the huge shock in here?! It's as if some of you don't understand the simplest math. 2 plus 2 equals 4 dummies! If the Colts have more mature, experienced and all around better personnel the young Dolphins will have a tough time beating them. What is the f**king confusion in here today?

Pennington is really unable to throw the ball vertically, it's really painful.

And we have no playmaker as WRs.

I predicted all week that Stephen Ross would be humiliated in front of his show biz partners: We set the Record for Longest Time of Possession and Losing.

Charges will stop wildcard.
Then what are we supposed to do?

Wildcat=Back Door Football

I wouldn't it be a change to have both the offense & the defense show up for the game together? Instead we have to settle for one or the other from week to week.

On the last scoring drive in the 4th quarter it looked as if the dolphins were content with just getting a field goal with the running plays. This isn't how you win a championship! We need to get a receiver that can catch. speed is no good if you can't catch the ball GINN

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